Month: September 2003

Goalizing Our Way Into Healing History

By Dr. Sid Mouk

Action, To Be Effective, Must Be Directed Toward Clearly Conceived Ends. Congruence Between Our Educated and Our Innate Minds Will Then Accomplish Miracles!

Dr. Jim Parker, in his teachings, constantly emphasized the MTD (Mission, Talent, and Destiny) of Chiropractic…. and of each of us in this profession. He strongly believed, and taught us to believe, in the destiny of Chiropractic. Each of us was chosen to be a member of this profession… we didn’t choose it, it chose us. Our individual missions and the collective mission of this profession is to lead the enormous surge of “Natural Healing” energy that is now sweeping this planet. But how do we go about doing this?

Legendary self-help books such as Think And Grow Rich, Ten Days To A Great New Life, The Magic Of Thinking Big, and many others have strongly emphasized the setting of life goals as a key to the achievement of what we came here to do in this life. The writing of our specific goals and then reading/visualizing them each day with emotion is done to “program” our Subconscious Mind (Innate Mind) through daily repetition of what we specifically want to achieve. And it works… if you stick with it long enough to achieve the programming you desire (which could take weeks, months, or even years). However, I find that most people, including myself, won’t stay with this regimen for long because of the strong “discomfort/dis-ease” they feel when attempting this. This discomfort/dis-ease can vary from disturbance of sleep patterns to fatigue to feelings of dread & fear to actual pain from muscle tension and/or spasm. I’ve even heard of people getting upset with these books and destroying them, blaming the books for their distraught feelings. The books and the setting of the goals are not the problem. We’re the problem, and we can fix it!

We on this planet live in a MindBody. This MindBody is one entity, it is not a separate mind and a separate body. What affects the mind instantly and totally affects the physical body through the nervous system, thus also affecting the spine. The mind is divided, essentially, into a Conscious Mind (Educated Mind) and a Subconscious Mind (Innate Mind). Psychologists tell us that the Educated Mind makes up only 10% of our mind while the Innate Mind is approximately 90% of the mind. Our day-to-day thinking occurs in the Educated Mind while the Innate Mind controls and runs the body (the ancient Huna teachings from Hawaii tell us that the Innate Mind totally controls the physical body while the Educated Mind is simply a “guest” in the body). Our Innate Mind is like an enormously powerful computer that is capable of being “programmed” just like any other computer. Our Educated Mind can process approximately 7 to 10 bits of information per second while our Innate Mind has the capacity to successfully handle and process the many millions of bits of information that it receives from our environment every second. So we can see that the power and capacity of Innate far exceeds the small capacity of Educated (the “Pygmy & the Giant” that B. J. wrote about).

Over the past 50 years, Dr. Jim Parker taught and proved that whenever Educated and Innate are in agreement, everything happens “Naturally Right” in our lives. Whatever we goalize happens specifically, easily, and quickly for us. But how do we achieve this all-important agreement between our minds? We in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to achieve this since everything that happens to and in our MindBody is mediated and expressed through the nervous system and, as a result, affects our spine (which can then be corrected, balanced, & normalized by a skillful spinal adjustment, if necessary). The “dis-ease” that we so often experience when goalizing is caused by conflict between our Educated & Innate over the goals we choose. Remember, Innate runs the physical body. Anything that stresses the Innate Mind will also strongly affect the physical body. For example, if we goalize having 100 new patients each and every month, this goal is set by Educated but it must be actually accomplished by Innate through its control of the physical body. Our Innate Mind, however, is similar to an enormously powerful computer and may have been “programmed” (from our past, especially in the time period from conception to 7 years of age) in a way that is in conflict with the goals set by Educated. This conflict will cause unending stress/dis-ease in the physical body whenever our goal is brought to the Conscious Mind, until the conflict between the minds is removed.

And we in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to be able to remove this conflict/interference (in ourselves as well as in others), effectively and quickly, since it all happens through our nervous system. It’s a simple matter to first adjust & balance the spine totally and then to have the person vividly imagine the accomplishment of their individual goal (actually experiencing the fulfillment of the goal in the Conscious Mind as if it had already been accomplished). Psychologists tell us that “Anything that is vividly imagined is as much a stimulus to the nervous system as a kick in the teeth”! If there is conflict/disagreement between the “programs” in the Innate Mind and the goals set by the Educated Mind, we will instantly see a strong re-subluxation of the spine when the person vividly imagines the accomplishment of the goal. To correct this conflict, we skillfully adjust the spine while the person vividly imagines/experiences the accomplishment of the goal in their Educated Mind. It will generally take from 1 to 6 adjustments to clear these “Life-Limiting Programs” in the Innate Mind… “life-limiting” in that they limit our ability to express our total potential in this life. And it works incredibly well! It works very effectively with Activator Methods, which I use, but I believe this method will work with any adjusting technique that corrects the spinal subluxation.

I call this NewMillennium Chiropractic and I truly believe it can powerfully enhance everything we do in this profession (for ourselves and for our patients, it’s great for correcting chronic spinal problems also). It can and will remove the conflict between Educated & Innate concerning that particular goal and thus allow us to progress toward the goal unimpeded. We still have to provide the intensive consistent effort needed to achieve the goal but we now have a “clear field” to work in free from subconscious barriers and dis-ease that can make our progress toward the goal so difficult (one patient described it as “trying to run uphill through peanut butter”). Educated & Innate will then work in harmony toward the achievement of the goal, instead of in conflict with each other… and everything will then happen “Naturally Right” in our practices and in our lives.

Let’s all establish high lofty goals for ourselves and for this “chosen” profession, clear any subconscious barriers that might be holding us back, and… “Goalize Our Way Into Our Rightful Place In Healing History!!!”

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sid Mouk runs an active practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is an Activator practitioner and has been practicing NewMillennium Chiropractic for the past 5 years. He can be reached at @ 4:33 pm | Article ID: 1064964838

Chiropractic Approach to Ear Infections

Source: American Chiropractic Association

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Ear problems can be excruciatingly painful, especially in children. With 10 million new cases every year, ear infections are the most common illness affecting babies and young children and the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician — accounting for more than 35 percent of all pediatric visits.

Before yet another round of “maybe-they’ll-work-and-maybe-they-won’t” antibiotics or the drastic step of surgery, more parents are considering chiropractic to help children with chronic ear infections, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Dr. Joan Fallon, a doctor of chiropractic who practices in Yonkers, New York, has published research showing that, after receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments, nearly 80 percent of the children treated were free of ear infections for at least the six-month period following their initial visits (a period that also included maintenance treatments every four to six weeks).

“Chiropractic mobilizes drainage of the ear in children, and if they can continue to drain without a buildup of fluid and subsequent infection, they build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly,” explains Dr. Fallon. She’d like to see her pilot study used as a basis for larger-scale trials of chiropractic as a therapeutic modality for ear infections.

When treating children with ear infections, Dr. Fallon focuses on the back of the skull and the first vertebra in the neck. After an adjustment to these areas, which helps the fluid in the ears to drain — and depending on how chronic the problem is and where they are in their cycle of antibiotics — children can generally fight the infection off themselves. That means, for the average child, between six and eight treatments.

If a child’s case is acute, Dr. Fallon will check the ear every day, measuring the ear and tracking the movement of the eardrum to make sure that it’s draining. “I’ll do adjustments every day or every other day for a couple of days if they’re acute, and then decrease frequency over time.” Dr. Fallon, whose research garnered her the acclaim of child rearing magazines like Parenting and Baby Talk, often sees great success when she treats a child for an ear infection. “Once they fight it themselves, kids tend to do very well and stay away from ear infections completely. Unless there are environmental factors like smoking in the house, an abnormally shaped Eustachian tube, or something like that, they do very well,” she says. “I have two large pediatric groups that refer to me on a regular basis. In the winter, when ear infections are most prevalent, I see five or six new children each week from each group,” says Dr. Fallon. “It’s safe and effective and something that parents should try, certainly before inserting tubes in their children’s ears.”

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Source: American Chiropractic Association @ 8:55 pm | Article ID: 1064894151

Hiring – Super CA’s Motivation

By Super CA Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter

Greetings Super CA’s:
When is it time for a single DC office with a single CA to hire another CA?

When things you used to do with ease don’t get done very often anymore. When you find it hard to go to the office in the morning because of the amount of work you have to do. When you don’t have time to enjoy your patients because you are too bogged down with paper work. When your numbers have been the same every week and you don’t grow because you are feeling too busy as it is.

Things slip through the cracks and CA’s get burned out. If the DC sees X number of visits a week then double those visits for the CA as she sees them coming and going! That’s when it’s time to double the staff! The hard part is finding the perfect person to split the duties with. From our own experience we had to look at the busiest times in our office when we really needed 2 of us here.

In our office we have a front desk CA who, of course, works on the front desk. Posting and booking appointments, doing recalls, bank deposits, confirmation calls, helps with month end, keeps track of supplies, prints New patient folders and all the documents used within the office, greeting cards, colouring pictures for the kids, and she makes great cakes for all our events.

We also have a New Patient CA some offices call her the Technical CA. She looks after new patients, re-evaluations, scanning or x-rays, report of findings, health talks, marketing-mall displays, newsletters, month end procedures, ordering supplies, submitting OHIP, office management/problem solving and helping out on the front desk as required.

In our office our front desk Super CA works 26 hours. Our NP-Technical Super CA works 27.5 hours. We over lap 20 hours per week, the busy times when we are both needed. When it is vacation time or one of us has a day off we of course do everything and we sure are glad to see the other come back. They always say you don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it anymore. This is so true when my Super CA is away; she has made my workday so easy. We both say we are retired now. We are very compatible so it works out great. It has been almost a year since we hired another full-time Super CA. I don’t think we realized how we were holding back our practice until she joined us and we started to grow again.

I love you because you love what I love .. loving … serving … giving … Chiropractic is Life!
Until next time ….. hugzzzzzzzz Super CA Lynne @ 12:34 pm | Article ID: 1064864082

The Main Thing

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

“The Main Thing is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!”
-The Spinal Subluxation-

The title of this article is a quote by Lee Iacocca that could well apply to the Chiropractic profession. The main thing in Chiropractic is and always will be the SPINAL SUBLUXATION! It is the only thing in this profession that is wholly unique and, at the present time, is ours and ours alone (physical therapy has already been spoken for, the use of prescription drugs has already been spoken for, acupuncture has already been spoken for, and even nutrition has already been spoken for)… but the Spinal Subluxation is still our “chicken sandwich”. We would be wise in this profession to maintain our focus totally and completely on this Healing entity. It matters little whether some of those in the fields of health research (both in medicine and in chiropractic) tell us it doesn’t exist and/or that it’s impossible for it to happen… we in Chiropractic have all seen the incredibly powerful healing results of correcting this entity and we know that it not only exists but is the single major cause of dis-ease and disease in the physical body. If correcting the subluxation produces such incredible clinical results and these results are repeatable throughout this profession (and have been for more than 100 years), then it has to be something that can be proven by scientific research.

spine above down

Dr. Ted Morter, developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) technique (an effective method of correcting the subluxation using a form of energy balancing with the hands instead of direct adjustment of the spine), was challenged several years ago by the Texas Board of Examiners to prove that B.E.S.T. actually did correct the spinal subluxation. And they, in their great wisdom, were prepared to outlaw the practice of this technique in their state if it could not be proven “scientifically?” (it’s amazing the things we DCs do to each other). Dr. Morter had developed B.E.S.T. over the years by systematic trial & error until it produced the result he was seeking, correction of the spinal subluxation, and now he had to prove it other than clinically. So he took a week off from practice and teaching and hunkered down with the latest edition of Guyton’s Physiology attempting to correlate his clinical results with Guyton’s scientific research regarding the function of the human body, especially the nervous system. He knew that B.E.S.T. worked in the field and that the results were repeatable (which can also be said for all major techniques in Chiropractic) and, since it was repeatable, it had to be able to be proven from a scientific standpoint. What he found during that week astonished him. As he put it, “I began to think that Guyton had attended my seminars and taken my notes to put in his textbook” Dr. Morter was able to trace each nerve tract and pathway utilized in producing the clinical results he was seeing in his practice. In other words, he found that Guyton (a well respected and well known physiologist) had already “scientifically” proven the clinical results Chiropractic has been producing all these years. Needless to say, when these results were sent to the Texas board, they quietly decided to allow B.E.S.T. to continue to be practiced in their state.

The main thing in Chiropractic is and always will be the Spinal Subluxation. Without it Chiropractic has no reason to continue to exist as a profession. It’s our “chicken sandwich” and we would be wise to embrace it, to study the subluxation thoroughly and totally… and the correction of this entity (on all levels), and to passionately spread the word of it’s existence throughout this planet. Suffering humanity deserves no less and we in Chiropractic have been given the honor of doing this.

And then we can all do as Sharon Gorman so simply and eloquently puts it, “Take the bone off the nerve and get out of the way so God can do the Healing”! Clinically and Scientifically! @ 12:33 pm | Article ID: 1064864006

Is it any Different?

By Kathi Handt

Many of us can look back to when we were in Chiropractic school in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and remember what it was like. There were lots of science courses, more science courses, and then some more. Thrown into the mix were the chiropractic courses, which, very often, didn’t begin early on in our education. Clinic was almost an afterthought and philosophy, in many schools, was virtually non-existent. How is it, then, that there are so many good, successful, philosophical Chiropractors out there serving the people and changing their lives?

For many of us, our learning came from outside the traditional classroom. We attended private classes, held by principled Chiropractors who were thrown out of the school for teaching philosophy. We went to weekly philosophy meetings. Many were on Saturday nights. Many were far from our home, but we traveled to hear the story! Great Chiropractors always gave of their time to be sure that the true Chiropractic story was told, that the philosophy, that was so desperately needed by the students (as well as D.C.’) was discussed, and to create a fellowship, a bond that would keep us strong in our beliefs so that we could, in turn, pass it on to others.

We heard from Chiropractors who had been jailed for “practicing medicine without a license.” We heard from Chiropractors who defied state boards and advertised the truth about Chiropractic in newspapers and on the radio. We heard from Chiropractors who saw masses of people. They gave for the sake of giving, served for the sake of serving and loved for the sake of loving. There is a saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” These Chiropractors served, and the universe provided them abundantly. We heard many times that they were doing what they loved and even better than that, they were getting paid for it!

Years have gone by, but the story really hasn’t changed. There is still not enough philosophy taught in the schools. There are students that have gone through their first year of Chiropractic College and really don’t know WHY they are becoming Chiropractors. They are learning the sciences and the research that’s been done to prove that what we do works. WE KNOW IT WORKS! IT HASN’T CHANGED IN ALL THE YEARS! IT’S A PRINCIPLE, A TRUTH! They don’t get that there is a mind-body-spirit connection. They don’t understand that there is “a universal intelligence in all matter that continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” They don’t understand that “the power that made the body heals the body.” They don’t understand that we have in our possession a sacred trust that we must guard well! These students are graduating and starting their practices without ever really knowing the truth about Chiropractic!

We, at New Beginnings, are committed to passing on the principles, the philosophy that has been passed down to us. We have created a fellowship of Chiropractors. When you come to New Beginnings, you will receive much more than philosophy. The many speakers will bring this philosophy into these new times and explain how you all can have thriving practices and be successful, not just monetarily but also in a more subtle and more important way, from a deep down knowing that what you’re doing is right. And most of all, it is a weekend of being together in a loving, supportive, high-energy environment that will send you soaring back to your practices or schools with more excitement than you can ever imagine! Be open to what you don’t know. Be open to hear what successful principled Chiropractors have to say. Understand why you were chosen to be a Chiropractor!

– – – – – – – – – –
Expand your mind, expand your philosophy and expand your practice. The next New Beginnings meeting is on October 23rd – 26th.
New Beginnings: @ 9:59 pm | Article ID: 1064725192

Short Form, New Patient Orientation

By Ernie Landie, D.C.
34th Principle in 3 parts…

In A Nutshell

Most people feel that if they complicate something, it makes them sound really important, even if the language that they use fails to communicate their point. Most Chiropractors are no different. They take the simple and wonderful principles of Chiropractic and complicate them so far out of proportion that even the new Chiropractic students can’t understand Chiropractic, let alone Chiropractic patients. The following is an example of how to simply and concisely explain Chiropractic to the students as well as the layperson.


1. Treatment of a specific problem only
2. Treatment and prevention
3. Spinal/Neurological Corrective Care (Reconstructive care)
4. Lifetime family Wellness Care



Wholeness… Having all your body parts
Function… Having these parts working @ 100%
Time… Maintaining 100% function throughout your life.


The brain and nervous system control the function of all the parts of your body.

If you interfere with the nerve system, it will cause malfunction, abnormal behavior and reduced life expectancy.

The major interference to the nervous system know by science today is the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC).

VSC is a malfunction of the spine which results in nerve system trauma and ill health.

The VSC is identified by its 5 components:

Kinesiopathology… Abnormal Spinal Function
Neuropathophysiology… Abnormal Nerve System Function
Myopathology… Abnormal Muscular Activity
Histopathology… Soft Tissue Degeneration
Spinal Pathophysiology… Bone Degeneration

The severity of VSC is recognized by its four phases:

Phase One – Misalignment and Malfunction
Phase Two – Tissue Degeneration (discs)
Phase Three – Fusion
Phase Four – Bone Remodeling

VSC causes body malfunction and degeneration

Chiropractors correct VSC with three types of care:

Initial intensive care… Beginning care when symptoms are usually reduced or eliminated
Reconstructive care… Maximum spinal/neurological correction
Wellness care… Lifetime family health care

Since VSC begins in childhood, frequently at birth, chiropractic care should begin at day one.
In conclusion, K.I.S.S.: keep it successfully simple!

– – – – – – – – – –
Expand your mind, expand your philosophy and expand your practice. The next New Beginnings meeting is on October 23rd – 26th.
New Beginnings: @ 7:48 am | Article ID: 1064501285

Becoming a Positive Force in Chiropractic and in Life

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

A Human Should Be A Force, Not Just a Being!

We as human beings existing upon this planet all have the potential to become not just a being but an earth-shaking force for good, a positive force that can powerfully influence the history of all mankind. But potential means little or nothing. It is only by the consistent exercising and expression of our potential that we can become a dominant force for the betterment of all mankind. I truly believe that all of us in the field of Chiropractic, especially, have enormous potential to become just such a force, just such a consistently creative energy, just such a history-altering power on this planet. Why else would we have been chosen by the Universe/God to be a major part of the profession that is seated right at the crest of the incredible wave of change in the thinking of the western world regarding healing and life philosophy? Millions of others could be in our place but we were the fortunate ones who were “chosen”. Could this possibly be just a coincidence? No, we are the “chosen” ones and we have been given the great privilege of leading this planet into the much needed realization that we are all a part of God, that we all have that “spark” of God within us called Innate Intelligence, and that “the power that made the body can heal the body” of any and all dis-eases and diseases known to mankind!

This incredibly creative profession has already given the world the forces known as Dr. D.D. Palmer, Dr. B.J. Palmer, Dr. Jim Parker, and Dr. Sid Williams. There are many others who have contributed greatly to this noble profession but these four especially qualify as “earth-changing and profession-changing forces”. Without them, who knows where Chiropractic would be today, or if it would still even exist as a profession.

D.D. Palmer put his considerable ego aside and allowed the universe to deliver, through him, the principle and basic methods of Chiropractic to this planet. Without the force of his belief and the openness of his mind, this principle might have lain dormant in the recesses of human consciousness for another several hundred years or more. He gave us the principle and the beginnings of the powerful philosophy of this profession. He gave birth to Chiropractic!

B. J. Palmer expanded our understanding of the power and the potential of this God-given principle and proved, without a doubt, the healing power of the spinal adjustment and Chiropractic philosophy. He flamboyantly promoted this fledgling profession at a time when it was going through intense “growing pains” due, mostly, to human ego trips on the part of the medical politicians of the day. He took the new born baby Chiropractic and nurtured it through infancy, childhood, and the rebellious teenage years when it could easily have been destroyed by outside forces or self-destructed at any time. He brought Chiropractic to the brink of adulthood!

Jim Parker came on the scene while this profession was being constantly battered by the medical politicians and the drug companies and many of those practicing Chiropractic seemed to walk around with a dark cloud surrounding them. Chiropractic offices were often to be found on side streets, as opposed to the main thoroughfares, and the overall feeling throughout most of this profession was one of gloom and a feeling of being nothing more than second-class citizens. At his hugely attended seminars, Dr. Jim eloquently re-taught us the powerful healing philosophy of Chiropractic (especially important since several of the major colleges in this profession were teaching no philosophy at all). He held his seminars in the biggest and best hotels and brought in top guest speakers to teach us to accept only the very best in our lives and in this profession. He taught us how to build large clinics to accommodate the multitude of new patients that came to us as a result of his teachings, and powerful positive ways of working with these patients. He not only taught and emphasized the necessity of becoming a Healer but also the vital importance of educating our patients and communicating with them. He effectively turned us into a Healing profession. Without Jim Parker, Chiropractic quite possibly may not have survived its early adult years.

Sid Williams taught us that the powerful healing philosophy of Chiropractic can be successfully combined with the academics necessary to become a well rounded professional. He showed the way for this profession in the future… a large university, the prominent part of which is a strong College of Chiropractic teaching future DCs in a major college atmosphere and emphasizing the philosophy of healing. He obviously stepped on the toes of some Chiropractic politicians along the way and, as a result, he was forced to step down as president of Life University, but his accomplishments will live on in this profession. He showed us the needs of the future if Chiropractic is to not only survive but to thrive and grow in this new millennium!

Human Beings, certainly. Human Forces, definitely. This profession is too important to be led only by human beings, we need human forces. Who will be the next HUMAN FORCE to lead this profession into its rightful place as the unchallenged leader of worldwide natural Healing?

We all have the potential to be such a force. Let’s do it!
Would the next D.D./B.J./Jim/Sid please step forward!.
We Need You!!!

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sid Mouk practices in Baton Rouge, LA @ 7:54 pm | Article ID: 1064458468

Straight vs. Mixing

By Super CA Jackie

What is the difference between the methods of Straight Chiropractic and Mixing Chiropractic? What is the true meaning of Chiropractic?

Straight Chiropractors practice the principled method of Chiropractic, which was founded by D.D. Palmer on September 18, 1895. Straight Chiropractors will only use their hands during an adjustment. They locate and correct the vertebral subluxations in the spine, and do not “treat” symptoms, illness and diseases. Straight Chiropractors believe in the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself once spinal nerve interference has been removed through “hands on” Chiropractic adjustments. They practice the 3 care stages, which are relief, correction and wellness (maintenance).

Mixers are Chiropractors who practice different types of therapy, such as machines, along with spinal manipulation using their hands. I refer to them as Chiropractic Physical Therapists. Using machines and other natural therapies stray away from the original concept of what Chiropractic is really about. The Mixing method overpopulates the profession, which gives the Straight method a misled reputation. I mean no disrespect as to what a Mixer practices, but only to say what the difference is.

I love having debates with people about Chiropractic who aren’t aware of the different methods of care. The dialogue is usually like this: “I hurt my back and tried a Chiropractor for a few weeks, and then I stopped when I felt better. The machines that were used on my back felt good. Then the pain came back a few weeks later. I don’t think it helped much.” (Now my horns come out!) My response is: “Oh, so you went to a Mixer! No wonder why you have that negative attitude. You must see a Straight Chiropractor, which will also correct the problem besides making you feel better.”

Another question I’m frequently asked when a patient switches from the Mixing to Straight method is: “Why is my adjustment so quick? The other Chiropractor I tried “worked” on me for 15 minutes, and where are the hot and cold packs? It’s crack, crack, crack and I’m done.” My response is: “This is not the “Mixing” Chiropractic Physical Therapy method! It’s the real one, and yes, after a Straight Chiropractor locates your bones out of place and aligns your spine, your adjustment is done! It’s that simple. Little do you know you will soon be experiencing how Straight Chiropractic will be helping you with your other health problems.”

As the debate continues with the patient’s “yeah, but…”, my final words are: “Don’t knock the Chiropractic profession if you have never experienced a Straight Chiropractor. Straight Chiropractic is the best health care method you can ever imagine. It’s a matter of what your health priority is. After choosing to stay with this method of care, you will thank the caring person who referred you. Straight Chiropractors are not just about getting people out of pain. They are about regaining your health, preventing illness along with disease and staying healthy. Straight Chiropractors and their staffs are loving, giving and serving. The truth must prevail from all of us and our healthy patients how Straight Chiropractic has changed our lives. @ 7:53 pm | Article ID: 1064458428

What are you pretending not to know?

By Carol Simpson
Chiropractic Assistant
Larsen Family Chiropractic

Unfortunately, it sometimes seems we are the masters of our own self-decline. We know that a low fat diet, exercise, stress relief, regular chiropractic adjustments and adequate rest all help us be at our best. Yet, we regularly sabotage ourselves by not following through with the effort that is required. The workout that was scheduled remains undone, the bottle of water sitting on the desk remains full and the appointment for an adjustment remains un-scheduled. Why do we choose not to do those things that will help us be at a higher level in all areas of our life?

A lot of it has to do with habits. Bad ones. It has been said that a follow through of six months is required to develop a new healthy habit. That doesn’t guarantee that you will always do that habit, but it will ensure that you have a much greater chance of starting that routine again if you happen to stray away from it at one point or another. Give yourself enough time to develop healthy patterns. The old, bad habits didn’t establish themselves over night and neither will the new, good ones.

We need to take ownership of our health and accept the responsibility of improving it. While an enthusiastic friend, a knowledgeable coach and a supportive chiropractor go along way in making your changes attainable, it is only you who can make it happen on a consistent basis. Everyone around you can be a cheerleader but only you can make it happen by deciding it’s time to follow through.

Remember that it isn’t about the destination but about the journey. Find things that you enjoy doing. If you try something and don’t like it, try something else. If you commit to something and find that after giving it an honest effort it doesn’t increase your quality of life, de-commit yourself and move on. Find a chiropractor you really connect with and who will help coach you on your path to wellness.

Be nice to yourself. It’s great to get in 4 workouts a week, drink 2 liters of water a day and see your chiropractor once a month. However, if one of those things gets missed don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge to yourself that what you did or didn’t do was detrimental to your wellness goals and go forward from there. Each day is always brand new and represents a clean slate.

We pretend that regularly eating a high fat diet won’t affect our heart health or our waistline. We pretend that going months without an adjustment won’t affect our nervous system’s response to added stressors. We pretend that it won’t take years off of our life and quality out of our years by sitting inactive. We pretend that we really don’t need to be involved in our community or that we don’t need ‘down time’ with our families and ‘me time’ with ourselves.

Stop pretending. Being aware of how you think is a huge step towards a higher level of wellness in all dimensions of your life. Recognize if you sometimes get in your own way. Ask yourself “what am I pretending not to know?” and then do something positive about it.

– – – – – – – – – –
Larsen Family Chiropractic @ 8:22 pm | Article ID: 1064373778

Living Gods Will (A Monday Morning Message)

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I try to live God’s will for me. I realize that when I am able to turn it over to God then everything falls into place so much better. The idea that I am in control of the way my life turns out is an illusion. I certainly don’t use that as an excuse to not be the best person I can in each and every circumstance. As a matter of fact I can be a better person knowing that I am safe in God’s love and that I am not responsible for the effects, only my actions.

It have made my life so much simpler knowing that I don’t have to change the world, only myself. I can just keep doing the next right thing and feel good about myself and my life. When things get tough so to speak I can know that I am not walking alone through this life and keep moving on focusing on the good not the bad.

It is none of my business what other people think of me. That is their head and their process. I am only responsible for keeping my side of the street clean.

The way that I know that I am falling away from this philosophy and God is when I catch myself worrying. If I truly believe that I am not in control of the world and that I am doing the best that I can do then I would not spend time worrying about how things turn out or how other people will act in light of the way that I am acting. Worrying is a symptom of the dis-connect and a luxury that I can not afford because it sucks the life out of me. I am not irresponsible when I am not worrying. I am faithful.

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