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Mission-Chiropractic is currently leading mission trips to Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia and Ghana. Mission-Chiropractic brings chiropractic to third world countries and to places where chiropractic has no presence. Mission Life International is a 501-C3 non-profit organization providing donations, vitamins, minerals, eyeglasses, shoes and many other life essentials and humanitarian type relief to the poor and suffering people of third world countries We are adding chiropractic to their efforts and need your help.

Have you ever wanted to step into an experience larger than yourself? Do you want to engage in something that will transform your life and the life of other’s? Do you have a calling to serve mankind by helping your fellow man in need? Chiropractors do you have a calling to serve mankind with Chiropractic?

A Mission trip can bring life changes to the children, the disabled and the poor of those in third world countries. Within a relatively short period of time, your own life and a stranger’s life can be powerfully changed through the desire to give chiropractic to a community in need.

International Mission Schedule with Mission-Chiropractic and Mission Life International…

July 1-5, 2009 – Cuba
September 30-October 4, 2009 – Trinidad

October 27-31, 2009 – Cuba
January 1-5, 2010 – Haiti

January 5-10, 2010 – Dominican Republic
April 2010 – Ethiopia
July 2010 – Colombia

Mission-Chiropractic has a special vision. We see a world free of nerve interference, through the correction of vertebral subluxations for the best expression of each person’s human potential. We are committed to serving all people with chiropractic care throughout their lifetime. We will travel all over the world to serve Man’s greatest gift to man “Chiropractic”.

Our mission is to serve our communities and to serve people in third world countries with quality natural health care and to direct people to the realization that health comes from within, and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease. We encourage each person to participate in this most important and noble mission.

Mission Life International is a small growing organization sponsored by people committed to helping the needy in impoverished countries throughout the world. Mission Life International is not currently funded by major organizations and relies on donations from caring individuals.

The chiropractic mission teams, with the aid of Mission Life International, provide chiropractic services to those in need.

By establishing mission centers and forming partnerships with local organizations in affected areas, Mission Life International is able to provide assistance with free food, supplies, and education to needy people. Mission Life International mobilizes short-term mission groups to support these established mission centers.

We are looking for a select group of chiropractors with a vision to change the world, one person at a time. Please join us on any of the upcoming missions. Since we are not funded, the cost involved for every mission is $999 plus air fare. The Cuba trip is $1950 due to visa issues and includes the flight from Nassau, Bahamas to Havana, Cuba. Included in the cost is food, lodging and all other fees. The entire trip is tax deductible.

We need people other than chiropractors, maybe you’re an accountant, or you’re really good at fixing cars. Maybe you’re both. Maybe you’re a chiropractor or chiropractic supporter and have the gift of teaching. Or maybe your passion is prayer, or you’ve got a heart to work with missionary kids. Wherever your skills and interests may lie, we can use you in one of our mission trips.

Dr. Peter Morgan is the immediate past president of the N. Y. Chiropractic Council, past secretary of the North East Chiropractic Council. Dr. Morgan is the world record holder for the largest mission trip ever.

Dr. Morgan is also the founder and President of Mission-Chiropractic. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO JOIN US, PLEASE CALL:

Peter Morgan, DC

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