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Anti-Science Activists Label Pro-Vaccine Safety Advocates “Antivaccine” in June 26 JAMA Article

A Response
Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder and President
National Vaccine Information Center

In the latest efforts by anti-science activists to label pro-vaccine safety advocates “anti-vaccine,” a trio from Northwestern University have published an article in the June 26, 2002 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entitled “Content and Design Attributes of Antivaccination Web Sites.” In what must surely be a lull in the careers of Robert M. Wolfe, M.D., Lisa K. Sharp, Ph.D., and Martin S. Lipsky, M.D., these three have spent a lot of time and effort pouring over the content of what they have dubbed “antivaccination” websites in order to come up with an analysis purporting to get to the heart of the thinking and motives behind organizations and individuals who operate websites questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) which operates the oldest and largest vaccine safety advocacy website, offers the following observations about the content of the article and the thinking and motives of its authors:

1) This is not science, it is an op ed piece.

2) The information on the internet, thank goodness, is not peer reviewed by doctors like these authors or we wouldn’t be able to believe what is on the internet anymore than we are able to believe what is published in JAMA.

3) They need to include a dictionary in their article. What exactly is their definition of “antivaccination?” Is it the label they apply in the second sentence of the first paragraph to those challenging “the safety and effectiveness of recommended vaccines?” If that is the definition of anti-vaccine, we can label these authors anti-science for suggesting that challenging and testing existing knowledge in science be abolished in favor of protecting the status quo.

4) The hallmark of good science is replication. We call for a public release of the names of all the websites these authors have labeled anti-vaccine so their analysis can be independently analyzed.

5) In just one of the many examples of intellectual bias, the authors perseverate about the internet access the public has to personal and emotional experiences of families with vaccine injured children. They, however, apparently have no problem with the use of visual images of children who were injured or died from polio as an incentive to the public to get vaccinated.

6) This article is a sophomoric attempt to label the vaccine safety and informed consent movement as “anti-vaccine” in order to deflect attention from the very real gaps in scientific knowledge about the biological mechanisms of adverse responses to vaccination. Should the Institute of Medicine be labeled anti-vaccine for repeatedly publishing reports over the past decade calling for increased scientific research into outstanding questions about vaccine safety? Instead of analyzing websites which are pointing out and asking for answers to outstanding scientific questions about vaccine safety, these doctors should be pulling their microscopes out of storage and finding out why some children are not able to handle the 36 doses of 11 vaccines they are now getting. They could work to develop genetic and other biomarkers to identify and screen out high risk children. That would go a long way toward re-instilling trust in national vaccine policies and eliminating some of the nagging doubts about vaccines that parents of learning disabled, hyperactive, epileptic, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic and mentally retarded children talk about on the internet.

7) History shows that challenge to the status quo, which is embodied in much of the free speech that is taking place on the internet, is a first necessary step to meaningful reform of powerful institutions. We proudly stand by the content of our website at which details our 20 year public record of working to institute vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, including playing a major role in obtaining a safer pertussis vaccine for American babies licensed in 1996. We will stand by that accomplishment any day even if we haven’t published peer reviewed articles in JAMA.

Finally, this kind of pretentious posturing by doctors who claim that they engaged in “critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content” did not remove the responsibility from JAMA editors to exercise a little self discipline and pass on this one. What the publishing of this kind of junk science does is fuel the suspicions of parents that those in power are determined to silence the voices of people suffering because science will not listen and does not care. It is a sad commentary on an even sadder reality that faces many families with vaccine injured children.

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JAMA: Content and Design Attributes of Antivaccination Web Sites @ 1:25 pm | Article ID: 1025123143

Pull the Trigger

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

I consider my self to be one of the greatest planners in the history of this profession. Early in my career, I would spend hours and hours planning to do great things in chiropractic and in my life, coming up with the most elaborate plans to accomplish those things that have never been done in this profession. I would spend many hours writing out business and practice plans, new ways of adjusting patients, patient treatment plans, and planning for incredible new clinics and ways of filling them. I was awesome, or so I thought.

One evening I was enthusiastically telling Dr. Joe (the wise old DC from Chicago) about all my plans, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum, when he suddenly turned to me and made a statement that totally changed my way of thinking from then on in my life (and rightfully deflated my obviously over inflated ego).

He simply said, “So what.” Then he continued, “I’ve been sitting here for the past months listening to you go on and on about your big plans and I haven’t seen one bit of action on your part… just planning, planning, planning. This is a world of doing, not just planning. At the rate you’re going, you’ll wind up 50 years from now still planning as they put you 6 feet under ground and what will you have accomplished? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Don’t just tell me what you’re going to do, show me what you’ve done and are doing to accomplish these big things and then I’ll listen to what you have to say. I’d much rather see you put that much energy into actually doing things and one-tenth as much energy into planning how to do things. This profession was built by doers, those who were willing to go out and put their plans into creative action no matter what the world thought or said about it.”

I knew Dr. Joe had been a champion rifle shot at one time in his life so I fully understood the analogy he next brought up. “Suppose I had a high powered rifle with all the niceties of modern technology associated with it but I spent all of my time just aiming the rifle at the bulls-eye on the target, trying different angles of fire, different positions from which to fire, admiring how well I held the rifle and enjoying the feel of the butt against my shoulder… but I never pulled the trigger. How much do you think I would have accomplished in that field of endeavor and how many awards do you think I would have won (looking over at a case full of winning trophies)?”

Aiming is certainly important but the essence of shooting a rifle is pulling the trigger. And the essence of life is taking action. During your time in chiropractic, if you do nothing else, at the very least PULL THE TRIGGER. If you do this, you’ll have a real chance of hitting the target you’re aiming at, sooner or later. And if you miss the bulls eye the first time, just correct your aim and pull the trigger again, and again, and again, and again, and keep pulling the trigger until they put you 6 feet under. If you do this, you’ll be able to look back later in life with total satisfaction that you did the very best you were capable of doing (not just talked about doing it as the great majority of people do) and even if you don’t wind up hitting the bulls eye every time, you will still have accomplished a great deal in this profession and in your life during the short time you’re here on this planet.

Nowadays, every time I hesitate to take any type of action in my life, I think of Dr. Joe’s sage advice, “PULL THE TRIGGER!” and I do. It’s remarkable how many targets you can hit (and how many bulls eyes) if you simply take action. “PULL THE TRIGGER” in your Chiropractic career and in your life. @ 3:29 pm | Article ID: 1025044190

Inner Peace

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

There exists in all of us and some of us more than others a peace that surpasses understanding. A general feeling that everything is OK. There is nothing that needs to be done in that moment to make anything better or different. There is no struggle to be in the moment because the moment is so “perfect”. Sometimes I become calm enough that I actually feel the life flowing through me. I notice my breathing. I notice my blood pumping and there is just nothing to be done about it. These moments happen to me more in the warm weather when I feel it easier to just enjoy the moment. It happens to me more when life is working out the way I think it should be working out. It happens more when I have become accustomed to having “it” happen more often. When the outside world seems to shake me it takes a little effort, sometimes a lot of effort to regain my serenity. It is a conscious effort. That OK feeling for me has to be somewhat independent of the outside circumstances or I become an effect of my circumstances and very vulnerable to outside stimuli.

If someone or something outside of yourself has the power to piss you off then it will. If my happiness is dependent of what other people think of me than I am very vulnerable because what other people do and say is more often connected to their stuff than to my stuff and if I need anyone else’s permission to be at peace than I am again making myself very vulnerable. I need to connect to my source of strength and feel confident in myself and my connection so that I can proceed into the world independent of the circumstances of my life. Life is like a roller coaster and if I can only be happy when the coaster is on the part of the tracks that I prefer than I will be spending a lot of time trying to fix the coaster in my mind. If I can accept that life has it’s ups and downs than I can expect the ride and be grateful for the ride and not be weakened when I think that life is doing me wrong and strengthened and happy only when it is turning out the way I think it should. My life is turning out exactly the way it should be turning out. I can’t change the world outside. I can only change myself when I decide to take responsibility for my emotional condition no matter what is happening outside of me than I can change my world. I can make choices and be effective. I can be at cause and not always at effect.

I also need to realize that everything is temporary in life. The only thing that is constant is change. If I let change rock my world than I am going to be rocked a lot. Also when things aren’t going the way that I think they should I need to also remember that anything that goes up, goes down again and everything that is down goes up again. Sometimes I get real stuck in the downs because I continue focusing on the downs and don’t move forward because I am no longer the same person because I lost my inner peace.

That is when I’ve really lost because if I am not the same person than I change the ride and I get in the way of the coaster coming back up. That is when I again need to reconnect to my God and have some quiet so that I am whole again and can proceed with my journey. That is the miracle of perception. That is what the “winners” do, they accept when life didn’t work out the way that they think it should of and they get up anyway, brush themselves off, and move on. After a while it gets easier and you actually become less frightened of life because you start to see the power of the “do over.” Then you can start living a bolder, less fearful life. You always have the decision to reconnect (however that looks for you) and move on.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon GormanDr. Sharon Gorman is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, she associated with her mentor Dr. James Sigafoose. She opened her own practice in June of 1985 and in 3 months was seeing over 100 patients a day. Within 4 years, she had established four chiropractic practices seeing combined over 5000 patients a month. Now, married with 4 children, she still practices part time and manages 3 successful practices. She is a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars and is the founder and hostess of the Focus Philosophy Weekends. Visit her website at: @ 7:01 am | Article ID: 1025013703

Core Tour 2002 – Venice Beach – Big Air & Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Venice Beach, Calif: The 1st round of the Core Tour Sports & Music Festival kicked off in Venice Beach this past weekend. The scenic Venice area was transformed into an insane extreme sports course with over 50 tons of dirt and 26,000 pounds of lumber. The best riders in the world came to Venice to compete for over $20,000 in prize money.

Top BMX riders from across the globe kicked up dirt while hundreds of fans cheered them on all day Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd, in the first stop of the summer long 2002 Core Tour. Both amateurs and pros compete in the Core Tour along the same courses. Amateur events are held on Saturday and pro events are held on Sunday. Some of the world’s best BMX riders were out to compete for the big bucks and a bunch of cool prizes this weekend.

Greg Andreoli clears 19 feet in Venice BeachGreg Andreoli from Las Vegas, NV took first-place in the Big Air contest which was held Sunday afternoon. Greg was the only rider to easily clear 19 feet (nearly the height of a two-story building) to become the King of Sunday’s Big Air competition. This is a spine chilling event, it’s a real thrill to watch.

Following the Big Air competition, Greg was interviewed by Fox Sports Net who covered the weekend long events. The event is expected to be broadcast sometime this summer. Next stop for the tour is at Southstreet Seaport in Manhattan, NY.

People are amazed when they see these jumps up close, these guys just go wild and the adrenaline rush comes over the entire crowd. It’s one thing to see it on the screen (like the film IMAX is currently showing), it’s another to see it up close and personal. I watched people of all ages jump up and cheer in amazement with every stunt these guys pulled off.

Greg Andreoli with his chiropractor Dr. Michael Dorausch of Venice, CAIn the photo to the left, Greg sits on the chiropractic table used during the weekend long event. He was adjusted twice on Saturday before and after practice and twice on Sunday. Once early in the day, and once just before going into the Big Air contest. He was in great shape and I could think of no reason why Greg shouldn’t be able to take the top prize.

About his (and other Core Tour athletes) chiropractic care…
What we did: First, set the Atlas. Before Greg even got started practicing on Saturday, we got him on the table and got him checked out. After palpation and checking range of motion (ROM) we set Atlas, the first bone in his neck, worked on mid thoracic’s, t6 – t8, adjusted a left sacrum and he was good to go.

After a day of practice on the sixpack (the three sets of dirt jumps built for this weekend’s tour) we got Greg on the table one more time for the day. Atlas was holding but some lower cervical’s needed work and thoracics were adjusted again as well. We checked cervical range of motion and lumbar range of motion as well as flexibility. His legs were tired from the day of riding, but he was in overall great shape.

Sunday afternoon, after about an hour of practice, we checked Atlas and adjusted it, and aligned the pelvis. (I had just finished adjusting Steven Murray, winner of last years X-Games and Cory “Nasty” Nastazio, who ended up taking 1st place in the weekends Core Tour King of Dirt contest.) Greg took two falls while competing in the King of Dirt contest, which resulted in allowing him some time to rest and get focused on the upcoming Big Air event. I’m no stranger to adjusting riders before and/or after the Big Air contest’s although I prefer to get them adjusted before in order to better maximize performance. Adjustments after are primarily given to re-stabilize the body. These guys are hitting the ground often from 20 feet up or higher, it can get ugly.

Greg Andreoli going big in Venice BeachWhile other riders practiced their Big Air skills Greg came into the riders tent to get checked one last time. We noticed his hamstrings were pretty tight and his legs were fairly tired from the riding he had done the day before and in the morning. He was checked and Atlas was still holding well. A good hamstrings stretch was in order. I’ve watched many BMX riders have difficulty clearing the tape because they couldn’t bring the back tire up high enough. Every inch counts and good flexibility can mean the difference between walking away with a bag full of loot or going home empty-handed.

We did some sets of stretching (my version of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) on Greg’s hamstrings. While he lied back on the table I lifted one leg up without bending the knee to a point that was not too uncomfortable but was almost at the end of his range of motion. Greg was instructed to take a deep breath in and hold it. While holding his breath he pushed with about 10 percent of his strength into my hand that is holding up his leg. I instructed him to hold for about five seconds and then release, breathe out and just let go. We follow this procedure four more times and then switch to the other leg. Also while he’s breathing out and relaxing I instruct him to visualize his great flexibility. I tell him he is more prepared than anyone in this competition for getting “big air.” He’s in great shape, he has good flexibility, and he has a strong focus.

After three sets of jumps in which some riders cleared and some riders didn’t, there was only Greg and one other rider left for the final jump. The scissor lifts were brought to 19 feet and the tape was strung across. The first rider hit the tape and all Greg had to do now was clear the jump in order to be the Big Air contest winner. He made the jump with room to spare and came down a long way hitting the hardpacked dirt and almost landing into a crowd of photographers and onlookers below. Greg Andreoli is a champion BMX rider and athlete, it’s an honor to work with him.

Dr. Michael Dorausch is a Local Los Angeles Chiropractor. When he is not in the office you can often find him volunteering at local sports events such as Volleyball Tournaments, Surf Competitions, BMX and Skateboard events, and Local Track & Running events. Most events are held in Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey or the neighboring areas. Looking for a chiropractor to be at your next local event? Call ADIO Chiropractic at 310 301-4448.

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Dr. Moshe Gottlieb and his love for kids

From Yitzchack (Gary) Freeman, D.C.

Dr. Moshe Gottlieb, a Graduate of Los Angleles Chiropractic College, was killed in Jerusalem along with 19 others in a suicide bus bombing on the morning of 18 June, 2002. He worked in Los Angeles till 1978 and then he moved to Israel.

I first met Dr. Gottlieb in 1987 on a late summer Friday night, after Sabbath prayers in a synagogue I attended while visiting friends in the Jerusalem neighborhood where he lived. He told me, “Shalom Aleichem. Great to have another DC in Israel.” (He was one of the first; I was the 14th.) “If you’re serious about helping people, and not just into making a few shekels, I’ll help you as much as you want,” he told me.

Dr. Moshe Gottlieb with a Down's patient he cared for.In 1990 I called him from Bnei Braq (a Tel Aviv suburb). “I need some of your N.O.T. (Neuro Organiztional Technique) expertise in a special needs school for Down’s, CP, autistic, crainiomegaly, etc. where I’m volunteering. Dr. Gottlieb, most of the kids love my adjusting, but two start crying as soon as I enter the room. I need to do something different with them.” Dr. Gottlieb made the 1 1/2 hour trip and started volunteering with me. I got married and moved up to Jerusalem. He would have still been working there. He loved those kids. He called them “my kids.”

Three days after his murder, during the hour and a half which I paid a condolence call to his wife and children, a Down’s child’s mother entered with the picture seen here. She told Mrs. Gottlieb about how much her daughter improved with his treatment. She was just one of many patients who had already filled up four books (the kind which guests sign at a wedding or Bar Mitzvah). Many a story of how he changed his or her life. I know he changed mine.

– – – From the Jerusalem Post – – –

“You were always there to help or teach in the synagogue, to do good deeds, or to just encourage us with your smile,” Rabbi Eliahu Schlesinger, the Ashkenazi rabbi of Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood, said yesterday as family, friends, and neighbors gathered to pay their last respects to Dr. Moshe Gottlieb, who was among the victims in Tuesday’s suicide bombing of an (public service) Egged bus in Jerusalem.

Gottlieb, 70, who immigrated here in 1978 from Los Angeles with his wife, Sheila, was traveling from his home in Gilo (northern Jerusalem) to a Jerusalem hospital to perform one of his many acts of charity on Tuesday when the terrorist’s bomb cut him down.

Eytan Miller, who worked alongside Gottlieb at the Central Synagogue of Gilo, where Gottlieb served as the gabbai (sextant or non-clergy synagogue organizer) for 20 years, remembered his friend as the first one to arrive at the synagogue in the morning and the last to leave in the evening, finding time for his love of learning Jewish texts despite his busy professional life.

“The synagogue was his first home,” Rabbi Schlesinger said in his remarks, periodically pausing to wipe away tears as he recalled how eagerly Gottlieb, whose shroud-wrapped body lay opposite the ark during the eulogies, served in the synagogue.

“Every day he did Mitzvoth (commandments and good deeds), but Tuesday was his special day,” Miller recalled yesterday.

“He would start his work day at 8:15 in a Jerusalem clinic for the chronically ill, which is where he was headed the day of the attack. Then after treating other people in the city, he would go by bus to Bnei Brak, where every Tuesday he treated children with Down’s Syndrome, CP, and whatever and then make sure he got back to Gilo for afternoon prayers.”

“I asked him once: ‘Why don’t you slow down a little, start your day a little later?’ He said: ‘What can I do, people are waiting for me, waiting for my treatment.'”

Miller said many times Gottlieb, a chiropractor, succeeded in finding a cure for the patient’s problem where other doctors had failed. “He was just the guest of honor at the wedding of a girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor whom he helped recover,” Miller said.

“You’re not supposed to be here, Abba (Father),” Gottlieb’s son Seymour said to his father as he traced his life story. Born in New York, he gave up a potentially lucrative career in the fur industry after discovering his son had asthma. Moving to Los Angeles, he started over, studying to become a chiropractor, then fell in love with Israel on his first visit in 1972.

He and his wife moved here in 1978, at first to the capital’s center of town. However, when he met Rabbi Schlesinger, he moved to Gilo, and even during recent years of trouble (i.e. sniper fire from the neighboring Arab town of Beit Jalla ) he “couldn’t understand how anyone could leave the neighborhood and the rabbi,” Miller said.

Other speakers recalled how he always managed to find time to help others, whether through his professional skills, by teaching classes in the synagogue, or by quietly providing financial assistance to needy individuals or families.

“What will we do without you, Reb Moshe,” R. Schlesinger asked, paying tribute to a man who died sanctifying G-d’s name, on his way to help his fellowman.

He is survived by his wife, his brother Judah, his son, Seymour, a daughter, Feige, in New York, and 12 grandchildren. He was buried at Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuhot Cemetery. @ 7:36 am | Article ID: 1024929415

The Status of Research into Vaccine Safety and Autism

Opening Statement – June 19, 2002
Chairman Dan Burton
Committee on Government Reform
The Status of Research into Vaccine Safety and Autism

In April the Committee conducted a hearing reviewing the epidemic of autism and the Department of Health and Human Service’s (HHS) response. Ten years ago, autism was thought to affect 1 in 10,000 individuals in the United States. When the Committee began its oversight investigation in 1999, autism was thought to affect 1 in 500 children. Today, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that autism affects 1 in 250 children.

In April we looked at the investment our Government has made into autism as compared to other epidemics. We showed in that hearing that the CDC and NIH have not provided adequate funding to address the issues in the manner that our Public Health Service agencies have used to address other epidemics.

After our hearing, I joined with my colleagues on the Coalition on Autism Research and Education to request from our appropriators that at least 120 million dollars be made available in FY 2003 for autism research across the NIH and at that an additional $8 million be added to the CDC’s budget for autism research.

Giving more money to research is not the only answer though. Oversight is needed to make sure that research that is funded will sufficiently answer the questions regarding the epidemic, how to treat autism, and how to prevent the next ten years from seeing the statistic of 1 in 250 from becoming 1 in 25 children.

High quality clinical and laboratory research is needed now, not five or ten years from now. Independent analysis of previous epidemiological and case control studies is needed as well.

We have learned that a majority of parents whose children have late-onset or acquired autism believe it is vaccine-related. They deserve answers. We have also learned that the parents have been our best investigators in looking for both causes of autism and for treatments.

It has been parents who have formed non-profit organizations to raise research dollars to conduct the research that the CDC, the FDA, and the NIH have neglected to do. We have heard from many of these parents in the past, Elizabeth Birt, Rick Rollens, Shelley Reynolds, and Jeanna Smith, to name just a few. Each of these parents had healthy babies who became autistic after vaccination.

I might have been like many of the officials within the public health community – denying a connection – had I not witnessed this tragedy in my own family. I might not have believed the reports from parents like Scott and Laura Bono, Jeff Sell, Jeff and Shelly Segal, and Ginger Brown, who came to me with pictures, videos and medical records. I might have been like so many pediatricians who discounted the correlation between vaccination and the onset of fever, crying, and behavioral changes. Because both of my grandchildren suffered adverse reactions to vaccines, I could not ignore the parent’s plea for help. I could not ignore their evidence.

My only grandson became autistic right before my eyes – shortly after receiving his federally recommended and state-mandated vaccines. Without a full explanation of what was in the shots being given, my talkative, playful, outgoing healthy grandson Christian was subjected to very high levels of mercury through his vaccines. He also received the MMR vaccine. Within a few days he was showing signs of autism.

As part of our investigation, the Committee has reviewed ongoing concerns about vaccine safety, vaccine adverse events tracking, the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Project, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. I have joined with Congressman Weldon, Congressman Waxman and 32 other members of Congress in introducing HR 3741, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvement Act of 2002 to realign the compensation program with Congressional Intent.

In today’s hearing, we will receive a research update from several previous witnesses as well as new research findings that further support a connection between autism and vaccine adverse events. We will learn more about both the possible link between the use of the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal in vaccines and autism, as well as autistic entercolitis resulting from the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Through a Congressional mandate to review thimerosal content in medicines, the FDA learned that childhood vaccines, when given according to the CDC’s recommendations exposed over 8,000 children a day in the United States to levels of mercury that exceeded Federal guidelines. Is there a connection between this toxic exposure to mercury and the autism epidemic? We will hear from Dr. James Bradstreet and Dr. Vera Stejskal on this issue.

We have twice received testimony from Dr. Andrew Wakefield regarding his clinical research into autistic entercolitis. We will learn today that not only has he continued to conduct clinical research, but that this research is confirming the presence of vaccine-related measles RNA in the biopsies from autistic children. Dr. Wakefield – like many scientists who blaze new trails – has been attacked by his own profession. He has been forced out of his position at the Royal Free Hospital in England. He and his colleagues have fought an uphill battle to continue the research that has been a lone ray of hope for parents whose children have autistic entercolitis. Dr. Arthur Krigsman is joining us as well today to discuss his clinical findings of inflammatory bowel disorder in autistic children. He will share with us his initial findings as well as discuss his research plans currently with his Institutional Review Board for approval.

Do the epidemiological and case control studies, which the CDC has attempted to use to refute Dr. Wakefield’s laboratory results, answer the autism-vaccine questions honestly? Epidemiologist Dr. Walter Spitzer is back today to answer this question. What else is needed to prove or disprove a connection?

Unfortunately, rather than considering the preliminary clinical findings of Dr. Wakefield as a newly documented adverse reaction to a vaccine, the CDC attempted to refute these clinical findings through an epidemiological review. While epidemiological research is very important, it cannot be used to disprove laboratory and clinical findings. Valuable time was lost in replicating this research and determining whether the hypothesis was accurate.

Officials at HHS have aggressively denied any possible connection between vaccines and autism. They have waged an information campaign endorsing one conclusion on an issue where the science is still out. This has significantly undermined public confidence in the career public service professionals who are charged with balancing the dual roles of assuring the safety of vaccines and increasing immunization rates. Increasingly, parents come to us with concerns that integrity and an honest public health response to a crisis have been left by the wayside in lieu of protecting the public health agenda to fully immunize children. Parents are increasingly concerned that the Department may be inherently conflicted in its multiple roles of promoting immunization, regulating manufacturers, looking for adverse events, managing the vaccine injury compensation program, and developing new vaccines. Families share my concern that vaccine manufacturers have too much influence as well. How will HHS restore the public’s trust?

Access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD)

One of the primary topics to be discussed at this hearing is access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink. (VSD). To help fill scientific gaps, the CDC formed partnerships with eight large health maintenance organizations through an agreement with the American Association of Health Plans to continually evaluate vaccine safety. This project is known as the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) and includes medical records on millions of children and adults. Up until this year, access to data from the VSD has been limited to researchers affiliated with the CDC and a few of their handpicked friends. This ‘good old boy’s network” practice has predictably led to questions about the objectivity of the research and the fairness of the results.

The VSD data should be made available to all legitimate scientific researchers so that independent studies can be conducted and results verified. This database contains a wealth of data involving millions of patients over a ten-year period. If properly utilized, it can help researchers study vitally important questions about the safety of vaccines, the effects of mercury-based preservatives in childhood vaccines, and many other questions.

The Committee first raised this issue with the CDC two years ago. For two years the CDC delayed. Six months ago, we were informed that the CDC was developing a plan to expand access to the database. Finally, in February of this year, after a great deal of prompting from the Committee, Dr. Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development at the National Immunization Program, informed Committee staff that the CDC had finalized its plan and that it was poised to put it into effect. Under this plan, any legitimate scientist could submit a proposal to the CDC to conduct research using VSD data and access to the data would be provided along with some basic safeguards.

In preparation for today’s hearing, Committee staff asked the CDC why the plan described to us in February had not yet been put into effect. The staff was informed that the plan had been put into effect. However, there had been no public announcement. How are researchers supposed to know about the availability of the data if there is no announcement? It took two years of prodding by this Committee to get the CDC to open up access to the database. For four months it appears that the CDC didn’t inform anybody but this Committee of the data’s availability.

That doesn’t make it appear that the CDC is making a good faith effort to open up this database. It looks to me like the CDC is trying to do the bare minimum that they have to do to get us off their backs. That’s not acceptable. That’s why I insisted that Dr. Chen be here today. I just want to ask him why they didn’t tell anyone about the database being available. I’d like to know how he expects researchers to use this data if nobody tells them it’s available.

Dr. Roger Bernier is here from the CDC to testify about these issues. He is accompanied by both Dr. Chen, the creator of the VSD Project and Dr. Frank DeStefano, the CDC official who is also a co-author of the MMR – IBD study. They are here to address our questions on the VSD project and the vaccine- autism research. The CDC employees are accompanied by Dr. Stephen Foote of the National Institutes of Health and Dr. William Egan of the Food and Drug Administration.

As representatives of the people, we have a responsibility to ensure that our public health officials are adequately and honestly addressing this epidemic and its possible links to vaccine injury.

I look forward to hearing from our witnesses today. Our hearing record will remain open until July 3.

I now recognize the ranking minority member, Mr. Waxman for his opening statement. @ 11:49 am | Article ID: 1024685344

Chiropractor Dies in Jerusalem Bus Bombing

On Tuesday morning, June 18, 2002, 19 people were killed and 74 injured in a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem. The bus, which was completely destroyed, was carrying many students on their way to school as well as a seventy year old chiropractor named Moshe Gottlieb.

Dr. Moshe GottliebDr. Moshe Gottlieb was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He had immigrated to Israel with his family from the United States 24 years ago, and he maintained a private practice in both Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Dr. Gottlieb used to drive to patients’ houses on a black Honda motorcycle until it was stolen. On Tuesday morning he boarded the no. 32A bus en route to Bnei Brak, where he was due to work with a group of children with Down’s Syndrome. For 13 years, he had been providing chiropractic care for them for free once a week. He was a service oriented chiropractor.

According to news reports, the terrorist boarded the bus at 7:50 A.M. at the stop in Beit Safafa, an Arab neighborhood opposite Gilo, and almost immediately detonated the large bomb which he carried in a bag stuffed with ball bearings. The blast destroyed the front half of the bus, packed with people, such as Dr. Moshe, on their way to work and schoolchildren.

Dr. Moshe Gottlieb was buried this morning in Jerusalem. He is survived by his wife, Sheila, a son and a daughter, and 12 grandchildren.

Israeli MFA: Jun 18, 2002 – Dr. Moshe Gottlieb, 70, of Jerusalem, was one of 19 people killed in a suicide bombing at the Patt junction in Egged bus no. 32A traveling from Gilo to the center of Jerusalem.
Mercury News: Deaths frustrate, anger Israelis Agony of Repeated Suicide Bombs Is Increasing, Many Say
Israeli MFA: Suicide bombing at Patt junction in Jerusalem
Boston Globe: A routine morning ends in horror for Israeli family
Israeli MFA: Bus Bomb Kills 20 in Jerusalem @ 9:27 am | Article ID: 1024590440

ICA Board of Directors Calls For Immediate Review of CCE Decision on Life

ICA Chiropractic News Service

At a special meeting on June 18, 2002, the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association voted unanimously to call on the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) to conduct an immediate and objective review of its decision to deny re-accreditation to Life University’s College of Chiropractic. Expressing grave reservations as to the appropriateness of the CCE action and citing the devastating economic, professional and social damage this step has and will continue to cause tens of thousands of people, the ICA Board adopted the following statement:

Statement by the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association this date June 18, 2002

The International Chiropractors Association recognizes and acknowledges the contribution to the chiropractic profession, and to the greater health and quality of life for all mankind, made by the Life University’s College of Chiropractic and its Founder and President Dr. Sid E. Williams.

The ICA Board of Directors has grave reservations as to the appropriateness of the actions of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) in their revocation of accreditation status for Life University’s College of Chiropractic. The effects of these actions upon the faculty, staff, students, alumni and their families, lacks compassion by causing the innocent, including the patients, to suffer.

The ICA calls for the immediate and objective reevaluation of the accreditation status for Life University’s College of Chiropractic and further calls upon the CCE to find other, less collaterally damaging means of correcting any legitimate outstanding academic issues with Life University. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Life University is an affiliated educational institution with the International Chiropractors Association and Life Founder and President Dr. Sid E. Williams is a former ICA President and currently sits on ICA’s Board of Directors. Dr. Williams had no role in developing ICA’s position on the CCE action and was not present and did not participate in the discussions that led to the Board adopted position statement. “The record of service and accomplishment that the Life University College of Chiropractic has established stands in stark contrast to the actions taken by the CCE,” said ICA Board Chairman Dr. Robert Braile. “The damage as a result of CCE’s actions, done to Life University, its students and graduates, and the chiropractic profession in general, is devastating and grossly disproportionate to any possible academic problems at Life. The CCE’s actions have also impacted the chiropractic profession in many other areas, from insurance reimbursement and licensure issues to legislation and other urgent public policy matters. CCE’s Commission on Accreditation should look at the larger picture and carefully reconsider its actions.”

Life University began its chiropractic program in 1975 and has graduated over 10,000 doctors of chiropractic. Life has conducted the largest doctor of chiropractic educational program in the world for many years and its graduates have distinguished themselves in every aspect of chiropractic professional life. ICA is considering other possible avenues of support to Life University’s College of Chiropractic and the thousands of students at that institution and will closely monitor every aspect of the accreditation process.

For More Information, Contact the International Chiropractors Association, a Worldwide Community of the Most Successful Chiropractors on Earth at [email protected] or visit the ICA website at 800/423-4690 @ 8:43 am | Article ID: 1024587815

Chiropractic Thinkers

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Many times in the past, when describing my chiropractic experiences in Panama, I’ve mentioned that during those missions I’d checked my brain in at immigration and didn’t pick it up again until I left the country. Therefore, for a week at a time, I was able to abide in a blissful, brainless state, allowing my body to be used by God and my gifts to be fully expressed. I was able to love unconditionally, to give myself away, to share my full power in service. I was able to bear witness to the majesty of the chiropractic adjustment delivered with no agendas or expectations or desires for recompense, and to see the miracles that inevitably resulted. And when I’ve managed to keep my brain from driving its doubting, whining stake thru the heart of my mission here in my own practice, I’ve experienced the same things. Coincidence? Heck no. It’s the Law.

As long as I can remember, Sigafoose has implored us to stop thinking. I think I finally know what he means. It’s not that we can really stop thinking. Even thinking about not thinking is still thinking. Since my brain apparently intends to remain firmly ensconced inside my skull, and also apparently intends to continue in its incessant chatter, I’ve decided to accept that. No longer do I expect my meditation practice or the other things I do in preparation to suddenly and miraculously silence the pitiful tennis match of thots that bounce between past and future, between good and bad, between heaven and hell in my head. There are, of course, times when the match is like Centre Court at Wimbledon, and other times when it’s like a quiet game of backyard badminton. But the match goes on. And the value of my spiritual work has been that now I am often aware that I am not the match. I watch the match, I detach from the match, I even sometimes enjoy the match (quite comical it is, really), and regardless of the score I know that the match is not what or who I am. In this state, instead of “thinking” being a series of reactions and programmed, fear-based idiocies that bombard me from every angle and cling to me like burrs, thinking becomes an outpouring of my heart’s song. I can control my dominant thots, and I can choose which ones to believe. I can see things as I wish them to be, I can focus on thots that further my mission, and I can dwell in love, connection, and one-ness, free of doubts, lack, limitation, and judgment.. Like in Panama.

There is no magic involved here, and no magical way to get “there.” And there is really no “there” to get to. The 4th dimension exists right here and right now, and nowhere else. It is reality, and to connect to it I simply have to disconnect from the illusions I previously allowed myself to believe were reality. There’s nothing to figure out. It’s about unlearning. There’s nothing to do. It’s about surrendering. There’s nothing to buy, beg, borrow, or steal. It’s about love: loving myself enuf to know that I am Spirit, that I am whole, that I am powerful, and that I am fully capable of creating my dreams thru my intentions because I am a child of God. I am not what I think I am, and I am not my thots. My thots can either serve me or destroy me; it is my choice. I can’t stop thinking, but I can create a masterpiece of loving thots that create beauty and serve everyone, including me. Descartes was wrong. “I think, therefore I am” is so much bullshit. “I am, therefore I think” is closer to the truth. Still closer is “I am, even tho I think.” I am, and that’s a beautiful thing to think about.

– – – – – – – – – –
Stew BittmanDr. Stew Bittman maintains a box practice in South Lake Tahoe, CA along his wife Hillary and daughter Ari. For our more “scientific” brethren: Stew Bittman graduated from LACC as Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. On the first set of National Boards he scored 4 perfect “800’s” out of 6 exams. He has a video, “The Mission of Chiropractic” that is available for purchase through Planet Chiropractic. In his video, recorded at one of his weekly evening talks, Stew communicates the big picture of chiropractic – the ability to express our life’s full potential free from interference. @ 7:49 pm | Article ID: 1024541388

WCA joins ICA in expressing outrage at anti-chiropractic PBS segment

From WCA news

While public television has been responsible for many great programs, a recent episode of “Scientific American Frontiers” has many chiropractors wondering if it’s begun groveling to the medical conglomerates that frequently fund its shows.

The show’s segment, “A Different Way to Heal?,” was touted as an examination of alternative health care approaches, yet provided one-sided, blatantly inaccurate information that did nothing but promote the medical monopoly. Upon learning of the show, the International Chiropractors Association began a profession-wide campaign to generate a huge grassroots response to PBS.

The World Chiropractic Alliance immediately threw its support behind the ICA campaign, pledging to use its extensive communication network to get word of the effort to thousands of doctors around the world.

“In the broadcast that first aired on June 4th, hosted by well-known celebrity Alan Alda, chiropractic is represented as being unscientific, religion-based and extremely dangerous, all representations which are insulting and damaging to the 55,000 doctors of chiropractic who are licensed doctor-level health care providers and the millions of patients who are under their care,” the ICA noted in its press release.

“The producers of this show made an obvious decision to seek out chiropractic’s most virulent critics, presenting their assertions as fact, and characterizing the few positive aspects of chiropractic noted in the show, such as the enthusiastic testimonial of a patient, as unreliable and lacking in validity.”

ICA President Dr. D.D. Umber said, “It is crystal clear that from start to finish, the objective of this production was to project the most negative picture of chiropractic possible. The carefully crafted, demeaning language, the complete distortion of the most basic facts about chiropractic and the absence of any reference to any of the landmark elements of chiropractic’s validity, from state licensure and Medicare inclusion to any of the hundreds of studies that provide compelling evidence of chiropractic’s effectiveness, reveal the editorial mission of this production.”

Terry A. Rondberg, D.C., president of the World Chiropractic Alliance, agreed.

“We have been seeing an increase in media attacks lately and I do not for a moment believe this is a coincidence,” he stated. “Instead, I feel certain this is an orchestrated attempt at stopping the progress of chiropractic. Our opponents in the medical and pharmaceutical industries see the inroads we have made and are feeling threatened. The revenue generated by medical and drug advertising and funding give them tremendous leverage over the content of these reports. Our profession, and the public, must make it clear that such slander and misinformation will not be tolerated. We, as health care providers and consumers, can exert equal pressure on media to present balanced and truthful reports. But we must act quickly and forcefully.”

Dr. Rondberg added that if any newspaper, magazine or television station received several thousand letters of protest, they would not be able to ignore the demands of readers and viewers.

Doctors are urged to make their opinions known to PBS about the show.

  • Comments also may be registered at
  • In addition, postal letters should be mailed to the national PBS headquarters, attention of: Ms. Pat Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Public Broadcasting Service, 1320 Braddock Pl., Alexandria, VA 22314.
  • Alert your local PBS station — go to to search for your local station and obtain specific addresses and contact information, Write and/or call the PBS affiliate that produced the “Scientific American Frontiers” episode:
  • Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.
    240 New Britain Ave.
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Tel: 860/278-5310

    – – – – – – – – – –
    Visit the World Chiropractic Alliance Website at: World Chiropractic Alliance – Dedicated to promoting a subluxation-free world @ 10:17 am | Article ID: 1024507047