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Are We Just Another Minor Cog In The Wheel Of Medicine?

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

So “the fight is joined” (the inner fight which is always the most important for all of us in this profession). We have met the enemy and he is us. Those few within this profession who would dictate to all of us how we should think and practice have fired the first major shot in the crucial internal battle to come. Since they have been unable to convince so many of us of the “error” of our thinking, they’ve chosen to fight the AMA way, low and dirty and on a political level, instead of a personal level.

If you can’t change the feelings and opinions of a large portion of the group, simply legislate or “politicize” them out of your way and get on with your agenda, not caring what anyone else thinks about the issue (right or wrong simply doesn’t matter here, it all depends on who has the power to enforce their will on the entire group, and doesn’t that sound like the familiar AMA tactics that Chiropractic has been complaining about all these years?). If you can’t defeat your “enemy” in any other way, you strike hard at his most vulnerable point, in this case the vital accreditation process that is the one necessity for any Chiropractic College to survive nowadays. And by going after the largest college in this profession first, you serve notice on all the colleges that they’d better “shape up or ship out” according to what the demagogues of the accrediting process feel, in their learned opinions, is the correct way to educate students in the field of Chiropractic.

This is not the first time this type of intimidation has occurred and it probably won’t be the last. The Parker College board was warned several years ago that if Dr. Jim continued to bring certain straight Chiropractic DCs on campus to speak to his students, they would have a very difficult time retaining the accreditation of Parker College (among others, Dr. Victor Frank who strongly advocates a straight form of Chiropractic, TBM, and is adamantly and outspokenly opposed to the direction in which he sees this profession being pushed).

The main issue here is the teaching of Chiropractic Philosophy. The demagogues of accreditation have decided (as have some others in this profession, notably many of those at the college I attended) that philosophy must go in order for Chiropractic to “mature” and take it’s place as a cog, and a very minor one at that, in the overall field of medicine. I can understand their thinking. It’s very tempting to be able to blend in with the whole infrastructure of medicine and no longer have the hassle of down and dirty fights, both politically and personally, with organized medicine and the drug conglomerates. Of course, the down side of this type of thinking is that Chiropractic would have to take its place as just another form of therapy in the armamentarium of “scientific” medicine (what a joke that term has become nowadays). The secondary issue involves whether the master spinal adjustment will remain, as it has always been, the major physical healing entity used in this profession or if it will become just another therapy.

Make no mistake about it, if Chiropractic Philosophy goes, this entire profession goes, as a separate and distinct Healing entity! If it survives at all, it will be as a small pathetic part of Physical Medicine. It’s basic philosophy (plus the incredible miracles of healing it has continually produced over the years based upon that philosophy) has been the thing that kept it’s practitioners going throughout the long periods of bitter internal struggle while they also continually waded through the barrages of negative propaganda thrown at them by the medical politicians and the drug companies.

I’m not advocating, as a few in the straight Chiropractic field seem to do, that we neglect our responsibility to be competent enough as doctors to provide a basic overall diagnosis for each patient that comes to us for care. Whether we call it “diagnosis” or “analysis” matters little when it comes right down to caring for and loving our patients, to wanting the very best for them (and knowing what is the best for them requires knowledge of the human body and its functions, plus its dis-ease processes) and the very best type care for them, in the huge majority of cases, is Chiropractic. A thorough usable knowledge of both the basic sciences and the clinical sciences is essential but to put these courses “in place of” and not “added to” the absolutely vital courses in Chiropractic Philosophy taught at many of our colleges simply doesn’t make sense. It certainly appears that we’re not looking at an attempt to add more “scientific” courses to the curriculum of our colleges but, primarily, to get rid of the present courses in Philosophy, and this is insanity. We should be adding more courses in Philosophy! Every senior student should be required to attend six D.E. and/or Parker Seminars before going out into the field, then we’d begin graduating not only competent knowledgeable doctors but also, and especially, fired up Healers who are ready to serve the sick people of this world.

So we face another “crisis” in the field of Chiropractic (what else is new?), remember that the ancient Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two parts. One of the parts means “danger” but the other part means “opportunity.” The Chinese considered a crisis as a time of opportunity “riding on a dangerous wind.” We all have a decision to make at this time in the “chosen” profession of Chiropractic. Where do we stand and, much more importantly, what are we going to do about it? For over a hundred years, this has always been a profession of “Doers” not just “talkers”, now is the time to “put your money where your mouth is” and take massive action on your feelings.

The next 5 years will be crucial to the future of our beloved profession. Will we remain a separate and distinct Healing entity, the leader of the worldwide wave of natural Healing that is now sweeping the globe or will we become just another minor cog in the failing wheel of medicine? It is essential for each of us in Chiropractic to decide where we personally stand on this issue and to take immediate action.

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By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I’m sure I must have written several articles on Gratitude and I decided to write another one. I am practicing today and today is my birthday. Practicing on my birthday is a gift because I give the patients an opportunity to love me back a little. We are having a party and open house – any reason for a party is a good reason for me. I offer the patients a free adjustment if they bring in a referral and I offer their friend an adjustment too! Excited patients refer and I do whatever I can to keep it stimulating around here. I want them to look forward to coming here when they feeling good. My purpose is to have them understand why I believe in lifetime care and then keep them motivated to stay committed to a new way of life. It sort of reminds me of the gym. People are excited when they first sign up but what does it take for the gym to keep their interest so they will follow up on their health commitment. I am all about that too.

Besides having referral parties I offer advanced lectures on health related topics to keep their interest, I am always giving them articles and web addresses to keep their interest so that they can continue learning about chiropractic. Ultimately they are responsible for their commitment but I want to do all I can to keep them wanting more and I love when I can get their curiosity going and I love when they ask me questions. A patient told me years ago that she asked her doctor a question regarding her treatment because she was curious about the recommendation and he got offended because he thought she was questioning him and asked her where she had received her medical degree. I work much different. I am flattered when they ask questions and I use that opportunity to share with them what it is that I do and why I do it and the thinking process involved on my part in order to come to that conclusion. I want to challenge them to think for themselves and realize that they are ultimately responsible for their health choices.

Now back to being grateful. When I am being grateful it makes it much more difficult to be anything but. I stop worrying, I stop regretting, I stop resenting. I am in a state of grace. If I can choose this state of mind and filter my thoughts through the filter of gratefulness everything looks much different. I am blessed. I saw a license plate this weekend that said “blessed.” Before I go to bed every night I write down 5 things that I have to be grateful for. This way my last thoughts are positive thoughts and I don’t have to spend my time looking for others approval when I get my own approval and see myself in a different light and treat myself a little better and then treat others as a reflection of how I treat myself. I get a little more gentle. I am blessed.

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Manitoba Government Reverses Discriminatory Policy On Chiropractic Child Care

ICA Chiropractic News Service

In a highly significant and uncharacteristic move, the Provincial Government of Manitoba has reversed an earlier decision that denied payment for chiropractic services to anyone under the age of nineteen. The reversal of the controversial policy signals an important victory for chiropractic in that the completely unsupportable and prejudicial restriction of reimbursement for younger patients has been rescinded. The across-the-board cuts in chiropractic reimbursements, however, still stand and new efforts are underway to seek a responsible solution to government concerns over health spending, including spending for chiropractic care. ICA members in Manitoba, led by ICA Board Member Dr. Daniel Schaeffer of Winnipeg, aggressively campaigned for a reversal of this policy decision with the full support of the ICA and the chiropractic community worldwide. ICA had offered to assist in this effort in any possible way and directly supported the Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association in their campaign to obtain justice for younger chiropractic patients.

The Information Services Division of the Manitoba government released the following notice on July 12th: Manitoba Government Signs Long-Term Agreement With Chiropractors; Commission Created

The Manitoba government today announced it has reached an agreement with the Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association that provides coverage to all Manitobans while achieving significant savings. Retroactive to July 1, 2002, Manitoba Health will specifically provide coverage for Manitobans under 19 years of age and will provide a benefit of $8 per visit to a maximum of 12 visits during the current fiscal year. Effective April 1, 2003, the rate will increase to $9 per chiropractic visit. The former rate was $11.56 per visit. “We respect the role chiropractic care plays in the health care system,” said Health Minister Dave Chomiak. “Our goal is to achieve a balance between providing coverage that provides Manitobans affordable and effective health choices and living within our fiscal boundaries.” A three-person commission will be struck to review the cost-effectiveness, the accessibility and the integration of chiropractic services. The commission will include one representative each of the Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association and Manitoba Health, as well as a chairperson selected jointly. This commission will report in 2004. Chomiak said he was pleased the four-year agreement provides long-term stability for the Manitoba government, chiropractors and their patients. Manitoba remains one of the five provinces that provide chiropractic coverage. In the next two years under this agreement, the Manitoba government will achieve savings totaling $3.8 million.

ICA members in Canada remain concerned over the reductions of reimbursement levels and recognize the need to make the strongest possible case for parity and expanded access as the new commission considers the various aspects of the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care. ICA has offered the Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association any assistance and support they may require in presenting the most compelling, effective and well-documented case in defense of chiropractic’s utility and effectiveness. “The battle for full inclusion and full compensation in Manitoba is far from over and the need to be proactive and determined will continue,” said Dr. Daniel Schaeffer. “Chiropractic’s critics and competitors have mounted an active campaign on many fronts to restrict access to chiropractic and in fairness to our patients who rely on chiropractic care, we are obliged to do all in our power to see that justice for all Canadians in health care is done.”

Doctors of chiropractic and Manitoba chiropractic patients in the tens of thousands mounted a powerfully resonating campaign to restore the chiropractic cuts since the announcement of the new policy some months ago. “Our grass-roots campaign has had a major impact on the government and should stand as a very important lesson to other jurisdictions that such policies can and will be reversed if opposed with dignity and resolve,” Dr. Schaeffer concluded.

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Texas Pride – Life & TCC

By Tim Langley, D.C.

Texans are legendary for the pride they have in their state. And to tell you the truth, most Texans I’ve met over these 49 years have been fine, upstanding people. People proud of doing the right thing because it is right. Most Texans are the kind of folks that would choose to do right over being right if they had to make that choice.

Well, I have just witnessed an event that would make even the tallest, proudest Texan hang his head in shame. At 2:05 THIS MORNING (Monday, July 15) a charter bus and a van pulled out of Marietta, Georgia with approximately 60 students from Life University headed to Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. Given the circumstances of Life University’s unresolved accreditation situation, one could not blame the students for checking out their options. But, that’s not really the whole story.

On June 10 of this year, the Council on Chiropractic Education unexpectedly refused to re-affirm Life’s accreditation because of the school’s supposed unwillingness to adhere to relatively new guidelines. Oddly, Life University (the world’s largest chiropractic teaching institution with an enrollment of 2,600) was not represented on CCE’s Commission on Accreditation, while Texas Chiropractic College (with an enrollment of 350) is represented on the Commission and voted to revoke Life’s accreditation.

At 4:30 on the afternoon of June 10, Dr. Alvin Richard was told to be in Marietta the next day. Indeed, Dr. Richard was in Marietta the next day buying dinner for over 100 Life students at Sidelines, a sports bar just two miles from the Life campus, and extolling the virtues of his alma mater and employer.

As Life students were piling on to the bus with their overnight bags, blankets and pillows, Dr. Richard was standing outside the bus looking like a kid who’d just stolen a bag full of candy without getting caught. In one fell swoop, he could increase his school’s enrollment by almost 20%. All he had to do was buy dinner, feed off students’ fear and uncertainty, then sneak them out under the cover of night. Dr. Richard’s and TCC’s coup is reminiscent of the NFL’s Colts move from Baltimore to Indianapolis in the middle of the night.

Several other chiropractic schools are offering financial incentives for Life students transferring to their schools. However, none have been as bold as TCC and its Dr. Richard. Especially, with TCC’s position on the COA. A decision that is already fraught with doubt and skepticism throughout the profession because of the appearance of political and personal overtones toward Life’s founder and President, Dr. Sid Williams, is now cast in an even darker shadow.

Many questions have yet to be answered about the COA’s decision. Those questions may only be answered in court or by investigation by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Justice Department. However, the actions of Texas Chiropractic College are despicable in their own right and should be as much an embarrassment to the Council on Chiropractic Education and every Texan as it is to the entire chiropractic profession.

If you know someone in Texas, feel free to share this with them. The people of Texas need to know what they are teaching future chiropractors about business ethics. The chiropractic profession and its accrediting agency should also take note of the dishonor being heaped on a great and noble profession.

Tim Langley, D.C.
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Lowered Expectations – The Story Behind The HRT News

By Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

This week women’s health headlined print and media stories around the globe. What triggered this attention was the halting of an 8-year U.S. Federal study that evaluated the risks/benefits of combination Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), treatment which includes estrogen and progestin (i.e. Prempro).

NIH, which ran the study, notified the public, the press and the medical community at the same time to avoid any confusion, as well as the 16,000 women involved in the study who received letters indicating they should stop using this drug, all due to results documenting that HRT use in healthy women increased the frequency of breast cancer (24%), stroke (41%), heart attack (29%) and blood clots (100%). Many people are asking, “How did this drug get approved in the first place, how was this missed?”, and “It’s 2002, shouldn’t medicine be getting better, not worse?”. I’m asking, “How many women that you know are affected by this?”

For many, this is not news, for me it only confirms what I researched and wrote about years ago. Since then I’ve made a point to ensure women in my practice had quality information and resources so that they could make great choices, and watched as those great choices included honoring their bodies wisdom during menopause and turning away from hormone “replacement” therapy and the pill. Almost 100% are free of any hormone therapy and with all the inflammatory reaction to this week’s news, these women were not shocked or anxious or depressed, they were relieved, grateful and confident. And they are healthy.

The story from my perspective, is not the news about the negative effects of HRT, my interest has never been in a particular drug or disease, that’s not really the point, is it. What I care about as a doctor is more personal, what I care about is how women’s lives are affected by this discussion.
Approximately 38% of women past menopause take HRT, with an estimated 70 million hormone prescriptions filled each year in the U.S.. Considering how little research exists on the safety of these medications, as well as the long term effects, these numbers are staggering, how is it possible that so many women were convinced to take this dangerous medication?

Like many women, when I was a kid I’d look at my Barbie doll and think “Am I suppose to look like that?” HRT is like a hormonal version of Barbie, setting a chemical standard that has questionable grounds in reality. In HRT, the one place plenty of time and money has been spent is in marketing, unless we live under a rock, we can not escape the “programming” of how advertisers want us to spend our menopausal years. In the span of just a few generations, women have been conditioned to have lowered expectations, to surrender their innate wisdom to a pen and a prescription pad. We’re repeatedly told that our bodies don’t work and that only a medical doctor can decide what is a wrong or right (in modern language the risk/benefit ratio) choice for our health. Our bodies don’t know how to go through menopause, is that a bad joke?

The results of this study have kicked up a lot of dust and are bringing into discussion many topics that women need to pay attention to, one of these is the assumption that a patient’s interests are paramount and take precedence over all other interests in medicine. Reports this week discuss that medical options have become increasingly impersonal and there are many interests that need to be satisfied, indeed prioritized, including research grants, pharmaceutical companies, malpractice providers, HMO’S, etc. The reality is that women need to protect their own interest, and understand that even though a doctor told them to use a form of drug therapy, it is each woman who will experience the consequences and as such whatever she puts into her body she, not someone else, is responsible for.

As we move forward, it’s time to repair the bond that was broken between women and their health, to restore and promote confidence and pride in the innate wisdom of body and mind, and to educate women about care that honors them, with the focus on well-being. Many times when resources change, health changes. The news features report that many women start HRT due to hot flashes or night sweats, and want to save themselves from social embarrassment and sleepless nights. I understand. But the only option isn’t treatment where you swap the health of one body part for another, how about finding the cause of your problem, how about taking care of the interference not just trying to change a symptom, how about becoming healthy. How about chiropractic. For those that appreciate research, you may access chiropractic research regarding hot flashes at:

Do women under chiropractic care expect to have allergies twice a year, do they expect to be sick all winter, do they expect their kids to be on antibiotics for the first 3 years of life, do they expect to have problems during pregnancy, do they expect to have a rocky menopause, do they expect to be sick? Ask them, they have higher expectations and are living them.

A special message for all chiropractors, save another life today, make sure that women in your practice have access to this information, a clear spine, and a strong foundation. This ride is just getting started, there will be a lot of publicity about miracle drugs promoted to fill the gap Prempro left, however miracle drugs often have non-miraculous side effects, weren’t we all told at one time that Prempro was a new miracle drug?

The press has been asking for information about “alternative” choices, it’s long overdue that they opened the door to feature news on other approaches. Of course they are looking for research, any chiropractors who are interested in publishing a case study regarding menopause in a research journal, please contact me, I’d be more than happy to help you.

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The Power in Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I used to have a C.A. that was heavily into astrology. This came in very handy for her, especially when she deemed excuses to be necessary, which, unfortunately, was regularly. “Mercury is in retrograde”, she would often declare in an attempt to explain her lack of focus. “Let me know when it’s out of there; I have some stuff for you to do”, I would respond with a tinge of nausea. Man, I hate the idea of being controlled by distant rocks, as if I was a puppet on a string. I certainly acknowledge the fact that we are subject to many energies and influences from the outside, and yet every Twinkie atom in my body resonates with the belief that we are one with the Creator, and therefore limitlessly able to exert tremendous power in our lives based on our energy, our intent, our focus, and our love. It’s an inside job! Another seeming paradox goes whizzing around my cortical neurons like a really nauseating roller coaster, which invariably keeps ending up at the same place. Whenever I give my power away to outside influences, especially when I play the victim of those influences, I lose some of the true Power that Innate provides to manifest the life of my dreams. Since I can only control what goes out from my consciousness, I am always better served, as is the world, by maintaining my focus on that.

There are countless opportunities to feel powerless. One half-hour news broadcast contains many. News in our own profession often provides the same opportunities. The situation at Life, for example, with its divisiveness and seeming erasures of lifetimes of dedication, saddens me deeply, and the implications for principled chiropractic frighten me immensely. What can I do? Politics always makes me feel hopeless and manipulated. I deeply appreciate the warriors we have in the principled chiropractic political arena, and I will write letters until my fingers ache, but politics is not going to be my real contribution, that much I know. What then? My brain hasn’t been very helpful with its tendency to come from a place of separation and powerlessness. It bounces back and forth between denial and anger, between resignation and revenge; what can I change on the outside? Innate, speaking thru my heart as always, thankfully reminds me to look within and to stay in my power. “Worried about allopathic ideas taking over the profession?” It asks, “well then, how free of allopathic ideas is your own consciousness?” Hmm. While I’m at it, how free of hate and greed (and everything else I don’t like in the world) is my consciousness?

Last week I attended a memorial service for one of our practice folks who died 10 days ago with metastatic liver cancer, at age 49. I’d been adjusting her for about 6 weeks. Barbara was the 2nd adult I’ve had under care (under the age of 80 something) to die on me in 16 years. Both with cancer. Both waited too long to come in. Both received a ton of hope thru our principle. Both did extremely well under care. Both tried really hard to have faith, only to lose it because of symptoms and because of pronouncements from the medics. I adjusted Barbara to turn on the power, I loved her, I saw her whole and healed and perfect, I knew without a glimmer of doubt that she would heal. And last week I listened to dozens of her friends and family beautifully recounting stories of the wonderful, giving person Barbara was. As I listened, thots of powerlessness tried to creep in. Not so much involving my inability to keep her alive, it was more about my inability to prevent her from giving away her own power. Barbara had given to many causes and to many people her whole life, but had never learned to receive. So in the end, she could not accept her healing, she could not accept God’s love, and she was literally tapped out. Now she is healed, and now she is basking in God’s love. I wish I could have helped her realize these things while she was still here in her body, but I knew as I sat and listened that it would be infinitely more productive to consider these lessons for myself. How much power have I stolen from practice folks over the years having them look to me as the one doing the healing? How much of my own power have I given away forgetting the Source of everything in my own life?

So, what is the point of all this rambling? Who knows? For me, it has been a clear reminder of where my true Power comes from, and of the consequences of looking elsewhere. My senses bombard me with bad news, the world seems clue-less and careening towards destruction, and chiropractic continues to circle the wagons and shoot inwards. And I can’t help thinking it’s all for the same reason. We’ve forgotten where the Power is. In our own profession, we talk about the Power a lot, and we forget it a lot. We are in the world, and therefore I suppose we must play in the political arena. And, what would happen if we remembered the Power in every moment? What would happen if we became clear conduits for that Power? What would happen if during every interaction we ever had with anyone, we tapped into that Power, acknowledged It in us and them, told the truth, and then, in a state of total presence and connection, simply turned it on? What would happen if we truly and completely became maximum expressions of Innate? Would our politicians have an easier time of things? Would our practice folks allow principled chiropractic to become jeopardized in any way? Would the world change? When will it change? Are we all waiting for a political solution, or for Mercury to come out of retrograde? @ 7:31 am | Article ID: 1026743473

Congress of ChiropracTIC’s Enemies

By Harvey Fish, D.C.

“It should be the highest ambition of every [Chiropractor] to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.” — George Washington

Of course, George wasn’t speaking of chiropractic when he made the statement above; he was speaking of Americans. When I read the quote substituting chiropractor, I was struck by how it fit with the current crisis we face in chiropractic today. I’ll elaborate.

In the early 1980’s Chiropractic won the famous and frequently referred to “Wilk” trial. It was heralded as the watershed moment in our profession where we finally beat back the Goliath of organized medicine (OM) that had been threatening our existence. That seminal event was to have been the springboard where from the profession was to grow to even greater standards of acceptance, research and rewards.

Ever heard of the saying, “he won the battle but lost the war”? I believe it appropriate in this instance.

Since those “landmark” days, certain chiropractic leaders have referred to those overt attempts by OM to eliminate us as history and the start of a new era in our profession. We’ve acted as if the judgment against the MDs and their cronies in the drug industry was enough to stifle their urges to contain and eliminate us. That case was nothing more than a slap on the wrist for them and those of you around since then know it. Little has changed other than their methods of containment. Their motive for elimination remains the same.

It was the dawn of an age in which DC’s were going to live in harmony with his fellow health care deliverers. Working side by side to rid the world of human suffering and accepted as an equal (like the osteopath, I’m sure). Hospital privileges, prescription drugs, insurance parity, and on and on. It was, according to some DCs, a wake up call to join the rest of the healing arts and upgrade our educational standards and refrain from our “religious” dogma of subluxation and nerve interference. “What will the neighbors think if you keep spouting off about vertebral subluxation?!”

So what happened? Well, many schools and DCs bought into the idea that we were substandard. The accrediting body for the profession, a surely ill-gotten post of power and purported responsibility, made for increasing the standards for school entrance and for teaching requirements. I suppose that they never heard of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” concept of life. Courses in philosophy – the reasons for why we do what we do – were delegitimized in favor of more classes in science and diagnosis. Students were taught a paradigm of chiropractic that lowered the correction of a subluxation to the level of a therapy for pain relief and nothing more. Rather than an all inclusive approach that determined the appropriateness of care based solely on the presence of nerve interference, students were taught to diagnose, in a medical model, so as to determine whether or not the person under consideration, (maybe I should say the condition under review), had a disease/problem amenable to, egads, manipulation. The term Spinal Manipulative Therapy or SMT became common in the discourse between DC and insurance companies as it became more present in our schools. It was, to many, a more palatable mouthful than adjustment and, of course, separated it from those still clinging to that dogma to make them appear more “scientific” and “modern”?

Schools began to teach what they said was what the population wanted: pain relief for the lower back. Certain self appointed leaders in our profession assumed a slave mentality to provide without protest. Stay in our limited specialty of treating low backs and we won’t get whipped. So instead of having the entire planet as our patient base, we would be relegated to just those folks with an approved problem.

What was perhaps even more telling of having lost the war was the increasing presence of MDs and Phd’s on our campuses. They were brought there to “increase” our scholastic credentials and to raise our educational standards. So if OM couldn’t beat us overtly, they could sure do so covertly. Having bought the premise put forth by OM that if you wanted to play with the “big boys” you had to teach like them, the CCE (Congress of ChiropracTIC’s Enemies), mandated minimum education requirements for teachers. Called for were masters degrees, doctorate degrees and MD degrees. Oh, and if you had a few DC degreed folks teaching, just be sure there weren’t too many from one school. You didn’t want to overly influence the education in favor of one school of thought, did you? Somehow a DC degree wasn’t worth the paper it was granted on. Whereas up until about ten years ago, the majority of instructors were DC’s, nowadays, the majority are non DC papered. So just what, then, are our students taught? And from what perspective? MD or DC? Mechanistic or Vitalistic? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that what was at stake in eliminating chiropractic wasn’t just to get rid of it’s practitioners. No. It was to get rid of our philosophy. That’s what separates us from the chimps. We have a different approach and it threatened their status quo. Medicine got rid of osteopathy by accepting them into the fold of OM but only if they left that nonsense from Andrew Still out of their curriculums except as an anecdotal story. Will DD and BJ become just a footnote in our history?

Isn’t it more likely that a DC graduating from most schools today, pines for the day he’ll be able to prescribe pain pills? Is there a problem having the fox teach the farmer security of his hen house? I think so.

So we got to this crisis in our profession due in large part to the actions of a very few men. Probably less than a dozen or so. While I can’t prove it, I suspect that there’s drug money involved. While I can’t expose it, there’s conspiracy afoot. Regardless, what’s at stake is our philosophy. Do you think that Part V of the National Boards, suggested to be given every 5 years to practicing chiropractors as a condition of continual licensure is going to make us “better” or to maintain our abilities? I don’t suspect that there will be a lot of questions regarding philosophy on that board. Blood values… yes. Philosophical ideas… not a chance. It’s just another act to suppress our philosophy and return us to the drug pushing, disease treating OM fold.

Those DCs who choose to follow the money and whose self and professional esteem are so low as to cause them to seek acceptance from OM, will destroy our profession. But only if we let them.

The recent assault on Life College is occurring along these lines. Can you imagine how powerful these folks in power are if they were emboldened to take on the largest school as their first attempt at suppression? I’m not about to go into whether there were problems that Life failed to correct or not, this just feels like a time when the actions of a small cell of men have intentionally affected the world for the worst. In their actions you can see a case where the means justifies the ends; an end to chiropracTIC.

So I could ramble on as I’ve been reminded I sometimes do. Rant is actually how I’ve come to think of it. I’m worried, though. What else will Life and other schools have to compromise to be able to survive? Their students have become their hostages. They may “fix” things so as to survive as an institution but at what cost to the profession?

Our profession is at stake and as a result the world is in grave danger of losing the largest group of healers who had as their purpose to set men free. In hindsight lies nearly all answers. I hope we don’t look back from the vantage point of a few years hence and see our end but instead see the moment when we all took a stand for the principle and moved forward.

For the Principle, Dr. H @ 7:14 am | Article ID: 1026742489

Prozac – Drugs in your Mailbox

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dog food, breath mints, shampoo and gum. We have all received unexpected freebies in the mail, but prescription drugs?

A lawsuit has been filed in Florida after drug pushers (what would you call them?) began sending samples of Prozac in the mail to unsuspecting folks. It is still not clear how many people were sent the unsolicited drugs but the situation came to light when very concerned recipient filed an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against her doctors, her pharmacy and Prozac maker Eli Lilly & Co.

According to news reports, this is the first time a powerful prescription drug sample has been sent via direct mailings. Some medical experts warned that unsolicited drug mailings are dangerous and may be illegal. You think?! Who checks the mail in your household, is it ever your kids?

Apparently the sender was a Walgreens pharmacy that had “coupons” from the drug manufacturer for reimbursement. Some news sources are reporting that the case may likely be a violation of Floridas Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. It is suspected that medical doctors acted as shills for the pharmaceutical companies and that patient trust and confidence was violated.

An article from the Washington Post has more details, that will be the first link available below.

I find it interesting that while at the same time druggists are pushing Prozac by mail (for FREE) news is coming out that suggests antidepressants work only slightly better than placebos. According to news in USA Today, more than half of 47 studies conducted found that patients on antidepressants improved no more than those on placebos. “They should have told the American public about this. The drugs have been touted as much more effective than they are.” – University of Connecticut psychologist Irving Kirsch

Here are some source links for more info, get them and save them for offline viewing as news links often go bad after a week or two.

Washington Post: Lawsuit After Prozac Arrives in Mail
Nando Times: Florida subpoenas drug companies, doctors over mailed Prozac
Forbes: Free sample mailing leaves druggists steamed
CNN: Mailed Prozac samples cause stir

USA Today: Study: Antidepressant barely better than placebo @ 9:33 am | Article ID: 1026491616

20 Years! Pure Celebration and Appreciation

And The Ten Laws of Practice Success
By Dr. Shawn Powers

This month marks our twentieth year in chiropractic. There are certain people that I want to take time today to acknowledge, appreciate and give my sincere thanks. If you are only interested in the nuts and bolts, scroll down to the Success Tips section, now.

My practice members over the years have taught me more than any book or classroom ever could, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege to serve you. My husband who has been my partner in life as well as in business, I am so blessed to have shared the past 24 years with you and look forward to the next 70! Our friends and families who have been our cheerleaders during the darkest days and the successes we have treasured. To every CA that we have had the opportunity to work with and serve our mission, thank you.

What we have the privilege to do today would not be possible if it were not for the pioneers, who have fought the battles and endured hardships, words aren’t big enough to express what you have done.

I celebrate those who I have learned from, been mentored by, challenged, confronted, and stretched to grow and become a better chiropractor and person. They’re too many to list; however Dr. Riekeman you are at the top because Ten Strategies and Quest shaped so much in those early years, I am forever grateful. Sigafoose the in-office was the beginning of so many things; I am forever indebted to you and am thankful for your guidance and support.

To my dear friends at Parker, I learn so much from you and am so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves, I LOVE YOU! Dr. Mancini thanks for carrying the torch and bringing it all back. Doris and all of you that help the seminars come together, thank you for the pleasure of working with you.

To the groups, associations and seminars, I thank you for the honor of being on your programs and those of you who have been in the audience, it has been a joy. To all the clients, the opportunity to help you fulfill your destiny is such an honor. Thank you all for making my dreams come true and shaping my past, present and future.

Twenty years ago after graduation our dear friend Todd helped us load up his van and our tiny Honda and drive non stop cross-country to Colorado so I could start my associate position. Thank you for being there at the beginning, we miss you.

Success Tips

We are halfway through the year. Are you on target to hit your goals by December 1st or the 21st at the very latest? If not what action needs to be taken? There are very specific and effective strategies to guarantee accomplishment of your goals and guaranteed practice growth. If you understand and abide by the 10 laws of practice growth, you will certainly reach and most probably surpass your goals. The key is doing what you know needs to be done whether you want to or not. I will explore the key to each law in the next upcoming articles.

The Ten Laws Of Practice Growth

1) Control your thoughts and elevate your beliefs
2) Certainty of Your Purpose and Vision
3) Focus
4) Initiative and Willingness
5) Certainty and Self-Confidence
6) Perseverance
7) Leadership
8) Connection and Communication
9) Self discipline
10) Follow-through

Until we meet again, may angels guard and guide you, beauty surround you, love enfold you, and may all God’s blessings be yours. I am yours in guarding the sacred trust – Dr. Shawn Powers @ 8:36 am | Article ID: 1026488212

Lleyton Hewitt, Wimbledon, and Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There are no doubts that 21-year-old Lleyton Hewitt is the worlds top tennis player. His performance this past Sunday in the Wimbledon final solidified his No. 1 ranking in the sport.

Lleyton Hewitt plays with power and precision; his body, mind, and spirit in complete communication. He won the U.S. Open last September, and has now added the most prestigious title in tennis to his resume and validated his legitimacy as the top dog in the game.

Andrea Bisaz, Hewitt’s chiropractor, had this to say after Sundays victory… “There is a lot of work to be done, but Lleyton is just great to work with. He has almost got a boyish sort of figure, very lean and good muscle ratio which gives him his pace round the court.”

This young man is just getting started. Lleyton Hewitt is joining the ranks of other top athletes that utilize chiropractic care to maximize their athletic performance and longevity in sport. Whether it be Emmitt Smith, Evander Holyfield, Tiger Woods, John Stockton, Lance Armstrong, or any number of athletes with top rankings in their sport, top chiropractors are there as well. You name the sport, we’ll name the chiropractor.

– – – – – – – – – –
Note: Dr. Jeff Spencer is currently on the road for the 4th time with Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. We’ll have an update on that news next week. @ 8:52 am | Article ID: 1026402770