Month: May 2008

Chiropractor Prepares for Grand Opening near Temecula

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The city of Murrieta California has a new chiropractor. Dr. James Von Hipple recently moved back to the state after practicing for several years in the area of northern Washington. Dr. Von Hipple and his family chose the 92562 area for a place to raise their two children and build a chiropractic practice.

Grand Opening Chiropractic(photo: front entrance to the new Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic Center, located on 41539 Kalmia Street)

This new Murrieta Chiropractor is no stranger to the California area. He attended Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCCLA) in Los Angeles and graduated in 1999. He met his wife in Southern California and they moved to northern Washington, where he developed and maintained a thriving practice in the city of Bellingham. Missing the California sunshine, the couple and their two children decided to make it a go back in California. They chose the southwestern area of Murrieta, which borders on the city of Temecula, known for its wineries and festivals.

A large number of Murrieta residents commute to jobs in San Diego and Orange County, and the area has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of California. Interstate 15 passes through both Murrieta and Temecula and the 215 (Escondido Expressway) begins in the same area, connecting other Riverside, California cities such as Sun City, Perris, and Moreno Valley.

Dr. Von Hipple’s Advanced Chiropractic Center is located on Kalmia Street, just off of Jefferson Avenue. It’s nearby both the 15 (Temecula Valley Freeway) and the 215, and I’m told there’s plenty of parking available. The new chiropractic center is located less than a half a mile away from Lowe’s hardware on Madison Avenue and it’s just around the corner from City Hall, which is at One Town Square on Jefferson Avenue. Contact information is as follows…

Dr. James Von Hipple, D.C.
Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic Center
41539 Kalmia Street, Suite 118, Murrieta, CA 92562

Planet Chiropractic congratulates this fine chiropractor on the opening of his new practice. If you’re a resident in Riverside County, or commute to the area from either San Diego or Orange counties, be sure to drop by and introduce your spine to Dr. James Von Hipple. @ 10:05 pm | Article ID: 1212296726

Shaped Rubber Heels from 1908

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Shoes have been a hot item for quite some time. There are running shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes, calf muscle strengthening shoes, shoes that encourage better posture and balance, and a custom shoe style for nearly every type of activity. I discovered a number of interesting advertisements when browsing through a newspaper (from around 1908) and I’ll be sharing a few of them here.

This particular advertisement is for O’Sullivans Shaped Rubber Heels which are purported to increase your walking powers 100%. Unlike the Claxton Ear-Cap (to prevent ugly ears), rubber heels continue to be an item that are sold in today’s shoe repair stores. Check out the ad image below…

rubber shaped heels

The ad copy below the image of the rubber heel reads… for the simple reason that your nerves will be entirely spared the jarring shocks, constantly recurring, of hard leather meeting harder road, which are the prime cause of foot weariness. Their elasticity gives grace to your step and longer life and preservation of shape to your footwear. They are made of only the finest and purest rubber and shaped to fit any heel.

Thought it was interesting that these heels were being produced by the B.F. Goodrich Co., which today is probably most popularly known for producing automobile tires. I’m sure a number of people still have similar rubber heels added to their dress shoes today, but that market has pretty much been eclipsed by fitness shoe companies like Nike and Adidas. There is also the industry of orthotics (for inside of the shoe) and custom foot scanning, a practice a number of athletic shoe retailers have began participating in.

Simple yet Effective Chiropractic Ad Placement

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors and others doing business within the industry of the chiropractic profession post classified ads seven days a week on the Planet Chiropractic classified ad pages. I noticed an advertisement posted yesterday that utilized a few of the features I’ve spoken about numerous times when making suggestions on going granular with ones advertisements.

seeking licensed chiropractorThe ad was placed by a chiropractic office in San Diego, California and I want to highlight a few of the things I think they did right when posting their ad. You can view listing 20950 here (at least until it expires). First thing they did right was to create a simple title that summarizes the post. For this particular ad the title read… Seeking Licensed Chiropractor in San Diego, CA which tells us what they seek and where they are located.

I notice far too many chiropractic offices post titles like chiropractor wanted, seeking licensed chiropractor, licensed chiropractic doctor needed, etc. Headlines like that may work for the chiropractor already browsing classified advertisements but it doesn’t address visitors coming from search (a good portion of web site traffic). Not only do advertisements appear in traditional search results, they are available via RSS feeds, and even appear on sites like twitter.

Besides using a good title, the poster included their phone number, location where they practice, an image from their web site, a link to their chiropractic website, and a brief description which included specific details as to where the office was located. Rather than just being general with the term San Diego, they took the time to mention that the office was located in North Park (near the downtown area) San Diego. The only thing I would have done differently would be to not include an e-mail address within the content of the post, since anyone can reply to the ad, that would decrease the likelihood that the e-mail address would be scraped.

I’ve mentioned going granular (check link above) before and this classified ads shows how simple that can be. Other examples include using terms such as Surface EMG & Thermography when posting equipment, using terms like Chicagoland or West Valley to hyper localize information, and being more specific when titling posts. If you’re selling your chiropractic practice, you wanted to stand out from the other 479 (currently 636) chiropractor practices for sale. If you’re selling adjusting tables, include some details, such as model numbers, brands, types of techniques the table may be designed for, and at least one bit of localized information.

You can locate related classified ad information here, and here, and there is a blog category here.

Some of the Fringe Benefits of Participation

By Daria Belov

Earlier today chiropractor Michael Dorausch posted a chiropractic blog piece regarding simple and effective ad placement for those using the classified ad system on Planet Chiropractic. The post highlighted something a chiropractor was doing right when placing an employment wanted ad for their office. Dr. Dorausch spoke about information he called “granular” and stressed the importance of using local (and even hyper local) information in ad postings. After viewing the post, I noticed some hidden benefits of participation.

The advertisement being highlighted in the post is going to receive much more attention than the chiropractor may have anticipated. There’s a possibility the information may even come in handy for someone seeking chiropractic care in the North Park area of downtown San Diego. Reading the post I was reminded that it was only earlier this month when the chiropractors post was made, allowing chiropractors from across the planet to post their office information among the comments, and receive an opportunity to have a featured article written about their practice. That’s a nice fringe benefit.

chiropractor laying hands on sacral spineAs of today, that particular post has more than 65 responses from chiropractors in areas such as Lancaster California, Bolingbrook Illinois, Weatherford Texas, Huntington Beach California, Tustin California, Seattle Washington, Lima Peru, Lantana Florida, San Clemente California, Manhattan Beach California, Sacramento California, Provo Utah, West Virginia, Encinitas California, Cincinnati Ohio, Connecticut, Palm Beach Florida, Union New Jersey, Melbourne Australia, Newmarket Ontario, and the number of other locations throughout the US, Canada, and other countries.

The articles will feature male chiropractors, female chiropractors, chiropractors that have been in practice more than two decades, chiropractic offices open less than two months, chiropractors that grew up receiving care from their parents, graduates of Palmer, Life University, CCCLA, and other chiropractic colleges.

So what kinds of fringe benefits are available? While there are no guarantees, little steps like community participation can sometimes result in a top story in the press. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. @ 9:21 pm | Article ID: 1212121331

Focus on Chiropractic Fellowship

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

An e-mail from one of my favorite chiropractors practicing in Pennsylvania provided a reminder that chiropractors can’t focus enough on building relationships with one another and developing interprofessional fellowship activities and events. Chiropractors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and most recently California, often times host meetups and other related gatherings, so that chiropractors can get together and discuss the things they have in common.

Local Southern California Chiropractors(photo: three chiropractors attending a chiropractic event in Orange County, California – circa April 2008)

Yes, there are seminars, like the June Parker event taking place in Italy and the Schofield Chiropractic Training June event taking place in carefree Arizona, a many chiropractors don’t consider them as such. In many ways these events are more about rubbing elbows with others in the industry than they are about gaining continuing education credits. Pure education only events are typically more focused on technique in office practices, such as the CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars going on in Riverside, California.

Events like Sharon Gorman’s Focus Philosophy Nights are much more about fellowship than they are anything else. I’ve had the pleasure to attend a number of Focus related events in Pennsylvania and I’d recommend them to any chiropractor seeking greater wisdom, interaction with others, and some fired up chiropractic spizzerinctum.

According to the e-mail, the June 7 Focus event is the last before summer starts in Pennsylvania. They are almost always held that the Howard Johnson Hotel Route 611 in Bartonsville in the event begins at 7 p.m. There’s an optional dinner at 6 p.m. which I recommend attending if only for the prime rib. Chiropractors needing more information can contact Dr. Jennifer Finn at (570) 586-3440. Focus is a place where you can get real about the reality of practice and get answers to the questions that shape your life. I highly recommend the Focus events to anyone that can attend.

So these events are intended to develop fellowship and help keep one focused on their intended direction in chiropractic.

While Pennsylvania is a hot bed for chiropractic evangelism and fellowship, opportunities to meetup exist in communities throughout the world. California events like DCS are only one example of what happens when dedicated groups of chiropractors get together continuously.

Be transcribed audio recordings from chiropractor Ian Grassam highlighted the importance of not only fellowship, but leadership, when it comes to moving the chiropractic message forward.

If you know about a chiropractic meet up others should be attending, send me a message so we can share the information with the rest of the planet. @ 1:11 pm | Article ID: 1212005538

No More Ugly Ears

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I recently found what I’d consider an old wellness advertisement in a newspaper from the early 1900s. It was an ad for something called the Claxton Ear-Cap and it was intended to keep kids from developing “ugly” ears. I found the marketing sales pitch language really interesting and I’ve transcribed most of it below. Check out the image…

No More Ugly Ears

Why allow your child to be annoyed in later life by outstanding ears, when you can easily prevent it now? Get the Claxton Ear-Cap, and let it be worn in the nursery and during sleep, and any tendency to ugly ears will soon be corrected. The pressure exerted is imperceptible, but thoroughly effective, and the cartilages of the ears are gently molded while they are pliable, and beautiful well-placed ears in adult life are thus assured. In addition, the Claxton Ear-Cap prevents the hair dangling during sleep, and causes the child to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth, which is so common a cause of chest and throat troubles. The Claxton Ear-Cap Is made in twenty-one sizes. Make no mistake. You must get the Claxton Ear-Cap. Cheap and nasty imitations are no good. In ordering, send measurements round head just above ears, and also over head, from lobe to lobe of ears. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed, or ear-cap exchanged.

– – – – –

Gotta love old marketing copy.

Chiropractor Giving Away Nintendo Wii Fit

by Daria Belov

Nintendo released their Wii Fit in the U. S. on Wednesday, which was followed by a ton of press about computer games and fitness, and a ginormous amount of social chatter from consumers just crazy to get their hands on this latest addition to the Wii Console. Chiropractor Michael Dorausch, (founder of Planet Chiropractic) ordered a Wii Fit back in early April, and just yesterday he decided to give it away. That’s right, the crazy chiropractor is giving away his brand-new, still in the box, ready to be shipped, Wii Fit.

With all the discussion going on about using the Wii Fit for exercise, developing better posture, and improving balancing techniques, Dr. Mike figure he’d purchase a unit for the Planet Chiropractic office. But when it arrived on Wednesday, there was so much chatter going on inside various online communities from people wondering where and when they were going to be able to get a Wii Fit for themselves, that Dr. Mike decided to give his away to one lucky blog commenter.

Wii Fit in Box

There’s nothing to register for, there’s no purchases to be made, it’s all pretty simple really, the Wii Fit will be given to the individual offering the best comment on how they would use the unit for exercise and to improve their health. Complete details are available here… Win a Wii Fit and there are already a number of impressive comments displayed. Visitors to the blog have until June 6, 2008 to post a comment, and the winner will likely be announced around June 9, of the following week. Be sure to check the blog post for rules and details.

Planet Chiropractic first tech coverage on the Wii Fit and its potential use in chiropractic offices back in July of 2007, when the unit was showcased for a Westside Los Angeles audience attending the E3 Media & Business Summit.

There’s no doubt these units will begin appearing in physical therapy centers, doctors offices, and the number of other locations. It’s reportedly loads of fun but not intended as a replacement for regular exercise. The types of games available on the unit include balance games, aerobics, yoga, and strength training. What’s neat, is the Wii Fit software keeps track of your exercise and rewards your efforts by unlocking new games. The units should be available at most major electronics retailers as well as online retailers (like Here is to health, fitness, and electronic gadgetry! @ 1:18 pm | Article ID: 1211573961

On the Road with Guy Riekeman and the Power of One

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic patient education and motivational events are coming to Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, Canada during the months of June and July, 2008. The inspiring and motivational presentations featuring world renowned speaker and chiropractor, Dr. Guy Riekeman, titled Make Your Life Extraordinary!, focus on helping people achieve the life of their dreams and learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care. The events are ideal for doctors of all chiropractic schools, as well as their families, friends and patients.

Chiropractor Guy Riekeman and Power of OneThese events are part of Dr. Guy Riekemans The Power of One World Tour and they’re being held in front of large audiences. The July 17 event at the Westin Calgary has seating for 400, and the event is expected to be a total sellout. During the months of June and July, Dr. Reikeman will be speaking at the following locations…

Thursday, June 12, 2008
The Westin Ottawa — 11 Colonial By Drive — Ottawa, Ontario K1N9H4 Canada

Friday, June 13, 2008
The Westin Harbour Castle — 1 Harbour Square — Toronto, Ontario, M5J1A6 Canada

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Buffalo Marriott Niagara — 1340 Millersport Highway — Amherst, NY 14221

Thursday, July 17, 2008
The Westin Calgary — 320 4th Avenue SW — Calgary, AB T2P2S6 Canada

Friday, July 18, 2008
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver — 900 West Georgia Street — Vancouver, BC V6C2W6 Canada

There are also dates scheduled in August, September, and October, taking place throughout the United States. Featured cities include Kansas City, St. Louis, Worcester, Boston, Portland, Albany, and Burlington Vermont.

The Power of One World Tour is an event with an inspiring, universal message about finding the power to achieve your full potential. Dr. Guy Riekeman has taken this message to thousands of people during the Power of One World Tour. His message will point you toward a more fulfilling future by teaching you the tools to realize and achieve your goals. The evening is comprised of two events, one being a doctor’s VIP reception and the other being a Make Your Life Extraordinary Presentation.

These events are not the sign to ask for money, or push others to send potential chiropractic students to Life Chiropractic College. The event is designed to help motivate you toward living your life to the fullest and gaining a better understanding as to the benefits of chiropractic care.

For more information specifically regarding the July 17 event in Calgary Alberta, you can contact Dr. Danny Desaulniers at 403-995-0855. For more information regarding these events at the other listed locations, contact Brenda Boone at 770-426-2808. That is also the number to call if you want to organize an event and have this extraordinary chiropractor speaking in your community. @ 9:05 pm | Article ID: 1211515565

Win a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You may or may not have noticed that I ordered a Wii Fit early in April and received one via FedEx just the other day. It’s very cool and apparently there’s quite a bit of concern that there won’t be enough units to go around. Wouldn’t it be great to Win one for yourself?

Well now you can! I have a brand new unit, opened only to take photos, that’s ready to take up residence in the home of some happy camper. Check out the photos…

One side of the Wii Fit box

Other side of the Wii Fit box

Everything inside the box

How to Win

Participating is simple, all you have to do is add a comment to this post. Tell us what you would do with a Wii Fit. How would it improve your health and fitness? Talk about the balance board, yoga, doing push-ups, or the importance of exercise. Just make sure your comment is better than anyone else’s, since our judges will be deciding the winner based on the comment that they collectively like the most.

Wii Fit Contest Rules

1. Planet Chiropractic will begin collecting comments beginning on May 22nd, 2008.
2. All comments must be received by 9pm PT on June 6th, 2008.
3. Comments that meet the submission guidelines will be published.
4. Planet Chiropractic reserves the right to reject or edit any comment, for any reason including: use of profanity, plagiarism, obvious spam, excessive links etc.
5. The winner will be the finalist with the most votes from our panel of judges.
6. You agree to allow Planet Chiropractic to use your comment submission and your name for any promotional purposes.
7. The final winner will be announced on or around June 9th, 2008.
8. Planet Chiropractic reserves the right to change or cancel this contest at any time and for any reason.
9. The contest is open to Canadian and US residents 18-years and older.

All comments get held for moderation, but they will appear shortly (as long as not in violation of rules mentioned above). Ready to participate? Post your comment below!

Leadership and Focus with Chiropractor Ian Grassam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In 1997 I had the good fortune to be the student president for the International Chiropractors Association representing the chiropractic campus at CCCLA in Los Angeles, California. One of the highlights of my involvement in student politics was the times I enjoyed talking with legendary chiropractors like Sid Williams, Bobby Braile, Fred Barge, and James Sigafoose. Philosophical chiropractic was red-hot in the Southern California area in 1997 and 1998 (and it is again today thanks to DCS), with events drawing large crowds of chiropractors focused on a mission of serving the planet. Dr. Ian Grassam was a key speaker at these SoCal events, and his words of inspiration left lasting impressions on a large number of those attending the events. While he passed away in November of 1999, the influential chiropractic words from Ian Grassam continue to live on. Even though legendary talks from him and others have been available on Planet Chiropractic for nearly 10 years, we just recently had all of the audio transcribed from a 1997 talk he gave during an ICA conference in Orange County, California.

Chiropractor Ian Grassam 1997(photo: Chiropractor Ian Grassam speaking during a student luncheon at CCCLA in 1997)

Dr. Grassam’s presentation was more than an hour long which transcribed into over 8000 words. Due to the large amount of content, it is being presented in a multi-part post, which will include some photographs and other related information. It took great effort to transcribe the audio into text format, and my intention was to preserve the historic nature of events such as this one. Without further ado, this is Dr. Ian Grassam…

His name was Wallace. He was a Scotsman. And I have walked the fields upon which he fought, because I was born in Scotland. And came here as a small boy, with a purpose in my life. And that purpose was to be here with you. And to share with you the message of freedom. And be willing to let you know that you will pay a price for that freedom. The price of that freedom, is you must give up all that holds you back from being who you are, for you were born free.

That’s the story of William Wallace, and the battles that he fought, and the death that he experienced, and the price that he paid.

We went to L.A., it’s a joy. That’s all those lunatics in the middle section over there. And then from there we went to LACC, and found those people just as crazy as as the people at Cleveland. Palmer West was our next invitation, I’d be glad to speak, spoke at Life West the last time we were here. And, somethings happening on the West Coast. There’s a revolution in education on the west coast. To even have me invited to LACC is a revolution. [Applause]

However, as we shared with the students at LACC and at Cleveland, that you serve the administration, you serve the community, you serve your fellow students, you serve the patients in your clinic, you continue to serve, and serve, and serve, and serve, and serve. And pretty soon you are the master of your universe. Because if you ever chose to be master, you must be servant to all – that is the price.

The price is to give up yourself, and realize what it is you are here for and what it is you are trying to accomplish, and change the world accordingly. The students at the west coast schools are making a major, major difference in their institutions. And it’s a love for this principle of chiropractic that has motivated them in that direction. They will benefit beyond all belief. Those students who at this time are serving those institutions, and their fellow students, will be the leaders that will take these meetings in the next 20 years and turn them into ten and fifteen thousand people.

That’s the leadership that is here today from the schools. You don’t realize this. You say, “Ian, how do you know that?” I know that because when I was in my student years, so many years ago at Logan College, it’s what I did. I was the head of this organization and the head of that organization and we coordinated that movement, we brought these speakers on – we were the radicals on campus. I went back my first year after graduation and was thrown off campus. I was thrown off campus when I was a student, I was thrown off campus after I was a student. I was thrown off campus! There was a price!

They said, “Ian Grassam, get off our campus where not going to listen to that trash.” And that trash was about subluxation, and the correction of the subluxation, and the fact that it was the answer to the health care needs of a nation. And uniquely enough that was 30 years ago, and I went out over those years, and went and spoke to the various groups around this country.

And you know, I really, really enjoyed the fact that David Kennedy, dentist, was on your platform this weekend. Because there are more David Kennedys out there than you know, that exist than other professionals. Who at the heart of their life and their professional service know what we know, but imagine…I mean here we are very comfortable in this room, putting forth the principles that we believe in. Discussing the foundation of our science. Can you imagine what the dental world thinks of David Kennedy? His fellow dentists? Can you imagine the names that that man is called, and his wife is called, and his family puts up with?

He is standing up in a profession, that if given half a chance, could push a button, and have David Kennedy disappear. Do you understand that? That’s the price he’s paying. He’s standing up here and he feels wonderful and warm, and probably brief moments of his life he wishes he was a chiropractor just to have this kind of support. But the reality is that when David goes home, on Monday morning he’ll be a dentist. He’ll be part of a profession, nationwide, that doesn’t really appreciate what he stands for. We in Chiropractic have an opportunity to lead the David Kennedys of this world.

You know and I know that throughout this country, there are literally tens of thousands of people, professional, laymen, what have you – that are into wellness. Am I right? I mean from every nutritionist, every massage therapist, every acupuncturist, every person that deals in clinical psychology and wellness care, the understanding of the total being – those people are out there. They are fractionated. They’re like David, god bless him, he’s off on a movement and running things for a program he believes in. You’ve got them out there doing this all over the country – what is it they need?

Leadership. They need leadership. They need focus. They need something that helps put it all together. What happens when chiropractic establishes nationwide? And I’m trying to talk with the ICA, and the ICA is talking about this, and that is about having a health freedom day, where all people who practice a natural healing science will march on Washington DC and tell those people they cannot pass laws that hold back freedom of health care for the people of this nation.

How many tens of thousands of followers of this wellness movement, who understand that this has to come to be? Gerry talked about being in a post-critical mass mental plane. And this is where we are today. I spent the last 25, 30 years of my life going around this country and going throughout the world telling the chiropractic story, telling the story, telling the subluxation based story, relating the science of chiropractic – that the body is a self healing, self regulating organism. And I have watched medicine go through many phases in a short period of time.

It’s sometimes hard to realize the suffering that is going on within the basic medical paradigms within this nation. From Australia to the United States to Canada and I’ve been in Europe, been in Russia, we were in Russia before the Iron Curtain came down, and we watched the medical paradigm fail after failure after failure after failure. To the extent, that the people are beginning to challenge that now.

That’s what Gerry was talking about earlier this morning. The medical paradigm is collapsing on itself. It is collapsing under the pressure of its own failure. It does not supply people what they need. Especially an enlightened society.

[To Be Continued] @ 9:42 am | Article ID: 1211474576