Month: February 2002

Educational, or just drug pushing?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Are pharmaceutical ads helping Americans get healthy, or are the drugs being sold draining our health and our wallets? According to research, the jury is still out.

DrugsIf you live in the U.S., no doubt you have seen hundreds (possibly even thousands) of prescription drug commercials and/or advertisements during the past few years. 1997 is when the floodgates opened, that is when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened the way for increased pharmaceutical advertising directly to consumers.

According to research from Harvard, spending on direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads more than tripled in four years, to nearly $2.5 billion. According to researcher findings, the majority of advertising dollars have been spent on television ads.

Harvard researchers also report there is widespread concern that part of the increased costs in U.S. healthcare are due to the advertising of drugs, that do not necessarily provide better health.

Interestingly, only a small group of drugs are marketed directly to the public. Those drugs include names such as Viagra, Claritin, and Vioxx. Of that small group, money spent makes up 60% of all DTC dollars spent by the pharmaceutical industry.

The question researchers (and some public health officials) are asking is whether drug advertising leads to improvements in health, or unnecessary spending and decreased health. While the pharmaceutical industry claims that DTC advertising is educational, others believe it is putting people at risk.

According to an ABC News article, “a substantial proportion of people mistakenly believe that the FDA reviews all ads before they are released and allows only the safest and most effective drugs” to be promoted directly to the public. That is just not the case.

Some feel that the education of patients or physicians is too important to be left to the pharmaceutical industry, whose primary goal is to promote and sell more drugs. It is important not to forget that advertising is just that, ADVERTISING. Do not confuse it with health care advice intended to better inform you as to your options.

ABC News: Spending on Direct-To-Consumer Drug Ads Triples
ABC News: Direct to Consumer Advertising Drug Companies Target Ordinary People, Not Doctors
ABC News: Drug ads aimed at patients on rise
Yahoo! News: Spending on Direct-To-Consumer Drug Ads Triples @ 8:49 am | Article ID: 1013791786

Be My Valentine

By Dr. Stew Bittman

Chiropractic, would you be my valentine?
I do love you so, and I really think you love me, too. You have showered me with gifts, and have graciously taught me to share mine. You have shown me miracles and whispered sweet everythings in my ear, and from you I have learned innumerable truths about myself and about my Self.

Without words your song has reached deep into my heart and laid it open, and the Universe continues to open to me. Your principle has ignited a divine spark that never was quite reached before with science or money or recreational drugs, and the world and I continue to benefit from the passion that has been unleashed.

Your simple and natural beauty has filled me with awe and continually reminds me of the incredible power I hold in my hands, and your magic continues to work thru them. Your other servants have become my closest friends and dearest family, and I continue to glow with hope and optimism as I meet more and more of your warriors. Best of all, you have never let me down, even when I’ve forsaken you by using you in name only, and you have helped me to develop a real relationship with God.

Be my valentine, chiropractic, and I vow to serve you, to love you, to protect you, to share you, to live you, and to be you.

On Valentines Day, know that I will be serving God by serving you. It’s the most loving thing I know how to do. Even better, know that I’ll be doing it the next day as well. @ 1:10 am | Article ID: 1013663413

Chiropractic–How Do I Love Thee Let Me Count The Ways

By Super CA Lynne

I love thee for the power you have given me
I love thee for the health you have bestowed upon me
I love thee for the happiness I see each day because of you
I love thee for the pain that miraculously leaves me when I get reconnected
I love thee for the wonderful world you have opened up to me since being under care
I love thee for the smile on a wee one’s face after they come out of the adjusting room
I love thee for the hugs I get from little old ladies after I give them their birthday card
I love thee for the health of my children and husband week after week, year after year
I love thee for the song in my heart when I get to make a difference in this world everyday
I love thee for the gift of my DC who has opened my eyes to the power of a Chiropractic adjustment
I love thee for the gift of Dr. Mike and all the time and hard work he puts into this great web-site

But… most of all,

I love thee for the birth of DD and BJ and for without their conviction to serve and sell Chiropractic we would not be able to change lives everyday. Try to imagine what would our world be like if we were all not taking part in spreading the Chiropractic story. I don’t even want to think about it.

Have a great Valentine’s Day surrounded by family and friends. Tell your patients how much you love and appreciate them. Give them a hug, it may be the only one they get.

Chiropractic is Life and Love!!! @ 1:07 am | Article ID: 1013663222

Step Number One to a Hundred Per Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Principle number one is perform a principled consultation which includes Preframing Subluxation. When you preframe subluxation to a new patient it should be a wonderful eye opening experience. It should take only 3.5 to 5.2 minutes and the patients eyes should light up, saying I am in the right place. It tells the patient everything they should know about subluxation, such as they can occur at birth, they can hide for years, they can effect every cell in the body, etc.

When preframing subluxation is done properly, the patient is anxious to be examined and x-rayed. They are very willing to pay the fee, which is explained during preframe and collected before the examination procedure begins. They also understand why they are not going to be adjusted until after the Report of Findings. It begins the process of getting the patient to think about long term care.

So Preframing Subluxation takes care of Principle #2 (always perform a thorough examination in ten to fifteen minutes), Principle #3 (always x-ray new patients), Principle #4 (do not adjust on the first visit), and Principle #5 (do a written Report of Findings including photos of x-rays) in the mind of the new patient. They understand what and why you are doing that visit and the next visit.

I have attached my approach for Preframing Subluxation. It has taken years to develop it, so I would not change it much. You should memorize it and use it at every consultation and every Report.

I will discuss more details of Principle #2, #3, and #4 next time. If you want more details, you can go to the Planet Chiropractic online store and purchase our 18 CD set that goes through all 21 Principles or our Video/Audio set that covers the first 3 days of a new patient. You can also get the list of all 21 principles HERE, by looking for my name under authors.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of The Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

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Vaccine News From Around The World

NY State Emergency Health Powers Act
There is a new bill on the floor in the house and the senate in New York. All info about this bill can be found at as well as a petition to stop it. This bill would give the government the power to force vaccinations on people if “an emergency” exists.

New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice : (NYVIC)

The U.K. has featured the MMR Vaccine in various news headlines nearly every day for the past few weeks. Below are some related links. The UK Telegraph has many related articles.

The loss of confidence in the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination follows research that suggested it might trigger bowel disorders and autism in susceptible children.

ABC News: Britain to Go on Offensive Over Measles Shot
The UK Times: Medical chief wants MMR broadcast

80% are opposed to MMR triple jab
CONTROVERSY over the MMR vaccine continued to plague the Government yesterday, as an NOP poll revealed that eight out of 10 people believed parents should be given an alternative to the triple jab.

UK Telegraph: 80pc are opposed to MMR triple jab
Washington Post: New Measles Cases in Britain Add to Concern Over Vaccine @ 10:23 am | Article ID: 1013451819

Blame No One – Expect Nothing – Do Something

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Blame No One, wait, but it is their fault. I can’t be accountable for their actions. It’s all their fault. They are screwing me. If only they would do it my way.

The big problem with living with a victim mentality is that you can’t change other people and if you rely on them to make your life work than you have given away your power. Have you ever heard the expression “living life on life’s terms?” I used to want everything to go my way (and still do). What I have come to find out is that life is not predictable. Life is not always the same. If I was to only be happy when life was working out the way that I wanted it to then I would be setting myself up to be happy only part of the time and be totally at effect to the events of my life.

I have come to find out that it is not always appropriate to be happy either. Life comes with a lot of flavors. Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am introspective and sometimes I am confused, sad or lonely. I used to strive for happiness and make that one of my major goals of life. That is not what life is. I now strive for inner peace and serenity. If my relationship is strong with God than I find it a lot easier to be willing to feel the good and bad of life. The level of my spirituality and my relationship with God is not a static process. It is not the same from one day to the next. Some days the glass looks half empty and some days half full.

There is not much power in believing that my spiritual condition is dependent on the episodes of my life. Sometimes when life isn’t going the way that I want it to I get mad at God. That is when I know I’m in a lot of trouble. God is always on my side. Sometimes life doesn’t seem to be going my way but God is always my rock and my strength. God is my secret weapon. My relationship with God helps me feel safe. Blaming other people or God can sometimes make me feel better because I don’t feel like I have to take responsibility for how things are turning out. If it is “his or her” fault than I don’t have to feel like “I” fell short.

Expect Nothing – sounds real good on paper but isn’t that impossible? I mean if you spend your life working real hard and trying to always do the next right thing don’t you do that with the knowledge and expectation that your life will be better? I mean wouldn’t it be “easier” to do what “feels” good at the moment rather than do what might make your life better tomorrow?

The less that I expect the more pleased I am when things turn out well. And what is well? Well is what happens when it turns out the way I expect it to? Have I confused you yet? I’m trying to make you think here a little bit. You see I have an expectation as I sit here at the computer sharing my thoughts with you. I don’t quite know how not to expect. When I have been able to put aside my expectations I have found it much easier to be grateful. On the other side there have been times in my life in which I haven’t done enough because I was afraid to be disappointed. I was afraid of the prospect of it not turning out “right.” It will never all turn out “right ” because if it does I know that I haven’t been attempting enough. I only learn and grow when I am willing to continue to attempt.

As I look back at the results of my efforts than I can look back and use that experience to become more effective in my future efforts. I expect it to turn out better the next time yet I am willing to have it turn out the way that it turns out. Not everything is in my control and I have to produce the action that will create the hoped for result and than I need to release it and have it turn out any way that it will. Sometimes the more I care about how something turns out the more energy I put into the actions of creating the hoped for the results. I suppose I try harder. Is that bad? No, as long as I am willing to accept the result and be grateful that all the good that comes out of any result and not focus on the “bad.”

Do Something. When push comes to shove it all boils down to your intention and how much energy you are willing to put out. What you put out has to come back. It is a law. So many of us get stuck on talking about how we can make it work and than worrying about it and then beating ourselves up about how things might have not worked out the way that we hoped them to in the past that we don’t actually produce much “energy” into the actual cause. Our level of commitment to a project often dictates how much we are actually willing to do to make it work. It all about the doing. It is all about the action. Whining doesn’t help. Just like when a patient wants to talk about their symptom all of the time it isn’t too good for them (let alone you) because what they are focusing on the are going to get more of. Same goes for your life. If you spend time thinking about the things in your life that are outside of your ability to change or if you feel sorry for yourself because how some of the things in your past haven’t worked out the way you wanted to, then you will get more of that.

When I find myself doing that too much I especially know that I have too much time on my hands and I need to get busy. I need to get to work so that I have positive things to work on. I need to be busy serving instead of sitting and stewing. I need to be busy giving away the abundance that God has been gracious enough to give me in order to keep in an abundant state of mind. You can’t keep anything that you don’t give away. In the action of doing something I actually experience that same thing. I feel love when loving. I feel abundance when giving and I feel useful when serving. It is human nature to want to make a difference. I serve God by serving man. I fulfill my purpose in the doing. When I want to retreat is when I know I must advance. When I most want to shrink I know I must get out of my comfort zone and grow. When I feel unloved is when I most need to love. When I feel like I am blaming others and that my expectations haven’t been met is when I need to reconnect with my God and thrust myself into ACTION. @ 7:10 am | Article ID: 1013440238

21 Steps to a Hundred Per Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, we are beginning our tenth year of meeting every Monday at the Dallas Chapter of the Society of Chiropractic Masters. We are starting all over again for the umpteenth time to study the 21 Success Principles. I will attempt to get through all of them this coming year as we study them again. Below is an outline of all 21 so you can see which are your weakest points.

Society of Chiropractic Masters Success Practice Principles
18 CD Set

A. Basic Principles
1. Principled Consultation including Preframing Subluxation
2. Always do a thorough Exam (only 10 to 15 minutes)
3. Always X-ray new patients
4. Do not adjust on first visit
5. Do a written report of findings on new patients
6. Conduct weekly Spinal Care Workshops
7. Set up Multiple Appointments
8. Keep complete and detailed practice statistics
9. Always call new patients
10. Routinely Re-exam/Re-Xray and do a written Re-report of Findings

B. Additional Success Principles
1. Weekly Staff meetings and trainings
2. Always ask for Referrals
3. Always use Chiropractic “Table Talk”
4. Always Cluster Book appointments
5. Always Stay on Time
6. Use precision adjusting with high energy
7. Set Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Goals
8. Practice Staff motivation and use staff incentives
9. Have consistent promotional activities
10. Always look, dress, and act successful
11. Practice profitability and Invest wisely

We need to start before principle #1, talking about the new patient phone call. Your staff has to be scripted and always follow the script. If they don’t follow the script, they will eventually drift very far away. The script starts the Referral process. It handles the finances in the appropriate manor to get the new patient to almost always schedule. You will also have the information to start building the patient’s folder the moment they walk in your front door (while they are filling out your information form). We have the New Patient Phone Call Script by every phone to be filled out every time and attached to the appointment book. A copy of our script is available via the link below.

There are many details involved in the New Patient phone call and their first visit in to your office. They are too numerous to type and read. If you are interested in all the details, you should consider purchasing our 18 CD set from SOCM or if your only interested in the first 3 days we have the 3 Day Report of Findings Video/Audio Set. Planet Chiropractic is now stocking these two items.

We will discuss Principle #1 next time. Hope to see you in Dallas in April ( ).

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of The Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

Planet Chiropractic Links: New Patient Appointment Form
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The Fourth Dimension

By Dr. James Sigafoose

I can do nothing of myself, the father within me does the works. I live not, but the consciousness of Christ lives in me. This is the fourth dimension in life which you do not live by bread alone, nor by personal will, effort or personal wisdom.

There comes a point in your life when you are not solely you. You are aware of a presence within you. The transition becomes evident and real and takes over your life. From this time on you don’t take any anxious thought for your life because there is always this divine presence, and it belongs to you, in your daily experience.

You pass from being merely a human being, thinking your own thought, planning your life, arranging your own affairs, TO A PLACE IN CONSCIOUSNESS WHERE YOU ACTUALLY FEEL THE PRESENCE, then you live as though you stepped aside a little, maybe 2 or 3 inches, and you watch your life being lived for you.

You will find people coming to you that you were not personally responsible for-that is you made no personal effort to secure, they are being given to you by an inner grace. As you are in a spiritual work you will find students, patients being led to you, and all will be spiritually healed and led to you by the spirit.

At that point you become an instrument for the operation, and activity of divine consciousness. The activity of truth in your consciousness performs the miracles, of healing and comforting the multitudes. You then become the vehicle thru which life lives itself. You become the messenger carrying the divine message of Chiropractic.

You will know you are no longer living your life, but that the presence and power is living it and you are the instrument, mode of expression, of its activity, and now you can understand why the Master said I and the father are one, but he is greater then me.

God being the divine principle in life. These are only statements until the transition, then it becomes a reality, when the presence becomes a reality. It provides everything, it provides your existence, providing you with strength, and health, all necessary finances, recognition, reward and compensation. The invisible has now taken over your life, fulfills itself in your experience. You then feel released from personal responsibility. As it becomes the soul and activity of your being.

As you understand the timelessness of this presence and power, you will understand that regardless of when it makes its appearance, it has always been within you–not yet realized and achieved. It is with you now, but only through development of truth in your consciousness, only through activity of truth in your consciousness, will it become real and powerful in your experience as it was in the days of old.

Do not give power to anything outside of yourself.

The purpose of my spiritual ministry, is to lead you into the fourth dimension of life, where you don’t have to live by effect, you don’t live by bread alone, vitamins, minerals, where you live by the virtue of the activity of the Christ consciousness, the infinite invisible, in this fourth dimension of life, which is spiritual consciousness–all effect will appear in your experience, as you have need of it and it will appear abundantly.

While in meditation you will find this invisible wisdom and it shall live through you and you shall truly live the unlimited experience that has been with you from birth. Eureka. @ 10:07 am | Article ID: 1013105258

Hospitals: The Sickening Truth

They’re a breeding ground for deadly bacteria

This weeks Canadian version of Readers Digest, February 2002 issue, features the headlines: Will The Hospitals Make You Sick?

The following comes from a Chiropractic Assistant in Canada…

There is big research about hospitals and infections in Canada and it starts like this:
Hospitals The Sickening Truth
In Canada, they could be hazardous to your health
by Sharon Kirkey

Readers Digest CoverMargaret Westerby lost her husband last year in the hospital. His body was already weak from the stroke and seizures, when a common hospital bacterium entered his body, and the retired registered nurses from Ottawa area couldn’t help remembering how. Two weeks before he died, he was alert and able to sit and talk to his wife and the doctors. Then suddenly his temperature spiked, and neither the antibiotics nor the cold cloths his wife applied could fight it. ” It was a lost cause” his wife said. She doesn’t know whether it was documented on his chart, ” but I definitely heard the doctors say this was a hospital-based infection”, says Margaret Westerby. ” Everyone should be on the alert: These infections occur more often than we hear about”….

After reading this article, I thought to myself: Why Do We Give Birth To Innocent Healthy Children In The Hospitals?

The hospitals are full of germs and diseases, and we deliver the children to this world in a SICK environment? We vaccinate them and then we put them on drugs for the side effects… And of course it’s a never ending story after that. What happens to HEALTH? What is that? It was never introduced to us! I have no children yet, but when the time comes, I know what I’m going to do, what about you?

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ACA Declares Major Victory in Lawsuit Against HHS

ACA News

HHS Prohibits Physical Therapists from Providing Chiropractic Service Under Medicare

ACA Declares Major Victory in Lawsuit Against HHS, But Vows to Continue the Fight

ARLINGTON, VA – The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a new policy directive that, under Medicare, physical therapists cannot provide manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is hailing the ruling as a major victory in its lawsuit against the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), formerly HCFA, but has vowed to continue its fight to prohibit medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy from providing the chiropractic service.

In a January 15, 2002 revision to an Operational Policy Letter originally issued in 1994, Medicare’s Center for Beneficiary Choices writes: “The (Medicare) statute specifically references manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation as a physician service. Thus, Medicare+Choice organizations must use physicians, which include chiropractors, to perform this service. They may not use non-physician physical therapists for manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation.” (emphasis added)

“The ACA is extremely pleased that Secretary Tommy Thompson and his department have formally recognized the unfairness and injustice to doctors of chiropractic and their patients that the 1994 Operational Policy Letter imposed,” said ACA Chairman Dr. James Edwards. “We will continue the ACA’s lawsuit to guarantee that no one other than doctors of chiropractic can deliver the chiropractic service since only the issue of illegal use of physical therapists has been resolved.”

The ACA first filed its lawsuit in November 1998, claiming that HHS guidelines unlawfully allow Medicare managed care plans to substitute the services of other health care providers for services that should legally be performed by doctors of chiropractic. Specifically challenged in ACA’s lawsuit was the 1994 Operational Policy Letter.

“The infamous Policy Letter gave the green light to Medicare HMOs to misappropriate taxpayer dollars to pay non-physician physical therapists to deliver the chiropractic physician service of ‘manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation,'” added ACA President Dr. Daryl D. Wills.

The issuance of the revised policy letter follows seven years of intense, but futile, negotiations between ACA and the prior Secretary of HHS. Those negotiations culminated in the ACA’s lawsuit filed against former Secretary Donna Shalala and the Department of HHS more than three years ago.

The ACA will now begin vigorously monitoring managed care organizations to see that they fully comply with the new directive and the law in providing chiropractic services to the nation’s senior citizens. If not, the ACA will take or encourage the taking of all legal steps to ensure compliance. ACA will also continue to vigorously pursue the other counts in its ongoing lawsuit with HHS pertaining to the improper provision of the chiropractic service by medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy.

For More Information, Call:
ACA Legal Department
(800) 986-4636 @ 11:46 am | Article ID: 1013024817