Did your Chiropractic College experience Suck?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I had a great time in chiropractic college, mostly due to the people I met and the experiences I had outside the classroom.

I remember early on in my chiropractic education listening to Reggie Gold speak in the lobby at the school I attended. (Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles) I was so excited and motivated by his talk and I remember thinking how great things were going to be. I was back in a classroom after lunch and was sharing my excitement when the instructor commented that we would never learn that stuff (of which Reggie spoke) at this school.

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She was right. We were not taught any of the stuff of which Reggie spoke, at least not in the classroom. Reggie made the message simple. He talked of logical reasons why people should have their spines checked regularly. Reggie taught us that Chiropractic deals with human performance. He taught us that an adjustment may not make your symptoms go away but it is not meant to. He taught us that an adjustment opens up the life channels of your body and improves your overall being. That message was reinforced by speaker after speaker that I listened to at conferences, seminars, chiropractic meetings, visiting lecturers, etc. However, other than a few comments made during non curriculum class time, that was not what we were taught in chiropractic school.

In chiropractic school we were taught a lot of stuff other than chiropractic. As far as I know, that is the norm today. Most schools want their graduates to be able to pass State and National boards so their attention is focused on that. Ironically, there is no better way in my opinion to prepare for the national and state chiropractic examinations than to study with Irene Gold. She happens to be the wife of Reggie Gold.

Looking back, I did enjoy my education at CCCLA but there are certainly things I would like to see improve. For example, having chiropractors that don’t have a practice teaching chiropractic practice management to paying students is wrong. It’s wrong and it is damaging to the future of our chiropractic doctors.

As part of my effort to let the world know which chiropractic schools are tops and which are not, Planet Chiropractic had a new website built for Chiropractic School Reviews. Here you can browse all the schools in the US, Canada, and eventually worldwide. You can even leave comments (after registering) about your chiropractic school experience. What schools rank at the top and what schools are just rank? I am betting many want to know.

Update: CCCLA (the school I attended) closed their doors in Los Angeles in August 2011.

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