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Life West Response to ACA Choosing Wisely X-Ray Guidelines

From: Life West Communications

Life Chiropractic College West Responds to the ACA’s ‘Choosing Wisely’ X-Ray Guidelines

In direct opposition to the Choosing Wisely initiative that has been delivered by the American Chiropractic Association, Life Chiropractic College West believes firmly in the use of spinal imaging for patient safety and the detection of Vertebral Subluxation, at the doctor of chiropractic’s discretion.

lumbar spine right

The ACA states in its Choosing Wisely statement that physicians and patients should question routine use of spinal imaging for patients with acute back pain of less than six weeks, especially in the absence of certain red flags. It is Life West’s position that in addition to performing a patient history and diagnostic workup, it is both the duty and responsibility of the chiropractor to perform any further diagnostic tests, including X-ray if indicated.

Patients may have underlying conditions that are not readily explained by their consultative history and/or examination procedures. Adding X-ray results or other spinal imaging findings to the data available, when appropriate, may give a clearer picture of the patient’s internal health status and provide different potential avenues of care. The judgment of the chiropractor, when determining the appropriate approach to chiropractic care, is better informed by multiple points of data.

The ACA Choosing Wisely guidelines also fail to take into consideration the many practices and approaches of chiropractic, which employ manual as well as non-force techniques. Any guideline for chiropractic care must consider the diversity of techniques used, as well as the protocols and specificity involved in the care being delivered.

The decision to X-ray a patient must be based upon the case history, examination findings, best available evidence, professional judgment of the chiropractor and the unique features of the individual patient. This decision should be determined by the doctor of chiropractic, who takes responsibility for the safety of the patient and the appropriateness of care given. This should never be determined by a guideline that fails to consider, among other issues, the differences in individual patients and the differences in chiropractic techniques.

Ron Oberstein, DC

Scott Donaldson, DC
Vice President, Clinical Operations

Brian Gatterman, DC, DACBR
Health Center Faculty, Radiology

Jamie Motley, DC, DACBR
Health Center Faculty, Radiology

Savannah Shortz, DC, MS, DACBR
Health Center Faculty, Radiology

Life Chiropractic College West
Tel. 510.780.4501 Toll Free. 800.788.4476
25001 Industrial Blvd. Hayward, California 94545 United States

Planet Chiropractic Doctor of the Year – Now Accepting Nominations

Now Accepting Nominations for the Planet Chiropractic Doctor of the Year Awards.

It’s time to acknowledge a few of the many amazing Chiropractors who are making a difference in the world. Categories include future leaders, veterans, educators, and those showing excellence in communicating chiropractic. Nominations will be open until January 28th, 2019.  To nominate a doctor, simply fill out the form below.

golden trophy chiropractic awards

Categories are as follows:

  • Veteran Chiropractor
    This may be a retired practitioner or a doctor who continues to practice. They perhaps have made a difference in the art and science of chiropractic. Maybe they influenced a generation of chiropractors.  Someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk, and impacted his or her community.
  • Communicating Chiropractic
    A doctor who demonstrates great skills at communicating chiropractic to his or her community.  Though this category will most likely evidence social media skills, old school print and oratory prowess are highly undervalued and deserve to be highlighted.
  • Educator
    An educator, in the formal sense, of aspiring, yet to be chiropractors.  Possibly an instructor at a Chiropractic College.  It may be as well someone who teaches Post Doctoral continuing education.
  • Leader
    A Doctor who is leading the charge by example of excellence in the world of chiropractic.

Feel free to nominate as many doctors as you wish.  This is not a popularity contest, so there is no need to have your friends submit entries to support your nominee.  If you have additional information to support your nominee after your initial nomination feel free to submit another nomination form.  Nomination closes at midnight January 10th (Pacific Time).

UPDATE: Nominations closed in January. Here are links for this years winners.

Veteran Chiropractor of the Year 2019

Christopher Kent Awarded 2019 Chiropractic Educator of the Year

Communicating Chiropractic with Dr Tanya Reynolds

Planet Chiropractic Chiropractor of the Year 2019

Thanks for your participation!

Amazing Associate Opportunities

By Harry Engel,

Looking for a place to practice chiropractic, but not have to worry about the headache of running a clinic?

This month we have seen an amazing set of offers for Doctors of Chiropractic to move into a position where they get paid to adjust without the worry of running a practice. Check out these clinics…


Vital Chiropractic in Norway.  Dr. Jonathan Verderame has a group of 3 clinics in Norway.  His clinics are first class in every way.  Beautiful clinics.  Solid management.  Join a team principled doctors committed to healing with art and science of Chiropractic.

Dr. Verderame may not be well know in the United States, but is becoming known as one future voices of chiropractic in Europe.
Ad details here:  Associate in Norway!


United States:
Concise Chiropractic in Colorado Springs.  A wonderful opportunity with unbelievable benefits:
Competitive pay, paid vacation, paid malpractice insurance, free supplements, superb work environment, paid sick time, reimbursement for health insurance, paid gym membership and 401k match.  And… you live in Colorado Springs! Skiing, hiking, amazing views, world class restaurants…
Ad details here:  Associate needed for awesome Colorado Springs clinic, buy-in possibility!

South America:
Stickloon Chiropractic in Lima, Peru.  Think about enjoying a super cost of living while changing lives every day.
No insurance, no paperwork, no therapy.
Dr. Mike has figured out how to be successful in Peru and as long as you know some spanish, you will have the opportunity to learn from a very successful chiropractor.
Ad details here: Chiropractor needed for Lima, Peru – Full Time

Life West Gladiatrix Dominate Rugby

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

More good news in the world of Rugby and Chiropractic, as Life Chiropractic College West women’s rugby team (The Life West Gladiatrix) has recently won the USA Rugby Women’s Club D1 National Championship. The following comes from the Life West Press Dept.

Life Chiropractic College West Gladiatrix Repeat as D1 National Champions

Hayward, CA – Life Chiropractic College West acknowledges the women’s rugby team, The Life West Gladiatrix for competing at the highest level and winning the recent Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Club D1 National Championship held in Glendale, CO. Not only has the team dominated in the sport of rugby, they have also spread awareness of the power of vitalistic chiropractic.

life chiropractic college west logo 2018Catie Benson earned Most Valuable Player honors, scoring four tries and providing the spark the Gladiatrix needed to cruise to their victory.

Dominance is a word that denotes the Gladiatrix rise to the top. Their undefeated streak spans over three seasons — and in those seasons they have captured two D1 National Championships and a D2 National Championship back in 2016.

The players and coaching staff continue to rise up to the challenge, “We have a group of committed players who work extremely hard on and off the field. We want players to drive their own development and challenge themselves to work hard on the areas of their game they need to improve,” says Life West Athletic Director, Adriaan Ferris.

The team is built with veterans, Catie Benson, Amy Naber, Elizabeth Cairns, Hali Deters and Jenn Severs. The Gladiatrix have more depth this year with the additions of USA Eagle player Nicole Strasko, and first-year player, Madison Porter.

The dominance of the Life West Gladiatrix for the past three seasons has caught the eye of the Women’s Premier League. The WPL, which celebrates its 10th season this fall, had suspended its promotion/relegation process when the National Championships moved to the spring season. The league grew to 10 teams starting in 2017, and now the WPL will reinstate the challenge matches. WPL commissioner, Milla Sanes, has invited the Gladiatrix to challenge the bottom two teams of the WPL 2018 season for inclusion in the 2019 season.

This could be a new benchmark on the horizon for the Gladiatrix, and one they are surely capable of taking on.

The College would like to thank rugby sponsors, California Capital & Investment Group, Standard Process, Erchonia, RockTape, and Canterbury Clothing Company for their continued support. They also acknowledge Drs. Scott Lessard and Robert Logan from the Life Chiropractic College West Sports Performance Institute for providing chiropractic performance care to all athletes.

About Life Chiropractic College West – Life Chiropractic College West traces its founding to 1976, when the institution was known as Pacific States Chiropractic College. In April 1978, the first group of students at Pacific States Chiropractic College began attending classes.

In March 1981, through the efforts of Dr. George Anderson, Dr. George Wentland, and Dr. Sid E. Williams, president and founder of Life Chiropractic College (now Life University), an agreement was reached between Life Chiropractic College and Pacific States Chiropractic College. As a result, the College was renamed Life Chiropractic College West.

Life Chiropractic College West, which offers a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, is internationally recognized for leadership and innovation in chiropractic education. Life Chiropractic College West is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education, an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

California Chiropractic Association 2018 Annual Convention

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2018 California Chiropractic Association Annual Convention is going to be in San Diego this year, and the hotel room block is open (details below). This is a great chiropractic conference hosted at a terrific family friendly location, the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. Make plans to close your office a few days in October 2018 and bring your staff and family. You can even get your continuing education completed.

California Chiropractic Convention October 2018

I’ve lost count of how many Annual CCA conventions I’ve been to (20?), but several have been at the Paradise Point in San Diego. While not the most modern resort (I think they’ve recently upgraded some rooms), it’s situated on an impressive forty four acre private island that features a mile of beach. The resort is about 2 miles from SeaWorld San Diego, and it’s about 30 miles from Legoland (kids love this place) via the 5 fwy.

I prefer this hotel as the weather is near always spectacular. I typically drive from Los Angeles and I love that in most cases you can park your vehicle directly outside your room, that’s rare at hotels these days. There’s good choices for dining on the resort property and you’ll want a vehicle (Uber, Lyft, and cabs are available) if dining off the property. I’ve not been to the spa, although I hear it’s quite good.

This year the California Chiropractic Association will be celebrating its 90th birthday at the convention, which is another great reason to attend (big party). Some of the best re-licensing education is available too (uniquely SoCal). In the past I’ve been able to paddle board with other chiropractors early in the morning, and attend a morning yoga class (which included continuing education credit) before the indoor sessions.

Beach View Paradise Point San Diego

Photo: View from a morning yoga class held on the private beach at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego.

While I don’t have a list of this years speakers as of yet, historically there’s been quite a line up of the professions best and brightest. Those that stood out for me from previous years included Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Brian Stenzler, Dr. Grace Syn (who does an awesome technique class), Dr. Ted Carrick, Dr. Jason Deitch, Dr. David Benevento, and Dr. Leslie Hewitt.

I could dig through the Planet Chiropractic archives and find other speakers from previous annual CCA events, but I’d be at it all day. Taking a peak at search, I did see posts from the 2013 CCA Convention, and conference photos (here’s another 2013 CCA photo post) from that event. One year Parker Seminars teamed up with CCA for the annual event, and it was terrific. It was probably a logistical circus pulling it off but as an attendee I had a great time.

Since I’ve been a chiropractor (mid 1990s), most of the annual CCA conventions have been held in San Diego. The only two I’ve attended that were not in Southern California were the 2010 CCA Annual Convention and the 2011 CCA Annual Convention, both hosted in Reno, Nevada. Those were fun trips, and I remember a group of chiropractors from Orange County chartered a bus for at least one of the years (2010), but I prefer San Diego over Reno (no offense Nevada).

From the CCA: The Room Block is now OPEN for the California Chiropractic Association’s (CalChiro) 2018 Annual Convention at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. The special rate for the conference is $215.00. A limited number of rooms are reserved at this rate. To secure a room please contact Paradise Point Resort by booking online 24/7 here or by calling 800-344-2626. Reservations must be made by Thursday, September 20, 2018 or before the group rooms are sold out, so do not delay. Prevailing rates may apply after this date or when the group rooms are sold out, whichever occurs first. Rooms are subject to availability. Questions, please contact Stacey (on the CCA site).

The $500 Signing Bonus Ultimate Hiring Guide

By Dr. Steven Visentin, D.C.

Everyone is replaceable. If someone wants to quit or needs to be replaced, let them go! Holding on to the wrong employee because you hate the process of hiring and retraining is a terrible idea. Read this article carefully to learn how to hire quickly and well.

job hiring resume

Post An Ad That Pulls

Every minute your chiropractic center is understaffed you’re losing money. Don’t hesitate to post an ad in a popular online site, like Below is a sample ad that has drawn lots of applicants.

Will Train, Receptionist For Doctor’s Office $500 Signing Bonus

Compensation: $16.00 per hour to start


Will Train!

  • Natural health care setting
  • Team approach to drugless healing
  • Fun family environment
  • No knives (surgery), no blood, and no drugs
  • Great hours
  • Free chiropractic care for you and your family
  • Good pay
  • Great career opportunity
  • Terrific management team
  • Work at a place where your opinion counts


Why Offer a $500 Bonus?

The $500 Signing Bonus appeals to many applicants, even in competitive markets. When they start, have them sign an agreement that reads as follows:

Conditions of Signing Bonus

After 90 days of employment, you are entitled to a $500 bonus if the following conditions are met:

  • You have been in full compliance with all office policies,
  • You have not been late or missed work for any reason, and
  • You did not have to leave work early.

Nothing in this agreement guarantees employment for any length of time.

Even the best employees find it difficult to be on time for the first 3 months. The stress of a new job may cause them to “get sick” and be late or absent. If they are late, confront them about this “unacceptable” behavior. Ask them whether they would like to look for work elsewhere, or be on time. Be tough from the start. When they’ve proven themselves, you can be more generous.

If they do complete the first 90 days on time and meet your expectations, you’ve hired a winner. Celebrate by giving them the $500 bonus they deserve.


Initial Screening

Accept resumes online and have your current staff contact the best ones during less busy hours by phone. Have them choose applicants who are within a 20-minute driving distance of your center. Employees who drive over 20 minutes may burn out quickly or arrive late due to traffic or inclement weather.

Select bilingual applicants to broaden the market niches your clinic can serve. Of course, their primary language should be English in the United States. Also, ask if they can work the hours you need filled.

Give your staff authority to quickly eliminate candidates who can’t communicate clearly.

Once they select a potential hire, have them set an appointment for an interview and testing.

Staff will help screen applicants by noting who’s late for their appointment, impolite, or can’t follow directions. Have your current staff administer a simple filing test and any other skills you might need. These can be found online.


Outstanding People Stand Out

You will have lots of perspective employees coming and you’ll be able to compare them easily. Looking for work is stressful. Make sure each applicant is comfortable before you begin an interview. Listen carefully and wait for the right one.

The best questions for job interviews are open ended and start with phrases like; “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…” or “What has been your experience with…”. Of course, your questions should be prepared in advance. Let them do most of the talking. A potential receptionist might be asked, “What experience have you had in talking to clients?” Other questions can be found on the internet.

One of the best questions I’ve heard is, “We always test for drugs and perform a thorough background check before hiring. Can you tell me what we’re going to find when we do?”



Most interviewees can give names and numbers of coworkers who will supply glowing reviews of their work experience; this is not helpful. Have the person you’re interviewing call their former boss during the interview and introduce you over their cellphone. Ask their employer to confirm details of their previous employment and then say, “I’m seriously considering hiring Mr. or Ms.____________. We have several positions open in our office. Is there any type of job they would NOT be suitable for?”

Asking the question in this way may reveal more about the candidate than a simple, “Would you re-hire them?”

Of course, if their former boss refuses to say anything about the candidate other than “Yes, he (or she) worked here,” don’t hire them. There may be a problem, about which they can’t or won’t tell you.


Let The Staff Have The Final Say

Your staff must be able to work with the new employee. Make sure everyone’s on board with the hiring decision before you offer the job formerly.


How To Present The Opportunity

When you’ve found the right person, present the job enthusiastically and outline the benefits of working for your clinic. You might mention how many applications you considered, so that they prize the job. Ideally, your welcome should be honest, disarming and most of all, end their job search.

If they cannot start within 2 weeks, consider your second choice.


Be Careful About Multiple Interviews

If you’re in an area of the country with an extremely low unemployment rate, you may be forced to hire an outstanding candidate and offer them the position immediately or risk losing them to another employer.

Check them out on social media and look at their posts. If their online presence is inappropriate, you can move onto better applicants. At the very least, do a Google search to find out more about their background.


Hiring Family

Your spouse is an obvious first choice in hiring. No one could be more committed to your practice success. There are also tax advantages.

Otherwise, there are good reasons not to hire relatives; it creates feelings of resentment when family is treated differently than the rest of the staff. Relatives might feel they are being used and insufficiently compensated, because they’re related. The family dynamic can be ruined by discussions of business and work-related problems. Finally, it’s embarrassing and nearly impossible to fire a relative who’s underperforming.



On their first day, have them observe a typical day in your office.

Before they leave, be sure to interview them once more. Ask if they are happy or have questions. Listen carefully to what they say and how they say it.

Steve VisentinHire Legally

Never ask questions or make comments that reflect prejudice based on sex, race, color, religion or national origin. Employment laws vary. Get legal help to be sure your hiring practices meet local guidelines.

Be kind to each applicant. Remember how hard it is to look for work. If you can’t offer them a job, tell them, “I will hire the most qualified person for the position. I’m not sure who that is yet. Thanks for applying.”


Don’t Wimp Out

Put maximum energy into this process; it’s important. Your clinic is only as good as the weakest staff member. Work hard to create the best center for care. Hire, train, re-train, motivate, and never be satisfied until you have the very best team for your patients.

Steven Visentin is a Denver chiropractor at Care Chiropractic serving “The World’s Best Patients” for over 30 years. Dr. Visentin is also an accomplished public speaker and author of an e-book on practice growth.

Employment Opportunities at Cleveland University

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Cleveland University in Kansas City is hiring!

I received an email from Cleveland University Kansas City (CUKC) regarding positions available in the teaching departments. For those of you visiting Planet Chiropractic seeking jobs, be sure to also check out the links below for staff positions and associates.

we are hiring

Cleveland University-Kansas City has several full-time faculty openings within the Doctor of Chiropractic degree program.

  • Clinical Educator – The position of Clinical Educator serves as a Clinician in our chiropractic Health Center and provides instruction within assigned coursework as needed. The ideal candidate should possess a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from an accredited chiropractic college and be either licensed or eligible to be licensed in good standing in the state of Kansas, possess 3 years of clinical experience, and have excellent technology skills.
  • Chiropractic Teaching Fellow – This position is responsible for assisting in the coordination, planning, preparation, presentation, and evaluation of classroom and clinical instruction and related activities within our Doctor of Chiropractic degree program. The ideal candidate should possess a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from an accredited chiropractic college and be either licensed or eligible to be licensed in good standing in the state of Kansas and have excellent technology skills. Candidates with less than 3 years of clinical experience will be considered provided they hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Technique Simulation Lab Faculty – This position is responsible for the coordination, planning, coaching, and evaluation of technique skill development activities in the technique simulation lab. Force Sensing Table Technology™ embeds a force sensing platform into a chiropractic treatment table to provide users with immediate feedback regarding their performance of manual therapy. This faculty member will work in collaboration with leaders and instructors within the Doctor of Chiropractic program to ensure alignment of lab activities with the program’s core technique curriculum.

Cleveland Chiropractic University

Cleveland University-Kansas City offers a generous benefits package to include medical, dental and vision insurance coverage, University paid life and disability insurance, a 401k retirement plan, as well as on site fitness and dining facilities.

Interested individuals may learn more and apply at

The Planet Chiropractic classifieds have several areas for posting employment opportunities. If you are seeking to hire associates for your chiropractic practice, use the Associates Wanted category. For hiring staff (positions such as office managers, insurance billing experts, front desk personal, etc.) use the Staff Positions Wanted category.

Here’s to everyone being happily and successfully employed!

Spring Cleaning for Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s March 1st, 2018. While it’s not officially yet spring, it’s feeling and looking like it here in Southern and Central California.

Today marks a new day for Planet Chiropractic. If you have visited the site before, you may notice things appear different. If it’s your first time here, welcome.

Throughout the month of March we will be cleaning up several sections of the site, top on the list are the chiropractic classifieds. If you have an existing account, go ahead and login to see what ads you may have currently posted. While you are logged in, it’s a good time to update your account info and possibly delete or edit your posted advertisements. That would be a great help to us towards our March Clean Up.

We have removed thousands of listings from the Chiropractic Directory. Call it a purge if you will. Our directory database went back more than 20 years and I personally felt it was time to start fresh and regrow from our roots.

If you represent a chiropractic practice and your listing no longer appears, fret not, you can update that info using the same login as your classifieds profile.

Thanks in advance for your patience and participation as we clean up for spring, I will update this post with pertinent information through the month of March.

Love and Light,

Dr. Mike

Phishing For Chiropractors Plus Classifieds News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

September 18th is one of my favorite days of the year. We get to celebrate the birth of chiropractic, and I had the joy of being in the office Monday, providing care to some of the worlds greatest people. Speaking of the worlds greatest people, I received a bunch of emails from you on Monday (and Tuesday) regarding chiropractic classifieds you had posted.

I want to first say how thankful I am that people contacted me so quickly. By Monday afternoon I had several emails regarding someone attempting a phishing scam (or overpayment scam) targeted to chiropractors who had equipment posted for sale.

We followed up, located the source internet address & email and filed an abuse notification with the provider (which happens to be in the United States). I was contacted earlier today with notification that something has been done.

Your abuse notification has been processed and marked as resolved by our customer. LeaseWeb therefore considers this issue as concluded. If you feel our customer has not resolved the original notification or it is not adequately resolved, please inform us by responding to this ticket.

Sender IP:
Offender Email: [email protected]

The following is an excerpt of what they like to send in emails…

Am paying by Certified Cashier Check so i need your full name, address and cell phone number. I’ll add $50 for keeping it in my favor. Also I would like to restate clearly that i have a shipping agent who would take good care of this.

These attempts are nothing new. I recall staff emailing thank you’s to chiropractors back in 2008 on the same subject. Chiropractic Community Still Kicking Butt on Fraud was only one of many posts made regarding these attempts.

So, there’s good news in that there’s a robust community of chiropractors (and staff) who want to be able to sell equipment, buy practices, find doctors to cover their practice, etc.

There’s bad news in that the internet provides plenty of sour apples a full time job of defrauding people. But there’s more good news.

We have quitely been working on a completely rebuilt classifieds ad system that will feature nearly every request we’ve had from chiropractors over the years. We are getting very close to launch so I thought I’d bring that up here.

Sometime in March 2018, you will see Planet Chiropractic down for maintenance mode. We are currently scheduled for a weekend when most chiropractors are not posting ads but it may affect a few of you.

The goal is to have the new classified ad system operational over the weekend and you may recieve email notification (regarding your user profile) shortly after that.

I will update this post with additional information as we get closer to Go Day and I will also have a detailed post with instructions on how to best navigate the new system.

Please note that the weekend updates have been postponed until 2018. More to do than we thought.

Again, a big Thank You from Planet Chiropractic! @ 9:51 pm | Article ID: 1505944273

Life University Run The Lights Of Life Event

Life University News


Start a new holiday tradition, or return this year, and Run the Lights of LIFE. The 5K run starts at 5:00 p.m., just before sunset, and takes in the beautiful campus of Life University during our annual holiday light show. After the run, stay and enjoy the holiday festivities, with caroling, s’mores and hot cocoa, a holiday spirit contest, food and music, and much more, including the Lights of LIFE.

And this year, Life University is partnering with Make-A-Wish Georgia for the event with a goal to raise $10,000 to help grant the wishes of children with life-threatening health conditions.

Life University News
To contribute to Make-A-Wish Georgia’s Amazon Wish List, please visit:

And to participate in the Run the Lights of LIFE event, please visit: Active Events

Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Life University’s Vice President of Professional Relations, says, “This is guaranteed to be a fabulous event that helps children and families. Please choose to contribute in some way, and we thank you for your support!”

Dress up in your favorite holiday costume for a chance to win cool prizes, and stay after the run to enjoy the Lights of LIFE!

Event details and schedule

  • 5K starts at 5:00 p.m. / Entry cost is $30.00 ($35.00 after 9/30/17)
  • 1K starts at 4:30 p.m. / Entry cost is $20.00 ($25.00 after 9/30/17)
  • Race starts and finishes on the Life University track.
  • Free parking is available on campus.
  • For 5K participants only, bring an unwrapped toy when you pick up your bib and get $5 back on the spot. All toys will be donated to Make-A-Wish Georgia to ultimately be given to needy children in our area.
  • Since we expect the very strict 600-person limit to sell out quickly, you are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Life University Vice President of Professional Relations, at 770-426-2674.

About Life University
Founded in Marietta, Georgia in 1974, Life University is a health sciences institution most known for its chiropractic program, the largest single campus chiropractic program in the world. Life University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, master’s, and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees, and also has programmatic accreditation through the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) and the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The mission of Life University is to empower students with the education, skills and values necessary for career success and life fulfillment, based on a vitalistic philosophy.

Life University 1269 Barclay Circle Marietta, GA 30060 (800) 543-3202 (770) 426-2600 @ 2:54 pm | Article ID: 1504709665