20 Years! Pure Celebration and Appreciation

And The Ten Laws of Practice Success
By Dr. Shawn Powers

This month marks our twentieth year in chiropractic. There are certain people that I want to take time today to acknowledge, appreciate and give my sincere thanks. If you are only interested in the nuts and bolts, scroll down to the Success Tips section, now.

My practice members over the years have taught me more than any book or classroom ever could, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege to serve you. My husband who has been my partner in life as well as in business, I am so blessed to have shared the past 24 years with you and look forward to the next 70! Our friends and families who have been our cheerleaders during the darkest days and the successes we have treasured. To every CA that we have had the opportunity to work with and serve our mission, thank you.

What we have the privilege to do today would not be possible if it were not for the pioneers, who have fought the battles and endured hardships, words aren’t big enough to express what you have done.

I celebrate those who I have learned from, been mentored by, challenged, confronted, and stretched to grow and become a better chiropractor and person. They’re too many to list; however Dr. Riekeman you are at the top because Ten Strategies and Quest shaped so much in those early years, I am forever grateful. Sigafoose the in-office was the beginning of so many things; I am forever indebted to you and am thankful for your guidance and support.

To my dear friends at Parker, I learn so much from you and am so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves, I LOVE YOU! Dr. Mancini thanks for carrying the torch and bringing it all back. Doris and all of you that help the seminars come together, thank you for the pleasure of working with you.

To the groups, associations and seminars, I thank you for the honor of being on your programs and those of you who have been in the audience, it has been a joy. To all the clients, the opportunity to help you fulfill your destiny is such an honor. Thank you all for making my dreams come true and shaping my past, present and future.

Twenty years ago after graduation our dear friend Todd helped us load up his van and our tiny Honda and drive non stop cross-country to Colorado so I could start my associate position. Thank you for being there at the beginning, we miss you.

Success Tips

We are halfway through the year. Are you on target to hit your goals by December 1st or the 21st at the very latest? If not what action needs to be taken? There are very specific and effective strategies to guarantee accomplishment of your goals and guaranteed practice growth. If you understand and abide by the 10 laws of practice growth, you will certainly reach and most probably surpass your goals. The key is doing what you know needs to be done whether you want to or not. I will explore the key to each law in the next upcoming articles.

The Ten Laws Of Practice Growth

1) Control your thoughts and elevate your beliefs
2) Certainty of Your Purpose and Vision
3) Focus
4) Initiative and Willingness
5) Certainty and Self-Confidence
6) Perseverance
7) Leadership
8) Connection and Communication
9) Self discipline
10) Follow-through

Until we meet again, may angels guard and guide you, beauty surround you, love enfold you, and may all God’s blessings be yours. I am yours in guarding the sacred trust – Dr. Shawn Powers

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