Keep On Keeping On with Dynamic Essentials

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractor Sid Williams passed away on December 27, 2012, but his legacy will live on. The January February Dynamic Essentials in Atlanta Georgia is likely going to be a sellout, as chiropractors from around the globe come together to pay tribute to a man that had a profound and significant influence on the chiropractic profession. The following comes from the staff at Dynamic Essentials.

Dear DE Friends,

As most of you are aware the “Sidism” of Keep On Keeping On was one Dr. Sid’s favorites. Dr Nell feels, and we agree, that is what we must do at DE. At her request, as a tribute to the man who held his very first DE almost a half century ago, we will Keep On Keeping On with Dynamic Essentials for years and years and yes, even decades to come. It is our hope that you will be a part of DE for years to come as Dr Sid would want it no other way.

Dynamic Essentials

As the first stop of our journey into the future with DE we ask that if Dr. Sid and DE has had a positive impact on your life in any way as a chiropractor, chiropractic assistant, student or a member of the chiropractic family that you please join us at the next DE, January 31 to February 3, 2013 at Atlanta’s Embassy Suites Hotel at Centennial Olympic Park. In other words, come back home to DE. You are welcome and we’d love to have you.

The entire meeting will be a tribute to the man, Dr. Sidney Earl Williams, a man who for almost six decades has in one way or another had a profound and significant influence on our great profession. Gone but never forgotten. Our own Dr. Sid will live in the hearts and minds of hundreds, yes, even thousands of DC’s around the world.

You can count on Dr. Sid’s legacy to continue at each and every DE meeting in years ahead and it is our hope, too, that you will be a part of each and every meeting possible as his message of Lasting Purpose “to love, to serve, to give out of one’s abundance” will always be the theme. His was an innate directed life of the highest order. He was a chiropractor of principle; protector, and defender of the chiropractic principle (above, down, inside, out). When he dropped the keys, he was not only demonstrating the law of gravity but the fact that once the adjustment is made the subluxation corrected and interference of the nervous system removed, the power that made the body goes to work on healing the body not sometime but every time. Doctor do you believe it? Practice it? Teach it to your patients? If you do, congratulations. If you don’t, you need DE now.

Join us January 31 for DE’s tribute to Dr Sid. Phone 770-438-9949 to register

We love and appreciate you.
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