Chiropractor Income Report November 2008

Chiropractor related search traffic has increased for terms related to jobs, salaries, employment, earnings, and offices for sale. The results are showing evidence that what’s going on in the global economy, is having an effect on niche industries such as the chiropractic profession. Not only are business sale listings on the rise, those seeking jobs in this hands-on industry, are beginning to look outside their local area for chiropractor work opportunities.

End of Days For Chiropractic Profession?

Is it time for chiropractors to begin marketing themselves as manual therapists in order to fit in to some medical model? Is the profession predominantly in favor of peddling muscle relaxers and other pharmaceuticals while performing colonics and doing foot baths? Have the colleges gotten so far out of touch with the rest of the industry that churning out student failures has become the primary business model? The doom and gloom train has left the station but someone forgot to send me a ticket.

Chiropractic Questions From Pennsylvania

I’m 23 from Pennsylvania and I’m starting a pre-chiropractic track at IUP here this coming spring. I know I’m jumping the gun on this but I cant help but think what would be more productive, to find a job with a firm? Or start my own business? I definitely want to start my own business one day but it just feels like a bad idea to start directly out of school because for one I don’t come from a rich family so I have to borrow every penny for schooling, having said that I would have to take out even more loans.

Chiropractor Career Report May 2010

It’s an interesting time of year for chiropractors and those that own chiropractic practices. Tax month is over and looking back since the beginning of the year, I’ve spoken to plenty of chiropractors about changes in salaries, income from healthcare insurance, car accident related chiropractic care, their thoughts on referring chiropractic students to chiropractic as a career, and what lies ahead for chiropractors in the remaining months of 2010. Can you see the light?