Month: August 2000

Vaccines and the cure of all Disease

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Fox News today reported with an article titled, “Britain starts human trials of AIDS vaccine.”

According to the article, a British parliamentarian will today be the first human to be injected with a new prototype vaccine against AIDS. The Doctor that volunteered said he did it because he believes “an effective vaccination is the only way to combat the deadly disease,” according to the article.

The article winds up with the statement that “experts say a vaccine is the only real way to fight the AIDS pandemic, which has killed nearly 19 million people worldwide.”

Is a vaccine the only way? Vaccines are eradicating disease aren’t they? Are they? By no accident, I recently found the following article slipped in one of my old chiropractic textbooks. The article comes from a San Diego newspaper and is dated July 29, 1941. That’s sixty years ago gang.

The headlines read:

Experiment in U.S. Navy Tests new Influenza Vaccine

July 29, 1941 — A new anti-influenza vaccine – described as perhaps the most promising that has come to the attention of medical scientists – is being tested on several thousand U.S. sailors in a mass experiment under navy supervision.

Through this vaccine, doctors hope to wipe out the deadly disease which, in recurring epidemics, has proven to be a more ruthless killer than war itself. In 1918, influenza swept the world and killed an estimated 30,000,000 persons.

Experimental Influenza Vaccine 1941

“We won’t know finally what may be expected from the vaccine until an actual epidemic comes along,” said Commander Albert Paul Krueger, bacteriologist directing the experiment.

The article goes on to describe how the vaccine is made and stresses the fear factor by pushing numbers of those that have died or may potentially die.

Let’s be aware that fighting disease and working towards achieving a healthier planet are both very important and critical issues. Maybe history is trying to tell us something?

What is paramount are the similarities of not only these two articles, but of the many vaccine related articles that are being published in today’s press. They share the same ingredients, the miracles of science, the scourge of disease, and most of all, the continued promotion of fear.

Where is influenza now? Has this “most promising” vaccine eradicated the disease as “medical scientists” suggested? Are medical scientists sixty years later, now saying that you should have a flu shot every year? Why? Because as they had discovered in the article, influenza is a virus, and viruses adapt.

What happens to the AIDS virus? Does it have the ability to adapt to it’s environment? Will another vaccine be introduced? And then another? And another? @ 8:40 am | Article ID: 967736433

It’s Chiropractic! …NOT Chiropractic Medicine

Recently in the state of Florida, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners managed to have their name changed to the Board of Chiropractic Medicine. The event occurred without warning or state wide vote from chiropractors in Florida.

The term “Chiropractic Medicine” is not only jeopardizing public health, but also the health of our chiropractic profession as well. It was not long ago, when chiropractors were being jailed for practicing “medicine.”

The following comes from Dr. David Yachter:
We have a moral obligation to preserving the principles upon which chiropractic was founded and developed.
Dr. Bart say it's CHIROPRACTIC!

Recently, a bill was somehow passed to change our name from the Board of Chiropractic to the “Board of Chiropractic Medicine.” Why it was done is no surprise, but how it was done just bewilders me. Not for one moment do I think that this change was the result of a unanimous vote and support by the majority of practicing chiropractors in Florida. Every chiropractor I have ever met either was unaware of the change or began to scratch their head (as I did) saying “how did that happen?”

Never in the history of our profession has there been a greater case of misrepresentation by our trusted state leaders. But that’s not where it ends. Will the new FSU School of Chiropractic Medicine be issuing degrees in “Chiropractic Medicine”?

Before you know it, we’ll have a “doctor of chiropractic medicine” required on our business cards. Who are we then and what will be our purpose? Massive action has already been taken to open chapter 460 (Florida Chiropractic Laws) and submit a proposal for change for the removal of Chiropractic Medicine.

If there has ever been a time, that time is now…
On Sunday, January 14, 2001, a 5K run/walk will take place at 5 different Society chapter locations statewide: Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Destin.

The purpose is to raise funds to provide for the costs of legislative actions. Additionally, in the process, bring public awareness, via news/media to the distinction of subluxation based chiropractic vs. “chiropractic medicine.”

It is critical that all D.C.’s show up or support this run. It is my sincere wish that every D.C./C.A./spouse reading this has begun to ponder the ramifications of the world wide change this can make.


States like Florida, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York shape the profession for the future. This is not just a Florida issue… it is a principled chiropractic issue. What is your purpose? Please get involved.

For more information please contact Contact Dr. David Yachter at:
(954) 476-8884.

I’d like to make it very clear that this article is not intended exclusively for Florida D.C.’s. As Dr. Yachter stated, this is not just a Florida issue, it is an issue of principle.

This chain of events offers us in chiropractic one of the greatest opportunities we have ever had. We have always had the principle, we have always had the truth. And now with technology, we have the backbone that will bring the message of chiropractic to millions.

Begin making plans to be in Florida in January, begin making plans to get your offices and communities involved. My good friend Dr. Dean Sottile has often told me that when he was young, real chiropractors would get together and get behind one, creating one. Are you a real chiropractor?

It’s time to get behind Florida, it’s time to get behind the SCA chapters and the FCS. It’s time for one principled chiropractic voice. It’s time for us to shine!

Planet Chiropractic would like to thank Drs. David Yachter and Armand Rossi for contributing to this article. @ 7:39 am | Article ID: 967732741

The pain and passion of Dick Gregory

On August 24th, 2000, the Boston Globe ran a story about Dick Gregory, an activist known worldwide for his legendary fasts and Bahamian diet product.

According to the article, Dick Gregory has cancer. “And he still won’t go home.” He has a schedule that is full of causes, and he is determined not to be slowed by anyone or anything. I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Sid Williams, “Persistency alone is omnipotent.”

The article talks about his life, his incredibly passionate persistence, and his family. The article talks about his children, “Not a one in jail. Not a one on drugs. College degrees everywhere.”

The article then states that “Christian, a chiropractor who lives in Washington, sees his father the most.” That’s where our story begins.

If you are a chiropractor, chances are you heard the name Dick Gregory from Dr. Ian Grassam, a great chiropractic warrior who spoke of Dick often. Remember Ian’s voice? Remember the words he told us that Dick had said about chiropractic?

The following comes from Dr. John Hofmann:

In the mid 1970’s, the Michigan Chiropractic Council held a fund raiser for our political action group (MCPAC). Dick was the speaker and he spoke (for an hour) about how wonderful chiropractic was and about our responsibility to tell the masses about it.

He was very enthusiastic about us, our profession, and our passion. He had just come off of one of his legendary fasts. At the end of his talk he said, “when people find out just what you have to offer them… I envision a father pulling up to your office at closing time telling you to wait, that his family were on the easy and you couldn’t leave before they got their adjustments.”

He went on to say that people “will hold you up with a gun if necessary, to make sure that their families receive care… that is the power of chiropractic and it’s message.”

After the talk, Ian Grassam, Chuck Ribley, and myself along with our wives spent the rest of the night in his room listening to him recount his mission and his trails and tribulations etc… (this was my first date with my future wife sandy… everyone was a vegetarian but her at the time)

It was a great night, spent with a great man with a mission. He became a good friend of Dr. Sid Williams and now you know the connection of his son becoming a D.C. from Life.

– John

Boston Globe:

Do we have a responsibility to tell the masses about chiropractic or was that just in the 70’s? Did Ian, John, Jim, Sid, Chuck and others work so hard so that we could relax and enjoy the fruits that chiropractic has bared without planting new seeds?

Are we planting seeds for our children who are in chiropractic college? What about the next generation? What about the young Sottile, the Grassam, the Williams, the Clum, the Hofmann, the Ribley, the Sigafoose?

Their parents have touched our lives in so many ways. The least we could do for them is be responsible and tell the story. Their parents deserve our respect and their children deserve our love and our support.

Principled People Make Principled Chiropractors. @ 8:58 am | Article ID: 967651132

Florida Chiropractic Society Summer Event Rocks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Hundreds of DC’s and students attended the Florida Chiropractic Society’s recent and famous Palm Beach convention. The FCS has made Palm Beach a permanent destination for its summer 20-hour CE event and demand has been greater every year since. This year’s convention produced the largest amount of exhibitors, attendees, C.A.’s and students from all over the continent, including Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Dick Santo FCS

After surveying the membership through the internet and at other FCS conventions, the FCS once again listened and provided a free marketing “Nuts & Bolts” workshop on the morning that the convention began, with some 100 DC’s and students in attendance. The event featured chiropractic speech coach Dr. Larry Duboff.

Dr. Duboff’s program attended by many first and second year practitioners featured such diverse topics as radio and TV marketing, professional speaking, relationship building in and out of your office and spinal screenings.

Chiropractic Speech Coach Dr. Larry DuboffThe 3-day weekend as well featured an “Athletic Council” event with Dr. Elliott Grusky on Chiropractic & Team Sports and a “Children’s Council” event hosted By Dr. Armand Rossi with special guest Rich Pistolese on the topic of Pediatric Research.

A chiropractic highlight was a very special “Saturday Night Live” which resulted in standing room only with some 200 attendees. The event featured a “Parade of Stars” and special guest speaker Dr. Dick Santo. The Saturday evening event was hosted by the Southern Chiropractic Association, a regional affiliate of the FCS and the largest local organization of Chiropractors in South Florida. The FCS is headed up by Dr. Paula Hedgelon, an extraordinary and loving chiropractor.

On Saturday, a memorable legislative luncheon was held. Many awards were handed out including a distinguished service award (see photo) to Dr. Mindy Weingarten. Also during the luncheon, Dr. Daniel Abeckjerr of North Miami Beach was introduced as the new Florida Chiropractic Society President. Congratulations Dan!

Dr. Mindy Weingarten shows us her awardA fantastic weekend, a fantastic hotel, and lots of fantastic chiropractors made this a chiropractic event to remember. Planet Chiropractic would sincerely like to thank all of those involved in the FCS for their incredible support and hospitality given while we were in Florida. Watch for more articles from the event as well as audio from Saturday night Live featuring Dr. Chriss J. Sigafoose and others.

And a very special thank you to Dr. Craig Berko, FCS Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliances for the incredible job he has done for chiropractic.


It’s Chiropractic! @ 4:26 pm | Article ID: 967591606

Fluoridation Folly

By Barry Forbes

Source: The Tribune, Mesa, Arizona, August 27, 2000
Reprinted with Permission

So I’m reading my morning newspaper, enjoying a first cup of steaming hot coffee. Decaffeinated. Made with unfluoridated water, naturally.

Up pops a story about Gilbert, the lone Valley holdout when it comes to fluoridation. The issue has surfaced on the city’s November ballot, so fluoride pushers are busy claiming it’s the next best thing since Rice Krispees. It’s good for you, Gilbert. “Scientific studies prove it.”

Really? Who says? I decide to check it out.

To raise the natural fluoride levels of the water supply, Gilbert City Council proposes to dump in fluorosilicates, a waste by-product of the fertilizer industry. Fluoride apologists – led by dentists and 1 stray city council member – consistently fail to mention this toxic little fact. Instead they conveniently bury it under the “spit n’ rinse” category.

But the darn thing refuses to wash away.

I call the American Dental Association (ADA) in Chicago. The ADA makes millions of dollars “endorsing” fluoride with their pricey “seal of approval,” so what the heck – they must know something. I get on the line with “Mike,” a press relations guy.

“Mike,” I ask him, “have there been any scientific studies that show fluorosilicates are good for human health?”

“How do you spell that?” he asks.

We work through the problem phonetically. Mike promises to check it out. Later he e-mails me a load of pages from their Web site, which I’ve already perused. No answer to my question, but their Web site data is revealing.

For infants from birth to 6 months, the ADA recommends zero fluoride supplements. Up to 3 years of age, the maximum suggested amount is 0.25 ppm. That’s less than what naturally occurs in the water. In fact, it’s a meager third of the amount Gilbert City Council is hoping to pump up the water supply in order to “help poor kids.”

So in effect the ADA – in a transparent attempt to duck any future legal liability – is basically telling Gilbert parents: If your water is fluoridated, don’t allow your children 3 and under to drink it. Poor, rich or middle class, they’ll overdose on the junk. That’s called fluorosis, and there isn’t a soul in the world who wants it.

Uh-oh. A handful of local dentists are singing from a different hymnbook. Better clue ’em in.

Next I call the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. Their guy is knowledgeable and very helpful. He promises to send me reams of information, then promptly jams my fax machine. We straighten it out and carefully plow through pages of reports.

It sounds great, but the bottom line to my question turns thusly: Years back, when they substituted pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride with the industrial grade fluorosilicate pollution waste by-product, not a single study was conducted to test the safety of this new form of fluoride. Not one. Not then. Not ever.

But they’re busy testing now. The live subjects of North America are unwilling participants in the greatest mass-medication experiment in human history. (Europe basically kicked the stuff out.)

Is it possible that we could all be nothing more than expendable guinea pigs with fewer fillings?

Fertilized-based fluorosilicates are washed down and collected to prevent them from becoming airborne. This cocktail of hazardous pollutants contains about 19% fluoride plus trace elements of lead, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, vanadium, silica and sometimes mercury and radionuclides. Arsenic and beryllium are classified as Group 1 “known human carcinogens.” There is no safe level for arsenic – it is an accumulative poison.

Studies done in Canada suggest that radium in drinking water has caused an increase in childhood bone cancer. Studies done by Masters and Coplan have shown significant increases in blood lead levels for children living in fluoridated areas.

Back in 1993 the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services issued this report: “Existing data indicate that subsets of the population may be unusually susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride and its compounds. the elderly, people with deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, and/or vitamin C, and people with cardiovascular and kidney problems.”

With these scientific studies in hand – with many more being released with every passing year – one would expect dentists to approach fluoride with a certain degree of trepidation. Not on your life. Nor your children’s, for that matter.

Instead, ever-decreasing numbers of dentists are hell bent for leather to stuff the toxins down your throat. What, they cry, no fluoride? You probably believe it’s nothing but a Commie plot!

Geez, doc, give us a break. The Berlin Wall came down. The U.S.S.R disintegrated. Communism has been laid to rest. There’s nothing to fear any longer. Everything will be all right. Ssshhh.

Just keep that toxic junk out of our drinking water. @ 9:07 am | Article ID: 967565230

Vaccine Article in Forbes Magazine

This weeks issue of Forbes features an article titled, “Needle Damage — A federal tort reform with some very unhappy campers”

The article was forwarded to use via PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)

According to PROVE, some of the numbers in the Forbes article are incorrect. For example, the total paid out via the federal vaccine trust fund is now over one billion dollars.

Also according to PROVE, even though the article mentions surpluses of cash to pay for claims, 3 out of 4 victims are turned away.

As recent congressional hearings have shown, the vaccine injury compensation program has failed vaccine victims miserably while protecting the drug companies from liability.

Forbes: Needle Damage

And here is a link for the injury compensation program web site: @ 2:00 pm | Article ID: 967496418

Chiropractors Embracing Communication Technologies

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent Now You Know chiropractic newsletter authored by Bob Braile, D.C. discusses the issue of chiropractors and the internet and asks a question that I so often ask myself… What would BJ Palmer do?

Following a recent speaking engagement at Palmer Lyceum Dr. Braile stated that BJ Palmer would be pleased at the turnout and excitement of Lyceum, “but I bet he would not be as pleased by the number of chiropractors not yet embracing the communication technologies available.”

The following is from Bob Braile, D.C.

BJ was always on top of the newest forms of communications technology available at his time. Ask yourself what you think BJ would have done with the Internet? What we found at Palmer Lyceum was what studies have been telling us. Doctors, of all kinds, lag behind the general public when it comes to Internet usage. As a rule, chiropractors are marginally better than our medical counterparts in being online. But we fall several percentage points behind the general public. Considering the fact that the public (at least in the US) is already using the Internet, and they are looking for health information, why would we even hesitate to get involved and tell our story?

What would BJ have done? Well I believe his quote would sum it up best. “All that is necessary for the anti-chiropractic forces to win is for enough good chiropractors to do nothing.” Even if you choose another provider for your Internet needs, please get involved!

The public is looking for health information and as Dr. Braile stated, our medical counterparts are behind us by a slight margin. I cannot express enough the importance of chiropractors as a profession to work towards closing the gap between us and the public. We as chiropractors have several opportunities that give us an incredible advantage in accomplishing that task.

The Truth
As Ian Grassam had said, ignorance must be part of the medical paradigm, darkness must be part of the medical paradigm, and in the information age those two things will not last. (unless we do nothing) Remember, the truth will eventually get to the people.

As chiropractors, we each have a responsibility to insure that the message of chiropractic is not delivered through some third party filter or system of dis-information. A corporate owned, publicly traded “healthcare” information site is a good example of that filter.

The Power Of One
We have the ability to come together much faster and move far more swiftly than our medical counterparts using internet technology. A problem plaguing the medics is the fact that by the time they institute new technologies on a large scale, those technologies have already begun to become obsolete. Also, boards must be addressed and approvals must be made before decisions to implement those new technologies go into effect. These things are to our advantage as long as we choose to see them that way and more importantly, to act on them.

A chiropractic office could implement patient education internet technology with the virtual click of a button. Our printer ready news format is one example of the tools now available. With teamwork, a single article has the potential to reach the entire profession within hours. That same article can be printed, photocopied, and potentially shared with millions of “folks” beginning with the ones in your community.

I suggest when you print our articles to use in the office, put a sticker on the top or bottom with your office info before making copies. If you ever have questions or suggestions, just email us.

Having a website is another valuable tool. A service such as Now You Know can probably get you up and going with a chiropractic website faster than you might think.

The Focus
Eyesight of a hawk and the vision of a clam is what BJ used to say. How could so many “healthcare” sites lose billions of dollars in less than a year? (see my article titled “The Health of HealthCare Stocks“) Is it possible that the message they deliver is not quite what the public wants? Is it possible that the message is distorted in some fashion and that the public is innately aware of this? With that, let me stress that we as chiropractors need to remain laser focused in our objective to serving others.

As I see it, a chiropractor has two objectives:
1. take care of the folks
2. remove any barriers keeping one from accomplishing objective number one.

Dr. Braile makes the statement that “even if you choose another provider for your Internet needs, please get involved!” I agree wholeheartedly on this issue and would like to add that if you have not already done so, pay a visit to Now You Know.

Also, if you have internet questions regarding domains, hosting, email, or anything else you can think of, please email me at the address above and I’ll assist you when I am available. Working together, we can remove the barriers that keep us from taking care of all the folks.

To find out more about the Now You Know services, please visit their Web site at: @ 1:11 pm | Article ID: 967493511

Chiropractors Health Care Quiz

by Dr. Martha Collins

Put the following causes of death in descending order:

a. Traffic Fatalities b. Heart Disease c. Cancer d. Medical Error

The correct answer is: b, c, d, a.

According to the July 26 issue of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the third leading cause of death in the US is medical error, behind heart disease and cancer. Each year, 225,000 people are killed due to preventable mistakes in the following categories:

* 12,000 deaths/year from unnecessary surgery
* 7,000 deaths/year from medication errors in hospitals
* 20,000 deaths/year from other errors in hospitals
* 80,000 deaths/year from hospital-acquired infections
* 106,000 deaths/year from nonerror, adverse effects of medications
** Other reports suggest that these figures underestimate the problem, as an earlier Institute of Medicine study reported the numbers range from 230,000 to 284,000.

I was shocked and greatly disturbed by these figures. The number is so great; it is difficult to put into context. Consider how much the deaths of the 118 Russian Naval Officers have touched us as well as the young doctor and her baby in Toronto who died after jumping in front of the subway train. This totals 120 people.

These stories were on the front page of every major newspaper in Canada, but not the JAMA article! Consider the TWA Flight 800 report that was just released on the cause of the crash that killed every person on board. Let’s say that on an average jumbo jet, there are 200 passengers (to make the math easy.) 225,000 divided by 200 equals 1125 jumbo jet crashes every year, killing all on board. That’s 3 jumbo jet crashes Every Single Day!

This is why we advocate a healthy lifestyle. The more responsibility that we all take for our own health, the less likely that we will become statistics. You know how adamantly opposed we are to drug use of any kind. If 106,000 people are dying from drug reactions alone, it begs the question: If you give a healthy person drugs, what would happen? They’d get sick.

Therefore, why give drugs to sick people when the drugs could kill them with high probability? Drugs as common as over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin are dangerous. There is one death for every 1,200 patients taking this class of medications for at least two months. Does your friend or loved one taking aspirin daily to “prevent” heart attacks know this? I hope so!

We are thankful for the opportunity to help you increase your health and well being with Chiropractic care, but we’re also thankful that you learn as much as you can to arm yourself with information to make better decisions for you and your family.

You can visit Dr. Martha Collins website at: @ 6:36 am | Article ID: 967469767

A Very Cellular Story – by Will Brooks, D.C.

A chiropractic short story by Will Brooks, D.C.

Life started to leave the farmer’s body the day the fish fell from the sky.

It was on a hot, muggy August day that the strong circular winds from the Pacific Ocean began the annual lifting of the water along with its fish to carry them 4 miles inland to Yora in Honduras. It had been an especially dry summer to that point so the farmer was very needy.

In spite of his being the wealthiest farmer in Yora, the farmer felt needy. Needy because his corn crop had provided fewer ears of corn per row than usual. Needy because his livestock consisting of a few chickens, one cow, and a couple of goats had been producing fewer eggs and less milk than was necessary to feed his family of a wife and two boys.

The whole village had also been looking forward to the day when the fish would rain down. The sky had begun to darken the afternoon before the torrent of rains began the next morning. The rain continued to fall throughout the morning and afternoon. The effect that the prolonged period of drought had had on the coastal waters was to increase the speed at which the whirlpool spun at the confluence of the two rivers that flowed together directly offshore from Yora.

Eventually, as the whirlpool picked up speed, a small waterspout began to form. The waterspout became more massive, which gave it the power necessary to lift the fish skyward from the shoals surrounding the whirlpool. The heat energy that was stored in the shallow water caused the waterspout to gain in size and speed until the inverted funnel of a tornado was formed. Then the tornado carrying the fish moved slowly toward the Yora valley. When the tornado reached the steep cliffs on the eastern side of the valley, the fish suddenly began to fall.

It had always been like this in Yora. As soon as the tornado would glance against the sides of the mountain, it was neither able to rise above the mountain, nor carry the weight of the fish any longer.

Long-time experience with the Day of the Fishes had taught the people in the valley to wait with patience until the anger of the storm was spent before they would tentatively leave the safety of their small homes. The villagers knew that the fish would begin to fall when the worst that the storm had to offer was past. The farmer, his wife and both of the boys were standing in the center of their one-room house as the fish began to fall. Slowly at first they fell. Then, they fell with more insistence in a blur of silver, blue and pink. The sound of the thuds of the fishes’ bodies as they hit the ground and the out buildings of the farm was deafening.

As the fish landed, the farmer and his family would set about the hurried tasks that were necessary to gather the fish. The family had practiced this routine every year to the point of smooth efficiency. The farmer and his wife would run around the fields in the front as well as the back of the house picking up the fish as they landed. Then they would hand off the fish to the two boys whose job it was to place them in the baskets to keep them moist until they could be cleaned. In this way, the family was usually able to gather 5 or 6 baskets altogether before the rain stopped.

This year, the rains had been very generous. The farmer and his family had already gathered 8 baskets full while the rain was still falling and the storm was not anywhere near to its end. The farmer noticed that the area of the field on the side of the little coop for the chickens had about 6 or 7 fish lying on the ground. The fish were sometimes easy to miss because the force of hitting the ground would kill them and the fish made no movement that would make it easier to see them.

It happened as the farmer was walking over to pick up these fish. This was the point in the storm where the sky would let go of the largest fish. As he was bending over the group of fish that he had discovered, a very large fish hit him with great force on the back of his head. It hit him with enough speed and intensity to actually knock him face down against the ground. Consciousness ebbed away from the farmer for a few moments until he woke up again. It was several minutes before he was able to stand again with enough of his senses to realize that he still needed to gather more fish.

The farmer continued gathering the fish more slowly until well after the storm had ended. Once all of the fish that the family had found were cleaned and salted, they were stored away. Then, the farmer and his family began to get ready to attend the evening’s service in the village’s small Christian church where the entire village would gather to give thanks to the Creator, his Son, and the Great Spirit for being so generous and merciful to them.

As the farmer readied himself for the service, he did notice the pain in his head. It was impossible for him not to notice this pain because of its terrible severity. He had never felt anything like this before. He was not able to feel any of the delight that he usually received from the spectacular late afternoon rainbow that signaled the end of the storm. He also noticed the blurred vision as well as the disturbance in his stomach that made him feel as though he was about to vomit.

The farmer failed to notice all that was happening to me, as well as all of the other cells in his body.

I’m a cell that is located in the big toe of the farmer’s right foot. Actually, I’m one of the thousands of cells in a group that is the rank and file of a very tiny part of the muscle tendon attaching to the tip of the farmer’s big toe, just under his toenail. It is our job to work together to lift the farmer’s toe as he walks. Because we are never seen and we do our job so well, the farmer is not aware that we exist except for the occasion when something falls on us or if he unexpectedly kicks something unseen in the dark.

In spite of the farmer’s lack of awareness of us in his big toe, we are very aware of the farmer’s moment to moment existence. At every moment, each of us is aware of what is happening to all of the other cells in the farmer’s body. Since the moment of the farmer’s conception, each of us contained a complete memory of all that ever happened to any of the cells in the bodies of the farmer’s many Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Our memories extend all the way back to the time when the earth was still young.

Although we are located in a part of the farmer’s body that he tends to forget, we feel as though we are very important to the farmer’s comfortable existence. Without us, he would not be able to walk with balance. The farmer cannot even do so much as chew his food without us having to move into a slightly different position to help him accomplish this and thousands of other tiny, seemingly unimportant yet nevertheless vital movements that make up the farmer’s movements through life and across the landscape in and around Yora.

A horrible and great shock wave had gone through every cell in the farmer’s body the moment that the fish struck the back of his head. Because of this shock wave, all of the other cells in the tendon of the farmer’s big toe had had to instantly shift slightly away from our usual alignment. Accordingly, each time the farmer’s foot landed on the ground after that, it was with greater velocity and less balance.

Because the farmer was no longer walking in balance, the effort of walking to church that evening began a slow, subtle process of causing each of us in the tendon of the farmer’s big toe to change shape. We work together best when we are in the shape of a very long teardrop. Because of the effect of the shock wave and the loss of balance, each of us had been forced to shrivel up at our ends somewhat to correctly carry the farmer around as he walked. On the farmer’s right side, this process was happening to every cell from his toes to his head. We had all become slightly swollen in the middle part of each cell.

At the same time, the cells on the left side of the farmer’s body had changed shape as well. They had all become rather elongated, flaccid and weak in response to the shock wave and the farmer’s new and unbalanced way of walking.

As a further result of the pounding that we were getting with each step the farmer took, the outside wall of each cell in the tendon in the big toe of the farmer became somewhat tougher and thicker. To provide the energy necessary to perform our normal activities of working, we each need to take in the air and food from the blood cells as they passed nearby to kiss us. During the kiss, we receive the oxygen and sweetness from them and give them the carbon dioxide and sour acid that is then carried from us back to the cells in the liver, lungs and heart of the farmer. Because of the thickening that each one of us in the tendon in the big toe of the farmer had experienced, we were no longer able to kiss the blood cells as completely as we usually did. Less oxygen and sweetness were getting into us. More carbon dioxide and sour acid was staying around for a longer amount of time in me and all of the other cells in the tendon of the big toe of the farmer.

This began to happen to more and more of the cells in the farmer’s body as the time passed in the farmer’s life. Because the cells became elongated, weak and flaccid in the stomach of the farmer, they were unable to properly digest the fish that fell from the sky as well as they would have liked to; the blood cells then had less and less sweetness to carry. Because of that, all of the cells in the farmer’s body were beginning to slowly starve.

The cells in the farmer’s body began to slowly revolt as a result of the shock wave. We continually were asking the cells in the brain to do something to correct all of the things that were no longer working properly. But, our more and more urgent requests weren’t being heard and responded to by the brain in its usual fashion, since the information wasn’t getting to it completely ever since the fish hit the farmer in the back of his head.

Among the many things in the farmer’s body that the shock wave had caused to go out of balance was the way that the bones in the neck of the farmer were now having to carry the farmer’s head atop his shoulders. The force of the fish striking the farmer had actually been severe enough to twist the first bone in the farmer’s neck around to the right side, which caused it to jam tightly against the bottom of the farmer’s skull. As a result of that, the second bone in the neck of the farmer had tipped up on the left side and was now wedged too tightly against the bottom of the first bone in the neck of the farmer. Then, in an effort to carry the weight of the farmer’s head, the other 5 bones in the neck of the farmer asked the muscles that were attached to their outside edges to become shorter. This caused the bones to move out of their usually smooth, curved placement to balance the mess at the top of the farmer’s neck in an unorganized, and stiff, straight line.

This would have been serious enough by itself, but unfortunately this strange new position of the bones in the neck of the farmer jammed them around so severely that they were now actually pressing against the cells in the stem of the farmer’s brain! Because of this pressure, the cells in the stem of the farmer’s brain were no longer able to do the job of passing along all of the requests for help that the cells in the body of the farmer were desperately attempting to convey up to the brain.

Even though the pain in the farmer’s head had passed during the Thanksgiving services in the village church on the night of the day the fish fell from the sky, the situation that was affecting all of the cells in the farmer’s body continued unabated every second of his life. Because of the twisting of the bones at the top of the farmer’s neck, each of the cells in the body of the farmer became possessed of an awareness that increased with every passing moment. This was the sure knowledge of each of us that the moment we would be taken by the Great Spirit to join Creator and his Son was approaching with greater and greater speed.

Months passed slowly in Yora. The farmer became dimly aware that he no longer quite enjoyed his life as he once did. He no longer had as great a capacity to perform his usual work. The condition of both his land and livestock had steadily deteriorated. The happiness that he had had with his wife and two sons had slowly evaporated due to the shortness of his temper that he had been regularly exhibiting since the day the fish rained from the sky. All he seemed to do now was to find fault where there was none to be found. The joy that he had experienced during the worship services in the small church in the village was no longer evident and had, in fact become no more than an onerous chore for him.

The farmer had considered not going to the village church for its weekly services. He would rather simply stay home and not share his sour mood with the other people who lived in the village. He and his wife quarreled weekly and with increasing meanness the evening before each Service was to occur.

On one Sunday morning, his wife convinced the farmer that he must attend the day’s services in the village church because of the visit from a pastor from the United States. The village pastor had arranged that his small church be included in the circuit of the missionary group visiting from the United States. Reluctantly, the farmer had agreed to attend just this one last time; not because of any strong desire on his part to participate in anything that was happening at the church, but just to keep a little peace at home with his wife and two sons.

The walk to the village church had been painful for the farmer. With each step he took on the dirt path, his body (and all of the cells in it) was subjected to a wrenching pain. He was also filled with feelings of self-loathing and unworthiness to receive any of the message of love and salvation given during the services.

The farmer managed to find a seat in the back of the church without having to look in the eyes of any of his friends and neighbors. Since the Day of the Fishes, the farmer’s shows of anger and hostility toward his fellow villagers had managed to alienate nearly all of those that had formerly loved him. Their attitude toward him had changed from love and respect to one of universal resentment.

The service began with the usual hymns and prayers. The village pastor introduced the visiting missionary minister. Even though he now lived in the United States, the minister was originally from Puerto Rico, so the Spanish words that the minister spoke fell strangely in the farmer’s ears.

In spite of the minister’s different way of talking, the farmer did understand what he was saying as he introduced the other members of the group of people who were visiting from the United States. The group included a couple of other ministers, a barber, and a Doctor of Chiropractic.

The farmer understood the work that the minister was there to do in his church. He also understood when the minister explained that the barber had come to give haircuts to any that wished to receive them. But, the farmer failed to understand the minister when he explained that the Doctor of Chiropractic was there to adjust all of the people in the church.

As the service progressed, the ushers in the church would lead the other villagers out to the front of the church to be adjusted by the doctor. These adjustments would require that the villager be seated in one of the small, wooden, folding chairs that had been taken from the sanctuary of the church. At that point, the doctor, who the villagers had begun to refer to as “Dr. Short and Wide,” would hold a villager’s head in his hands for a moment and then would turn the head to the side quickly.

As the farmer waited his turn, he noticed that the other villagers would smile happily after this had been done. The farmer then observed that they would have a certain sparkle in their eyes that no longer looked at him with the same judgment and malice that he had become accustomed to seeing over the course of the past months.

Dr. Will Brooks On Mission

The farmer sat in the chair. He watched intently as Dr. Short and Wide would lay his hands on the heads of the villagers in the other chairs. After a few moments, Dr. Short and Wide was standing next to the farmer. As he placed his hands at the base of the farmer’s skull, he whispered “Relax, Brother” to the farmer in rather garbled Spanish. He lifted up the farmer’s chin just a little and turned his head quickly to the left side.

The farmer was amazed to hear the noise that this had made. The fear that the farmer felt at the moment he heard the noise passed quickly. The farmer was unable to be afraid because of the joy he was feeling again as an indefinable shimmering cascade of lightness went through his body from above down to all of the cells in his body.

In due time the service in the church ended. The missionaries traveled on to the next village and the routine of Yora returned to a certain comfortable sameness. The shape of all of the cells, and mine, in the tendon of the big toe of the farmer returned to our long, teardrop shape. The pounding that the farmer was causing all of the cells in his body to endure as he walked stopped, as he now walked again in balance. The cells in the muscles of the farmer’s neck were finally able to relax because the first bone in the farmer’s neck was no longer jammed so tightly against the bottom of the farmer’s skull. The air that the farmer breathed was able to kiss me and the other cells in the tendon of the big toe of the farmer deeply again. The sweetness of life had returned to the farmer.

The other villagers came to regard the farmer with respect for the first time in many months. The joy that his family had brought him once more entered his life, as the cells in their bodies felt the pure energy from all of the cells in the body of the farmer wishing them well. @ 9:46 am | Article ID: 967049207

Chiropractic and the Democratic National Convention

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Well, the Democratic National Convention has ended and it has been an incredible week here in downtown Los Angeles. For those of you that may not know, our Planet Chiropractic office is located only two blocks from Pershing Square, headquarters for protests during the past week.

Many businesses in this area had closed fearing riots, disorder and anarchy but for two chiropractors in the downtown area the smell of opportunity was too strong to pass up.

A reported 15,000 individuals from the worldwide media were here in downtown L. A. along with convention goers, protestors and the ever so famous LAPD.

For myself, it was a week filled with daily visits to Pershing Square, and numerous networking events with politicians, the press, and other businesses. Along with that was my attendance at various conferences always looking for a chance to be heard but just as importantly, to listen to others, all of which resulted in an enjoyably productive and educational week.

But I was not the only local who stepped out for the occasion. Walking from his office located across the street from Pershing Square with a mission to care for the masses was chiropractor Ben Shamoiel, graduate of Life University in Marietta Georgia.

As reported to Planet Chiropractic, Dr. Ben hit the streets with portable chiropractic table in hand more than a week prior to the convention. He visited the concierges of all the local hotels, letting them know that a chiropractor was available to provide services throughout the convention week and that his chiropractic office would remain open during the DNC.

Throughout the week, Dr. Shamoiel provided chiropractic services to members of local law enforcement agencies including the LAPD and CHP, as well as elected officials staying in downtown hotels. Dr. Ben followed up by recommending local chiropractors to those visitors which he served, stressing the importance of experiencing regular chiropractic care for optimal health.

While the major media may not be reporting it, Dr. Ben deserves a big chiropractic thank you for his dedication to serving the folks and the principles of chiropractic.

And I would like to thank Mayor Richard Riordan and the rest for bringing the world to downtown Los Angeles.

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