Month: March 2000

Chiropractic + Basketball + Life = Magic!

From CNN/Sports Illustrated comes an article about “tiny” Life University and the winning of their 2nd straight NAIA basketball title.

(Apparently the reporters and opposing players have never been to Dynamic Essentials or they would all know… Nothing is Bigger Than LIFE!)

According to the article, “something decidedly … different … is going on at Life.”

The article comments on Life University, “the world’s largest School of Chiropractic” and refers to Dr. Sid Williams as “an Atlanta native with a streak of evangelist in him as wide as an Atlanta freeway.”

The article goes on to say that Dr. Sid is a “big, smiling, silver-haired preacher of the wonders of chiropractic care, a man who often finds himself in the center of controversy and who always finds himself in the center of something.”

The article questions whether the two wins are attributed to “something magical” or to the “wonders of chiropractic care.” Those at Life are quick to point out that it may seem magical to people who are not familiar with chiropractic.

Link: A touched Life, Two straight titles proves something’s up at tiny Life U. @ 2:38 pm | Article ID: 954542285

Drkoop Runs Low On Cash

The future of appears to be uncertain, according to a filing with the SEC and reported on CNET.

According to the report, has “sustained losses and negative cash flows from operations since its inception,” which has resulted in a threat to the future of the company.

The company plans to raise working capital through “additional equity or debt financing in the upcoming year,” according to the article. stock price has fallen from its 52-week high of $45.75 to today’s price of about $3.65. The financial situation for Droop’s competitors such as Healtheon/WebMD and are also trading at near 52-week lows, according to the report.

With greater numbers of people going on the internet when looking for healthcare information, it is interesting to see that these huge medical websites are having such difficult times.

Could it be the message that is being delivered or is it just that these are new frontiers and there are bound to be losses?

CNET News: Drkoop latest dot-com to run low on cash @ 7:21 am | Article ID: 954516080

Mood-Altering Drugs and Our Children

This article is from a February 27, 2000 Q & A session titled:
Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?
Article is available at: WorldNetDaily

The article discusses the uses of Ritalin and Prozac in children, and points out similarities of psychotropic drug use in recent shooting tragedies.

According to the article, these drugs are dangerous, and are being heavily prescribed to toddlers.

So dangerous that they are being compared to LSD and PCP states the article.

“Every child, housewife and businessman who is prescribed Ritalin, Prozac, Luvox or the others is a potential time bomb waiting to explode into more tragedy.” says Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness.

Get the article here:
Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?
Geoff Metcalf talks to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy on mood-altering drugs @ 8:01 am | Article ID: 954432069

HMO launches ad campaign regarding medical mistakes

Nando Times reported that an HMO group has launched an ad campaign on medical errors hoping to keep Americans harmed by bad medical care the right to sue HMOs.

The commercials are aimed to “shift the focus on protecting patients to eliminating medical errors instead of settling patient disputes in court” according to the report. The ads are being sponsored by the American Association of Health Plans.

According to the report, the ads say “medical mistakes can kill” and claims that “Washington prefers more lawsuits” as ways to prevent more medical mistakes.

Instead of lawsuits, the ad suggests to “get patients the care they need instead of getting lawyers the clients they want” as stated in the report.

The report points out once again that medical errors have gotten the attention of government since the release of a study last November showing that as many as 98,000 people are killed annually because of medical mixups.

According to the report, the American Association of Health Plans hopes “to discourage lawmakers from passing a patients’ rights bill that would subject insurers to lawsuits, which they are now protected from by federal law.”

Government is looking for a solution, medicine is looking for a solution, the public is looking for a solution. The article clearly states that the appropriate thing to do is to get patients the care they need. Where can patients get health the care they need? Where can an entire family go for health care that is safe, effective, affordable, and unique from any other form of health care on this planet?

Link: HMO association’s new ads focus on medical mistakes

Critics blast HMO industry’s ad campaign Yahoo’s Health News @ 7:16 am | Article ID: 954342999

AMA Says No to ACA Therapeutics

On March 24, 2000, the Chicago Sun-Times reported an article titled: AMA snubs overture from chiropractors

According to the report, in a letter to the American Chiropractic Association, AMA Chairman D. Ted Lewers said, “It is our understanding that the ACA desires to meet with the leadership of the AMA in order to ‘focus on those issues we have in common.’ However, the AMA has a different view and no desire for such a meeting.”

The report goes on to say that the leaders of the ACA have been trying to meet with the AMA for more than two years and that the members of the ACA are providers of drug-free therapies. (Thank god they are not practicing chiropractic, we would not want anyone confused.)

The AMA and ACA were scheduled to hold a meeting together but the AMA canceled at the last moment, according to the report.

Why did the ACA want to meet with the AMA? The report states that Garrett F. Cuneo, Executive vice president of the ACA had this to say: “we thought that by having the AMA and ACA meet, we could form exploratory committees on education, research and professional development that could speed cooperation. This would help our patients because research has shown chiropractic care can help with low back pain, headaches, asthma and other conditions.”

The one thing I can say about the ACA is that they are clear about where they are going. These chiropractoids are on the trail of manual therapeutics in a medical model and we can easily make the conscious choice not to support them. What about the other “national” chiropractic organization, where are they going?

Complete Article:
Chicago Sun Times – AMA snubs overture from chiropractors

Thank you to Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C., of the Michigan Chiropractic Council for bringing this article to our attention. (There is a hard working and committed group across the globe, working together to preserve and promote the principles of chiropractic. We appreciate your support and also appreciate the opportunity to serve you.) @ 7:22 am | Article ID: 954256931

To: My family on this principled path From: Stew Bittman

It has definitely been a mellow winter by Lake Tahoe standards, and many signs bring the promise of an early spring. I hope we’re not still seeing the same signs 2 months from now. Right now I’m watching a great blue heron making like a statue. He’s standing on the other side of a small pond, amongst the orange-red willow reeds. A tall stand of dark green pines looms over the scene. Behind, like huge white behemoths, the snow-covered Sierra Nevada’s tower. The heron just this second lifted its head and caught a fish with a lightning-quick jab. Before that we had watched for 10 minutes and it didn’t move an inch. It reminds me of my life. My path has been towards that type of stillness. That still place where Innate hangs out with God. That place which, earlier in my life, I found at times by accident, and mostly didn’t notice or remember because I was stoned on drugs. Later I tried to access that place through meditation and breath work and lots of other work, and even found some success. There was still a separation, though, between my occasional forays into stillness and the rest of my life. That place became sort of like home base in a game of tag. But more and more, through doing the work, that place is becoming home. I still leave, indeed quite often. And I always return. There’s no place like home.

While watching this scene, the wild wind of March touches me with still-icy fingers. The stream we’re sitting alongside rumbles by speedily, fresh with snowmelt, little eddies and ripples everywhere. Clouds of every conceivable shape roar across the bright blue sky, looking like a moving Impressionist painting. Again it reminds me of my life. As I abide in my still center, the storm rages on around me, mostly in my mind. Dark, doubting, envious, limiting thoughts of separation ooze into my consciousness like black slime. If I allow it, they cause me to see things as a victim and react as a robot. Attack. Run away. Do whatever it takes to prove I am right. Forget about love. About Spirit. Then my ego, my filters, my programming, my Mississippi rivers – collectively what I call my shit brigade – are free to rage on.

If I allow it. More and more, my home security system takes over. I remember to breathe. I remember that I am Spirit. That I need not allow my mind to control me, any more than I would allow my elbow or my kneecap to control me. I remember that I have a choice. I remember to choose love. And the shit brigade retires into the darkness of illusion where it lurks and waits, ever vigilant, for me to fall asleep again and leave home.

I am learning that what is truly real is love. That’s it. When I am home in that still place I am resting at the altar of Love. From here, my choices are always right and perfect for me and for the universal song of which I am a note. The winds of Spirit are then always at my back, as I face in the direction of my right and perfect path. All the detours and distractions simply serve to illuminate my path with greater Light. And to remind me to come home. From here, I can love and serve as a chiropractor to my highest potential and express the principle through every facet of my life. I continue to work at being as still as a great blue heron, staying at home regardless of circumstances. As free as a bird.

Dr. Stew Bittman runs a “box” practice in South Lake Tahoe, California. You can listen an interview with Stew by clicking here. @ 7:48 am | Article ID: 954172089

From Diabetes to Death – FDA Takes Diabetes Drug Off Market

Several sources are reporting today that the Diabetes drug Rezulin has been pulled from the market since it has been linked to at least 61 deaths.

The FDA requested on Tuesday that the drug be removed due to its risks of use and reported deaths associated with its use. At least 61 individuals have died from liver poisoning after being treated with the drug, according to reports.

The Los Angeles Times began running reports on the dangers of Rezulin some months ago and has several articles available on the L.A. Times website.

See our report from December 1999 which includes links to the L.A. Times reports.

More Rezulin Drug Deaths Despite Warning

Links: FDA Takes Rezulin Off Market, Citing Deaths

Diabetes drug withdrawn from the market Yahoo’s Health News

L.A. Times: Diabetes Drug Rezulin Pulled Off the Market @ 11:18 am | Article ID: 953752694

Does Ritalin Cause Cancer in Children?

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Ritalin along with many other medications can cause cancer in animals. The question asked by parents is “if Ritalin causes cancer in mice, what studies have been done to show it does not cause cancer in children?”

The answer is that no research has been done to show whether Ritalin poses a risk of cancer in children or in adults for that matter. According to the article, the FDA has done nothing other than require a warning along with Ritalin’s prescribing information which states “the significance of these results to humans is unknown.”

The Los Angeles Times article goes on to suggest the possible use of Adderall as an alternative to Ritalin. We suggest you read our reports on Adderall available by clicking the appropriate link below and be responsible when making health care choices for you and/or your children.

Article from L.A. Times:
Unknown Whether Ritalin’s Cancerous Effect Extends to Humans

Planet Chiropractic articles on Adderall
Move Over Ritalin – Adderall is Twice as Potent
Did the Rx Kill, or the Father? @ 7:31 am | Article ID: 953652708

More Drugs For Tots – Not!

Many news sources are reporting today that in the US, federal government officials have planned to inform parents and teachers about the risks of using psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac on preschoolers. (Notice the trend here?)

Also according to reports, the Food and Drug Administration will be developing new drug labels and the National Institutes of Health will begin a nationwide study of Ritalin use in children under the age of 6.

Unfortunately, once again, the US government is a day late and a dollar short but with a few million taxpayer dollars, they’ll hopefully document what parents already know, children need a lot more hugs and a lot less drugs.

Chiropractors all over the planet should be recognized for all the work they have done for years to help educate their communities about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and their use in children. Government, industry, the media, and most importantly, the public is looking for an answer and/or alternative to the pointless drugging of these children. While chiropractic care is not an alternative to anything, (except ignorance) children worldwide would benefit from more frequent visits to their chiropractors.

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White House plan aims to curb Ritalin use Yahoo’s Health News
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Toddlers’ psychiatric drug use prompts new study FOX News
First lady cautions against Ritalin for preschoolers Nando Health/Science

Two more links and a quote from Hillary Clinton. “We are not here to bash the use of these medications,” said Clinton. “But we do have to ask some serious questions about the use of prescription drugs.”

Hillary Clinton calls for more study on effects of… Nando Health/Science
Treating kids: therapy vs. drugs MSNBC Health @ 1:43 pm | Article ID: 953588618

No Benefits From Hormone Therapy – Study Finds

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center last week released news on a study titled: Computerized Analysis of Heart Arteries Shows No Benefits of Hormone Therapy.

According to the study, synthetic hormone replacement has no beneficial effect on lowering heart disease in postmenopausal women.

The link was provided by Dr. Norman Price who points out that many DCs see women in this age category, and that hormone replacement is a big issue for them. Dr. Price suggests encouraging them to use natural hormone replacement if they want to go the hormone replacement route, but most of all try to get them to trust their own body and the changes that are occurring naturally.

Source: Major new study of the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on heart disease. @ 7:38 am | Article ID: 953566680