Month: June 2000

My Fellow Balancers of Energy Worldwide

By Stew Bittman

Returning from another of Sig’s Gatherings, my heart was wide open, my mind was focused, my mission was clear, my passion and determination were soaring. Then I read the newspaper.

The human genetic code has been cracked. The scientists and politicians and businesses involved are drooling over the implications, “A historic point in the 100,000-year record of humanity.” Mapping the genome “creates at least the potential” to cure cancer and “hundreds of other diseases that have plagued mankind for centuries.” It “has implications far surpassing even the discovery of antibiotics.” “We have caught a glimpse of an instruction book previously known only to God.”

I don’t know about you, but I immediately reacted to all this with great fear, and anger. “What the hell is wrong with these people?” “When will they stop?” “How can I help stop them?” “What’s the point of everything I do and teach and preach?” “Why do I bother?” “Where is the hope?”

I gathered up the family and went out for a walk down to the river, knowing that I could find clarity in Nature. We took the “lupine trail”, which every year abounds with thousands of sweet-smelling and brilliantly purple flowers. This year, however, there was only the dust and debris left from a massive logging operation, clearing out the countless trees that had died because of prior forest mismanagement.

We all cried, Ari especially. When we reached the river, my feelings of pain and hopelessness and despair were wreaking havoc with my intention to see the perfection in all things. I asked the river for guidance. It simply flowed on, seemingly oblivious to my dilemma. In so doing, it lovingly gave me the answer. Flow on. Feel the pain and flow on. I realized that I wasn’t even upset about the forest or the genome anymore.

It was all about “poor me.” I was caught up in a game being played by my ego to keep me trapped in my illusion of separateness, of powerlessness, of hopelessness. It became very clear that all my assumptions and attacks and resentments and power trips and judgments and complaints and whines are like little dinky firecrackers I lob over the walls that I have built around my heart, the walls that get thicker and thicker when I allow ego’s games to pass unnoticed. The walls that keep me in my “good little boy” mode, no threat to any aspect of mainstream society. The walls that keep me from being the servant and healer and the lover that I am. The walls that keep Innate from expressing my highest potential through me.

I realized it was okay to feel pain. I truly believe that we have to feel in order to heal. I tell my practice folks this all the time. Every time we feel, without repressing or acting out, we take a brick out of the wall. Every time we celebrate our joy, even in the midst of our sorrow, we tear down a section. Every time we remember who and what we are, even while feeling pain, we wield the wrecking ball. And every time we acknowledge the perfection and balance in any situation, even if we don’t understand it, we undermine the entire foundation of our egos’ works.

Thanks, river. Thanks for reminding me of everything I learned at the Gathering. Thanks for reminding me I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks for reminding me of all the other warriors in my chiropractic family that are doing the same work. Thanks for flowing on. @ 8:29 am | Article ID: 962378961

Everything Affects Everything

Authored by Dr. Joe Strauss

More and more, the health fields are acknowledging the interrelationship of areas of health and human function that previously were thought to be unrelated.

In the field of psychology, researchers are finding that depression weakens bones, anxiety about eating can affect the menstrual cycle and stress can affect fertility. Whether these findings are actually true or not, they still underscore the fact that everything affects everything. We cannot be unhealthy mentally or emotionally and expect to be healthy physically. Conversely, we should expect our physical health to affect our emotional and mental well-being.

In a similar manner, we cannot expect what we put into our bodies in the form of medication to only affect one specific part. The entire body is affected by any drug that we take, regardless of its intended purpose. Those chemicals placed in the body in the form of caffeine and alcohol also affect our entire body. While everyone may not have experienced the wide-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night, heart-racing effects of caffeine, we have all seen the numbness of thought and loss of reflexes and coordination brought on by too much alcohol.

There is an up side to all this. All those good things that we do to and for our bodies also affect us in every way. When school children eat a good balanced breakfast, it not only helps make their bodies stronger, it enables them to do better in their class work. When you exercise regularly, you are helping to improve the digestion, absorption, metabolism and utilization of the food that you eat. Exercise helps your respiratory system and your cardiovascular system but it also helps you to get the most from your sleep, which in turn affects your ability to handle stress which affects your cardiovascular system and digestion. Are you beginning to see the point? Nothing done to or for the body occurs in a void – anything relates to everything.

This principle is nowhere more obvious than in Chiropractic care. When a person undertakes Chiropractic care, for whatever reason, the adjustments have a profound and far-reaching effect upon the entire body. When the Chiropractor corrects a subluxation, the entire body is improved. Every system in the body functions at a higher level. The body has a greater potential to heal itself and resistance increases. Every aspect of one’s life is better because of one little adjustment.

How much better is the question. Frankly, we do not know. These things are not measurable. Granted, in some people drastic changes are noted. People’s bodies heal themselves where before they could not. Athletes show marked improvement in performance, children do better in school. But the major improvements are going to be imperceptible at the time, like eating an apple. You do not see the immediate effects of eating the apple but you know that the body is better for it. We may not see the immediate results of an adjustment but we know that chiropractic adjustments add to our health and for that reason we should be receiving them on a regular basis.

Thank you to Dr. Jeff Ptak for forwarding us this article. @ 8:17 am | Article ID: 962378269

Dateline Report on State Farm Online

Some of you may have seen last Fridays Dateline Report on State Farm titled the “Paper Chase” a story on bogus paper medical reviews.

If you missed this broadcast and did want to see it, it is available in it’s entirety online via streaming media. You’ll need a Windows Media Player and a good connection speed. Here is the link: Dateline Report on State Farm

Take the time to watch this report and to vote on the bottom of the page where it says “Would you recommend this story to other viewers?” @ 8:04 am | Article ID: 962291049

Double Dosing Anthrax and Bad Science

From the Nando Times comes an article titled, “25 ROTC cadets issued near double-dose of anthrax vaccine.”

According to the article, “twenty-five ROTC cadets at an Army training camp were given nearly double the proper dose of the anthrax vaccine, Army officials said Monday.”

According to the report, the higher doses given were based on a “communications error” and the medical center stated that “there are few side effects associated with receiving a higher dose of the vaccine, other than soreness in the arm where the shot was administered.”

According to the article, after receiving the near double doses, the cadets were given Tylenol and Benadryl “to ease any discomfort.”

Let’s take a look at some of the science here. Someone is given a double dose of a vaccine but its not really of any concern. What if they were given half the dose? Four times the dose?

And then there’s the acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine HCl added to the mix. Your insides might be melting but you won’t ache and your nose won’t run. They probably classified the procedure as Dbl. AX w/T&B treatment.

Probably the most interesting point made in the article was the statement that “Federal officials have repeatedly said the vaccine is safe.”

Here is the Nando Times Link: 25 ROTC cadets issued near double-dose of anthrax vaccine

And here are some of our previous Anthrax articles:

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Planet Chiropractic: Squalene and the Anthrax Vaccine @ 7:36 am | Article ID: 962289401

Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts?

From comes an article titled, “Is Ritalin Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts?”

The article states that “three to four million U.S. schoolchildren are using the controversial stimulant Ritalin” and that “its illicit use is providing a powerful kick to college students, too.”

According to the article, it was found that “one in five college students on Ritalin are upping their doses or otherwise misusing their prescriptions” with some sharing their pills with friends.

The article states that some students “crush and snort Ritalin as a substitute for cocaine” and points out that, “methylphenidate [the key ingredient in Ritalin] is a central nervous system stimulant and shares many of the pharmacological effects of amphetamine, methamphetamine, and cocaine” according to a 1995 Drug Enforcement Administration report.

According to the article, pediatric guidelines for diagnosing ADHD are “non – scientific” and “subjective.”

The article mentions that, “many high school shootings have been linked to prescribed mind-altering drugs.” According to the article, “Oregon high school killer Kip Kinkel had been given Ritalin and Prozac, Columbine killer Eric Harris had taken another psychotropic drug, Georgia high school student T.J. Solomon had been on Ritalin prior to his alleged shooting spree, and Oklahoma middle school student Seth Trickey was on two drugs described to have psychotic effects when he allegedly shot at four students.”

Although Ritalin has not been approved by the FDA for use by children under age six, the article states that “about one percent of children aged 2 to 4 are using Ritalin or Ritalin-like drugs, and that percentage is increasing rapidly.”

What effect are these drugs having on children’s nervous systems? Are they getting healthier by taking all these drugs? Is Ritalin Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts? @ 8:08 am | Article ID: 962118525

Mel Gibson’s Chiropractic Duty

From Netscape comes “Mel Gibson’s Patriotic Duty”

According to the article, “appearing in films like The Patriot and Braveheart has taken its toll on Mel Gibson” but the actor quotes that “I got a chiropractor to come along to the [Patriot] shoot.” Mel also states (about his chiropractor) that, “the guy’s amazing.”

One more reason to watch and enjoy films like “The Patriot” and “Braveheart.” (a true chiropractic warrior movie)

The Netscape Article: Mel Gibson’s Patriotic Duty

Thank you to Dr. James Gregg for forwarding us this link. @ 8:39 am | Article ID: 961774784

The Medical Cartel Is Not Medical At All

From Dr. Kerry T. Kilpatrick and the Michigan Chiropractic Council

“At its heart the medical cartel is not medical at all. It is concerned with controlling populations!” Jon Rappoport

Dear Doctors,

I have a GREAT example of the ever increasing paradigm shift in the health arena. Following the ICA convention my wife and I attended an international conference in Cancun, Mexico. The conference addressed several topics including financial freedom, asset protection and investment opportunities. The event was attended by over 3000 people from all over the world (the speeches were simultaneously translated into multiple languages) and included several sports and entertainment celebrities.

One of the main speakers was Jon Rappoport, an investigative journalist, speaking on the medical cartel. He started out his speech by saying financial freedom is no good if you don’t have your health! He then proceeded to say that you cannot expect to be healthy if you depend upon the medical cartel and all their willing accomplices (the drug companies, the FDA, etc…).

Step by step he mapped out the ineffectiveness of medical care and then addressed the growing utilization of alternative health care. He talked about personal responsibility for health, cited the Eisenberg study, discussed chiropractic care (as the largest alternative option) and the growing suppression of our youth through Ritalin.

He was basically saying – down with medicine (citing studies of death, damage and derangement by MDs) and up with the alternatives.

What amazed me was the fact that this was not a chiropractic audience. In attendance were leaders from all strata of society (the cost for the event was a hefty $6000 which effectively limited attendance). Mr. Rappoport was building a case for the abandonment of sickness care and the pursuit of true health care.

Following his presentation I sought out Mr. Rappoport and asked him if he ever spoke at chiropractic gatherings. He said that he had once many years ago but would love to if given the opportunity. I asked that he send me his bio (see below) which I would forward to interested doctors.

I would heartily encourage any of you that are responsible for getting speakers at your state conventions or large events to contact Mr. Rappoport and give him an opportunity to talk at your gatherings. His talk is eye opening and a powerful motivation for the chiropractic movement.

Medicine is getting hit from all sides. Aren’t you glad you’re a chiropractor?


Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C., (Hon) F.I.C.A.

Jon Rappoport Author, investigative reporter, public speaker

To review books authored by Jon Rappoport

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School Acquiesces Into Mediocrity

From the Chicago Tribune comes an article titled: “School Expands On Backbone Of Its Therapies”

The headline continues to read, “After Years of Focusing on Chiropractic, a Lombard college is branching out by adding new treatments.”

The college is National Chiropractic College and according to the article, “the school plans to offer a professional doctorate in naturopathy, the use of homeopathic therapies such as botanical and herbal remedies” and will also offer a program in acupuncture.

National is probably most famous for graduating the “world’s most dangerous chiropractor” — Dr. James Sigafoose, who has stated that he never learned chiropractic at National and that it was never taught there.

Probably the best thing to come of this is the changing of the schools name to the “National University of Health Sciences.”

Chicago Tribune: School Expands On Backbone Of Its Therapies

Thank you to Dr. Norris A. Erickson and the many other principled DCs in the Chicago area for forwarding us the above article. @ 7:55 am | Article ID: 961772128

Vaccine Hot-Shot News

From the Bergen Record comes an article titled: “CDC says vaccine to be mercury-free”

According to the article, federal health officials notified parents that “a preservative with high amounts of mercury is being discontinued in childhood vaccines.”

The preservative in question is thimerosal, and according to the article, thimerosal consists of nearly 50 percent ethyl mercury.

The CDC’s program hopes to have a thimerosal-free children’s immunization schedule by early 2001, according to the article. Concerned parents say it can’t be removed soon enough and want it out now.

Complete Article: CDC says vaccine to be mercury-free

In other vaccine news, Dr. Michelle Whitney forwarded us a link to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) along with this quote, “Now you can search the internet for ‘hot lots’ of vaccines.”

VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Thank you to Dr. George E. Logothetis for forwarding us the Bergen Record article. @ 7:22 am | Article ID: 961770154

Los Angeles Celebrates it’s Champions!

June 21st, 2000 — It’s a celebration of champions here today in downtown Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers are celebrating their championship and Planet Chiropractic is celebrating one year of bringing news to the chiropractic profession worldwide.

Planet Chiropractic is number one!!!


Getting the news out is hard work but someone has to do it.

Hi Everybody! #1!

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