Month: July 2002

The Heart of Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

What we do in chiropractic is so magnificent, so big, so monumentally important. Why does my brain constantly do its best to minimize it? That, of course, is what it does when it’s not otherwise engaged in trying to complicate it, figure it out, personalize it, and bury it under the staggering weight of my own personal agendas and other sundry bullcrap. My brain whines and reels, seemingly blown in every direction by the paradoxes that it conjures up. It offers no solace, no instructions for reconciling the paradoxes, it just keeps adding to the list. If the list is ever completed at least I’ll have enough toilet paper to deal with all that stuff!

Will I ever be completely free of doubts? Will I ever stop fretting over who’s not there or what’s not there or what’s not what I think it should be? Will I ever really know the importance of what I do? Who knows? I suppose not. Yet every day I reach deep inside and glow and grow with the light that I find there within me. Every day I connect more and more to that light. Every day I remember more and more that the light is there, that it’s me, and that it’s the folk on the table, too. From that light, from that fundamental place within me, I can express certainty, faith, wisdom, and love, and raise my consciousness above the level of the paradoxes. From that light I can express who I am, and simply love and serve. If it’s part of the plan for me to have a positive impact on the world, that’s where it will come from.

We just got back from DE. All weekend I watched a similar process going on amongst the various speakers. At the beginning there was a palpable fear, a gloom of frustration and hopelessness and resignation and anger. Then Sid got up there and shocked everyone (well, me anyway) by barely mentioning his troubles and by basically delivering the goods, as he’s done for 35 years. It was amazing. And beautiful. No sour grapes, no resentments, no pity parties; just a reminder of the fundamental principles of loving and serving. The next evening, all the spirit of chiropractic and of DE came roaring back with Dick Santo’s talk. At the same time, a reminder of where the power of chiropractic truly lies came roaring back. And of where the power in me lies. It ain’t in my brain. That’s where the shit brigade hangs out. And there it lurks, shifts, hides in dark corners, rolls over, plays dead, and ultimately slobbers all over my dreams and intentions. If I allow it. DE reminded me that the shit brigade is not me. The power in chiropractic lies in its heart, as does my power. I am Innate. I am a child of God. I am love and service. Whatever I believe, conceive, and achieve are all simply branches I send out in love, nourished by the sunlight and rain of the Creator. My branches grow out and intermingle with all others’, and a tangle of love is created that encircles the planet. It’s a hell of a plan. And my part in it is perhaps infinitesimally small but also infinitely indispensable. Wow. Together, focusing on our hearts and on the heart of our magnificent profession, we can overcome any and all attempts at burying the truth. And we will indeed be set free. @ 3:24 pm | Article ID: 1028154269

Positive Emotions Associated With Touch

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Researchers have discovered that specific nerves in the body appear to communicate to the brain the positive emotions associated with touch. That, according to a study published in the upcoming September issue of Nature: Neuroscience.

An article related to the study appeared in yesterdays Reuters News. According to the article, researchers have discovered that specific nerves (C-fibers) may play a key role in communicating emotional information from the point of touch to the brain.

The nerve fibers reportedly send “emotional aspects of touch to the brain.” A brain scan along with functional MRI showed areas of a womans brain “processing emotional information” when researchers stroked her arm lightly using a paintbrush.

Can stroking someone lightly trigger the parts of the brain that are involved in processing emotional information? Researchers hope to gather more information on this subject and a test is being conducted among a group of patients with spinal cord injuries. One researcher believes these nerve fibers “communicate feelings of well-being.”

I believe SPEARS technique involved a light stroking of the spine from occiput to sacrum in hopes of communicating emotional information to the brain. If you have data on this, please send it our way.

Reuters:: Nerves Deliver Emotional Message of Touch
Nature-Neuroscience: Unmyelinated tactile afferents signal touch and project to insular cortex (registration required) @ 1:07 pm | Article ID: 1028059654

Comparte Tus Experiencias Con Otros

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Tengo un paciente llamado Pedro Ruiz, él llego a mi consultorio hace 3 meses. Su problema éra que el padecia de dolores de cabeza tan intenso que lo debilitaban y no podía trabajar o disfrutar de sus deportes. Unos de nuestros pacientes lo refirío a nuestra oficina y él comenzo como paciente. Lo interesante de éste caso era que Pedro como muchisimas personas no pensaba que la Quiropractica lo podia ayudar con sus dolores de cabeza.

él estaba muy equivocado en su forma de pensar ya que el pensaba que el único profesional que lo podía assistir era su Medico Alópata. Su Medico de cabecera recomendó una series de examenes diagnósticos tales como resonancias Magneticas, CT scan y ninguno de éstos dos dío resultados indicando la causa de sus dolores de cabeza. Sin embargo sus molestias continuaban.

Pedro comenzó tomandose medicamentos resetados por su Medicos para aliviar el dolor. Luego de varios meses los dolores continuaban y Pedro estaba fustrado con la medicina alópata. Por primera vez en su vida el se dio de cuenta que el único proposito de la medicina convencional era de tapar los sintomas de dolor nada más. él estaba buscando a un profesional que lo ayudara a corregir la causa de sus problemas y lo quería hacer de una forma no-invasiva. Su mejor amigo le recommendo que visitara al Quiropractico.

Su amigo le explico que el cuerpo tiene una inteligencia dentro de si que auto-regula y auto-sana cuando el sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral estan libre de interferencias(Subluxaciones Vertebrales). El único profesional adiestrado en localizar y corregir estas interferencias es el Doctor en Quiropractica.

Pedro tomó su decision de visitar al Quiropractico y vio por experiencia propia que sus causas de dolores de cabeza radicaban en interferencias a la área Cervical(Cuello). Su primera y segunda vertebras estaban interferidas a consecuencia de una caida que el había sufrido varios meses antes de los comienzos de su sintomatologia. Pedro ya no sufre de los dolores de cabeza y todavia continua con sus ajustes Quiropracticos periodicamente para mantener su cuerpo funcionando a su capacidad optima libre de Subluxaciones Vertebrales. Es tiempo que usted tambien comparta sus experiencias Quiropracticas con aquellos que desconocen sobre los beneficios que ofrece la Quiropractica.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 12:59 pm | Article ID: 1028059158

Jeff Spencer – Lance Armstrong 4X4 in Tour de France

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Some things in life are just meant to be. For the third straight year in a row, we are pleased to bring you news that Lance Armstrong and Dr. Jeff Spencer are again victorious in the Tour de France. Of course, this is Lance Armstrongs fourth consecutive win. The French media have now dubbed him “The Boss.”

Armstrong covered 2,032 miles through the mountains and flatlands of rural France in 82 hours, 5 minutes and 12 seconds. To put the distance in perspective, 2200 miles is the distance between Los Angeles international airport in California and the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Or, the distance from JFK airport in New York to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Jeff Spencer has probably gone through 2,032 miles of tape during these tours. This is also the fourth consecutive year the U.S. Postal team has had Dr. Jeff Spencer, a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, as their team doctor.

Every person on a team is critical to the teams performance. “In the Tour you find out real quick who’s got the right stuff and who doesn’t” says Dr. Jeff. In competitive sports such as this there is a great interdependency on each person’s ability. That includes riders, trainers, chiropractors, and everyone else that is involved.

Spencer takes a proactive approach to the teams health. His is primarily concerned with optimal performance and he typically works with the riders during the tour until 1 a.m. each morning.

As the stages become more difficult, recovery becomes more important. So much so that Jeff begins working on the riders on the bus while they are heading back to the hotels. Even if a rider does not fall, Dr. Spencer points out that the physical strain of reacting to a pending encounter with the pavement can cause significant exertional muscle soreness for the riders involved.

Ancillary to adjusting, Jeff proactively uses ice, and tools such as taping to facilitate fluid exchange dynamics in areas of congestion. Nutrition consists of lots of fruit, cereal, rice cakes, sandwiches and fluids, all consumed while on the bus to start the refueling process. According to Jeff, “a blender is an ‘essential nutrient’ in the life of the team.”

Lance Armstrong & Dr. Jeff SpencerThe following is from July 11th: “Today I spent more time today with the riders than yesterday. Most all of it was proactive work. It’s amazing how much grief can be saved by really doing the proactive homework. Lance is bulletproof, yet we spent 1 1/2 hours tonight proactively sniffing out the hidden stuff that, when discharged, always keeps the body running at peak capacity. The real key is to realize that pain is the last thing to show up and not really the problem. It’s the body’s language that brings to our conscious attention that something needs urgent attention. Had its origin been made visible when it was symptomatically invisible it could have been discharged before pain became an issue. I use a lot of reflex techniques that make the invisible gremlins visible. Nothing makes me happier than to open the closet door, find the bogeyman, drag him out and kick his butt. The reflex tests I use are specific muscle tests that correlate with joint, muscle, reflex, neurologic and organ dysfunction. It’s very cool because when the reflex is positive for dysfunction and the correction is made, the appropriate test can be performed again immediately to confirm that the correction has been made.”

Jeff also added that, “Top performances are always done when the mind is relaxed, the body fresh and with joy in the heart. Too much mental concentration during not competitive time can needlessly consume energy. Worry and performance anxiety can kill any competitor.” In simple terms… don’t worry, be happy.

A note about taping. Some may think that the taping is done as a result of injury but as Dr. Jeff points out, he actually uses tape as a proactive supportive measure. “Most riders and athletes never want to show a weakness and they think that by doing something, like taping, they’re advertising a problem. Not so on our team. We could care less what the outward appearance is we only want to sustained top performances as long as possible” says Jeff. To that he adds, “It’s a funny thing about the body, but it could care less about what we think, it only knows what it needs. Our job is to identify its needs and accommodate them.”

On July 29, 2001 we brought you news of Lance Armstrongs third Tour de France win. One year to the day later, we are doing it again. Isn’t it nice to know you can count on us to bring you chiropractic news from around the globe? We are proud to be a part of your team.

From our archives…
Planet Chiropractic: Lance Armstrong & Jeff Spencer Victorious – Sunday, July 29, 2001
Planet Chiropractic: Lance Armstrong – Behind Every Great Champion – Monday, July 24, 2000

– – – – – –
Interested in Dr. Jeff Spencer and his approach: If you’re a DC, ATC, PT, MD and interested in finding out more about related seminars please call 480.633.3129 and request information about them. They’re hands-on, a lot of fun and very practical. What I teach can be implemented the day after the seminar ends. In the Tour things have to work beyond expectation the first time, be cost effective and on the leading edge of technology. I spend a lot of time researching out what’s new and how I can bring the best results to the team in the least time. That’s what we will be discussing during the seminars. “Winning Protocols Used At The Tour de France”

Dr. Spencer graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sports Science and later graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he received the top clinician of the year award. Jeff had the distinction of being a member of the US Olympic Cycling Team for the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. He served as a private chiropractor at the 1984, 1996, and 2000 Olympics for Olympic medalists Lance Armstrong, Mark Gorski and Connie Paraskevin-Young.

Jeff’s other distinguished clients include: Golfing sensation Tiger Woods, Motocross superstar Jeremy McGrath, and Indy Car diver Eliseo Salazar. @ 11:15 am | Article ID: 1027966518

When Your Doctor is Wrong

By Judy Converse, MPH, RD

Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism
Chapter 7: Does Your Kid Need This Shot?

The fact that I was never given a chance to consider whether Ben should get a hepatitis B shot made me doggedly pursue information about the virus and the vaccine. The fact that the shot’s effect on my son had escalated to a legal assault for the roof over our heads enraged me. I wanted to know what I should have learned while I was pregnant, before Ben ever got jabbed: Was hepatitis B really a threat to him? Why was the vaccine so casually given, it’s reaction so ignored? Who gets hepatitis B virus? What happens if you get it? Why was it given on the day he was born, without my knowledge or consent? Why aren’t reactions acknowledged? Why is there no medical treatment for a reaction? Once I testified, what originally was a book about infant food allergies and normal nutrition became a media-scrutinized battle about the appropriateness of this shot.

Hypothetical: Let’s say there is an AIDS vaccine and it is recommended–no, mandated–for universal pediatric use. You know your child could contract AIDS as a young adult, like anyone else. But you also know it’s preventable, and that you will teach your child to avoid behaviors that put him or her at risk. You know that typical healthy infants do not get AIDS, unless their infected mothers transmit the virus at birth. You know that babies and toddlers can’t and don’t pass AIDS to each other because (a) they don’t have AIDS in the first place, and (b) they don’t have sex or mix blood with each other. Still, your pediatrician urges you to give your newborn, six month old, or eight year old the shot. Although your child is years away from being at risk, and there are more persons with HIV and AIDS successfully surviving than previously thought remotely possible, you are pressed to give the shot. Your kid will be kept out of school without it. What do you do?

Add to this that you learn of thousands of FDA-documented adverse reactions to the shot. In fact, there are more adverse reactions to it than to all other vaccines combined. These are particularly devastating for babies, who wind up with life shattering, permanent impairments or even death when they react. Though independent researchers have begun to document and describe these events, health officials deny the reactions, and will not speculate on who is susceptible. Adults and older children who react experience permanent disability as they mysteriously lose functioning in their limbs, acquire chronic fatigue syndrome, and watch their immunity to just about everything lapse. Still want the shot for your new baby?

There’s more. When you investigate further, you find that health officials in several countries disagree on how long the shot’s immunity lasts. The manufacturer says it lasts four or five years. This means that your child will need perhaps two booster series before he reaches the age of twenty. In essence, you’re immunizing him against a disease for a period of his life during which he has essentially no risk of getting that disease. It’s like taking an aspirin on Monday in hopes of preventing a hangover on Friday. Is it beginning to sound like a good way to sell a lot of aspirin? If it doesn’t yet, it will when you find out that the manufacturer’s own testing shows that everyone acquires immunity with three doses of the shot. Why does your doctor insist on a series of four?

– – – – – – – – – –
Judy Converse, MPH, RD is a licensed registered dietitian specializing in dietary intervention for autism. Her practice assists agencies and hospitals serving those with autism and provides therapeutic diets for affected children. She holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in nutrition and has worked in cardiac nutrition, diabetes, and infant/toddler nutrition. A vaccine safety advocate, she has testified before state and federal legislators on infant hepatitis B vaccination. She lives with husband Chris and son Ben, who survived a nearly fatal hepatitis B vaccine adverse reaction at birth. @ 1:50 pm | Article ID: 1027543838

Step Twelve to a Hundred a Day

By Rick Wren, D.C.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Success Principle #12 is actually number #2 of the Additional Success Principles (always ask for referrals). I have asked at many Parker Seminars around the World “Who in here asked for a referral this week or this month?” Only about 5 to 10 percent of the Chiropractors in the room raise their hands. Why Chiropractors are embarrassed or afraid to ask for referrals just baffles the mind. There is only one thing that is directly proportional to the number of new patients you schedule. I said, there is only one thing that is directly proportional to the number of new patients you schedule. That one thing is “HOW OFTEN YOU ASK.”

There are Direct and Indirect ways of asking for new patients. Direct is “Bring your family in to be checked.” Indirect is things like advertising, yellow pages, and public talks (with no proper close). There are Direct and Indirect ways of asking for referrals within the office. The best thing you can do to not miss those opportunities, is to train with your team on when to ask. There are times on the First, Second, and Third visit you should always ask for referrals. There are times on routine visits you should be asking. The Spinal Care Workshop and the follow-up reports are also good times to train yourself and your team to ask for referrals. I have attached a list of 17 times you and your staff should always ask for referrals. Please review them and study them regularly until you do them all. If you need to study the Preframe Subluxation script, the 3 Part Close, or study the Group Report Process, look for my name under “Authors” and download the attachments. If you are anxious to study all 21 steps to a Hundred a Day in great detail, you can get the Society of Chiropractic Masters 18 CD set from the Planet Chiropractic online store.

San Diego was a great seminar. Hope to see you in Toronto in late August ( and Miami is coming up in November.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren
Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher
– – – – – – – – – –

Asking For Referrals

First Visit
1. First phone call – “Is this appointment for you or the entire family?”

2. Tour of office – “This is where we examine families and friends for subluxations.”

3. Consultation – “I see that __________ referred you. We think alot of __________ because he refers all his friends and family out here. We plan to take such good care of you, that you will feel comfortable referring your friends and family within 2 weeks.”

4. Preframe Subluxation – When you Preframe Subluxation it makes the patient think of others with problems (see Preframe Subluxation script).

5. Exam – discuss possible subluxations and possible symptoms. “Do you know anyone these symptoms?”

6. Home Instructions – Give heat and/or ice instructions and discuss how this is good for many other conditions. Ask about other conditions in their family.

7. Home Book – Send home a good information booklet on Chiropractic for other family members to read (Ted Koren’s “Bringing Out The Best In You- An Introduction” is good).

8. Home Video – Also send home a short video on Chiropractic and ask for the family to watch it to reduce questions and help understanding of the Chiropractic approach. Have a short test that the patient feels out and credit the patient’s account the next day for watching the video.

Second Visit
9. Subluxation of the day – On each visit your team member uses a nerve chart to teach where each nerve level affects. Visit number 2 you would teach C2. Visit number 7 teach C7. Visit number 8 teach T1. Visit number 12 you would teach T5 and so on. Use a 8.5 x 11.0 nerve chart in a frame hanging on the wall for Team to use (Parker #130-0090 at 800-950-8044).

10. Group Report of Findings – Tell patients that they have 7 days to get their immediate family scheduled and you will pay for their exam, x-ray, report, and first adjustment.

11. Patient leaving office – Team member asks “How many are in their immediate family?” Then gives them that many stress tests for the family to fill out and bring back (Dave Majors stress test through CLA). Team then asks “Who do you want to schedule now for a check up?”

Third Visit
12. Financial Report – Discuss the savings when a whole family commits to a whole year of care. Schedule the family that has not scheduled yet since Report of Findings.

Routine Visits
13. When the patient comments on improvement, Team member comments on how many people with same condition do not know that Chiropractic works. Team member asks “Do you know anyone with a similar condition?” Then gives them a Referral Packet to give to that person.

14. Condition of the Day – Pick a different condition each day for Team member to discuss with patients. “Headaches are greatly helped with Chiropractic care. Who do you know that has Headaches?”

Spinal Care Workshop
15. Close Workshop with special offer for immediate family to get checked within 7 days.

Re-exam, Re-x-ray, and EMG Reports
16. Close report by giving a referral card to patient and stating “Give this card to someone you know and it will save them $140.00 on exam, x-rays, and report.”

17. Hand out your card to everyone you do business with. When they discuss their condition with you, you give them a referral card that saves them money on exam, x-rays, and report. When appropriate, use cell phone to schedule the new patient. @ 7:01 pm | Article ID: 1027476069

Gira Schofield in Super National Clay Court Championships

On Sunday, July 21st, the Girls 16s Super National Clay Court Championships came to a spectacular climax as third-seeded Katrina Tsang outlasted unseeded Gira Schofield in a thrilling 3 1/2 hour final at the Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club. The Virginian-Pilot yesterday featured an article about Katrina Tsang and Gira Schofield, daughter of Dr. Fred and Susan Schofield.

One year ago, Gira defeated Laura Vlasek and took third place in the Burger King Southern Open in Columbus, Georgia.

USTA Girls 16 Clay Court Championships
At Virginia Beach Tennis and Country Club
Virginia Beach, Va.
Katrina Tsang (3), Raleigh, N.C. def. Gira Schofield, Boca
Raton, Fla., 7-5, 6-7 (8), 6-3 @ 6:27 pm | Article ID: 1027474063

Healing Gratitude

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

To become a Healer we have to put aside our ego and put “Service to the Universe” in its place as our main objective in this life. This was one of the major teachings of Dr. Jim Parker. He discovered this after many years of very pragmatic study of Healers throughout the world. All Healers showed this quality no matter what field they worked in… Chiropractic, Energy Healing, Medicine, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, etc.

Dr. Joe (the old time DC from Chicago) is one of the most incredible Healers I’ve ever met. He gave you a feeling of “wholeness” as soon as you came into his presence. He had the ability to stay focused constantly on the positive and to consistently “eliminate the negative” in his life. So naturally, I asked him how he did this… how he was able to do away with all of the negative things of the world and to focus his attention on the loving/healing aspects of this planet. He told me that he’d found ways (over 50+ years in practice) of concentrating on the positive things in life. The most important thing he had discovered simply involved being eternally grateful for the many blessings in his life and concentrating on them the great majority of the time (thus removing the “mind interference” of negative thinking that can block the innate healing power). Over the years, he had discovered several ways of greatly enhancing his “attitude of gratitude” toward life itself.

Dr. Joe said that, first of all, he did not listen to, read, or watch radio, television, or newspaper news, since 90% of it is based on negative sensationalism these days. He said that being exposed to the daily ramblings on the news was guaranteed to cause all of us to develop a negative attitude toward life.

But his major way of staying “zeroed in” on the positive in life involved the faithful keeping of a journal, not just an ordinary journal but a “Gratitude Journal.” This was a journal dedicated to recording daily all of the things he felt gratitude for having in his life, and his thoughts and feelings about them. He said he found it very easy to do primarily because the “attitude of gratitude” is such a pleasant place to dwell in. Gratitude is a grand state in which to live because you cannot do so without feeling positive toward everything in life. Gratitude journaling is easy and nourishing to the spirit. All he did each evening was to ask himself the question “What am I grateful for today?” and begin to write. He said that as he began to write, he became amazed at all he had to be grateful for and found himself eager to express that gratitude in any and every way he could, especially in his Healing.

Dr. Joe said that he had trained himself to be grateful no matter what happened to him in life. If something unpleasant occurred, he would be grateful that it wasn’t worse (an automobile accident could have injured a person even worse than it did, a “down day” at the office could have been much worse, etc.). What a Powerful and Healing attitude!

Dr. Jim Parker recommended a method of “accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative” that I’ve found especially helpful. He suggested that we start the day with 5 to 10 Thank-You Grams (or any kind of Thank-You cards) on our desk with the intention of sending all of them out to people who have done something good or helpful for us that day. Having made an agreement with ourselves that we’ll send these out each day causes us to constantly look for good things happening in our life so that we can fulfill our promise to ourselves.

Foster Hibbard, a marvelous motivational speaker from San Francisco (and a strong backer of Chiropractic), had an excellent way of staying positive in all circumstances and keeping away from the negative aspects of life. He taught that we should call everything that happens to us in our lives “wonderful” (this was the word most often used in the Bible to describe Jesus). Calling everything in our lives “wonderful”, no matter what it is or how bad it might seem, allows our innate mind to search for reasons why it is wonderful… and, as powerful as our innate mind is, it will surely find reasons why the happening is “wonderful.” Foster has several sets of audio tapes that explain this concept in more detail. I highly recommend them.

Dr. John Demartini, a well known Chiropractic speaker and writer, has published a book called Count Your Blessings that is also excellent and highly recommended. Remember, “What we concentrate on expands!” So each day, we can choose to look for the good wherever we are. We can do this with people, with places, and with situations. This will allow the good things in our lives (and our powerful healing ability) to constantly grow.

Call it all “wonderful”!

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sid Mouk maintains an active chiropractic practice in Baton Rouge, LA @ 9:17 am | Article ID: 1027354645

FCC Questions PBS on Commercial Funding

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal and CNN, reported on a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) inquiry into the sponsorship and advertising practices of PBS.

According to the CNN article, PBS offers ways to show how a sponsorship “can help your corporate message stand out from the clutter of commercial advertising” and also offers tips to sponsors about how to fashion a message.

Consumer advocates have been saying that it is time for Congress to step in and write “stiff rules preventing these kinds of commercial promotions.”

Wall Street Journal Features Major Article on Growing Corporate Influence on PBS
From ICA News

This long and detailed piece outlines how corporations have all but purchased commercial time on PBS, investing significant effort and money to exploit the maximum commercial impact from “sponsorship” acknowledgements. Headlining the B section of the July 11th edition of the world’s most widely read financial paper, this article, entitled “PBS and Corporate Underwriters: Too Close for Comfort?”, cites the massive corporate spending, “… $221 million last year, up from $175 million a year earlier” as the primary moving factor behind the commercialization of PBS. The article quotes a Congressional spokesperson expressing major concerns over this trend: “We have been increasingly concerned in recent years by TV spots which are in reality nothing more than commercials that are passed off as corporation attributions. We’re not fooled and neither is the public,” says Ken Johnson, a spokesman for Rep. Billy Tauzin, who is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. Either you are a public commercial-free station or you’re not.”

The chiropractic profession has seen a blatant and even more troublesome and offensive side of the “broadcast for hire” attitude that seems to permeate PBS. Through a grossly distorted and damaging depiction of the science and practice of chiropractic on a regular feature show, Scientific American Frontiers, the power of money is graphically displayed. This carefully developed negative and demonstrably misleading depiction of chiropractic has been broadcast in an episode entitled “A Different Way to Heal.” ICA finds the negative depiction of non-medical procedures and practices inherently suspect, since the approaches to health supposedly being reviewed stand in direct competition to the company that provided the funding for this segment. We have a right to expect an organization like PBS act in an objective and responsible manner and not lend itself to exploitation in the kind of marketplace manipulation based on lies. @ 11:23 am | Article ID: 1027103010

Existe Una Inteligencia Dentro De Ti

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Nuestro mundo está controlado atravez de una inteligencia llamada la Inteligencia Universal. Esta inteligencia está encargada de mantener harmonia y balance en todo el mundo incluyendo las plantas los animales y los séres humanos. Los séres humanos tambien tenmos una inteligencia interna que regula nuestro funcionamento llamado la Inteligencia Innata.

Cuando ésta inteligencia innata puede expresarse libremente atravez del sistema nervioso, libre de interferencias a este sistema tan vital se dice que existe un balance interno funcionando a su capacidad maxima y la persona esta expresando salud optima.

Muchas personas no entienden que el cuerpo tiene la habilidad y la capacidad de auto-regularse y auto-sanarse asi mismo cuando no existen interferencias llamadas “Subluxaciones Vertebrales” al sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral. El cerebro se comunica con el cuerpo atravez del sistema nervioso. Por tal razon, cualquier interferencia a este sistema nervioso va a disminuir la capacidad de comunicación cuasando sintomas y enfermedad al cuerpo.

El Doctor en Quiropractica es el unico profesional adiestrado en localizar y remover estas interferencias al sistema nervioso y a la columna vertebral. Usando sus manos el Quiropractico ajusta las vertebras en sus posiciones normales restaurando la capacidad curativa que posee el cuerpo internamente. Esto es logrado sin el uso de medicamentos o cirugías innecesarias. Ha llegado el tiempo en que usted tiene que tomar responsabilidad de su salud y la salud de sus familiares buscando alternativas naturales como la Quiropractica.

Visita a un Quiropractico filosófico hoy mismo para una evaluacion Quiropractica. ¿Sabias que tu posees una inteligencia dentro de ti que mantiene tu cuerpo funcionando a su capacidad maxima? Permita que el Quiropractico libere ese pontencial curativo que poseemos internamente con sus ajustes Quiropractico. No dejes para manana lo que puedas hacer hoy.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. @ 10:28 am | Article ID: 1027099714