Month: January 2009

Relief for Colorado Accident Victims

Colorado chiropractors

After years of fighting to protect the rights of their injured patients, Colorado chiropractors are celebrating a legislative victory. As of January 1st, 2009, Colorado consumers will have auto insurance coverage with $5000 medical payments coverage (Med-Pay). That means $5000 insurance coverage for each injured person in a vehicle. After years of neglect, bills for ambulance, hospitals, emergency rooms and chiropractic visits will be covered. This will provide both physical and fiscal relief for the state.

automobile accident - mva(photo: car accidents are no fun for anyone – credit: The*Archivist)

Scientists and doctors know that chiropractic is precisely what is needed after an accident. It is the only care that is proven to help restore victims to their pre-accident level of health. Chiropractors also help prevent the decay and painful arthritic changes that frequently plague patients who have not had proper care.

This coverage comes as a real savings for taxpayers. Experts estimate $20 million dollars a year is being spent by tax payers for victims without this important coverage. Till now, providers such as ambulance and emergency rooms have been left with millions of dollars of unpaid bills.

This new bill will also protect the consumer. The $5000 in additional coverage is only $5.33 a month in premiums. Med pay coverage is far less expensive than high deductibles and health insurance co-payments.

Local Denver chiropractor Dr. Visentin says “working together with our legislators we’ve found a way to care for folks that’s affordable. No doubt other states will follow our example as a cost effective measure to keep people healthy naturally.” @ 4:12 pm | Article ID: 1232842366

Chiropractors of the 1990s

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While working for I’ve taken thousands of photographs of chiropractors across the planet. Some chiropractors are old, some chiropractors are young, some chiropractors are yet to be (as they were students when we took their photographs). In preserving the history of chiropractic and those we’ve crossed paths with, I’m sharing some photos, and hoping to get some feedback on the whereabouts of some of these DCs that have been digitized here.

chiropractors-young-1997ishDo you recognize any of these five doctors of chiropractic? They are all graduates from the Cleveland Chiropractic school in Los Angeles, California. I believe this photograph was taken in 1997 while at a International Chiropractors Association seminar in Orange County, California. One of the best presentations I’d ever heard a chiropractor give was made that day by Dr. Ian Grassam. More than 10 years later, the audio from the presentation is available for download.

Here’s another photograph of early chiropractors taken around 1996 or 1997.

chicago-chiropractors-clevelandThese are not Chicago practicing chiropractors but I’m fairly certain the photograph was taken while at a pediatric conference in Chicago, Illinois. Again, for chiropractors from the state of California, all graduates from the same chiropractic college in SoCal. One of the chiropractors in the photograph is me (that part should be obvious) but I’d like to find out the whereabouts of the other three chiropractors. The ever rambunctious and snarky chiropractic author, Darrel Crain, is pictured beside me.  Perhaps someone has practice information on the other 2 chiropractors pictured.

And a third photograph from just about the same time. Either taken in 1997 or possibly in early 1998.

michael-reaver-ccclaThere are many chiropractors in this photograph. Four chiropractors stand in the forefront of this photo with about takes more chiropractors standing about in the background. Pictured in about the center is the most jailed chiropractor ever, Dr. Herbert Ross Reaver. That’s his wife Millie also in the photo. I recognize 5 graduates of the Southern California chiropractic school I attended in the photo, but don’t know everyone, and I’m not sure about the practice locations for all chiropractors pictured.

Do you know any of these chiropractors shown?

Marina del Rey Earthquake – January 2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Experienced an earthquake here in Marina del Rey just moments ago. Earthquake information for the greater Los Angeles area is available below.

We were wrapping up the day of taking care of patients at our chiropractic office in Marina del Rey when an earthquake struck at 7:42 p.m. Pacific time.

Earthquake hits Marina del Rey California January 23, 2009

Nobody in the office was injured and nothing fell off the walls but the jolt felt pretty hard here. Reports are saying the quake was a magnitude 3.4 and was centered locally in Marina del Rey, California.

Check out the USGS website for details regarding the quake that hit.

Reports coming in from Twitter showed people feeling the quake in Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina del Rey and Venice beach. To my knowledge, no injuries or damage has yet been reported. Will update this with information when I receive it. @ 8:11 pm | Article ID: 1232770309

Tingle TXR 325 and More Chirockin Classifieds


Chiropractic classified advertising for January 2009 includes recent ads placed for DRX9000C Spinal Decompression Systems, x-ray film processors by Hope, a Ty-Tron T-3000, an Arizona practice for sale, used Arthrostim machines, and chiropractic tables like Zenith drop tables. Whether you’re in the market to save money on fullspine xray or are looking to find a new chiropractic career, chiropractic classifieds is the place for browsing the latest information in classified ads related to the chiropractic field. Here’s a summary of what’s been posted in days since our last summary.

chiropractic disc and vertebra(photo: take the time to educate about bones, discs, and nerves)

DRX9000C Spinal Decompression System — DRX9000C Spinal Decompression Table $66,500. Includes: DRX9000C Lumbar & Cervical Spinal Decompression Tower, Harness’s (S, M, L Pelvic & M, L Torso), Cervical Attachments, Manual, Touch Screen Computer, Patient Media System, Patient Documentation, Lumbar Level Indicator, Patient Safety Switch, Patient Monitoring System, Split Table Design, Shoulder Support System, Advanced Detection System, Platform Scale, No Slip Harness Tensioner.

Associate Wanted – West Jordan UT — I have a great opportunity for an associate doctor to join our practice as soon as possible. Our associate program has developed and ensured the success of many doctors opening up their practices over the years.

I am looking for a highly energetic, motivated, passionate-about chiropractic doctor with a desire to learn how to be part of a winning team and run a successful practice. Aside from this valuable education, there is a base salary and percentage.

Good income turnkey in safe coastal Mexico — Wonderful chiropractic practice opportunity in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Up and coming safe resort town of about 45,000 people on the warm Sea of Cortez. About 3.5 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson. Only 65 miles South of the US Border. Leave the hassles of America behind, and enjoy 325 days of sunshine per year. Established cash-based clinic for 5.5 years; central location; 2100 square feet for $1000/month lease; wonderfully decorated, fully outfitted massage room, big bathroom, 35 gallon aquarium, desks, chairs, etc. Complete turn-key operation, with secretary who is also the massage therapist. Over 1500 active patient files. Great potential to sub-lease as there are a total of 5 treatment rooms including massage. I am the only real chiropractor in the entire region and am well accepted here.

Universal x-ray for sale — Used Universal Uni-matic 325D and Mini-Med film processor in excellent condition. 4 14″ x17″ , 4 10″ x12″ and 4 8″ x10″ cassettes included. Steel film bin also included. Asking $3600.

Arizona Practice For Sale — Arizona Practice For Sale 280K Take Home. Well established successful practice just west of Phoenix, strong patient base, new patient growth, 4 day work week, 3 day weekends for golf and family, if you are serious call for more info.

Seeking Independent Contractor Position — I have been an associate for 6 years in high volume wellness practices. I am now looking for an independent contractor position in the triangle area. I am very motivated, energetic, and love what I do. So if you are looking to share overhead please contact me.

Chiropractic Physician/Independent Contractor — Looking for a Chiropractic Physician, independant chiropractor, to join our team in a Chiropractic Wellness Center in Northern Virginia. Great atmosphere for the doctor wanting to offer holistic approaches as well as chiropractic treatment. Office currently utilizes various modalities; A.K., Cox technique, NAET, Brimhall, cranial sacral therapy, detoxification protocols, etc. Office is located 15 minutes outside of the busy Washington D.C. area. Great opportunity for a Doctor looking to relocate or as a start up practice. We are a well known, respected, established office in the community. Doctor will have access to staff, supplies, therapy equipment, everything needed to be successful.

N.E PA Principled Practice 4 Sale — N.E.Pa. Principled Chiro practice 4 sale. Have fun in a low stress open adjusting setting serving people principled chiropracTIC. 100% cash. Large well educated family maintenance client base. Beautiful office. Dr. will provide transition for maximum retention.

Coverage Doctor Available NY — Dependable, experienced and caring coverage doctor available to fill your office coverage needs. Proficient in Diversified, Thompson Drop, Activator, Extremities, and Pediatrics. Certified in PT modalities and insured.

Chiropractor Needed Tampa Fl — $1200/week, paid malpractice, health insurance, holidays, vacation, M-F.

Used Arthrostim and Percussor — Used Arthrostim and Percussor available for sale. Arthrostim with all adapter heads, Vibracussor with all adapter heads, Portable instrument stand.

Fullspine XRAY — 2007 Fullspine HCMI Xray, developer and all accesories including stand up film storage, name tagger, cassettes, labels, film, filters, red light, shields etc.

well established family practice for sale — This is a great opportunity to enter into a busy and growing practice, with wonderful staff as well as potential for the new doctor to work full time houirs. the clinic is operating three days a week and is seeing 125 to 150 p/v p/w on average. All equipment is in great shape. please no tire kickers. This is a serious sale and will only speak to serious buyers.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 12:06 pm | Article ID: 1232741188

Chiropractic Domain Practices – 301 Redirects

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A chiropractor e-mailed me the other night with a really great question regarding domains. He mentioned that he owned a number of domains related to the field of chiropractic and he had questions regarding setting up multiple websites for one’s chiropractic office. After purchasing the domains he stated “I’ve never really been sure what to do with them besides use domain-forwarding to pipe them straight to my website.” He then asked the question… “When you purchase alternate domains for your office, do you copy the content from your main site and replicate it onto the new domain? Or do you domain-forward them all?” It came to light that this is a very important topic to be discussed amongst chiropractors (and other small-business owners working with more than one website). Two very important topics: domain-forwarding & replicating content (a.k.a. duplicate content).

Wois Record Chiropractic Domains To the left is a screenshot of something called a Whois Record for If you own even a single domain name, I strongly suggest you take the time to perform yearly checkups and make sure the information for your own domain is up-to-date. There are many sites that allow you to check this data but my favorite are the tools provided by Simply enter the name of your domain where it reads Whois Lookup and select search. If your name is not listed as the registrant or at least administrative contact you may not actually own your domain (this could be very serious for obvious reasons). You may have selected to use some form of privacy protection, which would prevent your information from appearing, but that’s a different story altogether. These are really topics for a separate post but I do strongly advise you at least check on the ownership of your domain.

Regarding the two questions I was asked by the chiropractor, let’s take a look at a common scenario a chiropractor owning websites may be faced with. Let’s assume for example you have registered the name of your practice for your website. My chiropractic office is ADIO Los Angeles so several years ago I registered

The Internet being the way it is with keywords and search keyphrases you may have at some point decided to register more than one domain name. For example, a chiropractor practicing a form of instrument adjusting may consider as a domain alternative. That same chiropractor may even use that instrument only for adjusting the first bone of the cervical spine. If that were the case, may make for a good domain choice. Something like may even seem obvious to a chiropractor who has a website.

Were not limited by dot-coms and new domains extensions (such .org and .us) seem to becoming more available each and every day. One non dot-com example would be So it could be a fairly common scenario for a chiropractor to own more than one domain. The questions were do you copy the content from your initial website to the second site you created or do you redirect traffic from the second site to the first site?

I’d strongly advise chiropractors not to create additional sites that have the same web content. I’ve made this mistake in the past and it’s well-known that search engines will likely penalize the website showing duplicate content (a major reason I think template web sites by chiropractic hosting companies are a very bad idea).

Depending on the domain, or the amount of time you have to focus on building a secondary web site, I’d lean towards the practice of redirecting the domain to your original site. How to Properly Implement a 301 Redirect by Lisa Barone provides all the details you’ll need, I’d prefer you read her post rather than getting into the topic here.

If you’re going to create a 2nd site and you’re not going to redirect the domain to your original one, do something unique, and don’t just park the domain (I’m guilty of that as well). The best examples I can think of would be separating your practice into different categories. Let’s say you primarily practice family chiropractic but wouldn’t mind increasing your personal injury services as well. You may consider creating a website uniquely focused on information related to personal injuries and information consumers may be seeking regarding automobile collisions or even motorcycle accidents. Maybe you’re not into personal injury at all, but you have been taking courses in pediatrics and want to expand your focus on chiropractic and pregnancy or chiropractic care for kids. A pediatrics site would be very different from a motor vehicle collision website but my point is that could be unique from your standard family chiropractic web site you have now.

So, three things we should get from this post. #1 Check up on your domains and make sure they are in your name for ownership. #2 Read up on 301 redirects so that you’re properly direct in traffic to your site or blog. #3 Consider creating unique websites focused on specialized topics if you own any additional domains. Posts like these sometimes leave people with more questions than I’ve given answers, click the yellow envelope near the title of this post to e-mail if you seek additional information. @ 10:03 pm | Article ID: 1232690641

2009 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 4-day 2009 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium in San Diego looks like quite an event for Medical Chiropractic Doctors. Taking place in La Jolla San Diego at the Hyatt Regency Hotel ( I love the Hyatt Regency La Jolla), this 4 day seminar series is for advanced sports science chiropractors covering the latest in athletic and performance based chiropractic medicine.

2009-chiropractic-sports-medicineThis is a megaevent, with continuing education credits, CCSP and DACBSP development workshops and exams, chiropractic publication workshops, breakout sessions on manipulation techniques, sessions on sports rehabilitation, and even a tour of the Olympic training Center in Chula Vista, California.

I’ll be including a PDF file for this program since there is more than six pages of information to review. Just remember that the sports symposium is taking place in San Diego on April 16 through April 19, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla.

Hotel Reservations: discounted hotel reservations of $159 per night can be booked by calling 858-552-1234 and mentioning that you are with the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and book your hotel before March 16, to guarantee your special rate.

This four-day symposium is sponsored by Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. Contact SCU for information regarding continuing education credits.

Here are some details on earning CEUs… Actual CEUs will be awarded based on each individual doctor’s proof of at attendance submitted to the ACBSP for credit. State reclines credits have been submitted to all 50 states for 20 hours [Fri. through Sun.). An additional 8.5 hours have been submitted for the Principles Workshop on Thurs. California DCs: Relicensure credits submitted include 4 technique hours and 5 xray hours. Submittal does not assure approval.

CEUs for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) have been applied for with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). The ACBSP is recognized by the Board of Certification, inc., to offer continuing education for Certified Athletic Trainers.

Chiropractic Publications Workshop – How To Get Your Paper Published
This interactive, hands-on workshop will provide mentoring and essential information for chiropractic sports practitioners who are interested in publishing a paper In a peer-reviewed journal. Drs. Green and Johnson will share their cumulative 20 years of publishing experience as editors, authors, and peer reviewers to assist both novice and experienced authors get their papers published. Attendees are encouraged to bring their unfinished papers and/or topic ideas for hnnds-on guidance in a purposeful workshop setting. Please mark on registration form if you plan to attend this workshop.

2009 Symposium Speakers and Presenters include doctors: Bill Moreau, Andy Klein, Robert Nelson, Dale Buehberger, Tim Brown, Kevin Wllk, Brendan Murray, Tarek Adra, Mark Heller, Mike Reed, Amor Adams, Ted Forcum, Ernest Ferrel, Doug Andersen, GarySchultz, and more.

This symposium will attract health-care professionals from all over the world, be sure to get your information early and get registered to visit the Olympic training Center in San Diego County as well. A6 page PDF file featuring all the information you need to attend the event can be downloaded here. As you may have figured, is in no way affiliated with this event, we just want to get the word out on all kinds of education related to the industry of chiropractic.

Quixote Software and Super 2009Chiro Classifieds


Chiropractic classified advertising for January 2009 includes recent ads placed for Quixote Software, Orange Beach office for sale, Part time office space available, x-ray film processors by Hope, Ty-Tron T-3000, Arizona practice for sale, full-time and part-time positions for chiropractic jobs, and chiropractic tables like Zenith HiLo’s. Whether you’re in the market to save money on decompression gear or are looking to find a new job, chiropractic classifieds is the place for browsing the latest information in classified ads related to the chiropractic field. Here’s a summary of what’s been posted in days since our last summary.

Signing in at front desk - chiropractic office(photo: subluxation poster in background – woman signs in for chiropractic care)

Orange Beach Al Office For Sale — I am selling my practice of almost 5 years to be with my children more. Make me an offer I just can’t refuse! I am very serious about the sell of this office and willing to sell for the right price and as quick as possible! It is located on the busiest road in Orange Beach, Alabama and generates tons of patients just from location alone! This office is absolutely gorgeous and I get many compliments on its beauty, high tech and tranquil environment.

$1700 Full/Part time office space available UPW — Office Space available – Full/Part time: Two offices available in a suite 200Sq Ft. Door Man/Residential Building. Ideal for private office. Building has 24 hour security cameras. Offices have a waiting room.

Quixote Software–transfer ownership! — My office has switched software programs, so I am looking to transfer ownership of my Quixote software to another DC. It is a GREAT patient management/billing software, I was VERY happy with it. Comes with complete software program and Qboxx (hard drive), cleaned of any old patient data. Here are the details for transferring ownership: $2000 for the software (to me). $1500 fee to Quixote to transfer. $199/month support fee to Quixote. No warranties available through Quixote.

Step Straight into a Busy Patient Base Down Under — We are looking for an enthusiastic chiropractor with good manual adjusting skills to take over from our current very busy associate. The starting date is expected to be mid 2009 but an earlier start may be possible by negotiation. Our clinic is located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, close to great beaches and the famous South Australian wine growing district. Our solid patient base is built on genuine service and not on marketing gimmicks or high pressure sales techniques. For registration in Australia overseas trained chiropractors must have passed the CCEA exams.

DRX9000 Axiom Used Spinal Decompression — DRX9000 Axiom Used Spinal Decompression $39,000. Another Beautiful Axiom DRX9000. This one is a 2006 and ready to go. I’ll also provide an additional set of NEW aftermarket harnesses.

Chiropractic Clinc for Lease — Freestanding, 3,272 sq ft clinic , excellent revenue. Strong blue collar community-prime location-heated entrance ramp, large furnished waiting room, computerized business office, 5 tx rms, fully equipped w/HyLo, cerv. chair, side table, elec. stim., VibraCussor/Arthrostim; private office w/bathroom, public bathroom, Dynatron Room, X-ray room, Hydrotherapy room w/2 pools, 3 dressing rooms, shower & bathroom. Well established practice in same town for 33 years & in the clinic for 23 years. Rehab & massage therapist will stay, spouse/office mgr. will stay for transition or full-time employment.

Chiropractic Billing — Chiropractic Billing/Collections/Reports. Medical Claim Life Cycle Management. Start-to-finish medical claim management, Aggressive insurance carrier follow-up, Patient support and customer service, Insurance verification, Patient and insurance payment posting, Accounts receivable, Courteous service, 100% OIG and HIPPA compliant, Provider Credentialing/Contract Services, Prepare and submit provider Enrollment applications, Facilitate payor site visits where applicable, Assist with provider contracts, Monthly statisticalCoding guidelines reports, Accounts receivable, Reliable service, Secure and confidential.

Here is a deal, the numbers work! — Thomson, Cox, Zenith hi lo, Elevator- Activator assorted therapy equip. full xray w/ software and 6000+ files. Office for 35 years. Will Sell building for $1 w/ practice. Office staff willing to remain. Grey Cat software. Turn Key.

Elite elevation with drops — Purchased in late 2002. Burgundy elite electric with all drops. Lightly used motor as I just leave it at a fixed height. Best offer and you need to pick this up yourself in Alexandria, VA before Feb.

Exam Doctor Wanted For 1000/week Practice — Are you wondering where you are going to set up practice next year? Do you have a dream of owning your own practice, but were not given the necessary business skills to do so?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, this exciting job opportunity may be for you. The future candidate would have to be an enthusiastic and passionate person who loves chiropractic and wants to make a difference when in practice. The position is for an exam doctor within one of the busiest chiropractic health centres in the country. You would perform all patient examinations, have one on one coaching from two senior doctors within the practice who speak/coach across the country, learn how to run an extremely successful business, and perform locum adjusting as needed throughout the year. The compensation for the position is salary based plus a performance bonus at the end of your contract. So, you will have piece of mind in having a guaranteed income. There is also an opportunity for associateship once the year is completed, however most of the chiropractors who finish this year go onto open successful practices of their own.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 7:28 am | Article ID: 1232551757

Personal Injury Seminars 2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a seminar focused simply on personal injury but I am seeing more frequent postcards related to colossus software and insurance claims for car accidents and stuff like narrative report writing for chiropractors. Of the many postcards on my desk (still a very popular way for those marketing to chiropractors) was this one for personal injury seminars taking place in 2009. Here’s some of the details.

pi-2009Looks like all of these locations are for the state of California. 2009 personal injury seminars are being taught near LAX, North Orange County, San Jose, Napa, Pasadena, and South Orange County. The seminars are being put on by an attorney based at of Newport Beach, California. Registration and contact information is 949-719-2499.

Looks like the seminars are broken into two different categories with one being for beginners and the other being for advanced personal-injury specialists. I’m sure it’s expected that most chiropractors would take both courses.

The personal injury events provide 12 hours of continuing education for chiropractors in the state of California. No mention if CE credits are sponsored by any school or organization. I would check for details if you’re looking to get continuing education credits while attending either of these two personal-injury seminars.

What’s being covered at the seminars…

Personal Injury 2009 includes:
• Colossus Updates for 2009
• Narrative Report Writing (for effective narratives)
• Using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Impairments, 6th Ed
• Diagnosing the 728.4 Ligament Instability on X-Rays
• Diagnosing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Performing a Proper Pi New Patient Consultation
• Organizing an Appropriate PI Treatment Plan
• Cervical Spine Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)
• Lumbar Spine Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed,)
• Brain Concussion Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed.)

Advanced PI 2009 includes:
• Advanced Narrative Report Writing (for maximum effectiveness)
• Writing Rebuttal Narratives to Defense Doctor Reports
• Billing Codes & Insurance Reporting for PI Cases
• Effective Letters to Combat Med-Pay Denials
• Thoracic Spine Impairments (AMA Guides, 6th Ed*)
• Peripheral Nerve Impairments
• Chronic Pain Impairments
• Upper Extremity Impairments
• Lower Extremity Impairments
• Impairments for Work & Home Disability
• Impairments for Activities of Daily Living

If anyone in SoCal is attending these seminars I’d be interested in getting more details.

Why People Come To You

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Your chiropractic office, your fashion designer shoe boutique, your electronics website, your NFL football offshore gambling blog, your local community parks and recreation center, why do people come to you? Sometimes it seems so obvious doesn’t it? One goes to the chiropractor for an adjustment, the fashion shoe store for shoes, and so on. We know that that’s not always the case. Maybe someone’s coming to a chiropractic office for a radiographic study of their wrist or nutritional counseling, never planning to have their spine touched. It’s one thing to know what people are seeking when they walk into your bricks and mortar business, it’s another to discover what people seek when visiting your website.

As is not uncommon at, yesterday was a busy day for Internet traffic. There was the typical search traffic for chiropractic classified ads, January seminars, and even searches for Candice Michelle (GoDaddy Girl, WWE Wrestling Diva, and wife of Southern California chiropractor). But the big search that most people were seeking answers to on the morning of Martin Luther King Day was not related to any of those. Yes, people wondered if there chiropractor was going to be open that Monday morning (many offices were), but more importantly they wanted information regarding business hours for the United States Postal Service.

Why People Come To You - Search Keywords
(photo: a screenshot of search terms used Monday)

To suggest that I anticipated in advance that people would be searching for information about USPS holidays may be pushing it. The information I posted regarding postal holidays was done on New Year’s Day, and was a combined result of my former employment at UPS and my own thoughts that day regarding which holidays our chiropractic office would be closed in 2009 (our first chiropractic office holiday will be Memorial Day – May 25).

The screenshot image above shows 10 popular words (or phrases) people have been using during searches which resulted in them visiting some page on planet chiropractic. Reading through the terms we can see that four of the 10 are related to Postal Service holidays. Not results you would typically expect to see on a chiropractic log report.

Much to my surprise, searches for the 2010 Ford Mustang attract new visitors to the site every day. I sat in the Red Candy Mustang GT Coupe while at the LA auto show and I liked the car a lot. It also appears to be a very popularly searched vehicle model at this point. Hope that Ford Motor Company does well with its sales.

I had a point with this post so my apologies for rambling about things that may not seem to make sense. The point is that people may not always be looking for what you think they are. The 2009 Postal Holidays post was loaded with information regarding holiday post office hours, a 2009 FedEx holiday schedule, and a 2009 UPS schedule for holidays.

We’re glad to know that we can be of service to so many people for topics other than those directly related to chiropractic. In my mind they are closely related, because when the post offices closed, we tend to see an increase in what is called reactivates or patients that have not had a chance to make it to the office due to their normally busy schedules.

You don’t need to wait until in the next US postal holiday in order to see your local chiropractor. Now that MLK Day 2009 is done (as is the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States) it’s time to check your schedule on your next chiropractic point. Wednesday is a great day for an adjustment! @ 8:42 pm | Article ID: 1232512986

21 Mission Chiropractors adjust 10,000 people in Trinidad

By Peter Morgan, DC

On Sunday January 11, 2009 Dr. Joe Cucci and I take off from New York City to Port of Spain Trinidad. Our mission is to bring the healing power of chiropractic to over 10,000 people in the nation of Trinidad. Mission-Chiropractic is sponsored by the Scoliosis Care Foundation. 21 Chiropractors and assistants will be providing chiropractic care, performing scoliosis screenings, and teaching Straighten up America to 3200 students and 7,000 others. We arrive in Port of Spain at 8:30 pm and we meet with 9 other chiropractors and chiropractic students. While we were on the plane we adjusted the crew with our portable tables. At 10:30 pm we arrive at the Trinidad Hyatt and at 11:30 pm we are adjusting the pilot and co-pilot in the lobby of the Trinidad Hyatt. On every Mission trip I have a new first. This is the first time that I ever adjusted the pilot of an international flight that I just flew on. I guess this is what happens when your mission is chiropractic. Wow! What a way to start off a chiropractic mission trip. The Mission doesn’t officially start until Wednesday; however a lot work is needed to be done in preparation for our awesome adventure. Below is a synopsis of our trip.

Port of Spain TrinidadOn Monday January 5, 2008: Dr. Joe Cucci and I arrive at the Guardian building at 9:30 am for an interview with the Guardian Newspaper. At 10:30 we meet with two other National Newspapers for interviews. At 12:30 am we meet with Mr. Corey Joseph. Mr. Joseph has been talking about Chiropractic on his radio show for the last three months. We are scheduled to appear on his show at 1:30pm for an interview. After the interview we are invited to meet and preach chiropractic to all of the workers and staff of the 7 story guardian building. We adjusted all the people from 6 different radio stations and three different newspapers. (Approximately 150 people)

Tuesday January 6, 2008: Dr. Cucci is scheduled for an interview on Trinidad National TV at 9:30 am. He takes a team of chiropractors and chiropractic students with him. His interview goes well and the chiropractic students appear on the 6:30 news. Arrangements were made for television crews to come to the schools and churches where the Mission Chiropractors would be serving during the week.

12pm: Dr. Cucci and his team of chiropractors adjust approximately 2,000 people in downtown Port of Spain in a promenade. As this was going on Meghan Costello (Northwestern chiropractic student) and I are scheduled to meet with the Minister of Education at 9:30 am. The purpose is to bring Chiropractic and Straighten up America to Trinidad but in reality we are bringing Straighten up Trinidad to Trinidad. A great meeting ensued and I am now in the process of following up. At 11:30am we are scheduled to meet with the Departments of Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Transplant Surgery and the Medical Director of the Mt. Hope Hospital in Port of Spain. I had the opportunity to provide a chiropractic lay lecture to the staff and directors of these departments. At 12:30 pm Meghan and I had lunch with the Chief of Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery and Organ Transplants. After our home cooked meal we went back to orthopedic department and I adjusted the Neurosurgeon who has a back problem. Then I adjusted the Heart Transplant surgeon. Another first. The multitude of Medical Doctors and directors who are watching are impressed and want to get adjusted themselves. Shortly after adjusting everyone the Medical Director asks me “How can we create a Chiropractic internship program at our teaching hospital?” The orthopedic surgeon wants to come out in the field and observe our mission work. We welcome the opportunity for the orthopedist to watch us in action. At 4:30 we visit the Chief Orthopedic Surgeon’s prosthesis and orthotic facility. The orthopedic surgeon is interested in the Scoliosis care foundation. They currently use the Milwaukee Brace and Harrington Rods. They welcome and are extremely interested in our non surgical approach. At 6:30pm we have dinner and philosophy talk with our chiropractic team

Wednesday January 7, 2009: I am scheduled to meet with the Minister of Health and the chief Medical Officer of Trinidad at the Global Medical Response center. The purpose is to bring Chiropractic and Straighten up America to Trinidad. At 11:30am the Chief of Neurosurgery calls me and requests another adjustment. When I arrive at the hospital he has with him approximately 75 people with him waiting to be adjusted. Awesome!!! At 5:30pm our Chiropractic team of 21 meets at the Hotel for a master mind meeting. We review our goals, meditate and thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve pure chiropractic to the people of Trinidad. At 7 pm Dr. Jay Handt gives the most fascinating and inspirational chiropractic talk. 9pm: The team is on their own. Dr. Morgan, Dr. Cucci and a small group go to a Pentecostal church meeting for singing, dancing and socializing.

Thursday January 8, 2009: Our Chiropractic team is divided into three groups and we depart for our chiromissionary work in the field at 9am.
1. Faith Evangelical Baptist Church: Approximately 300 people were adjusted and hugged.
2. Arouca New Testament church of God: Approximately 350 people were hugged and adjusted.
3. Redemption Worship Center: Approximately 300 people were adjusted, hugged and inspired.

At all sites we adjusted, preached chiropractic philosophy, provided scoliosis screenings and incorporated Straighten up America/Trinidad into our teachings.

Our chiropractic team is back at the Hotel by 4:00pm. Many of the chiropractors leave with Dr. Morgan and Dr. Cucci to travel to downtown Port of Spain and adjust approximately 1500 people in a promenade. While people are waiting on lines to be adjusted, security becomes a problem. As we know to every problem there is a solution. The police come and secure the area so that we can continue to adjust in to the night. Awesome!!! At 10pm our entire chiropractic team congregates for a celf center meeting.

Friday at 9am our team is divided into two. Team 1 led by Dr’s. Morgan and Jay Handt leave for the Laventille Comprehensive School where 1600 hundred students and 200 staff are waiting. Team 2 Led by Dr. Cucci leaves for the Chaguanas Comprehensive school. 1500 hundred students and 200 staff are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this wonderful chiropractic team. In each school scoliosis screenings, chiropractic lay lectures and straighten up America is provided to groups of 150 students at a time. Approximately 3600 people received chiropractic care this day. 7pm: Dinner and share session.

8:30pm: Thanks to Yana (a spiritual and beautiful chiropractic student from Life University) a group of ten chiropractors have been invited to set up 8 tables in a VIP room in the hottest club of Trinidad. 800 people attend this club. Miss Barbados first runner up stayed in the VIP room all night and encouraged people from the club to come in and get adjusted. Donations were requested and we raised money to repaint a local orphanage. Approximately 100 people were adjusted.

Saturday January 10, 2009: 9 am: Our teams is divided into three groups and leave for the field: Team 1 sets out to the Christian Union Church, in St James, Trinidad. Team 2 departs for Jesus is the answer Church, Diego Martin, Trinidad. Team 3 proceeds to Ever Increasing Glory Ministries, Sangre Grande, Trinidad. Each team attends to approximately 350 people.

At 4pm the three chiropractic teams arrive at the most beautiful beach in Trinidad for a chiropractic celebration. Many of chiropractors open up their tables and adjust everyone on the beach. The orthopedic surgeon, who has been observing our mission work, is so impressed with chiropractic that he requests that we set up a mission-chiropractic trip to Cuba during the first week of July 2009. He makes a few phone calls and we now have schools, medical facilities and thousands of people waiting for chiropractic in Cuba. Awesome!!!

Sunday January 11, 2009: Dr. Morgan and Cucci depart on an 8 am flight. During the flight Dr. Cucci adjusts the whole crew (except for copilot and pilot)
Approximately 10,000 people were adjusted on this trip.

Please join us on our next Mission-Chiropractic trip. Mission-Cuba July 2009. The following is our tentative schedule.
July 2009-Cuba// October 2009- Haiti// January 2010-Ethiopia// April 2010- Haiti/Trinidad// January 2011-Guatamala//April 2011-Haiti/Trinidad// July 2011-Argentina// October 2010-DR/Haiti January 2012-Jamaica// April 2012-Trinidad/Haiti

If you are interested in the Cuba Mission-Chiropractic trip please sign up now. We don’t have much room.. “ARE YOU IN MISSION MODE?” Please E mail Dr. Morgan with comments or questions at Chirorye @ @ 9:31 pm | Article ID: 1232429512