Month: March 2001

Where Do Consumers Go For Health Advice?

By Georgeanne Gaulden, M.A., M.S.

According to an article in the Business section of the December 4th, 2000 edition of The Dallas Morning News, “online medical advice is sought more often than shopping or investment information.”

A recent study funded by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that, among Americans who have internet access, 55 percent use the web to retrieve health or medical information. What is significant about this study is that “the health decisions made by many health seekers are influenced by the health and medical information found on the web.”

Other major findings cited from this study indicated that 52 million Americans go on line at least once a month for health information. Most go online when someone they know, or themselves, are sick, more often than as a resource for preventive medicine. Twenty one million of these health seekers admit to being swayed by what they read online. Most go to sites for research and reference rather than to communicate directly with their caregivers or insurance providers since many fear privacy violations and sites giving away their personal medical information, especially to insurance companies and employers.

Demographically, it was noted that all racial and ethnic groups are equally compelled to seek health information online, no one income level dominated, but women were more likely than men to seek online health information, as well as more wary of accuracy of information. The major downside will be accuracy of information and misleading advertisements. Chiropractic Colleges, like Parker Chiropractic College in Texas are designing consumer health information pages to add to their websites.

Recognizing the power the web has over consumer health information, students will want to begin researching how they can use this information in the marketing of their practices and disseminating Chiropractic awareness. Health consumers will also be asking questions about what they have read, so the savvy DC will need to know what is “out there” and be able to defend or dispute information based on research and scientific information. It would seem the web will also provide a wealth of information for talks that he or she might want to prepare and present to various audiences.

How is your personal web page going to represent you and your profession? What thought have you given to this issue? Where can you go for assistance?

Georgeanne Gaulden is the Director of Student Services at Parker Chiropractic College. You can visit the Parker Website at: @ 2:17 am | Article ID: 985601838

PBS Vaccine Show Tonight

Notification Forwarded by PROVE and the NVIC

[This TV show will be broadcast live on the internet tonight from the PBS station at Penn State University from 8-9 pm EST] (Kathi Williams Note: Dawn Richardson of NVIC and PROVE will be representing us on this broadcast.)

Community Call-In “The Vaccine Controversy” March 22

By the time American children reach school age, most will receive 39 doses of 12 different vaccines. By comparison, children in 1940 received nine doses of three vaccines. *Mass vaccination has dramatically suppressed-and in some cases eradicated-dreaded childhood diseases. But as the mandated vaccine schedule increases, so do safety concerns. A growing number of parents and scientists say vaccines have also caused chronic illness, disability, and even death. As proof, they point to the government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which has paid out more than $1.2 billion to parents of children who have been injured by vaccines since 1986.

Critics also say pediatricians rarely provide parents with the vaccine risk-benefit information sheets that they are required by law to provide. With more than 200 new vaccines in development, and more than 12 in the pipeline for introduction this year, some are challenging the status quo.

Join host Patty Satalia and guests for “The Vaccine Controversy.” Call 1-800-543-8242 during the live broadcast with your questions and comments on Thursday, March 22, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Broadcast will be on WPSX-TV, (channel 3) WPSU-FM, and the internet.

You can listen to the broadcast by clicking right here. Make sure you have a RealPlayer installed and click to listen. Can we get a chiropractor in Pennsylvania or New York to record the video broadcast on channel 3?

* PC Note: Many question this claim.


The Vaccine Controversy
Panel BIOS For Show
Some of their vaccine resource links
Become a member and support NVIC’s work @ 9:30 am | Article ID: 985282227

A Burning Desire

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I am chiropractic. Every waking minute of my life is consumed with A BURNING DESIRE. A burning desire to reach the dying people. There are millions of dying people out there and it is overwhelming. Each and every person that is subluxated is dying, some more slowly, some quicker, but all dying.

What more noble a cause, yet we sometimes downplay it because of its magnitude. I have no time to treat symptoms in my practice because I am too busy removing subluxations. Symptoms are easy to remove but they are there for a reason. Doctors treat symptoms. Symptoms are effects and subluxations are causes and subluxated people are accidents waiting to happen.

How can I reach more people with this message? Are people ready to hear it? I spend 50% of my time answering and fulfilling this first question. The second question is imperative to our success. The answer is yes and no. Some people are ready to take responsibility for their health and some aren’t. If I don’t like it, it’s tough. Because everyone is not ready yet, but some are and that’s the exciting part – – some are.

Click for Planet Chiropractic Audio!Am I reaching enough of them? No – I’m never satisfied and I hope you aren’t either. Until every sick and every non-symptomatic person hears about chiropractic, I’m not satisfied. I’m not done. I need to reach them. They are dying to hear what I have to tell them. Their babies are dying too. It is up to me. I have been charged with this honor. I have a purpose and it is not the mixers chiropractic physicians problem either. How sad, but true. They are so close to the truth – it can almost jump up and bite them on the nose, yet they too aren’t ready to understand the Life principle. The chiropractic principle and incidentally, that’s okay too. I don’t hate them, just like I don’t hate Mary when she comes back after a year with the same pain that she used chiropractic to remove last year. I love her and I love them and I thank God I’ve advanced beyond that level. The body heals itself. That spark of life uninterrupted which allows us to be and to create and to love. Inside out – the wisdom of the ages. This is what I get to trust. Combining man, the physical and man the spiritual. They are one while we are here. How can they be separate? How can I care more? I can never do enough, I can never touch enough people.

The most optimistic fact that man can know, the answer falls to the spine. All the tears and all the dying and all the treating and yet the fuse is blown. The light will never go on until you change the fuse. How simple, so elementary. The key to the cause of all disease – lowered resistance. Healing form within, So Simple, A BURNING DESIRE. All else is trivial. The fees, the office procedure, it transcends all this when you have a message.

The message, God can work better through a clear channel at 100%. The more you block the channel the less God {health} can be expressed. The less life. The physical, the bulb, the innate, the electricity. What a responsibility. A BURNING DESIRE to save one blue baby.

I hope your priorities are straight. I hope you are desperate to serve people for their needs, not yours. I hope you’re saving dying babies and dying grandmothers because they are worth saving. Who isn’t worth telling? An engineer, a business suit, can’t they hear it? Aren’t they worth it? A healthy 20 year old athlete – is he worth it? Or are musculo-skeletal problem patients only worth it? Yes, they might listen more readily because they are in a crisis state but no one ever said it was going to be easy. You only get out of life what you put in. Save one more dying baby.

Dare to be different. Don’t give them what they think they need. Don’t be an aspirin. You are a teacher – so teach. Back pains are boring – health is exciting! Excuses rob you of life. Treating symptoms is robbing you of the time you can be out there saving lives. Are we going to allow people to continue crisis care after crisis care, incident care after incident care? No don’t rock the boat – it’s too hard. Remember when you wanted to change the world? I am changing the world. Well, in the dream did you want to change the world by spreading an effective treatment for back pain or did you want to change the world by turning on life?

Not accidentally – planning, scheming, imagining how you could bring the chiropractic reality to more people. Introducing, educating, making a difference. My purpose – and any minute I’m not fulfilling my purpose, I am dead. A moment not being alive is a moment dead. But, Doc, what about the balance in life? What about it? Decide what the balance is for you and live it. Don’t be afraid to try. The only failure is not trying. A BURNING DESIRE – that is the key, all else is trivial. It will fall in place, innate handles that stuff. What matters is us on the inside. Us on the inside is the beginning. Do something right, do anything, tell someone about the miracles of the body. Tell someone you love them.

Do something with passion. Be alive, make a difference. Stop talking, and do. Be a fanatic – who cares what they think. Only those poor souls who don’t have enough to do or care about have time to notice, but I have something worth living for. I love and appreciate you. it’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness. Keep the faith. @ 9:13 pm | Article ID: 985237991

USA Chiropractors Going To Cuba

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This article is in reference to an upcoming chiropractic mission to Cuba. Click Here to read the original article.

I have been in contact with Dr. Jeff Ptak and have offered some assistance in helping you all to better understand some issues related to U.S. citizens going to Cuba.

If you think you are going to have to sneak into Cuba via some other country you are wrong. Direct flights to Cuba are available from Los Angeles Airport non-stop to Havana from Saturday to Saturday via Grupo Taca Airlines. (I understand this is a very pleasant flight.) Visas and all required paperwork would be handled by the travel agency involved.

If you live on the west coast and are planning to attend, the expected time of travel for the group would be departing out of LAX on Saturday, June 2nd (arriving in Havana 4 1/2 hours later) and returning back to Los Angeles on Saturday, June 9th.

The same travel agency said that they also have a direct flight out of New York and Miami. So, there may be two or even three groups arriving.

Here is the Grupo TACA International Airlines Flight Information for Los Angeles

LAX Departure Time: 2:30pm (Check-In 11:00am)
HAV Arrival Time: 10:35pm (4:40 to 5 hour normal flight time)
HAV Departure Time Saturdays 8:55pm (Check-In 6:55pm)
LAX Arrival Time Saturday 11:33pm
Aircraft Airbus 320

If you are in Canada and are planning to attend, most of this info does not apply. For U.S. chiropractors, here are some answers to questions you may be asking.

I would expect costs to be the same as or similar to those in Panama. I was told the flight from LAX was about $690.00 RT and that a room in a five star hotel is about $110 per night. Let’s estimate $2000 as a low end for your entire week and $2600 as a high end. That would include everything, assuming you are rooming alone. (which you probably won’t be doing)

In Cuba there are basically 2 currencies in circulation. The Cuban peso, which is used to pay Cubans, is of little use for us. The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere. (in Cuba) It is important to travel with small denominations ($1-$5-$10-$20). Note that $50 and $100 bills are difficult to exchange. Safes are usually available in hotel rooms.

It is impossible for Americans to use any credit card issued by a U.S. bank while in Cuba.

Casual dress is accepted in most areas. However, Cubans are very proud people, and at night you are expected to dress up to go to restaurants and to dance clubs. No shorts are allowed at night in public places. (Just like Panama, Dress Appropriately) Bring all personal-care items with you including toilet paper.

Chiropractic adjusting will involve seated upper cervical work, no tables or other equipment will be needed.

Barry Zwick of the Los Angeles Times recently published an article regarding travel to Cuba and I suggest you read it.
Flying the Fast Lane to Havana

Here is a link to a U.S. government site that offers some useful info.
Office of Foreign Assets Control
Cuba Sanctions Program – Guidelines and Information

I will have more information as I get it. If you are planning to go you need to contact Jeff before next week. Email me with questions so that I can answer them all at once and email them out and/or post them here.


Can’t make this mission but are interested in another?
There are several groups that provide chiropractic services throughout the world. I try and get news of chiropractic missions included in Planet Chiropractic newsletters so I would suggest you subscribe to the newsletter to keep up on the latest news and events. If you are hosting a mission feel free to email me with as much information as you have so I can include it in the news. @ 7:03 am | Article ID: 985186999

The Uninhibited Get The Attention

“It Is The Uninhibited That Get Attention” – Shawn Powers, D.C.

Click to listen to Dr. Shawn!This month we are happy to bring you another great chiropractic talk from a powerful chiropractic warrior. This months message features Dr. Shawn Powers and the listening time is an intense 50 minutes long. The audio is available in two “speeds” so that you can listen with either a slow connection or a DSL or cable modem connection. Audio for this months streaming media was recorded in January of 2001 at New Beginnings in New Jersey.

The audio files require a Microsoft media player which is available on most computers. Just click on the appropriate link below and wait for the file to begin playing. Planet Chiropractic Multimedia plays right from our computer server in Los Angeles and is listened to all over the world simultaneously. If you have any questions about our multimedia audio or video files or need any assistance, please send an e-mail to the address above.

Click Here if your computer has a telephone dial-up modem connection.
Click Here if your computer has a DSL or cable modem connection.

I’d like to thank everyone who is sharing the message of Planet Chiropractic with others. Our audio/video has become very popular throughout the world and I know it is a result of you telling others. And if you think the audio is great now, wait till you see (and hear) what is coming. I have stacks of tapes and videos that chiropractors have sent me and eventually we are going to get many of them online.

I have made the commitment to bring you at least four new speakers by the end of April. Please make the commitment to tell a friend about Planet Chiropractic.

Visit the Powersource Coaching Website and send an email to Dr. Shawn Powers. @ 8:14 am | Article ID: 985104890

Chiropractic Care For CEOs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Part of my job as editor (among the many hats I wear) of Planet chiropractic news requires that I always be on the lookout for opportunities to get chiropractic in the press or get the press in chiropractic. This past week in Los Angeles was a week full of such opportunities for me as Internet World, a convention for the truly technical, was in town for it’s 8th annual event.

Planet Chiropractic was invited to several press related events and I took to the weeks tasks and opportunities with much pleasure. On Wednesday, March 14th, I met and listened to presentations by two company CEOs. The first was Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay. Not only is Meg Whitman the CEO of one of the most successful internet companies in the world, (eBay) she was incredibly nice. We spent some time talking about Planet Chiropractic (I just had to) and chiropractic in general and she cheerfully agreed to have some photos taken for Planet Chiropractic News. (I botched the photo edits and hope to get them uploaded soon.)

Barry Dillar & Michael Dorausch, D.C.Later the same day I met Mr. Barry Dillar, CEO for USA Networks. Barry Dillar was in town to talk about Hollywood, Media Networks, the Internet, and convergence, among other things. Perhaps you saw him this past weekend on MSNBC’s Silicon Summit II (a great event) which featured a handful of the world’s top Internet and Entertainment CEOs. Surrounded by press from Reuters, CNET, and others, I had a non-media related question for Barry. I asked, Who is your chiropractor? To which he replied, “I don’t have one. Do you know something I don’t?”

It most certainly do. We often hear the terms, “If they knew what we knew, they would do what we do.” When chiropractic is not being portrayed the way we would appreciate on the networks (whether it be USA, ABC, or any other) there is no one to blame but ourselves. Let’s take the time to talk to others about what it is that we do. I don’t care what topic someone initiates, I always look for a way to bring chiropractic into the conversation in a manner that gets others thinking and asking for more information. We may already know that kids need chiropractic care but I’ll tell you, CEOs need chiropractic too. 🙂

And if you are wondering, Bill Gates and I have still not had the chance to sit down and talk but I am working on it. @ 11:07 am | Article ID: 984769639

Kids Refusing Medicine

Recently, an article appeared on MSNBC titled, “When kids refuse their medicine – What’s a parent to do?”

A pediatrician (an expert at giving drugs to kids) offered several “tricks” that parents could use in order to get their kids to take medicines.

Among some of the tricks offered were mixing the drug with ice cream or numbing a childs tongue first with a popsicle before giving medication.

Also, encouraging kids to swallow quickly, washing the drugs down with a favored cold drink or chocolate syrup, and having them hold their nose when taking drugs were also suggested. Bribery was suggested as well.

The following quote appeared in the article, “Explain that the medicine has to be taken and that’s final. Don’t spend much time explaining why.” Is that a good model for communication? Drugs must be taken?

Apparently yes, a later quote in the article states, “you may need to simply resort to brute strength and superior determination” when giving kids drugs and they may need to be restrained.

What prompted the article? A parent reportedly asked: “My 5-year-old screams and runs whenever we have to give her any kind of medicine. How can we make this easier?”

Alternative Answer: Change your families approach to health and stop giving her drugs.

MSNBC: When kids refuse their medicine – What’s a parent to do? @ 10:41 am | Article ID: 984681662

Who Needs Permission?

The American Academy of Pediatricians has recently told its member doctors that they should begin to counsel parents about alternative medicine practices. While chiropractic is not an alternative to anything, except ignorance, the AAP decision brings light to a concern affecting the medical field.

An article from The Virginian-Pilot, a Virginia newspaper, features photos of Dr. Lisa Wynkoop giving spinal adjustments to a 3-year-old while he relaxes on his mother’s belly. The article talks about the pediatric academy’s recent decision and also focuses on several families and the choices they have made regarding their health care.

Among several recommendations made to pediatricians were the following:
– Avoid dismissal of alternative medicine in ways that communicate a lack of sensitivity and concern.
– Guard against becoming defensive.

Interestingly, in the article a pediatrician talks about how they are supportive of their patients decisions, and yet a statement is made that she has concerns for some approaches such as turning to a chiropractor rather than a pediatrician when a child has a fever, or a parents decision not to vaccinate a child.

Dr. Lisa Wynkoop states that “We don’t see this (chiropractic) as alternative or something that’s used instead of medicine.” She further states that “these are separate and distinct disciplines.”

Being that chiropractic is a separate and distinct health care discipline, the profession needs no approval from anyone other than those they care for and provide service to day after day.

Virginian-Pilot: Academy advises pediatricians to be educated on alternatives Doctors Told to Counsel Parents About Alternative Medicine @ 11:53 am | Article ID: 984513205

Which Planet Do You Prefer?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

An internet health care/drug product website known as, which had received many millions in funding, is suffering from a pill that is just too hard to swallow.

A visit to the web site shows us some important dates to remember.

February 12, 2001: no new prescriptions will be excepted
February 26, 2001: existing prescriptions will longer be refilled
March 12, 2001: store will officially be closed

This is a web site that listed in their mission that their goal was to be the “most trusted, most convenient, and most informative health care e-commerce destination on the internet.”

The site was backed by many big players in the internet arena including Yahoo!, IBM, and e-Trade. Popular website also invested in to the tune of some $7.5 million. In June of 1999, drug giant Warner-Lambert (makers of the now FDA pulled drug Rezulin) backed the site with a multimillion dollar sponsorship.

It is hard for me to imagine how a health care information web site funded and sponsored by drug companies could provide health care information to consumers without creating a conflict of interest. Perhaps consumers innately knew this.

A quote from the mission statement reads, “We believe that everyone is entitled to know everything about their own health.” I agree, yet there is a difference in stating that you are entitled to the information as opposed to being a provider of that information.

Part of the mission was products first, information second. Perhaps, information should have been provided first and products second, or even third. The company which went public in late 1999 has seen it’s stock price decline from a nose-bleeding $100+ per share to a trading price today of thirty four cents per share.

While the trademark slogan on the website reads “Life is better on planetRx”, I beg to differ, life is most certainly better on Planet Chiropractic.

I have said it before, invest in your health and in chiropractic!

Two interesting early articles regarding from CNET News…
CNET: PlanetRx opens online pharmacy
CNET: Drug giant backs PlanetRx site @ 9:16 am | Article ID: 984503792

Cancer, Viruses, Monkeys And Polio

From, comes an article titled “Mystery Of The Monkey Virus – How Could SV40 Have Infected Humans, And What Are The Potential Consequences?”

The article opens with the question “It is a mystery with enormous implications that has stumped some of the smartest minds in cancer research: How did a cancer-causing monkey virus end up in human tumors?”

In 1994, according to the article, Dr. Michele Carbone, a Loyola University researcher, found the SV40 monkey virus in human lung tumors that he was studying. Since then, some 60 different lab studies have confirmed the results that were found in his first study.

How did a monkey virus end up in human cancer tissue? Some question whether the SV40 monkey virus was transmitted by the polio vaccine.

The polio vaccine is made using monkey kidney cells and according to the article, from 1955 to 1963 an estimated 20 million Americans were given doses of polio vaccine that were contaminated with the SV40 monkey virus.

In 1961, the Food and Drug Administration ordered vaccine manufactures to screen out the monkey virus from the vaccine, which the manufactures say they did. A lawyer involved in a recent polio case has just published a report claiming that contamination from the monkey virus has continued in polio vaccinations and questions whether the vaccines manufactures screen for SV40.

Some also believe that the SV40 monkey virus is now being transmitted from mother to child as it has shown up in brain tumors of people born after 1963. Many scientists believe that is important to find out how this monkey virus came to be in humans and why it is showing up in cancerous human tumors. Mystery Of The Monkey Virus @ 8:00 am | Article ID: 984499208