Mandating Chickenpox Immunizations

From ABC News comes an article titled, “Varicella Vaccine – States Mandate Chickenpox Immunization.”

According to the article, more states are now beginning to mandate “chickenpox immunizations for kids who attend public school or day care.” (that means they make believe you don’t have a choice)

The article explains the story of a medical doctor (pediatrician) who decided not to vaccinate his son. His son developed chickenpox naturally at the age of two, according to the article.

Why would a pediatrician choose not to vaccinate his own child? According to the article, it was stated that “he did not think the disease warranted the vaccination.”

A medical doctor not giving his own children “required” vaccinations? This could not be good for drug manufacturers.

The report points out that the vaccine’s manufacturer, Merck & Co. has been campaigning heavily to make the vaccine mandatory and that there is now “a growing list of states that require the vaccination for entrance into public school or day care.”

A very important statement made in the article is that “most healthy children who get chickenpox won’t have any complications from the disease.” Would it make more sense that the focus be on providing healthcare methods that resulted in healthier children or should we continue pumping drugs and foreign substances into them?

And what about the pediatrician? According to the article, he is “troubled by states requiring the shot” and feels he is “being squeezed because of the mandates.”

According to the article, he stated that previously, “he would tell parents about the vaccine and leave the choice up to them.” With his next child on the way this month, he stated that “he has no plans to immunize” unless his child fails to get the disease before the age of 10.

That’s not necessarily what my choice would be but isn’t that what “choice” and “informed decision” are all about. @ 8:56 am | Article ID: 965318212