On Schools and Chiropractic Education

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I had several e-mail questions this week regarding topics related to chiropractic schools, chiropractor salaries, and education required before entering a chiropractic program. They ranged from university students asking about continuing their education to become a chiropractor, an attorney asking about average incomes for sole practitioner doctors of chiropractic, and another college student asking about specific prerequisites required for entrance to chiropractic programs.

While these are mostly my opinions, and not necessarily the opinions of an entire industry of natural health care practitioners, I’ve authored or indexed a number of articles that you may find helpful when seeking more information related to Chiropractic education.

x-ray of the cervical spineOn the topic of salaries, there is a four-part post titled Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor that’s been reportedly useful to a number of people. I’ve had quite a bit of positive feedback on it.

On topics related to chiropractic education, the post Things you may consider when choosing a chiropractic school features answers from six different chiropractors practicing in various parts of the world.

Also from chiropractic news archives is the post, Did your Chiropractic College experience Suck?, which I authored in March of 2006.

To understand some of the politics that relate to chiropractic schooling, check out Chiropractic Educational Institutions, FSCO Richard Plummer and Council on Chiropractic Education, and Proud to be a Chiropractor.

Looks like I have already given advice on this topic before, but this post on taking a stand, this one (our strength is in our knowing), and this one (Confessions of a Life Based Chiropractor) are all good motivational reads.

There were two different pieces of exciting news related to chiropractic education this past week. The Palmer Chiropractic Research Center was awarded a $2.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Spain’s Schola Chiropractica Barcelona received over $1 million in pledged donations for a chiropractic school to open up in that country. I mentioned earlier this year that chiropractic opportunities exist nationwide, but I’ll add to that statement by saying worldwide opportunities exist for doctors of chiropractic, and those seeking to enter the chiropractic profession.

Yes, student loan rates may be on the rise, and chiropractic loan consolidation may be necessary for some recent graduates, nobody said it was going to be easy. That’s why these resources were created in the first place. Read up on the reviews of chiropractic colleges, dig through news topics related to education and income, but don’t forget about topics related to happiness, passion, motivation, and success. There are a wealth of great articles (hidden in the archives) of those and other topics.

Enjoy your search.