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Mission Life International 2009 Chiropractic Trips

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Mission-Chiropractic is currently leading mission trips to Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia and Ghana. Mission-Chiropractic brings chiropractic to third world countries and to places where chiropractic has no presence. Mission Life International is a 501-C3 non-profit organization providing donations, vitamins, minerals, eyeglasses, shoes and many other life essentials and humanitarian type relief to the poor and suffering people of third world countries We are adding chiropractic to their efforts and need your help.

Have you ever wanted to step into an experience larger than yourself? Do you want to engage in something that will transform your life and the life of other’s? Do you have a calling to serve mankind by helping your fellow man in need? Chiropractors do you have a calling to serve mankind with Chiropractic?

A Mission trip can bring life changes to the children, the disabled and the poor of those in third world countries. Within a relatively short period of time, your own life and a stranger’s life can be powerfully changed through the desire to give chiropractic to a community in need.

International Mission Schedule with Mission-Chiropractic and Mission Life International…

July 1-5, 2009 – Cuba
September 30-October 4, 2009 – Trinidad

October 27-31, 2009 – Cuba
January 1-5, 2010 – Haiti

January 5-10, 2010 – Dominican Republic
April 2010 – Ethiopia
July 2010 – Colombia

Mission-Chiropractic has a special vision. We see a world free of nerve interference, through the correction of vertebral subluxations for the best expression of each person’s human potential. We are committed to serving all people with chiropractic care throughout their lifetime. We will travel all over the world to serve Man’s greatest gift to man “Chiropractic”.

Our mission is to serve our communities and to serve people in third world countries with quality natural health care and to direct people to the realization that health comes from within, and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease. We encourage each person to participate in this most important and noble mission.

Mission Life International is a small growing organization sponsored by people committed to helping the needy in impoverished countries throughout the world. Mission Life International is not currently funded by major organizations and relies on donations from caring individuals.

The chiropractic mission teams, with the aid of Mission Life International, provide chiropractic services to those in need.

By establishing mission centers and forming partnerships with local organizations in affected areas, Mission Life International is able to provide assistance with free food, supplies, and education to needy people. Mission Life International mobilizes short-term mission groups to support these established mission centers.

We are looking for a select group of chiropractors with a vision to change the world, one person at a time. Please join us on any of the upcoming missions. Since we are not funded, the cost involved for every mission is $999 plus air fare. The Cuba trip is $1950 due to visa issues and includes the flight from Nassau, Bahamas to Havana, Cuba. Included in the cost is food, lodging and all other fees. The entire trip is tax deductible.

We need people other than chiropractors, maybe you’re an accountant, or you’re really good at fixing cars. Maybe you’re both. Maybe you’re a chiropractor or chiropractic supporter and have the gift of teaching. Or maybe your passion is prayer, or you’ve got a heart to work with missionary kids. Wherever your skills and interests may lie, we can use you in one of our mission trips.

Dr. Peter Morgan is the immediate past president of the N. Y. Chiropractic Council, past secretary of the North East Chiropractic Council. Dr. Morgan is the world record holder for the largest mission trip ever.

Dr. Morgan is also the founder and President of Mission-Chiropractic. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO JOIN US, PLEASE CALL:

Peter Morgan, DC

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12 Hours Free CE from California Chiropractic Association

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Todays news is for chiropractors that are members of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA). In celebrating 81 years of service this September, the CCA will be offering free 12 hour relicensing continuing education seminars for chiropractors that are members of the organization, there is a downloadable PDF file included here for more information.

12 FREE hours of CE!
A PDF sent to us from the CCA reads… In honor of CCA’s 81st birthday in September, CCA offers free CE to CCA members! CCA members will have the opportunity to earn up to 12 hours of continuing education at a “Right in Your Back Yard!” seminar absolutely FREE! Plus, seminar attendees will get a fantastic free lunch too! It’s our way of saying “Thanks” to CCA members.

There are two locations for these California continuing education events, with one taking place in Sacramento, and the other taking place in Orange County. Both events are being held during the month of September. It’s recommended that California chiropractors download the PDF brochure form and get registered ASAP. Both continuing education events are 12 hours and each include adjusting technique.

Other state chiropractic organizations would do well to follow the lead of the CCA. If your state Chiropractic Association is providing any kind of free programs for member chiropractors, we’d love to hear about it.

Besides gathering for 12 hours of re-licensing requirements, I’ve mentioned many times the value of attending chiropractic conferences where we can interact with other chiropractors. It’s a great way to see friends, exchange business cards/, find out what kind of marketing ideas (like postcards) are working, and learn something new.

CCA chiropractors can download the continuing education brochure here >> CCA Seminars 2009. @ 1:02 pm | Article ID: 1248724982

Palmer College’s West Campus to Provide Care at National Senior Games

Palmer Chiropractic News

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus in San Jose will offer chiropractic and sports injury care through its Sports Council to more than 10,000 athletes from throughout the United States in August. The athletes will convene on the Stanford University campus and other California locations Aug. 1-15 to compete in over two dozen sports, including basketball, cycling, racquetball, swimming, track and field, and water polo.

They will be gathering for the National Senior Games, the largest multi-sport event in the world for men and women athletes aged 50 and older. For those athletes who desire healthcare services to perform at their best or to deal with an injury, Palmer College will be providing sports chiropractic care, which may include anything from chiropractic adjustments to ice packs, muscle work or taping, depending on need.

The Sports Council programs at each Palmer College campus provide students with a unique opportunity to develop specialized skills in the field of sports chiropractic through practical on-field care and elective classes delivered by some of the most renowned sports-focused practitioners in the chiropractic profession. The West Campus Sports Council teams consist of experienced sports chiropractic faculty doctors and interns with special training in sports chiropractic.

Palmer College’s West Campus, established in 1980, is part of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the founding college of the chiropractic profession that also includes campuses in Davenport, Iowa, and Port Orange, Fla. The West Campus Sports Council has provided chiropractic and first aid services for many prominent athletic events during the past 15 years, ranging from the Santa Clara County Special Olympics and the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour to the Sea Otter Classic, the world’s largest bicycling festival.

“I think it is a testament to the quality of our Sports Council program and students that we’ve been invited to provide chiropractic services at such a prestigious event,” said Greg Snow, D.C., dean of clinics at Palmer’s West Campus. “Being on Stanford’s campus and providing care alongside the healthcare providers from Stanford Hospital allows Palmer and the Sports Council an opportunity to demonstrate how capable our students are and the high quality care we provide.”

The National Senior Games held its inaugural event in 1987 with 2,000 athletes; more than 10,000 athletes are expected to compete in 800 events during the 16 days of the 2009 National Senior Games. The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) is a non-profit member of the United States Olympic Committee. Studies show that more and more members of the “Baby Boom” generation are seeking and benefiting from chiropractic to stay active and achieve their goals. An example of this is an article in the July issue of AARP Magazine about chiropractic benefits for back pain relief, which may be found at

“The National Senior Games will be our biggest endeavor by far,” said Edward Feinberg, D.C., West Campus professor and Sports Council faculty adviser. “In addition, we will be working with Stanford emergency and sports medicine departments, which will give our students the great experience of working as part of a team with other healthcare providers. Finally, we could not accomplish this task without a team of competent sports clinicians to fill the many shifts. Some of our best alumni are filling these spots. They make me proud.”

“Our Council is proud to have the opportunity to serve the athletes competing in the National Senior Games,” said Michael Lord, West Campus Sports Council president. “The (National Senior Games) athletes serve as an inspiration for their level of skill and competition. It’s an honor to help them achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals through chiropractic–not just in this competition, but in everyday life.”

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Chiropractic For Long Distance Running

By Daria Belov

There is a marathon taking place this weekend in the city of San Francisco, and as is the case for nearly all marathons in the United States, chiropractors will have played a role in preparing runners for optimal race performance.

marathon running requires consistency and discipline in trainingThe average marathon runner will take over 21,000 steps to complete a race. With each driving stride, a vibration with a force of three times the athletes’ body weight will shock the runner. It’s no wonder the world’s elite runners seek doctors of chiropractic as part of their training. Running some 200 miles a week, tends to break the human machine down. By gently realigning the bones, chiropractors minimize down time and help them win races.

Denver chiropractor, Dr. Steven Visentin, has been helping athletes for over 26 years. He’s helped many weekend warriors, and a few world champions recover from injury quickly and get back to their sport. Recently, he provided support for participants in Denver’s “Colfax Marathon” He’s also well known in the local Ethiopian community who are fanatical about marathon running.

What makes his clinic unique is the care he provides to the feet, knees, and hips. Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractors while famous for helping people with back and neck problems, also do wonders with leg injuries. Dr. V. points out that “with every stride a runner takes, there is an exquisite coordinated movement that must be perfectly aligned and done repeatedly thousands and thousands of times for them to compete and win.” He explains, “Look at the Ethiopian runners in particular. Notice how high their knees rise with every step? From a chiropractic perspective, it’s obvious why they’re the best. They have developed a balanced efficient movement and have the stamina to maintain it. I help runners by fine tuning their strides.”

An informal survey of Olympic athletes showed doctors of chiropractic to be the most popular of all health care providers. These super performers know that part of training ‘smart’ means maintaining an alignment that is absolutely necessary for high performance. There is a growing body of scientific research that proves chiropractic helps athletic agility, balance, reaction time, and power.

Runners stand to benefit the most from chiropractic because of the grueling nature of the sport and it’s potentially detrimental affects on the joints of the foot, knees, and hips. Just like tires can wear out quickly on a poorly aligned front end, the human body breaks down when it’s out of alignment. When this happens, it is called arthritis and can become permanent without care.

In preparation for this weekend’s SF marathon, chiropractor Scott Swanson in San Francisco, has posted video on Kinesiotaping and long-distance runner complaints like Patellar Tracking Disorder.

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Classifieds Late July 2009


Summertime is about getting outdoors and having fun with friends and family. There’s time to post chiropractic classifieds in the mornings and evenings but be sure to get outdoors and have some fun. A quick glance at listings for July show chiropractors are looking for new locations to practice in and others have posted lots of equipment for sale. For doctors of chiropractic living and practicing nearby each other, buying and selling stuff required to run an office could be a win-win. As always, be sure to know who you are doing business with when buying/selling online.

Spinal Nerve Xray Posters(photo: Spinal Nerve and X-Ray Posters for Education)

Pulstar Adjusting Table — I have a Pulstar with Positional Standing Unit for sale. It works perfectly. I have personally used the Pro-Adjuster and the Pulstar back to back, and I much prefer the Pulstar. It offers more options for adjusting, is MUCH quieter, and the patient education is easier for patients to understand. The Pulstar with Positional Standing Unit goes for upwards of $29,000 new. I am asking $11,500 OBO.

I am selling because I am going back to school, so I don’t need to have a Pulstar in my basement un-used for the next 4 years. The Mac that the Pulstar originally came with died pretty soon after I got it, so I have it running through a PC. I prefer it this way so that I can also run the office software on the same computer (most office software wouldn’t run on the mac, so I had to have 2 computers right next to each other). You will get the PC (assuming you want it) and the software to put it on either a PC or a mac.

Myovision static SEMG — This 8000 semg unit by myovision was bought a year ago but never used on a pt. It was only tried out on office staff. I never got around to using it in my routine. I payed $5000 and am willing to let it go for $3000. You can contact me at [email protected] I would prefer an in person exchange.

Mint Condition Chiropractic Equipment — Three Thomas Heritage 3 Adjusting Tables. Excellent condition! Beautiful, Brown Naughahyde. Very durable and practical. Hardly used. $200 each or all three for $500. Doctor moving. Must sell fast! Shipping not included. May pick up in Mid-Michigan.

Like New, Chiropractic Equipment — X-Ray Viewbox, Hardly Used! Wolf Illuminator, Two-Bank X-Ray Viewbox. Can accomodate two 11×17 films. Great for new office! Doctor moving and must sell. $300. Shipping not included. Can pick up in Mid-Michigan.

Weatherford, TX Practice for Sale — Dr. must sell…new job approaching fast. Reduced price – asking $30k.Great location, 900+ accounts, referrals in place, and all equipment needed to walk in and start with your procedures first day!

Associate Wanted — Motivated and Outgoing Associate wanted!! All licensed graduates welcome to apply. Work independently in our 2nd location. Opportunity to purchase, Bilingual preferred. Salary plus commission.

Integrity Trained Assistant Looking in IL — Integrity trained chiropractic assistant looking for a full-time or part-time permenant position no more than 30 miles from Carpentersville, IL. Just moved to IL. I have 10+ years in all aspects of the medical field including billing, coding, financial counseling, receptionist, administrative assistant, and most recently chiropractic assisting. I am also a licensed massage therapist.

Nervoscope — A like new nervoscope, barely used. I bought it new in school and not using it now. If you would like, I can send pictures via email. Asking 250.00.

Ready to move in — Augusta, GA. 3 adjusting rooms, X-ray room, exam , kitchenette with refrigerator & large back office. 1350 sq ft. Professional atmosphere in professional building. Responsible for gas, electric and phone. In a growing area next to a lake and great neighborhoods. Doctor is relocating to another office and not practicing chiropractic. He is looking for someone to refer his nutrition patients to. Landlord is great!

Now Hiring Associate for Denver or Aurora Colorado — Established clinic in Denver or Aurora Colorado looking for upbeat doctor who smiles a lot. Team player is a must. Come with a smile, we can provide all the training you want for FREE! Pay is great and bonuses are given based on performance. Must be licensed in Colorado and able to do a face to face interview. Hiring full and part time.

JTech Tracker — $2000.00 or best offer! This unit was purchased new in 2005 FOR APPROX. $8500.00. Barely used. Fully functional. Includes dual inclinometers, muscle testing pad, foot controls, software, base, carrying case, instruction manual, etc. No time to use it. It’s sitting in the case just waiting to be used. Must Sell.

CC-0905 Butte County California — Brand new listing! Small farm community approx one hour north of Sacramento. Est. 1986. Diversified. Collects about $360,000 per year with a take home before taxes of about $187,000 per year (51% NET). Doctor treating patients only 28 hours per week. Monthly lease payment of $1,600 on 1,800 sq ft clinic. Located in a free standing building on a corner lot. Well equipped and tastefully decorated. Well trained staff is willing to stay for smooth transition. Selling practice due to spinal injury. Priced to sell quickly!

Used Spinalight Elevation with Auto Drops — Used Spinalight Elevation Table with Auto Drops. Elevating and tilting head piece, air touch bars, white base, your choice of upholstery! This table also qualifies for the IRS 8826 Tax Credit.

Treatment Rooms Avaiable — Large treatment room avaiable with a sink in a renovated yet established skin and body center. We are located in the heart of Granada Hills California. $225 a week or $800 per month.

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Historical Chiropractic Mailing Address

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In the more than 20 years I’ve lived in Los Angeles no visiting friend or relative has reported disappointment in driving excursions I’ve taken them on in the Southland. Nearly all of those impromptu tours have involved destinations such as Hollywood, Malibu and Santa Monica, and areas in and adjacent to Beverly Hills. As I navigate the traffic clogged streets of LA, driving past a former residence of a Hollywood movie star usually satisfies their interests, and I’m happy to oblige. While there is a desire to see more of places like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, or maybe even Sunset Boulevard, I like to make a special stop in the rare occasion the person visiting has a background in chiropractic. What may appear like a noncelebrity stop on the edges of Koreatown is in actuality a historical chiropractic location.

3511 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
Old-time California chiropractors may look at the address above and recognize it or the name of the chiropractor instantly. You certainly don’t need to be a chiropractor educated in California to recognize the name of Dr. Carl S Cleveland, as the family has a long and rich history in the profession. But there is more to the image above than merely a chiropractors postal address and LA paid postage permit. Early graduates of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles likely recognize the address as a place they used to commute to when working towards their degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. The address on Olympic Boulevard was the original location of the Los Angeles CCCLA campus, before it moved to its existing location on Vermont Avenue near downtown LA.

Even richer in history is that the photo above is from a 1953 August edition of a publication put out by the California Chiropractic Association (CCA). That was around the time when the Cleveland family purchased the Ratledge School of Chiropractic, originally founded in 1908, and relocated to Los Angeles in 1911.

It’s more about the journey and discovery rather than the photograph of an address label, so when some chiropractic friend wants me to show them Hollywood, it’s not far off the trail back home to make a detour down Western Avenue and pass by this historic chiropractic address. Freeways in LA are too crowded anyway and those visiting may as well enjoy some culture and lessons in local history, especially when that history includes influentials in chiropractic.

For many chiropractors practicing in the United States, we are not limited to visiting locations in Los Angeles and Davenport, Iowa. There were schools of chiropractic in Cedar Rapids, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Grand Rapids, Wichita, Newark, San Diego, Hamilton Ontario, and many others. For those of you with an itch to know a little bit more about your town’s own chiropractic history, I think it would be neat to find out if there existed any chiropractic colleges near you, some go as far back into the days of the early 1900s.

Even now we have chiropractic histories related to our most modern educational facilities. I recently noticed it was nine years ago this month that Dr. Sid Williams spoke at the dedication of a new chiropractic campus for Life West in Hayward California. Dr. Williams reported being pleased and privileged to be a part of the momentous occasion, which was attended by many chiropractic presidents and other leaders throughout the world of chiropractic. It’s been a year less than a decade and I found I had forgotten the former location of that same institution (it was in San Lorenzo).

I recall chiropractor Herbert Reaver telling us stories of chiropractic history during an ICA conference in the late 1990s. He stressed the importance of remembering where we came from. Consider taking some time out of your busy life to research the history of chiropractic in your community. Maybe there’s a former chiropractic school address located nearby, or perhaps you can find the address of the first chiropractor that set up shop in your town or city.

Lets be thankful and honor those that came before us, and provide motivating stories for those yet to come. @ 1:25 pm | Article ID: 1247689573

Barcelona College of Chiropractic opens October 2009

BCC News

Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC), the world’s first bilingual chiropractic college, will open in October 2009. The BCC is an international college located in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona. This vibrant city is rich in art, language, history, architecture, cuisine and culture. Additionally, it’s beaches and surrounding mountains provide many perfect opportunities for skiing, surfing, hiking and biking.

the world's first bilingual chiropractic collegeThe college, which plans to open its doors to its first group of students on the 5th October 2009, is unusual in that it has two official languages Spanish and English. As a result, the BCC’s programme of study has been developed such that both native Spanish or English speakers can enroll with only a very low level of comprehension of the other language. During the first year of the programme of study classes will be taught in both Spanish and English, via simultaneous translation, and students will be supported with weekly language classes developed, delivered and assessed by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s (UPF) language department.

The BCC has an innovative curriculum that has been developed by experts that have incorporated some of the latest teaching, learning and assessment strategies. The study of basic sciences is central to the programme and in order to optimise the quality of the teaching and learning resources the BCC has developed collaborative agreements with two of the top public universities in Spain, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra ( and the University of Girona (

Traditionally chiropractic was described as being made up of three key pillars – science, art and philosophy. One of the true strengths of the BCC is its focus on teaching via a curriculum balanced around those three pillars. Additionally, the BCC’s teaching, learning and assessment strategy aims to support students in developing an individualised approach to chiropractic and life long learning skills.

The professional association that represents chiropractors in Spain is the Asociación Espanola de Quiropractica (AEQ). An official collaborative agreement is now being developed between the BCC and the AEQ. For further AEQ-related details please visit Moreover, the BCC’s teaching and administrative staff are committed to ensuring that the college conforms closely to those procedures and standards outlined in the European Council on Chiropractic Education’s document titled “Accreditation procedures and standards in undergraduate chiropractic education and training”.

Thank you for your decision to support the BCC. Given the position of chiropractic as a leader in the pursuit of natural health and well-being, there has never been a better time to encourage your family, friends and patients to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Adrian Wenban, B.App.Sc., M.Med.Sc., MACC.
Email: [email protected]
Phone:(+34) 93 476 53 10
Office’s address: C. Mallorca, 364, 2, 1.
How can interested students find out more about the BCC? For further BCC-related information visit this website:
Student application forms can be accessed at – @ 8:39 pm | Article ID: 1247542783

7 Summertime Stories from Chiropractic Days Past

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here’s a summary of seven summertime articles from the past, all posted during the summer, from as far back as year 2000. Summer time should be getting all of us outdoors for increased activity and enjoyment. You don’t want to spend your days sifting through 10 years of chiropractic news content when I can be pulling out juicy bits of information from years past, while you kick back and relax, basking in the glow of July’s rich sunshine. Of course you are welcome to browse through archives on your own,  but then what excuse would I have for this post today? I like the number 7 so here we go…

stew-bittman-thot-september-2001Chiropractic History 2001 – Chiropractor Stew Bittman is enjoying some reading. In the photo above I believe Dr. Stew is reading wedding vows or something he prepared to read out loud at a wedding. He married two young chiropractors on September 8, 2001, which is just three days before his birthday. Let’s begin with a summer article from Stew Bittman, authored in July of 2003.

All You Wonderful Service out There — The article was fitting for a summer post. Stew writes about his dog Blue, who had a fearlessness for jumping into raging Tahoe rivers, in order to fetch a stick. My labrador Zoey shares that same zest for life (now at 11 1/2 years old she’s not fetching much) and I love that a chiropractor to time to write about stories of his dog. There’s much more to it than that, read the article, it’s a summertime gem.

Proud to be a Chiropractor — Stuff like this should be required reading for all of those in chiropractic school. Also from July of 2003 and posted about this same time of the month comes an article from Dr. Sharon Gorman, a chiropractor practicing in Pennsylvania, who dedicates much of her time to promoting the principles of chiropractic and helping others stay motivated. Sharon asks some important questions about being passionate and on purpose with life. After all, for many practitioners worldwide, chiropractic is a lifestyle, not simply an occupation.

Healing Gratitude — From July of 2002 is an archived article from a Dr. Sid Mouk, chiropractor in Baton Rouge Louisiana. There’s plenty of Sid Mouk articles to be found in planet chiropractic archives and I’m always enjoyed his perspectives on chiropractic philosophy. The July 2002 article tells the story of an old-time chiropractor from Chicago, who is one of the most incredible healers he had ever met. I really enjoyed reading this article seven years after it was initially posted, it’s about that time that I stopped watching television, something that was in a way suggested in the post.

Dolphins Surfing Marina del Rey Waves — From July 13, 2006 is a post I wrote after returning from a run along the shoreline of Marina del Rey, California. I still enjoy writing that beach route and still enjoy seeing dolphins at play. There is a smidgen of summer time chiropractic philosophy slipped into that post, check it out.

Telling The Congregation — Wow, it was eight years ago this month that I traveled to New York City from Los Angeles to attend the baptism of New Jersey chiropractor Dean Sottile. Thinking back on that weekend I don’t recall traveling to New York for Dean’s baptism but rather, I was heading out to Pennsylvania for a Focus Philosophy weekend with Sharon Gorman and friends. Dean was my ride from Newark Airport to Pennsylvania and on Sunday morning I became the local news photographer for A congregation of 3000 witnessing the baptism of a very fine chiropractor and human being. That was quite a day and an exceptionally motivating and humbling weekend.

When Opportunity Meets Preparation — From July of 2001 comes a post from chiropractor Bruce Parker and his words of wisdom on preparing oneself for life’s glorious opportunities. In the post Dr. Parker talks about the difference between buying lottery tickets and preparing oneself for success in life. Yes, it’s summer time and we’re enjoying the longer days and shorter evenings, but there’s still time in our 24-hour days to focus on preparation. Several years later I was on a cruise ship heading to Mexico, putting on a life preserver during a safety drill, when standing in front of me I saw Dr. Bruce. Talk about preparation meeting opportunity and being in places where others share similar energy. It’s a joy!

The Gerry Factor & Life West Photos — He still has it, Dr. Gerry Clum, president of Life Chiropractic College West is still one of my favorite leaders in this natural healthcare industry. Wow, this month marks nine years of the celebration that was held to dedicate the opening of a new Life West chiropractic campus in Hayward California. It was a warm July day in Northern California and it felt as though everybody in chiropractic was on hand for the dedication of the new school. Many congratulations to the folks at Life West and the fine Doctors of Chiropractic that have graduated from that institution.

May your summer be filled with chiropractic lifestyle excitement and abundance!

2009 Summer Chiropractor Activites

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Summertime 2009 is in full swing, and while you’re out enjoying some good times with family and friends, don’t forget there’s some spectacular activities for chiropractors to participate in this July and August. On the East Coast, on the West Coast, in the Midwest, and throughout the world, there are chiropractor gatherings taking place, so that the inner chiropractic spark that moves you can continue burning brightly.

California Palm Trees in the Desert(photo: Palm trees of the Desert in southern California)

Most chiropractic colleges across the United States host homecoming’s during different parts of the year. As is traditional for the Palmer chiropractic campus in Davenport Iowa, this year’s homecoming festivities take place on August 13-15. Back in March of this year we published information about the 2009 Palmer Homecoming (which included contact information for prospective attendees).

This year’s homecoming at Palmer promises to be a spectacular event for chiropractors and others in attendance. 2009 keynote speakers include Jeffrey Zaslow, Bob Harper and world renowned chiropractor Dr. Louis Sportelli.

Who could think of something better to do than visit Davenport Iowa in the hot and summer muggy days of August? Years ago Dr. Fred Barge shared with me the stories of chiropractors packing up their station wagons and heading out “on our way to see BJ”, making the road trip from whatever state they were practicing in, with a pilgrimage back to the Fountainhead in Davenport. Nowadays we can grab a commercial flight to Quad City International Airport, or pack up our SUVs, heading out on the highway and following the path so many chiropractors have taken before us.

I understand for 2009 there’s a homecoming at the Davenport Iowa campus and the West Coast California campus as well. Visit the Palmer college website ( and search for details or contact the school’s department of events at (866) 592-3861.

Just last week I mentioned there were philosophical chiropractic events taking place in South Florida live on Saturday nights. I’ve attended chiropractic events in Florida several times during the past decade, and I’ll say what I’ve said so many times before, there’s incredible camaraderie and serving for the sake of serving attitude shared among many of the chiropractors practicing in the southern sunny state.

Besides Florida there are summer events planned in Southern California, Arizona and Pennsylvania. There is a Focus Philosophy Day scheduled for August 8 (a Saturday) which features a number of successful chiropractors serving the East Coast tri-state (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) area.

The state of Arizona has long been one of my favorite places to visit during the summer months. Some people don’t like the triple digit temperatures, but since I live at the beach, it’s an interesting experience to spend a few days in an environment that is so darn hot. August sometimes brings incredibly beautiful Sunday showers to the Phoenix area, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll experience one during a visit there. I find the summer scent after an August rain shower quite an experience. Two of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Fred and Susan Schofield, are hosting a chiropractic training at the Marriott Mesa resort in Phoenix on Saturday, August 1. I’d recommend attending this event for any chiropractor seeking to still the monkey mind of endless wheel spinning. Re-energize and renew with the Schofields and their many friends.

For chiropractic college alumni, check the website for the chiropractic school you attended and find out when their homecoming events take place. Don’t forget that educational institutions in the chiropractic profession are privately funded and continued alumni support is greatly appreciated.

May your summer continue to be filled with joy, abundance and terrific health. @ 5:14 pm | Article ID: 1247444078

7 Classic Photo Chiropractic Memories

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Going through some photo archives after having been off-line for the past few weeks (enjoying some summer fun in July time outdoors without a laptop) and I thought I’d post seven classics.

500-patrick-claChiropractic Leadership Alliance Booth – I’m pretty sure this image was taken in January of 2000 even though that’s a Windows 98 logo appearing on the screen. It’s part of a booth set up for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance featuring Dr. Patrick Gentempo. I estimate Dr. Gentempo has been speaking for more than two decades now in the field of chiropractic. He’s a great speaker who often times puts on a terrific and motivating presentation.


Continental Hotel, Panama – Three chiropractors standing in the lobby of the Continental Hotel in Panama City, Panama. I believe this photo was taken in October of 2000 during one of the CREW chiropractic missions to that nation. That’s Pacific Palisades chiropractor Dr. Luke Cohen, holding up the banner on the left, and Canadian Winnipeg chiropractor Danella Whittaker holding up the banner on the right. Another Canadian chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie, is pictured in the middle.

james-sigafoose-chiropractor-2000James Sigafoose at Parker – Fairly certain this is from the 2000 Parker Seminar a Las Vegas Nevada. It was an incredible chiropractic event, as so many of the Parker Seminars typically are. Chiropractor Jim Sigafoose has been speaking at chiropractic conferences and gatherings for nearly 4 decades. He is one of my all time favorite motivators in chiropractic.

chiropractors-sharon-jeffChiropractors Sharon Gorman & Jeff Ptak – More of my favorite chiropractors. This photo comes from 2001 and was taken in Southern California. Pennsylvania chiropractor Sharon Gorman presents Jeff Ptak with a commemorative plaque , in gratitude of his speaking at a West Coast Focus Chiropractic weekend.

jesus-spain-panamaGod Does the Healing – I’m not certain, but I’m fairly sure this photo was taken in 2004 during a mission trip to Panama. The chiropractor is from Spain and the adjusting was probably taking place inside someplace other than a church. Although Jesus is on the cross in the background, there were plenty of nonchurch settings inside buildings throughout Panama that featured religious symbols.

chiropractor-training-youngstersBorn to Be a Chiropractor – I’m not sure who this very young chiropractor to be is, and I don’t know who that is laying face down on the adjusting table. I do know that it’s my portable adjusting table that I had back in chiropractic college at CCCLA in Los Angeles. Photo properties say the picture was taken in May of 2002 on an Olympus C3030Z. Maybe somebody will recognize the top of the chiropractors head. Cute photo either way.

chiropractic-winning-edgeChiropractic Winning Edge – The properties on the original version of this image say February of 1999. I’m not certain of the original source, looks like something I would’ve created around that time using Photoshop or some other photo editing software. Those are runners from the Barcelona games and I don’t recall the story behind the photo. Still it looks nice though and reminds me about some ideas for making some modern-day chiropractic posters.