Autism recovery teams include chiropractors

Autism is a modern tragedy that has cruelly transformed the normal joys of family life into heartbreaking trials for the moms, dads, sisters and brothers of an estimated 560,000 children in the United States. A new report from the CDC tells us one child in 150 has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), up from one child in 10,000 twenty years ago. The spectrum includes neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD/ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome, speech delay, developmental delay and learning disabilities.

Is Autism seeping out of the television?

Scientists have been investigating the huge increase in the number of autism cases and some are now saying the rise coincided with the growth of cable television and videos. According to the National Autistic Society, autism levels in the United Kingdom are at a record high. Various reports suggest that autism rates in United States are also higher than had ever been seen before, with a significantly noticeable increase of autistic children in the state of California.