Month: March 2002

The Chiropractic Advantage

By Stacy Larsen, D.C.

“What makes us human is the millisecond between stimulus and response.” Steven Covey, Principled-Centered Leadership

It’s great to be a human being. It is wonderful to be able to choose how you respond to what is going on around you. That is the essence of being alive. What is even more inspiring is that you can make a more complete decision or choice with an adjusted nervous system. This is the chiropractic advantage. Every physical and emotional experience of your life is integrated through your nervous system.

Think of your nervous system as your “glasses” to what is going on in and around you. It also processes this information and produces a response to what it sees. The production of the response is the millisecond that Steven Covey was referring to in his quote. The key is to make the response as whole as possible.

If those glasses are clean and you get a clear picture of what is going on around you, your response will be healthier and more complete. For example, have you ever been driving on one of the first days of spring when the snow is really melting? If you have plenty of windshield washer fluid, you can see what is happening in traffic. It keeps you safe, it allows you to see if there is a pedestrian waiting to cross in front of you or if there is someone driving erratically.

Now, have you ever run out of washer fluid on just such a day? That is a very different experience. You might be able to see out one corner of the windshield, straining to make sure the color of the traffic light or how close you are to the person in front of you. You are the one who ends up driving erratically. The same thing can happen to you and your body.

Your spine contains the most important parts of your nervous system. The spine can be of great help or can interfere with your nervous system. When the spine is healthy your body can formulate a more complete response to what is going on around you. Your windshield washer fluid is full. If the spine puts tension or interference on it, it mucks up your ability to give your best possible response. Your windshield is a mess. Just how close is that car in front of you?

Get your spine checked so it enhances the performance of your nervous system. Get the chiropractic advantage at every level of your experience. @ 7:26 am | Article ID: 1017329164

WCA continues to dispel media stroke misinformation


Each month, the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) “Health Watch” electronic newsletter provides information on research studies that reveal the dangers of many common drugs and medical procedures. Although the reports are published in reputable journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, British Medical Journal and The New England Journal of Medicine, most of them are never mentioned in the mainstream press.

Yet, when a Canadian medical group claimed it found a link between chiropractic and stroke, the news made headlines across the world, despite the fact that the study involved just 156 people and was conducted by a group with self-proclaimed ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

In recent months, Canadian medical organizations have tried to focus attention on the highly publicized case of Laurie Jean Mathiason, whose death has been blamed on a chiropractic-induced stroke. The WCA immediately worked to counter the new reports, as it has repeatedly in the past.

In a letter sent to several print and web-based publications that carried the stroke report, WCA President Terry A. Rondberg strongly disputed the supposed link.

“The fact is, the medical community is merely exploiting the tragedy of to mislead the public into thinking that our profession was responsible for her death or that patients are at risk by going to chiropractors,” Dr. Rondberg stated. “Such unethical scare tactics are becoming more and more blatant as chiropractic continues to make inroads into the health care field.”

In addition to supplying documented evidence showing that chiropractic is extremely safe, and that there is no evidence of a link between adjustments and stroke, the WCA letter explained to editors that “… in 1990, the AMA was found guilty of conspiring with other medical organizations in a ‘lengthy, systematic, successful and unlawful boycott’ of the chiropractic profession. It deliberately disseminated false and libelous information and forbid its members to refer patients to doctors of chiropractic. The court prohibited them from disseminating any more lies about chiropractic but the court could not stop the medical and pharmaceutical industries from using their influence to get newspapers, magazines and television news shows to do that job for them.”

Among the material provided to the media was a statement by Philip Lee, M.D., a co-investigator of a research survey presented at the American Heart Association’s 19th International Joint Conference on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation which noted, “Indeed, most interventions by allopathic physicians have a higher complication rate than chiropractic interventions.”

Rondberg stated, “The deliberately false impression put forward by the medical industry concerning stroke and chiropractic is part of its ongoing attempt to eliminate chiropractic as a competitor. The World Chiropractic Alliance will continue to refute these reports in the strongest terms possible. We also offer our assistance to any chiropractic group in the U.S., Canada or around the world wishing to combat this campaign of misinformation.”

The WCA position paper on chiropractic and stroke, as well as a comprehensive review of scientific and medical studies on the topic, are available on the WCA website. @ 5:51 am | Article ID: 1017323495

My Fellow Missionaries

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Another Panama mission has recently come and gone, and even though we chose not to participate in this one (physically, anyway), I could feel the energy of it. All week during the mission, I could feel the excitement and the joy and the miracles, as well as the inevitable (albeit very few) hassles and frustrations and ego conflicts. I could feel the unconditional love being given and received. I could feel hearts opening to new realms of possibilities. I could even feel the heat! And now I can feel the energy of chiropractors that have returned to their offices, attempting to bring the love and energy of their recent experiences back into their everyday practices and lives. The hard part, for sure.

The experience of a Panama mission is indescribable. Witnessing the incredible power and simplicity of our principle and our art, delivered with no strings attached to the love and service, depending completely on the power of Innate to take over on both ends of the adjustment; an amazing gift, indeed. It is an experience of love and unlimited possibilities. It is an experience that carries a huge surge of the energy of awakening to its participants, to a nation, and to the world. It is an experience of incredible value. I wonder: how much more value could that experience manifest when we unleash the gift of it here, in our own practices and our own communities?

Indeed, how much more value is there in an experience, if we don’t separate it from the rest of our lives? How much more value is there in an experience, if we use it to further our growth and our ability to serve? How much more value is there in an experience, if we remember to use it as a bellows to fan the fire of our passion? How much more value is there in an experience, if we stay diligent to the possibilities revealed thru it, and continue to do the work that opens the door to Grace? Even an experience that brings healing and hope to hundreds of thousands of people, as happens in Panama, can be magnified infinitely when it is integrated into one’s very being. When a heart remains open and continues to serve without strings.

I am confident that we have all had amazing spiritual experiences. Often I find myself desiring to sit on a beach in Hawaii communing with the magnificent creations of Mother Earth, or to sit in a cave in the Himalayas in constant meditation and prayer for the world. There would be tremendous value in such experiences, for myself and for the world. Yet as a servant, as a warrior, I need to be in the world. Not necessarily of the world, but in it. In a cave or on a beach or in Panama, it is easy for me to know that God is with me, and that God is working thru me. It is easy to know my connection to everything. Easy for me to know my essence and to let that essence erupt from deep within me. In the world, my knowledge of those things is tested. Big time. Only by being in the world, thru my relationships and thru my service to others, can I discover where I am blocking that flow, how I fall back into my illusion of separateness, and what I haven’t learned to love about myself. Only by being in the world can I become a true servant. Only by being in the world can I rise above it.

My advice (even though I realize advice is the worst vice) for any of you who are suffering from the Post-Panama Blues is to do the work on yourself that will make your practice more like Panama. Keep your hearts wide open. Let the experience flood your heart, let it saturate your consciousness, and let it emerge from every pore. Let it stand as a beacon, towards which your path continually winds. For the rest of us who weren’t there, let’s be diligent to the possibilities of Panama, and let’s use all of our experiences as fuel for our warrior engines. We are on the verge, as is the world, of the realization of our dreams as principled chiropractors. As Dick Gregory recently told Gerry Clum while sitting on an airplane: very soon people will be keeping us in our offices, at gunpoint if necessary, so they and their families can be adjusted. With the possible exception of the gun thing, I can readily see it. I can see 5000 people waiting for me when I arrive at my office and for you at yours (I will definitely need an associate!). I can see chiropractic available to every person on this planet. I can see a world with much more health, sanity, joy, abundance, principle, and spirit. It begins in our own hearts, in our own offices; thru our own experiences. Happy Spring! @ 7:13 pm | Article ID: 1017285187

How is your enrollment?

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Back in the old days (early 80’s) I experienced several seminars that were known as EST at the time. They were seminars that were geared toward creating transformational growth in their participants. They exist under another name at this point. Anyway my point is that one of the concepts I learned at that time, and keep in mind this is my interpretation of what I experienced many years ago, is that of enrollment. So much of life actually ends up falling in the category. They set out to teach the people who participated in their seminar how to sign up more people to take their seminar. Many people got angry that they did this and stopped participating because they thought that they were being too pushy. I thought it was annoying and very forward in the beginning but then I realized that this was actually one of the greatest lessons that they could have taught me or anyone else. Life is all about enrolling people, it’s all about selling other people on you and signing them up for something. I know I make this sound over simplified but think about it for a minute.

Most Girl Scouts just finished their yearly ritual of learning to enroll people. We sell cookies. I always help, I’m the enrollment coach AKA Mom. I order dozens of cases of cookies in anticipation of selling them to my patients. Next I put them on the counters of the offices and instruct my paid thugs AKA CA’s to sell cookies. Initially they do pretty good but then a few weeks into it the initial novelty wears off and all the most popular varieties are sold out and then the cookies start gathering dust. Then we send in the guns, AKA my daughters. They come in uniform (on a good day) and make up a sign with magic marker and stand by their product. All of a sudden the boxes start flying out of the office like the patients never noticed we were selling them. The girls sweet high pitched voices motivate the patients to buy cookies because they want to please the kids and participate and it only costs $3. They then tell the patients that they are using the profits to go to sleep away camp (yes, I get to go too). The girls are enrolling the patients on their mission. The response from the patients is very good and they love to do it. Key point! They get positive reinforcement and they love to do it!

When the office is slow they take the cookies out in front of the office (the one practice is in a storefront) and sell out there. Then they decided to sweeten the pot. They gave each person who bought a box of cookies a chiropractic sticker ( a valuable gift in a kids mind.) Their strategy worked and they started selling more cookies. They used their imagination to make the game fun again. It isn’t fun when you are not selling cookies if that is what you set out to do.

Now let’s take it back to your practice. How is your enrollment? Are you selling enough cookies to keep things interesting? Are you developing new customers and new ways to present your product? We all know you have the best cookies in town. Are you convinced of it? Are people convinced that you are convinced? Do you take action to have patients feel good about what they have done when they sign up other people for your office? Are you creating a game that they want to participate in, are you still excited about participating? How do you create chiropractic ambassadors? Not all patients could or would become enrollers yet some could and would if they felt good about you and your practice. Do you have a system in place in order to acknowledge them for their efforts? All good things to think about.

A chiropractor who develops into a good enroller is also a good practice builder. What would it take for you to become better? One of the obvious answers is to practice. Practice getting out of your comfort zone and share with others our product – chiropractic. Have them want to be with you on your journey. Display qualities that they would want and then they will want to be with you. If you got what they want they might be willing to do what you have done to get there.

Keep sharing yourself. Expect more rejection if you extend yourself more. Don’t be disappointed by rejection. Acknowledge the rejection as a sign that you are putting yourself out there more. Rise on it. As you share your mission, from your heart with the people in your life, your family, friends, CA’s, and patients your enrollment will increase. The amount of players on your team will increase and your players will be happier to be part of your team as you share yourself with them and enroll them into the opportunity to make a difference in the world by enrolling more people into chiropractic. All this happens naturally without them even knowing that they are part of the plan as we build large networks of patients and change the consciousness of our communities with an often overlooked miracle called chiropractic.

You might wonder why I chose to talk about enrollment today. Well I have it on my mind. As most of you know the next Focus Philosophy Weekend takes place here in the Pocono’s, April 6th and 7th. Pre-registration ends this Friday, March 29th. Normally I would spend most of this week on the phone with many of my chiropractic friends enrolling them to help me enroll you. As most of you know also, I have returned to practice again (I know, I can’t stay away too long) so I am hoping to motivate you to register and be with us in a few weeks. Do it for yourself. Be in a room full of love and support. Some of you are thinking that you don’t need to come because you already have good practices. Well, come and give back a little then. Some of you are thinking that you don’t want to be away from your family for the weekend. Well, then bring them. The hotel is a resort hotel and kid friendly. My kids are going to be there. Most of my friends are bringing their kids too. We want them to grow up around other chiropractor kids. Come build beautiful memories with them and with us. You might not “need” to come yet I want you to come to treat yourself. Maybe you need to come more than you think you need to come. Maybe there is a feeling that you don’t have as much as you used to that can be nurtured and gotten stronger. Please come. Call a friend who might need a little push. Enuf said.

One other thing I have to say is good-bye to one of our dear friends Arnie Taub. I was at his funeral Sunday and it was such a beautiful tribute. There were so many chiropractic brothers and sisters I couldn’t count them all. His wife Aggie shared a good-bye letter to him that touched me very deeply. He died in a horrible accident which again serves to remind us what a gift each day is. His life was a gift and even though it ended abruptly – he truly lived a life. It’s all about the now. In the immortal words of Ian Grassam “It’s all about the relationships.” Thank you Arnie for being in our lives. Thank you for being in my life.

– – – – – – – – – –
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Gossip – a Matter of Trust

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I love to Gossip. The only problem is that the price has gotten too high. When I gossip I am usually trying to make myself feel better by putting someone else down. Why do I need to put them down? Maybe I’m feeling pretty low myself.

Sometimes when people gossip I discipline myself not to participate but boy I sure do like to listen to it. I have had to force myself to stop that too. When I am listening I am part of the conversation anyway. I am giving the other person a sounding board to let it out. I’m an accomplice. I’m actually just as bad. It always makes me wonder what is that person saying about me when I am not around? It can’t be good.

I try to avoid people that gossip also because they are negative. They are also being sneaky. Would they say these things to the person’s face? Are they saying it because they are trying to help the other person or help themselves? Maybe they are just talking because they are bored. I find it is easier to look into other people’s business than to deal with my own stuff and by talking about other people and not minding my own business I can distract myself from the stuff that I should be dealing with myself about myself.

One of the areas that gossip can effect us as chiropractors is if we are stupid enough to put down other doctors in front of patients. Obviously it is not too cool to put down another chiropractor because it makes chiropractic look bad but it also looks bad on you if you put down any other kind of doctor. Why do you have to put down anyone in order to make chiropractic better? Chiropractic is better in and of itself. Chiropractic makes a lot of sense on it’s own merits.

By putting down Medical doctors you might alienate certain people who still have a lot of faith in their profession. Now we might not agree whole heartedly yet from experience that the less you alienate people the better. We need to keep them in our sphere of influence if we want to love them into seeing chiropractic the way that we do, or at least closer to it. My husband tells me that I should keep my own side of the street clean before I concern myself with anyone else’s. That makes a lot of sense in practicality because I can’t change anyone else. I just can become more whole and healthy myself.

Part of my sanity comes from minding my own business. I try to use all my spare time putting out positive energy into my world and the universe. Gossip isn’t part of getting better. If I have something to say to someone about their behavior than I need to say it to their face. Another way that Gossip can hurt us is amongst the team in your practice. I always tell my staff that if something is not right than tell the person that can do something about it. Many times when there are several people they actually team up amongst themselves and talk about other staff members or the doctor. If there is a staff member who is not pulling their weight they can tell you and work on creating a solution either by training them further, by letting them go OR they can gossip about that person behind their back. Sometimes they think it makes them look better and instead of helping that person along they complain about that person. When I hire new people I always warn them about this and tell them that I have zero tolerance for gossip and why? I think it is like a cancer in the practice. I think it is like a cancer in having good relationships with other people. Think before you talk. Will someone be hurt if they knew what you are saying? What is truly your intent in opening your mouth. That old saying comes to mind: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Be more aware of what you are putting out. When you open your mouth keep in mind that if you go down to the level of gossiping you will attract other people who live at that vibration too.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon GormanDr. Sharon Gorman is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, she associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose. She opened her own practice in June of 1985 and in 3 months was seeing over 100 patients a day. Within 4 years, she had established four chiropractic practices seeing combined over 5000 patients a month. Now, married with 4 children, she still practices part time and manages 3 successful practices. She is a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars and is the founder and hostess of the Focus Philosophy Weekends. Visit her website at: @ 7:09 am | Article ID: 1017068942

Step Number Six to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Success Principle #6 (Conduct weekly Spinal Care Workshops) is absolutely the most difficult to get doctors to do. I have seen doctors come to our weekly SOCM meetings for 2 years and still not do Spinal Care Workshops. So, Why is it so difficult to get Chiropractors to do Spinal Care Workshops?

There are several reasons that Chiropractors won’t do a Spinal Care Workshop. The first being the fear of speaking. To fix this just schedule one person every day at the end of the day for SCW and it won’t take long for you to schedule 2 a day, then more patients one time each week. You will eventually get tired of being there late every single day and get over your fear of public speaking.

The second reason is the doctor is waiting until their SCW is perfect, then they will start doing them. How can it get perfect, if you are not doing them? The first SCW is always perfect. The Chiropractor always knows more about Spinal Hygiene and Subluxation, than the patient.

The third reason is the doctor feels they don’t have time. This is just an excuse to cover their other weak excuses. Ninety nine percent of all Chiropractors want more new patients and Spinal Care Workshops can increase your new patients up to 50%. Most doctors will spend an extra hour each week to possibly double their new patients, because it costs them zero dollars.

The fourth reason is the fear that no one will show up. If the doctor makes it important to him or herself, it will also be important to the patient. Also make it mandatory. If they don’t respect the doctor enough to show up, they won’t stay long any way. The average crowd around the world is one to eight patients. Crowds of 20 or 30 are very rare. If no one shows up then the staff has to sit in on the SCW. It won’t take long for your staff to bust their butts to make sure someone is there.

The Spinal Care Workshop should include:
1. About 30 minutes long
2. Scheduled in the evening
3. Make it mandatory/ schedule it at Financial Report (day 3)
4. Schedule spouse or friend as coach
5. Have an opening/ why it is important information
6. Preframe Subluxation (See Preframing Subluxation)
7. Discuss how the 3 stresses cause subluxation (Psychological, Chemical, & Physical)
8. Have 3 part close (See Three Part Close Document)
9. Make offer to check family at reduced rate for limited time

Patients who attend Spinal Care Workshop are much more likely to Stay, Pay, and Refer. So why would you not spend an extra hour each week doing one.

We discuss Spinal Care workshop in great detail on our 18 CD set that can be purchased from Planet Chiropractic. Dr. Ray Nannis and Myself will be teaching SCW at the Parker Seminar in Dallas on Saturday morning. Dallas is only 3 weeks away, so make sure you are there ( We will then be in San Diego in late June.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

– – – – – – – – – –
Editor’s Note: Many DC’s have emailed to say thank you to Dr. Wren for providing the above linked and many other tools. Go to a Parker Seminar and give him a hug, he’d like that. Also, use the many tools on this site and share your tools with others. We are all only an email away. Don’t be alone, be connected.

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Your Conscious Mind & Change

By Dr. James M. Sigafoose

Within the last week or two I have had 7 calls from chiropractors who are on the wane, and in serious financial and practice condition.

At the same time we have several people whose practices are just exploding, several over 1000 visits per week. I hear the excuses given to me by these folks not doing so well, and they are, almost identical. Problems such as Divorce, the IRS, parents, illness, etc.

Why do some people attract all the wrong things, and others are flying high? Too many of us are living in the past and not dealing with the present. That past experience keeps repeating itself with the same negative forces, that created the sorry past in the first place.

It takes about 2 years to get a persons head on straight, and the reason is we keep repeating the same thoughts and actions over and over and keep getting the same negative results. We must change our thinking, our words and our actions to get different results. Some of these people go to shrinks, read every book, go to seminars, and nothing changes. It’s not that books and seminars are not worthwhile, it’s because their thinking didn’t change.

We think if we go to seminars, and read books we should change. Well, change does not come until your conscious mind changes. When we get on purpose, do all the actions, and maintain our thoughts directed towards our goals and intentions, only then will we begin to see change. As we come to understand that I and God are one, and when we start doing all for God, and letting God run our lives, and we quit doing things for ourselves and start doing things for others, as a service to God, we then will see explosions in our practice and good things will start happening.

As we maintain our discipline of thot we will continue to prosper and all will take care of itself.

Update on “I and the Father”
The idea of I and the Father are one, relates to the “I” being the spirit of man. Since there is only one spirit, then the spirit within us is of the Father, thus I and the Father are one.

Ones mission is the journey one assumes as his or her mission to be accomplished over the period of ones life. My mission is to serve God by serving as many people as is humanly possible.

An intention is something one intends to do. If the intention is true then the end result is always that which was intended. If it isn’t accomplished then that person never really intended to accomplish that action, but chose to have counter intentions, that stops the so called intention.

Example: “I am going to double my practice,” is the intention. “I don’t have enough room, help, parking, etc…” are counter intentions, thus the original intention is really just a wish, not an intention.

The majority of people say they intend to do so and so, but manage to have enough counter intentions that they never accomplish their intentions, and thus never fully express their mission in life.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. James M. Sigafoose is recognized world wide for his inspirational chiropractic philosophy and motivational skills. He is considered one of the top speakers in the chiropractic profession and a leader in the world of natural healing. His website is easy to remember, check it out at: @ 7:06 pm | Article ID: 1016507184

Department of Veterans Affairs Urgent Action Alert!

They’re trying to delay the Chiropractic V.A. health care benefit!

The World Chiropractic Alliance asks that you to act NOW.

This year, the chiropractic profession won a tremendous victory with the passage of the chiropractic V.A. law, which makes chiropractic care – including care for subluxation correction – available to our veterans.

This was a great step toward giving all federal employees complete access to chiropractic services and for establishing chiropractic as the only health care provider authorized to correct vertebral subluxations.

Part of the law called for the establishment of an oversight committee to make sure the program was set up and implemented quickly and properly. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has now suggested that the oversight committee be established only AFTER the program has been implemented. We are concerned that this means delays in getting the program started, and may limit the number of VA facilities offering chiropractic.

We need you to contact your Senators and Representatives right now and ask them to contact the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs urging him to make sure the chiropractic benefit is implemented without delay and as fully as possible.

All you need to do is write a letter to your Senators and Representative urging them to contact the Secretary of the DVA (click here for sample letters you can use as models). Or, if you prefer, you can call your legislator’s office and speak to a legislative aide.

To find out your legislators’ names, addresses and/or phone numbers, go to and enter your zip code. You will be given a list of each of your elected officials. Click on their e-mail address to send your message electronically, or “info” to get their address and phone number.

Don’t let all our hard work in getting this important legislation go to waste! Write your letters (or make your phone calls) immediately to make sure that doctors of chiropractic can begin helping our veterans without delay!

For more information, visit the World Chiropractic Alliance website. @ 4:00 pm | Article ID: 1016236854

Step #5 To A Hundred A Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Success Principle #5 (do a written report of findings on new patients which include photos of their x-rays) is somewhat difficult to get Chiropractors to do because of the mental planning it takes, not the emotional risk. Most Chiropractors who finally get a good looking report put together can’t wait to give it to their first new patient on the second day.

Giving a written report for the new patient to take home is so very important. They need that ammunition to fight off the “Aunt Phannies” that say “you’re crazy, you should be going to a real doctor.” When the Report process is done properly, the patient can actually teach any family member or friend enough, that suddenly they want to come in and get checked for spinal decay. Even without symptoms.

The Report Process should include:
1. Done on Day 2 or second visit.
2. Block out one hour per day to give Report as a Group.
3. Pre-frame Subluxation again.
4. Discuss the difference between short term, long term, and Maintenance care.
5. Explain that all the really neat financial plans will be discussed the first fifteen minutes of the next visit, that helps them afford long or short term care with or without insurance. Then you will give them 7 days to finalize their decision.
6. Use example x-rays to teach patient the difference between good and bad.
7. Ask questions along the way and make them answer, so the patient has to think.
8. Close with offer to check immediate family at your expense, if scheduled within 7 days.
9. Then take them into private rooms, show them their x-rays, and they tell you what is wrong.
10. Give them their first adjustment.
11. Give them their written report and ask them to read through it carefully and use it to explain spinal decay to their friends, family, and coworkers.
12. Give them your business card with a photo of their x-rays
on the back (laminated) and ask them to put it in their wallet for when they are on the road, they can prove they have x-rays on file.
13. When they are scheduling their Financial Report of the next day, your staff asks “Who are the family members we need to schedule for a Spinal screening?”.

If you are “visual” like me or “auditory” I would really encourage you to purchase our 3 day ROF Video/Audio set from Planet Chiropractic which goes into great detail. We have helped thousands of Chiropractors around the world, by them watching the Video twice and listen to the audio ten times within 30 days. It has saved many chiropractic careers. If you want to learn all the details of all the 21 Success Principles you should consider investing in our 18 CD set. It will help you to Chiropractic Mastery. See you in Dallas! ( @ 1:11 pm | Article ID: 1016053873

Chiropractic’s Destiny

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

Chiropractic’s Destiny — or is it?
An idea whose time has come. A concept that is spreading throughout the entire population of a country or even the whole planet. The “Hundred Monkeys” concept (when more than a certain percentage of a population accepts and adopts an idea, it will inevitably spread throughout the whole population). It is absolutely impossible to stop an idea whose time has come… truth can only be suppressed for a comparatively short period of time before it forges to the forefront of life. This has been demonstrated again and again over the many thousands of years of human history. And now the concept of wholistic, natural, self-healing has come forth to benefit all of humanity.

The concept of “God within”, an Innate Intelligence within us all that is capable of healing any and all diseases and dis-eases known to mankind, given no interference, is here now. The “Above Down Inside Out” concept is a major part of it, that healing comes from within us and not from outside of us through drugs or surgery. “The power that made the body can heal the body” concept is also prominent within this idea. Drugs and surgery are slowly being relegated to their rightful place in our lives, as an effective means of First-Aid, but not to be used for Healing. It’s coming and no one can stop it, the only question that remains is what group (profession) will lead its surge into the new millennium.

We in Chiropractic like to think that we’re the “anointed ones” chosen to bring this concept to the world, and I would totally agree that we are first in line to be the torchbearers of wholistic healing for the new millennium. But, our destiny? Hmm… although we can make it our destiny if we choose to do it. Destiny lies not with any one group of Healers but with the concept itself. The concept of natural healing is destined to be brought into the world at this time, who brings it to the world is really immaterial to the Universe.

We in Chiropractic have been given the “golden opportunity” of the new millennium to receive or to throw away with our bickering among ourselves, our divisions of thinking, our ego-driven internal feuds, and/or our tendency to circle the wagons and shoot inward when challenges come from outside of our profession. Add to this the fact that 2/3 of us are not even members of a national Chiropractic organization and we can clearly see the challenges we in this profession face before we can carry the TORCH into the new millennium. This could be a Wake-Up call from the universe telling us to “get our act together or get out of the way and let another profession carry the banner of natural healing”…while this profession takes a place as a small footnote in the history of healing instead of as the leader of a world-wide revolution in the healing arts.

What are we going to do about it? The opportunity is here; the choice is ours; natural healing is coming to mankind. Are we going to sit back and let it pass us by and leave us lamenting over our lost opportunity, or do we get ourselves together and lead the way?

Each of us has to decide this, and NOW.

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Sid L. Mouk, DC practices in Baton Rouge, LA
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