Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From what I’m seeing in search results regarding weather conditions in my hometown of Long Island, New Jersey, and all over the northern East Coast, it looks like road conditions are quite hazardous, and schools have been closing all over. If you hadn’t already seen it, there was even enough snow in Las Vegas this week to shut down the airport, and locally here in Los Angeles County there were snow in Malibu and plenty of snow falling in Lancaster. Many schools across the US are out today and will be closed for the remainder of the holidays, reopening in January 2009. With school closures comes family travel, and we at planetchiropractic.com are wishing everybody safe and healthy travels this holiday season.

chiropractor shoveling snow with the kids(photo: chiropractor and his kid shoveling snow off of the driveway)

Having people come in with low back complaints after shoveling snow is not common in my Los Angeles office, but I suspect those in Palmdale and Lancaster are making increased visits to the chiropractor this week, since snow shoveling is not something they’re accustomed to. Even on the East Coast, where heavy snowfall is common every year, many of us are shoveling snow for the first time of the season. Be careful to pace yourself and do your best to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Remember that chiropractors have kids too, and chiropractic offices throughout the United States will be hosting holiday hours during the next two weeks. Our chiropractic office in Los Angeles will be open on Monday and a half day Tuesday, and will be closed Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas. Expect a similar schedule for your local chiropractors offices. Many chiropractors have spoken with are working a morning shift only on Christmas Eve and they’ll be closed the remainder of the week. Some offices stay open on Friday, and there are those chiropractors that maintain Saturday morning hours, but the information of collected shows most offices are going to be closed from the 24th to the 28th of December. We’ll be on a holiday posting news schedule during the next two weeks in order to spend some time with family and friends.

I scanned through news archives for Christmas holiday related posts, and came back with this one on our Chiropractic Christmas Tree we display in the office. We didn’t add to the miniature spines to the tree this year (office is out of stock), but it’s again nicely decorated, and there’s plenty of chocolate stacking up under the tree.

From way back in December of 2001 there was a post from Dr. James Sigafoose and a Christmas wish. I liked this… Be the biggest and best you can be and let no one steal your dreams. Dreams are to look at and be had and it is no ones right or place to attempt to steal them from you. Think not of lack or defeat. And remember the only people that ever failed, are those that quit.

We’ve received some really neat holiday postcards both at my ADIO Chiropractic office in Los Angeles and the Planet Chiropractic office in Venice. I heard something on the radio regarding some pastor complaining about people sending family photos as holiday cards, but personally I think they’re awesome. This year we put the cards on the tree and it seems nearly everyone has done a family photo card. Here’s a great example of a Chiropractic Christmas Postcard sent to us from Capitol Chiropractic in Sacramento, California.

Another archived news Christmas related post features a 30 minute audio presentation from Dr. James Sigafoose, which was given in Pennsylvania during December of 2000. Hard to believe that there is a 28K and 56K (old-school modems) link for Windows media download of the audio, and it still works! That is if you have a Windows media player with the proper codecs.

I located two different versions of T’was a night before Christmas, one was from December of 2001 and featured jolly St. Nick going to the chiropractor, and the other was about a vaccine program injecting kids with Mercury (not what you’d expect for a holiday jingle).

I found a news article from December of 2005 with me sitting on the lap of Santa Claus and an article about chiropractors keeping Santa going while he deals with road conditions and flight delays throughout the world. I also located in article from November 2003 with a story on Life Chiropractic College West and a local shelter in Hayward California. I’m fairly certain the Hayward chiropractic clinic is still located on industrial Blvd. and I believe nearly all (if not all) of the school-based chiropractic clinics across the US have been offering some kind of special holiday program for those in need.

Whether you’re staying home or traveling abroad this holiday season, be safe and be healthy, and have a joyful experience. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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