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Ya Me Siento Mejor (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Muchísimos pacientes creen que tan pronto se sienten mejor y el dolor se desaparece que esto significa que están mejor de su salud. Desafortunadamente esto no es cierto ya que el cuerpo humano no esta diseñado de esta forma. El cuerpo humano es una maravilla en la forma que puede auto sanarse y auto regularse sin la ayuda externa. El problema existe cuando nosotros los educados creemos que sabemos mas que el cuerpo y su inteligencia innata y comenzamos que tratar de ayudar a este sistema que verdaderamente no necesita de nuestra ayuda.

Todo lo que el cuerpo necesita para funcionar a su capacidad máxima es un sistema nervioso y una inteligencia innata libre de interferencias. Dentro de cada uno de nuestros cuerpos existe una inteligencia que controla absolutamente todos los sistemas, los órganos, las células, los tejidos y lo hace internamente 24 horas al día, 7 dias a la semana, 365 dias al ano. Cuando Dios creo al cuerpo lo creo perfecto con todo lo que necesita internamente. La mejor farmacia del mundo esta dentro de ti.

Tenemos que aprender y confiar que nuestros cuerpos tienen la capacidad y la habilidad de sanarse a si mismo cuando no existen interferencias llamadas Subluxaciones Vertebrales en nuestra columna y el sistema nervioso. El único profesional adiestrado en localizar y remover estas interferencias es el Doctor en Quiropractica.

Todos queremos aumentar nuestra salud y la de nuestros familiares pero no sabemos como hacerlo. Por tal razón es sumamente importante entender que si existen alternativas naturales como la Quiropractica que puede ayudarnos a aumentar y mantener nuestra salud funcionando a su capacidad máxima sin el uso de drogas, fármacos, químicos, terapias y cirugías innecesarias. Es tiempo que usted tome responsabilidad de su salud y visite a un Quiropractico filosófico hoy mismo. No te dejes llevar de cómo te sientes sino que internamente tu cuerpo este libre de Subluxaciones Vertebrales para que la salud se pueda expresar libremente a través de todo el cuerpo.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en:

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Whatever it Takes

By Dr. Fred Schofield


I can improve
I can adapt
I can survive
What joy and adventure will innate bring
In this moment
Plan, prepare, persist
I can, I must, I will
I will train till my will is like steel
My Mojo

Chiropractic adjustment
Releases the power within
Allows the body to express
Stimulate, activate, motivate
Take control
Expand your mind
Leap into action
It’s as simple as that

This means training till our inner-toughness is unmatched
Pushing our minds till they are more steel than flesh
Battling until the opposition can battle no more
And then battling even harder
Because this year we’re going to do
WHATEVER IT TAKES! @ 1:55 pm | Article ID: 1024347310

Dr. Sid & Life University

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I’ve gotten several e-mails and calls from chiropractors and from chiropractic students about what is happening with Life University. I had some of the patients that are now students call and say “What should I do?” I’ve told them all the same thing and I thought I might share some lessons I’ve learned about Dr. Sid by being affiliated with him and Life since 1979. It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

When I was in school the local Atlanta news show did a week long expose on Dr. Sid and the alleged wrong doings at the college. I remember distinctly Dr. Sid getting up in front of the entire student body at assembly and explaining to us that there were going to be very positive effects caused by the programing. Quite frankly we students thought that he was crazy. Well maybe he is a little crazy. It would drive the most sane person a little crazy to deal with all the adversity that that man and his partner Dr. Nell have survived over the year. My experience has always been that they always come out smelling like a rose. Not everyone might agree in every instance yet if you listen to Dr. Sid he absolutely turns the most negative crisis into a positive experience. Well you might be thinking that he practices positive thinking. He won’t let the negatives penetrate his consciousness. He sees things the way that he wants them to be not always as they appear to those of us who are looking from the outside. I think he focuses on the solution not the problem. He is not willing to give in to the fact that things don’t always go his way. He doesn’t doubt that every situation, as impossible as it seems, will turn out in the favor of chiropractic and the truth. He doesn’t question God’s will, he lives it even when it is not his will. He KEEPS on going no matter what. He has had to give up worrying about what we think of him, he doesn’t have time for that. He must muster up strength even when his strongest allies question his ability to persevere. I never question his abilities. As long as he is still in the drivers seat I will continue to support Life University.

I want to have my students as close to this man as I can get them. I want them to see this man in action. I want them to learn how to turn every situation to their benefit. I remember Dr. Sid said many years ago that you can always trust your enemies even more than your friends because you know what their next move will be, you can never be sure of your friends. The situation at hand has been in the works for years, maybe more accurately stated, decades. The battle might even outlive him. It is a condition that exists in our profession. A difference that exists that most of us have accepted and have learned to happily co-exist with as a reality. The true problem comes into play when one group judges themselves as superior and tries to control the other group. It is only natural that they hit Dr. Sid’s headquarters first. If they win there then the smaller camps will fold easier or just put up their white flags. Fortunately when one group attacks another group the group that is attacked wakes up, they unite under a common cause and they brace themselves for battle because when questioned they are forced to show their true colors and stand together for what they think is “right.” I hope you are pissed. I AM! I hope we can forget the little differences and get clearer on our purpose so that we can proceed with the Freedom to continue to practice what we believe chiropractic is all about. Sure I think that we are right and they are less right yet I would not desire to regulate their right to practice as they choose, as it seems, they are trying to regulate our practice.

I know I usually try to stay neutral and in the realm of a philosopher yet when pushed I push back. I believe that if we chiropractors stop standing for something than we will fall for anything. If we don’t stay distinct as ChiropractORS we will be swallowed up under the realm of allopathy. It is what makes us different that has insured our survival. Chiropractic has gotten where it has because it gets sick people well and keeps people functioning to their maximum potential. Please don’t turn our beautiful art into another therapeutic protocol in our continued quest to not feel anything and live a numb existence by simply turning health care into the quest to remove symptoms. If our goal is to remove symptoms than we can’t compete with the symptom treaters, the medics have drugs and surgery and thank God someone is handling what they are handling yet realize that is not my purpose as a chiropractor. I don’t want to misrepresent myself to the public as a pseudo medic. I don’t want to replace any other approach to health whether I feel they need to be improved or not. If I wanted to be better at their game than them I would have been a medic and learned their trade and tried to change them from within.

As a chiropractor I have a different philosophy to bring to the world. I’ve got a big job. They treat from outside in and I work from inside out. My educated doesn’t have to name people’s diseases. I couldn’t possibly do that as well as the medic. My time and energy needs to be concentrated on teaching people about the principals that chiropractic are based and on delivering the goods. I need to be a master of something and not a jack of all trades. I am a master adjuster. I have a purpose and I have enough to do without incorporating other diagnosing and treatment methods.

The truth will always survive. I can see something very good coming out of all of this. I can see chiropractors who choose to keep chiropracTIC alive cleaning up their act. Those that have sold out for the mighty dollar will come back together when they wake up to the importance of what is really important in life. A Purpose, a purpose that has been the spark in our life that has made the drive to work and the opportunity to serve the biggest honor that has been bestowed upon us. I am not excited to go to work because there will be opportunity for the people to experience less low back pain as a result of going to work. I’m excited because of the implications on our society as we create a new consciousness wherein the public is given the opportunity to select lifetime chiropractic care for the expressed purpose of living a life filled with more aliveness as a byproduct of choosing to remove their subluxations before the effects are suffered. I offer them a freedom of choice and I will do whatever I can to assure the legality of continuing this practice.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon GormanDr. Sharon Gorman is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, she associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose. She opened her own practice in June of 1985 and in 3 months was seeing over 100 patients a day. Within 4 years, she had established four chiropractic practices seeing combined over 5000 patients a month. Now, married with 4 children, she still practices part time and manages 3 successful practices. She is a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars and is the founder and hostess of the Focus Philosophy Weekends. Visit her website at: @ 7:34 am | Article ID: 1024324471

Life University Accreditation – a Message from Palmer

FROM: Guy F. Riekeman, D.C., President

As you have heard by now, Life University has lost its accredited status with CCE. The Palmer Chiropractic University System is saddened by this news. We are especially aware of and sympathize with the disruption this will cause in the lives of Life University’s students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Since the basis for the decision of the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education (COA/CCE) to revoke Life University’s accreditation is confidential, Palmer has no comment on the specifics of Life’s situation. Nonetheless Palmer believes that Life University has been an important influence in Chiropractic and a critical ally with Palmer on many issues that face the profession. While we don’t agree on every issue, we feel that Life University’s continued survival is of importance to the profession.

I have spoken with Dr. Williams, who is a friend, to express our concern and offer our support. Life University’s Board of Trustees, however, has several options for how to proceed and we must necessarily wait for their direction to know how we might be able to help. They may decide to appeal the COA’s decision, a process that would take 90 to 120 days. During that time, Life University would maintain its accredited status with the CCE and the students in its chiropractic program may still be considered to be in accredited classes. It is this uncertainly that is unsettling to students and faculty. If the appeal fails, Life University may opt to go to court to seek an injunction against the CCE’s disaccreditation decision. Since no one can predict what the outcome of such an appeal or a lawsuit might be, we don’t know what support, if any, we might be able to provide.

Regardless of our support for Life University in this time of challenge, it now appears that hundreds of Life students are actively pursuing transfers to other chiropractic programs. In fact, some colleges actually sent representatives to Marietta within days encouraging students to leave. Contrary to circulated reports, Palmer intentionally chose NOT to do that. We are, of course, responding to those students who express an interest in transferring to one of the Palmer colleges. It is fitting that we should. We will even encourage those students who are already intent on transferring out of Life University’s chiropractic program to consider the Palmer Chiropractic University System. Our doing so supports those Chiropractic values and perspectives we share with Life University.

Of course, we will apply the same rigorous admissions criteria and high academic standards we hold throughout the University System in considering any transfer applications. We are analyzing our capacity to accept transfers, laying down the plans to accommodate any students with a minimum of academic disruption and financial duress. We have not changed our strategic plans. In Florida, for example, we will not alter or disrupt our program start-up timetable just to accommodate transfers. But at all of our three campuses, for students who want to transfer from Life, we will do our best to help them finish their chiropractic education within their current timetables for graduation. We will assist them financially, as professionally appropriate, to keep their student loan debt to a minimum.

You will hear a lot of rumors flying around. Please react cautiously, with tolerance, and give people and organizations the benefit of the doubt. We will keep you informed as issues progress.

From The Fountainhead,
Guy F. Riekeman, D.C., President @ 4:12 pm | Article ID: 1024096360

Los Angeles Lakers Parade – Kobe – Shaq – Fox & Girls

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ok, so I was out of my LA Chiropractic office today but I had good reason. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their third consecutive NBA championship with a triumphant parade through a purple-and-gold sea of screaming fans. The parade basically results in all the streets around downtown Los Angeles being closed to through traffic so there is not much to do other than get outside and have some fun. And fun we had!

I took many photos this year, and yes to those who requested more photos of the Lakers Cheerleaders, we got those too. Since this was my 3rd Lakers Parade experience I thought I’d know where to be in order to get great up close photos for those of you that wanted them. My preparation paid off as first Shaquille O’Neal, followed by Rick Fox, and then Kobe Bryant, each appeared right before me.

Lakers Shaquille O'Neal 2002

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers player Shaquille O’Neal holds up 3 fingers during parade in downtown Los Angeles

Photos are not the greatest quality, as I took them with my digital camera while players and cheerleaders passed by on LA fire trucks. Still some great shots, considering the circumstances of hundreds of thousands of fans filling the streets, and me having limited time for getting photos taken.

Rick Fox Gives Thumbs Up

Rick Fox gives a Thumbs Up to the crowd

The Lakers won their third NBA championship in a row Wednesday, completing a four-game sweep over the New Jersey Nets. I have many more photos besides what got posted here. I’ll post them all to a directory online for those of you that may want to download them. Have a great weekend and congratulations Los Angeles Lakers!!!

Rick Fox Lakers Trophy

Rick Fox holds up the NBA Championship trophy for the crowd, it was a wild day in downtown Los Angeles.

Lakers Kobe Bryant Photo: Kobe Bryant on Bus

In the above photo, Kobe Bryant (like Shaq) also displays 3 fingers to the crowd. I may post the video that goes with this image. If I do I’ll update with a link here.

Lakers Cheerleaders

Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders rode atop a Los Angeles City Fire Department vehicle during the parade. One cheerleader can be seen waving to the crowd in this photo capture.

Los Angeles Lakers Parade – Kobe – Shaq – Fox & Girls

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ok, so I was out of my LA Chiropractic office today but I had good reason. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their third consecutive NBA championship with a triumphant parade through a purple-and-gold sea of screaming fans. The parade basically results in all the streets around downtown Los Angeles being closed to through traffic so there is not much to do other than get outside and have some fun. And fun we had!

I took many photos this year, and yes to those who requested more photos of the Lakers Cheerleaders, we got those too. Since this was my 3rd Lakers Parade experience I thought I’d know where to be in order to get great up close photos for those of you that wanted them. My preparation paid off as first Shaquille O’Neal, followed by Rick Fox, and then Kobe Bryant, each appeared right before me.

Click on the images below for larger versions. They’re not the greatest quality, as I took them with my digital camera while players and cheerleaders passed by on LA fire trucks. Still some great shots, considering the circumstances of hundreds of thousands of fans filling the streets, and me having limited time for getting photos taken.

Kobe Bryant

Rick Fox

The Lakers won their third NBA championship in a row Wednesday, completing a four-game sweep over the New Jersey Nets. I have many more photos besides what got posted here. I’ll post them all to a directory online for those of you that may want to download them. Have a great weekend and congratulations Los Angeles Lakers!!! @ 2:33 pm | Article ID: 1024090400

An Urgent Call to the Profession – LIFE

Dr. Drew Rubin (Life ’89) and Dr. Lisa Rubin, Ph. D.
Adjunct Professors, Life University
Fellow Chiropractic Warriors

June 2002 will forever be known as a decisive, pivotal moment in chiropractic. Your action or inaction will contribute either to the rise of philosophical, subluxation based chiropractic to the forefront, or its eventual demise, as our profession follows the same path of the osteopath. The choice is yours.

The students of Life University rallied behind a cause that is bigger than them. Almost 300 students marched to their US Senators office with this statement:

Our goal as the student body of Life University, College of Chiropractic, is to have our accreditation reaffirmed before the end of the current appeal process. We recognize that there are differences of opinion among the student body as to which specific course of action should be pursued. However the students have made a united stand to ensure the viability of this institution and its devotion to public service, not only for the sake of the current students but also for the generations of students to come. With this goal in mind, we the student body, request a congressional inquiry into our accreditation proceedings.

Chiropractic as we know it is about to change if we do not take action today. Do you want it to become a 12 visit, Mercy Document, portal of entry referral source for the medical profession, in which our role is a form of triage before the patient goes off to see a specialist? Do you want to see families, kids, and pregnant women on weekly lifetime maintenance care a thing of the past? Do you want to see religious exemptions for mandatory vaccinations be repealed, state by state? Do you want to see home birthing become completely illegal? (Who do you think is fighting for this stuff?) This is bigger than Dr. Sid and bigger than Life University. This is the “Big Idea” that is being challenged. What if the profession REALLY DOES need your help?

As faculty members of Life University, we have seen 1st hand all that has transpired. We did all that the CCE has asked us to do, up to and including hiring their recommended consultants to lead us through this. We jumped through all the hoops, and still this was not enough. NOTHING would have been enough for the CCE, this time.

There is an old story about the Holocaust, and it goes like this: “They came for the Jews, but I’m not Jewish, so I didn’t speak up. They came for the blacks, but I’m not black, so I didn’t speak up. They came for the gypsies, but I’m not a gypsy, so I didn’t speak up. Then they came for me. And nobody was left to speak up.” Apathy, doing nothing, would be the biggest mistake of all right now.

We need you to please complete several tasks within the next 7-10 days:

1) Call your US Senators and Congresspeople, and tell them to request a full congressional inquiry into the CCE proceedings. We want to place the burden on the CCE to prove that what they did was totally justified. We also want to force an injunction on the CCE’s decision against Life University and stop them from any further action planned against other colleges until the outcome of this issue is decided.

2) Call the Dept of Education, the government organization who the CCE answers to (703-367-0156, or 202-219-7011). Ask them about the same issues as in #1. We suspect foul play and want a full investigation and injunction.

3) Call your philosophically based state organizations, and ask them to rally every member and every political connection they have to inquire into this decision.

4) Start sending emails, faxes, phone calls, to every US politician you know, and have your patients do the same. Flood the US Senate, US Congress, and US Dept of Education with requests to look into this matter so that they know they have to investigate it.

BJ Palmer once said that he gave us “a sacred trust. Guard it well.” And how apropos when he announced, “You never know how far reaching what you may think, say or do can affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” What will you do? The choice is yours. @ 7:19 am | Article ID: 1024064361

Fellow Guardians

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Since attending another incredible Gathering with Sigafoose, B.J.’s last three printed words have taken on a deeper meaning. “Guard it well”. He was referring to the sacred trust we have been given as members of the chiropractic profession. He admonished us to guard chiropractic: to keep it pure and unadulterated, to protect it from influences that would water it down, weaken it, change it, mix it with things that have failed for centuries. He challenged us to preserve the principle, and to share it freely and fearlessly with the world. I’m not sure how great a job we’ve done up to now. It seems as if we’ve been more concerned about guarding our practice than our principle. We’ve gnashed our teeth and fought like banshees when our insurance benefits and our prestige and our scope of practice and our licensure and our schools have been challenged, and that is understandable. At the same time, while our principle continues to be confirmed by science, written about by best-selling authors, and increasingly embraced by society, we have gone a long way toward abandoning it as a profession.

What can you and I do? I propose that first we guard our own sacred trust. The one that exists between God and me (and you). God has given me a treasure chest full of immeasurably valuable gifts, and has placed it right inside me. I have the gift of life. I have the awareness to experience that gift in myself and in all of creation. I have the knowledge of my spiritual essence and my seamless connection to all things, and I have the wisdom to make choices that benefit that oneness. I have a totally real and valid claim as heir to the abundance of the universe. I have the ability to manifest my intentions and to co-create my deepest desires, with no limits. I have the talent to lay my hands on people and watch them tap into their own treasure chests. For most of my life, however, I have either been unaware of these gifts or have denied them. I have not guarded my treasure chest. I have allowed the petty thieves of ego, of doubt, of science, of materialism, of programming, and of shitty belief systems to systematically rob me of my birthright. No longer. I have posted an around-the-clock guard around the vault.

I intend, specifically, to guard what goes out. I can control very little of what comes in (other than the very important choices of what I eat, drink, listen to, read, etc.). I can, however, control what goes out. My thots, my words, my actions, my focus, my intentions, my energy; these I will guard like a mother bear guards her cubs. This can be difficult because I’ve been trained to focus more on what’s going on outside of me, and subsequently react to it, as if I were separate from it. But as I spend more time in the spiritual dimension, the 4th dimension, I will more often realize that there is no separation, and that what’s going on outside of me is often merely a mirror for my state of consciousness. I will more often realize that the supply of my gifts is unlimited when I come from my heart and express my true self. I will more often realize that I and the Father and the Mother are all one. Then it will get easier. In the meantime I commit myself to doing the work that brings me more and more into a state of Grace. Meditation, fasting, exercise, visualization, prayer, service; all the things that prepare me to connect with my treasure chest and to be used by God, become my discipline. As a disciple to Innate, that discipline comes easily and naturally. As I guard what goes out and allow my Light to shine, my power will expand while my fears and doubts will continue to dissipate like mists in the hot sun. As my gifts of love and service pour out from the vault, what comes back will be all providing, perfect for me, and according to Law. And as we do this work and let our gifts flow out, ever vigilant in our guardianship, the profession and the world will heal. Guard it well. @ 10:25 am | Article ID: 1023989142

Questions on Life University

Harvey Fish, D.C.

Hi. It’s been a while.

Oh, I’ve had lot’s of questions, just none that merited posting to you all. Till today.

By now most of you will have heard the news that CCE has denied Life it’s re-accreditation. I suppose that there are reasons/justifications that CCE has found to merit this kind of sanction. Life certainly has had it’s share of problems and has done what it can to have survived this long.

I’m a graduate of the institution and proud to say so. For many years it’s been the chiropractic beacon that has withstood the demands to “mainstream” the profession. It’s compromised some of late, acceding to the CCE’s demands to improve the “diagnosis” portion of the curriculum (as well as other things).

Fortunately or not it’s had one of the professions most charismatic leaders as it’s founder and president, Dr. Sid. Attracting attention like a clothed person at a nudist colony, you either loved him or you hated him. At times you did both. At other times you even changed your mind. But to say that Dr. Sid didn’t enjoy a battle or shy from one would be wrong. He did fight for what he believed in. Over the years he made lots of enemies and lots of friends. Clearly, the folks on the CCE board weren’t in the friends category.

I’m not going to try and address what should have been done or what actions lie ahead. I’m not a great arm-chair quarterback. I just want you to take a moment and imagine what our profession will be like if Life goes under. Will we be better off? Will other schools pick up the slack? Just where the heck is this profession being led? Twenty years ago I first saw the graph which showed the medics becoming more like the chiro’s and the chiro’s becoming more medical. At that time I couldn’t fathom why any chiropractor would want to do what a medical doctor did. Have we reached that point? Why is it the students I meet have no idea of the philosophy of chiropractic? They graduate and get plugged into a management group and then just go through the motions. Never even pausing to question their purpose in helping people other than, perhaps, to reflect on their incomes. I suppose they find it tough to trust in a philosophy when they’re six figures in debt.

Is it right to have only one accreditation body for the profession? Most other professions have more than one body to accredit them. Are we faced with DCs with such a poor sense of professional esteem that they’d lop off their nose to spite their face? Does the loss of accreditation mean that the graduates of Life are somehow less prepared to practice chiropractic? Are they out there killing people? Isn’t there room for all of us to practice albeit differently?

That last question is one I want to expand on a little. Seems that my life’s journey in chiropractic started in the converted garage of Reggie Gold. That was chiropractic to me. Hundreds of people, young and old, rich and poor, all waiting to get their spine checked. I knew nothing of therapy, diagnosis, herbs, supplements, or massage. Heck, I didn’t find out about those things until I traveled around the country stepping into different offices to meet the Doc and seeing all manner of equipment that I had no notion of. But they were a chiropractor so I accepted them as my peer. I granted them, in my own way, the beingness to do what they did to help people. Oh yeah, I thought they were misguided and off the track but if they adjusted their folks, I made room for them at the table.

I did go through a bit of a hate mixer period. I’ll admit it. It wasn’t the people I hated but the way they bastardized the practice of chiropractic. Medicowannabees. I figured that it was only a matter of time till insurance ran out, and then they’d figure out that to survive they had to adjust and take cash. I led by example, I thought. Live and let live. I didn’t go out of my way to tear down their methods. I even found myself allied with them on occasion in the political/legislative front. Managed care certainly made a fool out of me as DCs learned to play the game so as to survive and get paid.

My naivety is coming back to haunt me. Seems that those same people with whom I shared this profession wanted me out all along. Wanted my way of practice out and did whatever they could to see that it will happen. Through the legislature and certainly through the accreditation process they sought to contain and eliminate me. Hell, what the medical profession couldn’t succeed at, members of our profession have. Namely, the containment and elimination of the profession.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The suppressive actions of a small cadre of DC’s out to rid the profession of the likes of me. And, of course, of Sid and Life. Who are these people to feel that they can make the direction our profession takes their own? Just how do we benefit from their actions toward Life? Who’s next? Sherman? Palmer? Parker? Will all schools be made to fit the mold of the old National College and LACC? Funny, CCE certainly let those institutions teach their philosophy of practice with little or no interference. Why the hoop jumping for schools like Life?

Well, I rant. I’m pissed off. I feel threatened. I feel like punching someone. Especially someone at the CCE. Like, wake up! I will not wear a white lab jacket and sling a stethoscope around my neck! Diagnose this, you sorry sons of bitches!

As to those of you reading this, I can’t tell you what to do. I will take responsibility of the survival of the chiropractic principles.

What will you do?

– – – – – – – – – –
Harvey Fish, D.C. can be reached at: [email protected] @ 10:09 am | Article ID: 1023988157

The News on Life University

Updated on 6/13/2002 3:54PM

Below are all the news links we have seen as of today regarding Life University and their accreditation status. Rather than re-report the news here we felt it would be better for you to visit the various news websites. Links are posted in chronological order so that you can get an account of the unfolding events.

Life University awaits review – Atlanta Journal Constitution
Life University will try to free its chiropractic program this week from a threatened loss of accreditation. University leaders will leave today for a second …

Georgia School Loses Accreditation – Washington Post
MARIETTA, Ga. Life University, the nation’s largest chiropractic school, has lost its accreditation. The Council on Chiropractic Education last week cited the …

Georgia School Loses Accreditation – Guardian, UK
MARIETTA, Ga. – Life University, the nation’s largest chiropractic school, has lost its accreditation. The Council on Chiropractic Education last week cited the school for problems including faculty oversight and instruction on diagnosing whether a patient should be treated by a medical doctor or a chiropractor.

Life University loses chiropractic accreditation – Atlanta Journal Constitution
“It’s unfortunate for the students at Life, but the line has been drawn in the sand as to what the chiropractor is supposed to be able to do.” – Mark Cotney, D.C., chairman of the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Students fearful of future. – Atlanta Journal Constitution
… leaders admit they did not anticipate the loss of accreditation of the chiropractic program. And their attempts at reassurance rang hollow to many of the …

Life University vows to fight for accreditation – Atlanta Journal Constitution
… President Sid Williams, repeated the university’s plan to appeal the Council on Chiropractic’s decision to revoke the school’s accreditation of its doctor of …

‘Easy target’ or to blame? Life founder Sid Williams is at center of Life accreditation storm – Atlanta Journal Constitution
… Even some students and administrators who support Williams, calling him a charismatic leader of original chiropractic theory, believe the loss of accreditation is at least in part, politically motivated. “There’s lots of components,” said student Scott Evans. “But a big component is to get him off the throne.” Like many students, Stacey Goodson said Wednesday the accreditation problem is political — that as “straight” chiropractic’s most visible proponent, Williams was an easy target. “You always target the loudest person,” Goodson said. “What he’s built is huge.”

President Sid Williams says he plans to step down in March – Atlanta Journal Constitution
Williams said the school had begun a national search for a replacement. He also said his decision to step down had been planned before this week’s controversy involving the Council on Chiropractic Education stripping Life of its chiropractic accreditation.

Student Action – Student Action – Student Action
(forwarded by concerned chiropractic students)

Tell the Department of Education How You feel!

Are you concerned about the CCE ruling against Life University?
Have you ever had questions about how CCE members are elected?
Have you ever wondered why Life University does not have COA representation?
Why would the counsel vote to “deny reaffirmation” before reviewing Life University’s documentation of compliance?
Why would the CCE recommend consultants to Life and then discredit those consultants’ suggestions?
Why, on the CCE website, does the CCE refer to a Chiropractor as “a physician”? Dorland’s Medical dictionary is VERY clear on it’s definition of physician: “authorized practitioner of medicine… graduate of medical school…. licensed by a medical board… who practices MEDICINE.” (This is not intended to be medical bashing)
Why did Meredith Gonyea, former CCE/COA member tell Life that the CCE made it’s decision over a year ago. Corruption and lack of accountability.

The Counsel on Chiropractic Education is an agency under the US Department of Education. It appears that the CCE is a special interest group that pretends to represent the profession of Chiropractic. The CCE “candidate selection” and “elections” process is a closely held process. Fair representation is all that is required of a registered agency of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The CCE does not function in a fair and representative fashion.

Several students at Life University indicated that the CCE made its decision well in advance of the completion date and recommended that students transfer immediately. Could the CCE be looking to bolster the enrollment at some of it’s favored schools, where, by the way, enrollment is down by as much as 80%

Why would the CCE close a successful school to help schools that are failing? *How could representatives from Chiropractic Colleges such as Texas College and others be ready to rush to the Life campus, in less than 24 hours from the release of the CCE ruling, to recruit transfer students?

Fellow Students, this is not a fight between Dr. Sid, Life University and the CCE, this is a fight to save your education and CHIROPRACTIC! Presidents from Palmer, Cleveland, Life West, and Sherman Colleges have all called and offered support to Life University and it’s students, not to sign up transfers. Stand united and let your voice be heard.

Remember, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Voice your opinion about the CCE!

Contact: US Department of Education
Analyst, Overseer to the Counsel on Chiropractic Education
Claude Denton 703-367-0156 or 202-219-7011

Mark Cotney of the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners can be reached at:
175 Northridge Drive, Thomaston, GA 30286
(706) 647-7918 or (706) 647-2225

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*Editors note: I have personally spoken to Dr. Guy Riekeman, President of the Palmer Chiropractic University System and he has assured us that Palmer has not sent recruiters to the Life campus. In my haste, I misinterpreted information of college campuses that had sent recruiters to include Palmer College. The statement is false. I should have contacted Palmer College first before posting such misinformation. – Michael Dorausch, D.C. @ 2:34 pm | Article ID: 1023917698