Month: February 2002

Steps #2, #3, & #4 to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Principle #2 (always perform a thorough examination in ten to fifteen minutes) is probably the easiest of all the principles to perform. Most of us come out of Chiropractic College willing to do a 30 to 90 minute examination on all new patients and charge a nominal fee. This procedure should only be 10 to fifteen minutes long. This is long enough to perform over 30 exams and prove to the patient you are doing more than most doctors to investigate their health status. A copy of my examination form is attached, which is also very convenient for 3 re-examinations.

Principle #3 (always x-ray new patients) should be easy if you are pre-framing subluxation, which discusses the consequences of spinal decay. Spinal decay is predictable and easily seen when it occurs on x-ray. Patients can easily see it on x-ray also after a fifteen minute lesson done once a day for all new patients. Remember 95% of all Chiropractors want to be adjusted weekly for the rest of their lives, so give the new patient enough tools and education to make that same decision.

Principle #4 (do not adjust on the first visit) is the toughest to follow of these 3 discussed. There again if you Pre-frame subluxation, it will make sense to the patient why you are not adjusting on the first visit. You have to establish value in your long term care, before the patient will consider investing in it. Surgeons don’t perform $30,000 or more surgeries, until they perform $2,000 in examination procedures to get the patient to invest in them. Some will say, but it is really insurance paying the procedure. Not always is insurance paying now a days (look at lasix and cosmetic surgeries) and the patient owns the insurance policy. Remember if the first 3 days of a new patient is done right, you could easily prevent many $30,000 neck and back surgeries.

It is your job to tell the whole truth and let the patient decide how much they want to participate, which could be long term, short term, or none at all. You will sleep good at night knowing you told the truth, even when they reject you care. Just tell the truth.

Next time we will discuss Principle #5 (do a written report which includes photo of their x-ray). You can find my past articles and attachments in different formats on this website. Just look for my name under authors. There is much detail covered on our SOCM 18 CD set or you can study the First 3 day Video/Audio set. These can be found at: Planet Chiropractic’s Online Store.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren
Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher

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Here is the link to the group report. The document is in Microsoft Word format.
Group Report @ 9:24 am | Article ID: 1014917053

Lyme Vaccine Gets Pulled From Market

The controversial Lymerix vaccine used to treat Lyme disease has been pulled from the market, according to media reports. MSNBC news headlines read, “After history of controversy, maker discontinues Lymerix, citing poor sales

The highly reactive Lyme Disease Vaccine has finally bitten the dust. It is important to note that no matter what the manufacturer cites for a reason, the truth is that because the vaccine never made it onto the childhood schedule, the manufacturer is not protected from liability under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Many children and adults alike hurt by this vaccine have filed lawsuits and it is certain that many more are coming. – Dawn Richardson, PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)

Although the makers have sighted financial concerns as to why the vaccine was pulled, previous news reports may offer insight as to a different motivation for taking the product off the shelf.

From MSNBC News Archives Jan. 31, 2001: Restrictions urged for Lyme vaccine – Patients complain of severe arthritis-like pain

Jan. 31 — About a dozen people who believe they were severely sickened by the Lyme disease vaccine pleaded with government scientists Wednesday to restrict vaccine sales or at least to insist that doctors disclose all possible side effects.

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A note about MSNBC: Planet Chiropractic would like to recognize MSNBC for their ongoing commitment to news services. They are often the first network to have news available and they supply archived news links longer than any major media website we have encountered. MSNBC, Thank you for all that you do. @ 8:26 am | Article ID: 1014827172

Child of Light

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

While watching the incredible closing ceremonies of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, the continuing theme of “Light the Fire Within” again intruded upon my thoughts until I began to see each of the Chiropractors on this planet as a “Child of Light.”

I’m convinced that all of us in this profession and those associated with us are especially filled with the spark of Innate (God within) which is the light referred to in the Olympic theme and are a “chosen” people sent to lead this entire planet… and especially the western parts of the world… into the light of new millennium healing.

Nothing happens in this universe by accident or coincidence. You & I are exactly where we’re supposed to be, doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, at exactly the right time in the history of this planet, and it’s up to each of us to bring this experience of Healing to its full expression during the short time we have on Earth.

We don’t have to do this but we have the power to do this and, on some level in the past, we each chose to do this. Dr. Jim Sigafoose has said that he feels he was “ordained” to be a Chiropractor (and so are we all).

The extraordinary early pioneers in this field of Chiropractic set the stage for us and taught us by their courage in the face of severe medical and political opposition, being willing to go to jail and worse to guarantee their right (and ours) to bring natural Healing to the sick people of this planet. And we, like them, have been given the rare privilege of being a channel for the divine energies and participating in a miracle of God… HEALING.

And all we have to do is… Do It!

– – – – – – – – – –
Sid L. Mouk, DC practices in Baton Rouge, LA
He can be reached via telephone at 225-924-6533 or email at: [email protected] @ 8:21 am | Article ID: 1014740478

Do Vaccinations Actually Help or Hurt Children?

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center is interviewed on CNN’s American Morning with Paula Zahn

Barbara Loe Fisher was interviewed this morning on CNN regarding a child immunization study completed by the Institute of Medicine last week.

The question by CNN anchor person Paula Zahn was: “Do vaccinations actually help or hurt children?” While the study reportedly concludes that the schedule of 20 vaccines before the age of two does not increase a child’s risk of contracting type 1 Diabetes, it is inconclusive as to whether the shots increase the risk of asthma.

Barbara Loe Fisher expressed that it is very important for people to have access to the Institute of Medicine report. We have supplied a link on this page. According to Fisher, the report, “outlines in detail the possible biological mechanisms that could be at work when vaccines create auto immunity in some children.” She further adds, “It is a research blueprint for the federal health agencies and for industry to do the kinds of scientific studies that need to be done to answer the outstanding question of whether or not vaccines — the multiple vaccines we’re giving our children — have contributed to the doubling of asthma in the last 20 years in our kids, the doubling of learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder, the tripling of Diabetes, and the increase of autism in every state by 600 percent.”

Barbara’s advice to parents was that they become educated about vaccines and infectious diseases. Zahn added, “So parents, read as much as you can. Stay informed. You’ve got to make the choices for your own children, along with your doctor.” American Morning with Paula Zahn – Transcript of Broadcast.
Institute of Medicine Report: Immunization Safety Review Committee
NVIC: National Vaccine Information Center @ 9:49 am | Article ID: 1014659397

Chiropractor Takes Home Bronze at 2002 Olympics

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Doug Sharp, a Doctor of Chiropractic, has won the Olympic Bronze medal, along with his teammates, in Saturdays four-man Olympic bobsled race.

Dr. Doug was a part of the four-man U.S. Olympic bobsled team lead by Brian Shimer. Sunday morning media reports spoke of a “stunning rally” by Shimer, who also had Mike Kohn, and brakeman Dan Steele on his team.

The U.S. men’s bobsled team had not won an Olympic medal since 1956, and this was reportedly Shimers last Olympic race. News of the race was on front pages of Sunday newspapers and media websites across the United States.

Todd Hays, along with teammates Randy Jones, Bill Schuffenhauer and brakeman Garrett Hines, captured the silver medal for the U.S. in the four-man event with an overall time of 3:07.81

It is also of importance to note that Dave Juehring, D.C., served as the U.S. Bobsled team leader. Dr. Juehring is Director of Sports Injury at the Palmer Main Clinic in Davenport, Iowa. Doug Sharp, D.C. is a 1997 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Great Athletes + Great Chiropractors = Great Results

MSNBC: U.S. ends 46-year bobsleigh drought
MSNBC: Shimer shines in last bobsleigh run

Planet Chiropractic: Palmer Alum and Administrator Bound for Winter Olympics @ 3:56 pm | Article ID: 1014594978

Conviction of the Heart

by Travis Robertson

Why did you decide to become a doctor? When were you sure beyond a doubt that that’s what you wanted? Have you ever been sure beyond a doubt? Are you still questioning it? Is it what you really want to do? Are you scared? Are you not scared and think that you should be? All these questions and, for many of us, no definite answer to any of them.

So much is cloudy. So much is unsure. We throw ourselves into a sea of doubt questioning our own abilities. We worry about and toil over the numbers. The number of people that are better than me. The number of people that are better with people than me. The numbers on tests or grade reports that are supposed to reflect what we know. People, if you ask them, have so much more faith in you than you do.

Believe in yourself. You can become the doctor you have always dreamed of being. People are not lying when they appreciate what you’ve done for them. You are appreciated. You are respected. You are loved. You have locked inside you, for it is locked in everyone, a power so immense, so great, that it can make all your dreams come true.

Doctors have this added bonus of, through their education, being close to this inner power. This inner power that wants to be expressed. We learn about the human body, the anatomy, chemistry, the physiology and so on. We get to see first hand this wonderful power, inherent and at work within our bodies. We get to see all the “little” things it does every single microsecond of our lives so that we can continue to be. This which we experience, as doctors and doctors to be, on such an intimate level demands one thing from us. That one thing is RESPECT. We know, as every doctor should, how this inner power, this spark, this flame, wants to be expressed.

There are so many things that can interfere with this and I’m not talking just subluxation. I’m talking about the biggest problem with people today. That problem is ATTITUDE. Attitude is one of the most important causes of interference in the expression of this inner force we all have.

I have said it before that we physically adjust our patients but more importantly we need to mentally adjust them. Help them to find the correct path. Attitudes of fear, regret, resentment, anger, doubt, and disbelief. These are the attitudes that dominate most of us. These attitudes have their place in our lives but that place is not the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat needs to be headed up by optimism, compassion, courage, hope, faith, humor, and love. These feelings and attitudes are there all the time. They are fighting so hard to get out. The doors are held tight by those other attitudes. There is one thing that can break down that door and let the positive attitudes do what they were always there waiting to do. That one thing is Conviction. Not just any old conviction but conviction of the heart.

Some may say that they possess such conviction and that reminds me of a few lines from a favorite song of mine. It goes something like this, “You’ve heard it hundreds of times. You say you’re aware. Believe that you care. But do you care enough? Where’s your conviction of the heart?”.

When conviction of the heart sets in there are no boundaries. The flicker, the spark that contained the positive attitudes explodes with such a awesome force that the negative attitudes can no longer bar the door. Conviction of the heart is key. We all need to answer the question for ourselves, “Why did I want to become a doctor?”. The conviction I found in my heart has helped me to answer that question. I wanted to become a doctor for one simple reason. I wanted to see that small flicker of a person’s true being grow into a fully expressed raging fire that no one, not even a doctor telling them that they have six months to live, can put out. A fire that, I hope, is contagious.

I want my patients, friends, and family to realize that they are not weak, fragile, and prone to breakdowns. That they are not slaves to their genetic code. That they don’t need anything that they don’t already have. That they need not be afraid for fear is what fertilizes the ground for disease. That they need not doubt their own body’s abilities. That they need not have disbelief in the body’s inherent, innate strive to be healthy, to succeed, to live. We, as people, are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I want everyone to know that they have this potential locked away inside of them.

Many of us, the doctors to be and doctors in the field still have this potential locked up. I know you all have the passion. Let it come forth. Grab the conviction, rest it in your heart and use it to fuel the flame that is buried deep in all of us. Do what you do because you KNOW that it is right regardless of what others may think. Dare to be different. Stand your ground. Be goofy. Be fun. Have a sense of humor, especially about yourself. Get peoples’ attention. Talk to people. Get to know people. Ask people questions. Ask them what they love, what they are passionate about, what they dream about. Be proud of what you do, who you are, and where you came from. Keep reading. Keep digging for more information. Keep expanding your horizons of knowledge. Keep listening to others. Keep telling the Chiropractic Story to everyone you meet. Some will get it, some won’t but keep telling.

Believe in yourself. Believe in Chiropractic. Believe in Life. After all they are one in the same. Keep the conviction and success will unfold before you. Someday life can be grand for all, but it’s up to us, the Chiropractors and fledgling Chiropractors, to finally be brave enough to talk with conviction of the heart.

– – – – – – – – – –
Travis Robertson is a student at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. He is just beginning his 5th Trimester there and is an example of what’s to come from our New DC’s in this age of information. @ 2:12 pm | Article ID: 1014329569

Valentine’s Abundance in Ontario, Again

“Another Happy Valentines Day” commented one of the many volunteers at the Wiarton Salvation Army Food Bank after just under one ton of food was delivered to them Friday morning.

The 7th annual H.O.P.E. Day at the Wiarton Family Chiropractic Centre brought in a whopping 1,952 pounds of food for the Wiarton area Food Bank. “Our patients and wellness clients just keep amazing me” said Dr. Steven Silk as he gazed at the mountain of food in the reception area of the Brown Street facility prior to it being boxed up.

“I truly believe that the heart of any community is found in the small acts of kindness one person does for another” said Dr. Silk. “When a whole bunch of people each do a little, you end up with this” motioning to the boxes being loaded onto a trailer for transport to the food bank. “It is also a reflection of the spirit of the people who have made a choice to be healthier through chiropractic, for these people see a bigger picture for small-town Ontario.”

H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Eat) has brought in 13,000 pounds of food since being developed by Dr. Silk’s partner and wife, Dr. Raelynn Cancel, in 1996. “While we always look for ways of doing something for the community, I wish it wasn’t necessary” said Dr. Cancel in explaining the exchange of fees for food concept of the food drive. “But the need of a well-stocked food bank at this time of year is a reality that we can’t ignore.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who made a donation, no matter how big or how small, for each of you has done your part to make life a little easier for your fellow citizens” said Dr. Silk, “We’re proud to have you as members of our practice, and our town.”

For further information, contact Dr. Steven J. Silk (519) 534-1330

– – – – – – – – – –
Congratulations to Drs. Silk and Cancel for the dedication and commitment they have shown to their community and to chiropractic. It is a year to the day since we published an article of their food drive success in 2001. Remember, each of you has done your part to make life a little easier for your fellow citizens.
Planet Chiropractic: Valentine’s Abundance in Ontario @ 6:23 am | Article ID: 1014214999

Transformation to Wholeness

By Sid L. Mouk, D.C.

Throughout the centuries, Healers have been revered by cultures all over this planet. We all seem to feel an awe and respect for those individuals who are able to assist us in facilitating a “transformation to wholeness” within ourselves. From the Medicine Men (and women) of the Native Americans to the Treateurs of the Louisiana Cajuns to the aboriginal Healers of Australia (so aptly described in the book A Mutant Message Down Under) to the present-day energy Healers of planet Earth, let’s offer tribute and thanks.

Healers come in every size, shape and color (Shirley MacClaine’s book Going Within brings this out very well). Healing has nothing to do with any certain type of healthcare provider or doctor. You can find wonderful Healers within all disciplines and you can also find some within all healthcare disciplines who don’t have a clue as to what healing is all about—and yet continue to put themselves out as “doctors” to the world. Healing comes from (through) the Healers themselves and not from any adjustment, treatment, or medicine they may give the patient. It’s the Healer who facilitates the healing process within the patient and not the physical treatment itself, no matter what kind of treatment it is or how skillfully that treatment may be administered.

Throughout the past centuries, Healers have stated over and over that they simply allow the healing energy of the universe to flow through them to the patient—that they take no active part in this miraculous process. They simply have the privilege of witnessing a miracle taking place in the patient. Fool’s Crow (a Native American shaman) stated that he simply became a “hollow bone” thus allowing the divine healing energies to flow through him. He also said that if he should ever begin to think it was he who was doing the healing, the flow of healing energy would stop instantly. So the Healer’s mission is simply to get out of the way and to become a “clear channel” allowing the healing energies of the universe to flow through him/her to the patient in need of healing. This involves several important learnings on the part of the Healer—especially learning to put his/her ego aside thus allowing the universal energies to flow without interference to the patient.

Throughout the centuries, there have been three basic principles used by all Healers that facilitate this free flow of healing energy:

Number one is always Unconditional Love. We’re speaking here of “Agape Love”—the love the Healer has for patients as brother beings who are worthy of all our love and caring (no matter what their external behavior or characteristics may be). Herein lies the essence of all healing, no matter who does the healing or how it’s done.

Number two involves the faith of the Healer in what he/she does and his/her ability to transfer that faith to the patient, thus opening up both the Healer and the patient to a “transformation to wholeness.”

Number three has to do with the ability of the Healer to be there in the moment (in the “now”) to facilitate the healing. Everything happens only in the “now” and Healers must be able to keep themselves in the present moment to allow the healing process to take place in the patient. Keeping themselves totally in present time also helps the patient remain in the moment to receive the healing energies being offered to them.

We can all be Healers, we can all open ourselves to the power of universal love, and we can all live a healthy vibrant life on this planet. It’s our birthright! It’s time for all DCs to become Healers (and not just “doctors”) and begin our own “Transformation to Wholeness” now… for our patients and for ourselves!!!

– – – – – – – – – –
Sid L. Mouk, DC practices in Baton Rouge, LA
He can be reached via telephone at 225-924-6533 @ 9:30 am | Article ID: 1014139833

Chiropractic, Medicine, Manipulation & More

Provided by Rob Sinnott, D.C., LCP (Hon) and Norris A. Erickson, D.C., LCP (Hon)

The following is my understanding of the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. The dirt on the Canada situation is not new by any means. This is another example of what happened when the ACA powers changed the term specific Chiropractic Adjustment to manipulation in the 1970’s.

Chiropractic is now viewed legally as a type of therapy, not a profession (separate and distinct). Had they left their dirty little fingers out of the ICA legislation in the 1970’s the “HCFA suit” would be unnecessary. Since manipulation ‘belongs’ to no one group they now want everyone’s money to fix the problem they caused. This type of suit is not as expensive as they want you all to believe. This is why the collecting continues. Fill the pockets of the group that caused so many of the problems WE now have to collectively fix.

The Canadian situation is, according to the ACA President at a recent Lyceum debate, not their issue as it is not a USA issue. They also claimed to have no influence used in state issues at the same debate. During this time their membership in Florida changed the Chiropractors to chiropractic medicine. Also, their ACA Representative in Rhode Island pushed legislation and got the same designation (denigration) in Rhode Island. Was he even censured by the ACA as he turned Chiropractic medical? Are you kidding? Of course not!

Has the ACA worked to help the profession return from these medical departures? Nope. The ICA has been funding an effort to fight this problem in Canada for several years UNILATERALLY from the USA! I would not be surprised to see the ACA yet again slide in at the end to take credit for THEIR hard fought victory in Canada. This is the tactic they used in the ICA suit–WILK v. AMA.

George McAndrews was interviewed and hired by the ICA, not the ACA. The ACA joined the suit late, long after they were invited. To this day very few remember the details well enough to see through the smoke screen. My question is, “Was it worth it?” Was it worth snuggling up to the medical profession to gain their ‘acceptance’? What a victory that has been! We now have a few studies that state manipulation (not necessarily Chiropractor induced) is sometimes good for low back pains and the medical jury isn’t in yet on headaches or neck pain. Oh! Thank you, thank you! Smooch, smooch! Isn’t this wonderful!

We better wake up and SOON! The PTs bring in over $45,000,000.00 each and every year in dues alone! Chiropractic groups can’t match this in ten years! Our goodwill for the first sixty years of the profession has little momentum left. They are coming to get some of that good manipulation for their very own. Who will stop them? ‘But if we tell them to stop the MDs won’t like us anymore.’ Big deal! They don’t really like us now. The wonderful full page ad in the Wall Street Journal denying Chiropractic care for children and apologizing to keep their ‘acceptance’. Now they are starting a Pediatric Diplomate Program. Get serious. Who will teach it? As for Canada, if I were them I would be very careful of who I ask for help. They might get more than they bargain for. @ 9:16 am | Article ID: 1014138962

Playing Nice With Others

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Do you get along well with your patients? Do you get along well with your staff? Do people come to you because they like you or because they are scared they will become symptomatic again? When you talk with people do they feel closer to you or further away from you as a result of your conversation?

In my experience when a person is in pain it isn’t very hard to get them to continue with care. When they are not in pain is a different story. The first aspect of having them continue with the chiropractic lifestyle is to share with them the principle of chiropractic. Most of us have gotten pretty good at that (I know I’m optimistic). Yet that is not good enough.

Let’s face it, most of us know we would live a healthier life if we worked out regularly. How many people actually do? I know for me, during the periods of my life when I hired a personal trainer I was much more likely to actually go to the gym.

I see our office in a similar way. Part of what we do beyond teach people about chiropractic is support them in achieving their goals when it comes to chiropractic. Some people have good intentions yet unless we gently remind them by a phone call or by a post card they forget that they had committed themselves to being responsible enough to get adjusted on a regular basis. These are some of the elementary procedures involved in building a family maintenance practice.

The advanced course involves something that is a little harder to teach someone. That is the skill of having people want to be around you and listen to you. Your personality so to speak. If a person comes to see you and it is a negative experience for them they will think twice before they come back. it could be a first experience at the back desk or that they have to wait too long. It could be that being with you is not a good experience. The bottom line for me in building a practice is how much the people trust me and want to be around me and listen to my recommendations. Can I be counted on to be consistent with my mood? Can I leave the outside world outside of the office as much as possible? Am I there to serve their needs or only my own? Am I nice to them even when I don’t want to be nice because of something that is going on in my life or my own head? Can I be nice to them even when they want to complain about how they feel even though they missed their last 3 appointments? Do I have unconditional love for them? Am I committed to their health, even when they are not? Can I love them even when they smell? How about when they run out of insurance, can I love them even then?

What gets in my way of loving them? And when this happens, how do I re-center myself? How do I open up again when someone or something has caused me to shut myself down? Do I have a support system? Are there people in my life I can talk to and am I willing to let my guard down again after I felt like life dealt me a raw hand? Do I take responsibility for my condition?

We have a great product called chiropractic. We are selling that product. If they knew how much our product could enhance the quality of their lives than certainly they would put more energy towards continuing with care. How well are they sold? How committed are we to selling them that product? Really committed? In the long run we would be so much better off with a practice full of people like that. When my patient retention goes up than my stress level goes down. I’m surrounded with people who are committed to staying well and dealing with the stresses of life from the inside out. More energy has to go in at the onset yet the payoff is tremendous as we create a society of people who are willing to take responsibility for their health and not wait until they need crisis care.

Yet again, I don’t care how awesome the product is, they aren’t going to come to you unless they feel like they want to be in relationship with you even if you are like me and only spend a few minutes with each person. The few minutes I am with them, I am really with them. They feel my attention and my presence as I put their needs before even my own for those few minutes and am in the ultimate act of service being used to do what I have been trained to and chosen to do.

I truly love my patients and they feel that love. Just like my kids when they misbehave, I love them anyway. There is nothing they can do to have me stop loving them. No matter how they act I still love them. I am gentle with them. I don’t have to re-act to them, I can take it in, think it over and act out of the loving spirit that runs though me. That is what my kids are looking for from me as a mother and that is what my patients need too. We all need that love and we are attracted to that in another human being. They can find the common attitudes that prevail in life everywhere else most everywhere else. When they come to me I do the best job that I can to act out of love and this is very ATTRACTIVE. People are attracted to me because I am willing to pull out this higher self in myself. I play nice with others.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon GormanDr. Sharon Gorman is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, she associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose. She opened her own practice in June of 1985 and in 3 months was seeing over 100 patients a day. Within 4 years, she had established four chiropractic practices seeing combined over 5000 patients a month. Now, married with 4 children, she still practices part time and manages 3 successful practices. She is a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars and is the founder and hostess of the Focus Philosophy Weekends. Visit her website at: @ 2:01 pm | Article ID: 1014069692