Antibiotics Don’t Help

From Yahoo! Health comes an article titled, “Antibiotics Not Helpful for Most Respiratory Tract Infections in Children”

The article states that antibiotic treatment for “virus-caused respiratory tract infections” continues to be practiced by medical doctors despite the “evidence that such treatment is not beneficial and that harmful consequences may result in some cases.”

According to the article, a research study found that “most RTIs in children have a viral cause and resolve on their own” and that children not receiving antibiotics were “no more likely to develop problems over the subsequent month than children treated with antibiotics.”

The article points out that the overuse of antibiotics, “may lead to unnecessary side effects from treatment” including the emergence of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” (which we reported on yesterday.)

The article also mentions that some medical doctors may still prescribe antibiotics claiming that they do not want their patients “dissatisfied” when not getting a prescription.

Studies have shown that patients are concerned about being given unwanted or unnecessary drugs yet some doctors continue to blame the patient for their own self esteem issues. This is a communication issue that those doctors should be dealing with and patients should stop being blamed for.

Yahoo! Health: Antibiotics Not Helpful for Most Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

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