Step #5 To A Hundred A Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Success Principle #5 (do a written report of findings on new patients which include photos of their x-rays) is somewhat difficult to get Chiropractors to do because of the mental planning it takes, not the emotional risk. Most Chiropractors who finally get a good looking report put together can’t wait to give it to their first new patient on the second day.

Giving a written report for the new patient to take home is so very important. They need that ammunition to fight off the “Aunt Phannies” that say “you’re crazy, you should be going to a real doctor.” When the Report process is done properly, the patient can actually teach any family member or friend enough, that suddenly they want to come in and get checked for spinal decay. Even without symptoms.

The Report Process should include:
1. Done on Day 2 or second visit.
2. Block out one hour per day to give Report as a Group.
3. Pre-frame Subluxation again.
4. Discuss the difference between short term, long term, and Maintenance care.
5. Explain that all the really neat financial plans will be discussed the first fifteen minutes of the next visit, that helps them afford long or short term care with or without insurance. Then you will give them 7 days to finalize their decision.
6. Use example x-rays to teach patient the difference between good and bad.
7. Ask questions along the way and make them answer, so the patient has to think.
8. Close with offer to check immediate family at your expense, if scheduled within 7 days.
9. Then take them into private rooms, show them their x-rays, and they tell you what is wrong.
10. Give them their first adjustment.
11. Give them their written report and ask them to read through it carefully and use it to explain spinal decay to their friends, family, and coworkers.
12. Give them your business card with a photo of their x-rays
on the back (laminated) and ask them to put it in their wallet for when they are on the road, they can prove they have x-rays on file.
13. When they are scheduling their Financial Report of the next day, your staff asks “Who are the family members we need to schedule for a Spinal screening?”.

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