Month: March 2008

3 Dell Setup 24" LCD Display

Finally managed to complete the setup of 3 monitors on my desktop along with an SVGA output to a 42″ plasma screen. Using 3 Dell 24 LCD Monitors – 2407WFPb.

CIMG3319, originally uploaded by planetc1.

The setup is on a PC and uses 2 video cards. I combined a GeForce 6200 256MB PCI card along with a GeForce 6800 XTreme 256MB PCIe to get the 4 display output. Will do a detailed post for those curious to see how a setup like this can work.

Family Wellness Lifestyle Magazine For Better Education

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Browse around the reception area of most medically minded health-care facilities and you’re likely to come across magazines of all types. Besides your traditional publications, like National Geographic, you may expect to find common publications like Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, and maybe even the Robb Report. However, there’s a good possibility that magazines displayed in the offices of chiropractors, and other holistic health care practitioners, won’t include those you’d likely see at your major chain supermarket checkout stand. There are two primary reasons for that.

Drug Advertising & Condition Based Content
Open up a copy of People, and you’re likely to come across advertising for pharmaceuticals. Whether they be prescription or over-the-counter, ads for pain relievers, cervical vaccines, birth-control, diabetes medications, and a medicine chest of other pills and potions, fill the pages of many of today’s magazines. As if the advertising isn’t bad enough, many popular magazines spread the idea of a symptom based, outside in, take a pill for every ill, lifestyle. Fortunately, there has been an emergence of magazines geared towards those seeking holistic health, which limit or restrict the advertising of drugs, in their publications.

chiropractic kids at the beachA collaborative effort from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and the Alliance for Holistic Family Health and Wellness has continued to provide healthcare practitioners with a magazine that is suitable for wellness based health-care provider offices. I’ve commented before on the growth of the ICPA, and the organization’s magazine (known as Pathways to Family Wellness).

The latest issue of this magazine arrived at my LA chiropractic office earlier today (we receive them by the case and share them with our practice community). Just browsing through the publication, I was reminded that I couldn’t be addressing the importance of having such a publication in one’s office enough. The magazine is truly geared towards those seeking a Family Wellness Lifestyle.

The current issue features articles from doctors of chiropractic, Ph.D.’s, other health-care experts, and even parents living a lifestyle of wellness and holism. Topics range from the benefits of laughter, tips on choosing a holistic practitioner, natural birth, concerns about fluoride, defending informed consent, and a number of mind-body articles. Articles such as Chiropractic Care and Wellness (authored by the magazine’s editor) are an example of what you could expect in the publication.

A breath of fresh air for wellness based healthcare practitioners and their clients is the knowledge that no drug advertising is featured on any of the magazine pages. Scanning through the publication, advertisements I noticed included those for baby sleepers, wellness conferences, natural parenting websites, and books related to wellness and nutrition.

I was visiting the pathways magazine website and I discovered they had a limited time gift promotion. Their offer allows you to receive a complimentary copy of the magazine, and also offers an opportunity to sign up for a free monthly electronic newsletter called Family Wellness First. While it’s not official, when signing up for your free copy of the magazine, enter planetc1 in the Referral Code field. If you’re not already receiving this publication in your health-care office (or home), take advantage of this opportunity.

Best of health to you! @ 1:22 pm | Article ID: 1206390168

Easter Sunday Chiropractic Ads for March 23, 2008

by planetc1 classifieds

Happy Easter! Whether you are seeking Chiropractic Supplies and Equipment for Sale (like a Portable Chiropractic Table) or Job Opportunities and Practices for Sale (like an Orlando office for rent near Disney), this post is a weekly round up of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic. Featured are selected ads that were placed before midweek of March 23, 2008.

A note about classified advertising RSS feeds. If you really want our classified ad information in the fastest way possible, point your feed reader at the RSS feed Planet Chiropractic uses for classified ads. Don’t expect to find any Easter Eggs.

chiropractic x-ray equipment PBL - II(photo: an x-ray tube and collimator from a chiropractic x-ray unit)

Looking to Practice in Small Town Midwest — I will be a graduate of NWCC in November ’08. I would like to find a place to do my last trimester of internship-starting in August-and stay on to associate. This would preferable be in a smaller midwestern town with a DC who is primarily diversified and utilizes ST work, physiotherapy, and rehab.

Another BJ Palmer Wanted — Indonesia. A country of 210 million people with only 19 Chiropractors. Tired of Insurance or searching-struggling for new patients? Tired of low fees or high cost of living? In Indonesia, the patients are wealthy and PREPAY. If you are good, they will bring in their relatives without asking. Quality healthcare is really appreciated. Most patients with medical problems go to Singapore, Australia or America.

Our clinic locations are in upper class malls with high new patient volumes. We specialize in pain, scoliosis and difficult cases. Low cost of living. Furnished apartments from $350 per month. Maid approx. $90 per month. Driver approx. $100 per month. Gardener approx. $40 per month. Safe cosmopolitan city with ALL conveniences and luxuries. You literally can save “thousands of dollars” per week. I overheard a new associate telling a friend, “By my second month I was earning only $5,000 USD per month, BUT I WAS SAVING $4,000 USD per month”

Our Chiropractors earn between $1,000 and $4,000 per week. It depends on your skill of communication, quality of chiropractic care and willingness to follow or improve on our procedures which you must learn and follow. One month training without pay provided. Minimum one year term.

Orlando office for rent near Disney — 1,600 sq. foot office available for lease near Disney and SeaWorld in Orlando. Former chiropractor leased here for 7 years before relocating to another state. Office vacant but ready for a new chiropractor, no buildout expense necessary.

Dayton, Ohio Associate/Clinic Director Needed — Associate needed for busy satellite clinic in Dayton, Ohio. No experience needed, but must be driven and eager to learn to run your own practice. $70,000/year minimum plus unlimited bonus to care for patients that we provide for you! In addition, keep 60% of any patients you generate. Paid training, vacation time and health insurance are just a few of the added incentives.

Experienced D.C. wanted for Kent, Washington — Growing practice with a great team. I have been in practice over 13 years, and have extensive success and phenomenal adjusting skills. I need help to further grow this practice. I want to work with someone who loves what they do, and needs a chance to flourish. We have great equipment and a fun practice. Lots of potential on a lot of levels.

N Central KY associate — Full time associate for position located between cincinnati and lexington. Office utilizes massage therapy and electrodiagnosis. Skilled manual adjuster with knowledge of active and passive modalities required. Competitive pay and bonus system. Call or email for more info or an interview.

Portable Chiropractic Table – Very Affordable! — Two Portable Chiropractic Adjusting Table – Tony Table. Versatile and compact, the Tony Table is an excellent choice for Chiropractic Practitioners. Lightweight, and with all the professional options, the table is strong, stable, and sets up in seconds. With its optional Hand Rests and Height Extension Tubes, the table has adequate height, width, and length and is easy to carry around since it folds up into a more compact package. In addition, the contoured face hole and shoulder area provide unmatched comfort.

With three legs, this Tony table is exceptionally strong and stable. The height of the table without Extension Tubes is 23″ . With Extension Tubes, the height can be increased to 28″ . The Extension Tubes aren’t adjustable though, so a height of either 23″ or 28″ can be set. Table height is measured to the top surface of the table.

Medical Office In Professional Building — Location! Location! Location! A Medical/Healthcare Office Full Of Potential Awaits You! Located On The First Floor Of A Professional Building On High Traffic Wilshire Blvd, Walking Distance To Prestigious Hancock Park’s Multi-Million Dollar Homes. This Office Simply Needs A New Enthusiastic Doctor/Owner-Operator. The Clinic Space Would Be Ideal For The Entrepreneurial Dentist, MD, Chiropractor, Esthetician, Therapist, Etc.

Owner is absentee and not a healthcare provider and has not had expertise or the time to grow this office into a successful clinic. He simply did all the hard work of building out this gorgeous space without being able to follow through on running the clinic. Very low operating expense for this clinic space: 2,500 sq ft space and rent is 4,077/month and includes NNN, and free visitor parking (very rare in this area). The lease is 7 years. good for 6 more years with option to renew.

Bio-impedance analyzer (BIA) Quantum III by RJL — State of the Art, Top of the Line Model (Body Composition Analysis) BIA by RJL Systems – Scientific & Clinical Grade. The Quantum III is a portable hand held bio-impedance analyzer (BIA) and recording/reporting system. It is designed for research, education and clinical users because of its accuracy and record storage system, reducing data entry and measurement errors. It will comply with peer review literature and traditional BIA instruments. Like New – Only 1 year old. Purchased for $5000 new.

INSIGHT MILLENNIUM – Low price, a steal — Includes instrument console, EMG sensors for sEMG, rolling thermal scanner, and ROM (Inclinometer). Other Items included: USB adapter and USB cable, IEC power cord, footswitch, and EMG buttons. It comes with neurolink software, hard storage case, patient education pads…all you need is your laptop. Great way to get NP, educate your patients and do re-exams. Have two units, only need one. Willing to sacrifice for $3,195. Price includes shipping within the continental US only. Total weight of case w/everything: 22lbs. The case measures 19″ L x 21.5″ W x 7.5″ H. Seller can accept Paypal.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements made no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 9:14 pm | Article ID: 1206332072

Spinal Decompression and Possible Misuse of FDA Logo

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was scanning through some websites this Saturday afternoon and something I came across on a chiropractors web site in Thousand Oaks, California, caught my attention. There was what appeared to be an advertisement for Spinal Decompression Services in the chiropractor’s office. What I found odd was seeing an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) logo underneath the link for more information on the spinal decompression service.

This was different from what I saw in a San Jose decompression advertisement in February, so I decided to grab a screenshot. Let’s take a look…

spinal decompression therapy with FDA logo The image reads: The World’s Most Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated and Degenerated Discs

Below the image is a link which reads: Learn More about Spinal Decompression Therapy

Just below the link is the official logo for the FDA.

When clicking on the link, I was brought to a page which promoted traction and decompression therapies in the chiropractor’s office. The same image appeared on that page, along with the same linked text, and FDA logo.

After browsing around I noticed the page title read FDA Approved Back Pain Treatment (missed that the first time) and there was also a few paragraphs about this type of decompression therapy. There was an image of a woman receiving services on what appeared to be a Triton DTS Traction Unit (I assumed that’s what it was since the table said Triton DTS on the side).

I performed a search for Triton DTS and found lots of information on the company’s web site. I also found an FDA PDF document from February 24, 2006, regarding what appears to be a review and 510(k) clearance for marketing this product in the United States. Lastly, I found information on the FDA web site regarding misuse of the FDA logo. The Official FDA Logo Page reads…

Caution: The FDA logo should not be used to misrepresent the agency nor to suggest that FDA endorses any private organization, product, or service. Misuse of the FDA logo may violate federal law and subject those responsible to criminal penalties.

So now I’m confused. When looking at the screenshot image above it appears as though this product or service has FDA endorsement, since the web site features the official FDA logo everywhere it uses the phrase “learn more about spinal decompression therapy.” On the actual web page, the FDA logo is not clickable, or linked to anything, it just appears below the image and hyperlinked phrase.

Does this constitute FDA logo misuse and possible violation of federal laws? I’m not quite so sure, but I’d personally do more research before adding the FDA logo anywhere on my chiropractic website.

Niche Industry E-Mail Spam is Irresponsible and Unprofessional

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Regardless of your e-mail provider, chances are there is spam in your e-mail inbox. This topic has been covered a gazillion times but it’s usually focused on the types of spam most of us typically receive. There’s the lottery winnings, the small-business loans, the cheap rates on medication, real estate and stock deals, and such. Spam like this is probably sent in the billions each day, and it’s a major drain on user productivity, electricity, and computer resources. Nobody likes spam (except maybe spammers) so why is it such a common practice for businesses to spam within their industry niches?

e-mail spam threaded messages screenshot
The screenshot above displays only 10 of hundreds of spam e-mails that turn up in my bulk inbox on a daily basis. There is your typical medication spam and erectile dysfunction spam. But looking closely you’ll see there’s also spam targeted directly at the chiropractic industry, with duplicate messages coming from a spammer of digital x-ray systems, and spam for a product frequently marketed to chiropractors, a chemical substance occasionally found in therapeutically based offices.

The junk mail that we all receive is pretty much simply referred to as spam. Unsolicited e-mail that’s coming from businesses within a niche industry I’d refer to as industry spam, but it’s really no different than the traditional form of spam. In these cases, spammers (oftentimes legitimate companies) may be buying e-mail lists that have been harvested or scraped from websites, have purchased lists from industry publications, organizations, and schools, or have collected industry e-mail lists from the one unsuspecting individual who accidentally e-mailed his/her entire list of colleagues. These are only some of the ways e-mails are collected.

This is not something that uniquely plagues the chiropractic industry and I suspect it’s even worse in the industries of medicine and dentistry. One of the more popular targeted spam e-mails I’ve been receiving lately has been the solicitation of large lists of medical doctor e-mail addresses and dentist e-mail addresses. Someone is buying these lists or I wouldn’t be seeing so many solicitations for them.

So as an industry (whether it be chiropractic, dentistry, medicine, or other) what is there we can do? The first thing to remember is that spam is spam and just because it’s coming from someone inside your field or profession, it’s not any less illegal, then traditional spam. It may actually be easier to shut down smalltime spammer’s as it’s not unlikely they’re sending mail from their home or business location. Looking again at the screenshot above, the e-mail for digital x-ray systems apparently was being sent from a Comcast account. In that case I would suggest e-mailing the ISP with a spam complaint. In the case of the company marketing products to chiropractors, the domain in the e-mail address belong to a company called Got Corporation. Checking their homepage I discover they have an anti-spam policy, and unsolicited e-mail spam can be reported from their contact us page.

It takes extra effort, but my years of computer experience has shown its better to take the time and report spam practices within one’s industry, since the results are cumulative. If enough people report the same individuals and companies, ISPs and campaign e-mail services will put greater scrutiny on their clients. Of course there are also methods for decreasing one’s likelihood for receiving spam, such as not filling out postcards at conventions, and not publicly displaying one’s e-mail address on their web site.

As editor for Planet Chiropractic, one of my e-mail accounts is publicly available so it’s a common target for unsolicited messages. As a result, efforts are taken to block and filter as much unwanted mail is possible. Unfortunately for me, there are those instances where e-mails from first-time senders land in the bulk mail box, so I make an effort to scan headings before hitting the purge button.

That’s my Friday rant, wishing you all a spam free weekend. 🙂 @ 1:03 pm | Article ID: 1206129830

South African Chiropractor Celebrates 30 Years in US

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

30 years ago Friday, March 21, 1978, a young South African named Fred Schofield arrived in the United States to pursue his goal of becoming a chiropractor in America. Since that 1970s spring day, he has touched the lives of millions, providing chiropractic care to thousands of residents in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and teaching hundreds of chiropractors worldwide methods to deliver quality chiropractic care in their communities.

chiropractor Fred Schofield demonstrating sacral spine analysis(photo: Dr. Fred Schofield demonstrating sacral spine analysis during a chiropractic conference in Scottsdale Arizona.)

A professional rugby player playing for the country of Italy, the hard-working and dedicated young athlete arrived in America in 1978. Rugby is no easy sport, and Fred’s body was feeling the effects of several years of hard training. He has often told the story of when a chiropractor came to visit his rugby team, delivering that magical chiropractic adjustment which changed his life forever. The son of a medical doctor in Cape Town, Dr. Fred knew he wanted to pursue a career in health care, and he chose chiropractic.

Fred attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, where he met his wife Susan. After his graduation from chiropractic college, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Together they have raised three fine children (one is currently attending Palmer) and have operated a Phoenix-based chiropractic office for nearly 25 years.

Besides serving thousands in the communities of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas, Dr. Fred has helped educate chiropractors from all over the world. The husband-and-wife team has operated a program known as Schofield Chiropractic Training for some 23 years, effectively providing the mortar that has joined together hundreds of dedicated chiropractors, that seek to live their lives to the fullest. The business is known as MoChihChu which translates as moving forward without hesitation.

I have had the good fortune of being one of those chiropractors, and I’m not alone. Here’s just a few comments from others in the profession…

Dr. Fred told me in 1990 that to be a champion I had to train like a champion, and I’ve done so with Dr. Fred and Susan as my coaches for the past 17 years. Why? Because I wanted to live an awesome life; not experience only temporary success, but to be a champion for my whole life. — Dr. Laurie Robert Mestdagh

Training is something you do all the time. Whether it’s for family, physical, financial goals or for whatever you want to accomplish in life. — George Khoury, D.C.

My practice has transformed, but more importantly, I have transformed. I look forward into going into our office each day. I serve the greatest patients and work with the greatest staff. The energy just flows and there is peace and quiet confidence in what each day will bring. I am blessed beyond words. — Dr. Jeri Anderson

Dr. Fred has been in Planet Chiropractic press before, with mentions of his talks on chiropracTIC and his continued support for the Palmer Rugby Alumni Association.

Even after so many successful years in practice of chiropractic, Dr. Fred and Susan continue to give back. He is speaking to students at Logan college later this month, he is a featured speaker at an April DCS chiropractic event in Southern California, and he is speaking at homecoming (Lyceum) for Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in May. There are also his SCT training events, such as SCT April Las Vegas 2008.

Three cheers to Dr. Fred Schofield and his continued drive towards excellence in life and chiropractic. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! @ 9:23 pm | Article ID: 1206073450

New Direct Digital X-Ray Systems

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Bombarded with spam in my e-mail inbox yesterday. It’s nothing new, but what really ticks me off, is the amount of spam I get from businesses marketing to the chiropractic industry. I get x-ray spam, seminar spam, buy my pills spam, multi-level marketing nutritional products spam, make a million bucks conning selling patients into spinal decompression spam, and all sorts of other garbage.

Some company marketing digital x-ray systems spammed every e-mail account on Planet Chiropractic yesterday, and when I checked e-mail at my chiropractic office in LA, there was more spam from the same company. I know most of this is coming from people that scrape web sites for e-mail addresses, a pretty sleazy practice. I also know I can take greater efforts to protect my e-mail identities. Some of these e-mail addresses I’ve had for 10 years, so I don’t want to change them now. Just have to continue improving on blocking spam. Yesterday it was mentioned in a PC news article that one should never put their e-mail address inside the body of a post (this was related to classified ads). If you have to add your e-mail address there are numerous things you can do to at least slow down to the scraping process. Some people will do this … mike [at] … or this Mike [at] planetc1 DOT com … or even this Mike :: planetc1 :: com. Most people could figure that out. I’m sure many spammers will to.

To the douche bags spamming me with digital x-ray system info, thanks for the content contribution.

Douche Bag Spammer Systems offers low power, cost effective, next generation Direct Digital X-Ray imaging solutions. We are the leading cost, performance manufacturer of both an 8 x 12 and 13 x 17 CCD single array detector. All systems are available as a Retrofit device, delivering 12 megapixel high resolution images to computer screen in just 6 seconds.

Full systems under $35,000.00

Come see the web site and all the examples of our applications and the resulting images taken on real equipment with live subjects. All images are taken on single phase x-ray machines found in private doctors offices. We have a DR system at CR pricing. Over 50 systems installed. Chiropractic, Veterinary, Podiatry and Hand Surgery. We can help you build a DR System with the new X-ray machine of your choice. See sample images below.

Dirt Bag Spammer Systems

If you’re a Digital x-ray manufacturer, installer, or wholesaler, feel free to drop a link in the comments. As long as you’re not a spammer, I’d be happy to send you some business.

Wednesday Wraparound Advertising and Tips

By Daria Belov

Todays summary includes a review of ads, articles, tips about including photos, cautions involving e-mail spam and 419 phishing attempts, and some useful links to review when seeking more information regarding classified advertising and Planet Chiropractic.

For the past couple of months we’ve been featuring classified ad related news content that featured advertisements posted over a period of a few days. It’s been impressive to witness the number of new classifieds appearing on a daily basis. One may think an industry like the chiropractic profession would not have much need for classified advertising, but the continued daily use from both buyers and sellers has us thinking otherwise.

Chiropractic Practices for Sale - 577 listings - Connecticut Florida California A screenshot taken earlier today shows a current listing of 577 chiropractic businesses that are for sale, with most of those being listed in the United States. The practices for sale category has been very popular, especially when compared to categories like commercial products or computer software (like billing software for chiropractic offices).

The Associates category has also been a bustling place, with a current total of 440 job related advertisements listed. The category primarily features Associates available positions and Associates wanted positions.

One of the neatest tools available for those actively following classified ads is the classified RSS feed. Using RSS, you can get the latest classified ad notifications on your computer, or even your iPhone.

I posted regarding the ad space marketplace heating up, back in October of 2007, and I included reminders about being wary of potential fraud and scams. While there are numerous notifications throughout ad postings, e-mail communication, and help areas, regarding fraudulent practices, I feel we can never go over this topic enough. Scams and fraud are like e-mail spam, you can get great spam filters, and messages will still slip through. One ginormous way you can keep classified ad related e-mail spam down, is by never including your e-mail in the body of your advertising post. That way if somebody wants to contact you, they have to do so using the contact forms on the web site. And if you feel the e-mail you received is fraudulent, you’ll be able to quickly forward it on to our Web spam department.

This one’s a bit old now, but it’s a copy of an actual e-mail attempt on a classified ad scam. From what I’ve witnessed, these are almost never directed at practices for sale type postings, rather you’ll see spammers targeting those selling Nervo-Scopes, used tables, and other equipment.

For those following the Sunday and midweek summary posts, the formats have been changing slightly from late January, to how they appeared March 16th. The template, like that used on February 3, and February 6, will continue being reworked in order to provide the best possible summary of what’s new.

You may have noticed that there are various chiropractic photos appearing in related classified ad posts. There are opportunities provided for all those posting advertisements to include photographs and images when placing ads. It’s been shown that advertisements featuring photographs tend to receive more activity than those that don’t. If you’re selling your chiropractic office, why not include a small photo in your post, and then some more on your website? Same applies if you’re an associate seeking chiropractic employment. A nice cropped and sized professional looking photograph of yourself could help your information stand out from the rest.

In summary, don’t include your e-mail address in the content (body) of any posted advertisement. You’re simply inviting spam if you do so. Do include a photograph in your advertising post, whenever possible. Don’t miss out on the latest ads posted, subscribe to the classifieds RSS feed. Remember that we are very thankful for the many of you enjoying this service. We continue to work on its improvement. Many blessings! @ 9:13 pm | Article ID: 1205986434

Smoking March and April Events from Coast to Coast

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The month of March is on its way out, and April is right around the corner. There’s a change in seasons coming, and it’s a fresh time to hone up on some chiropractic philosophy, science, and art. Events are taking place all over the U. S., and there’s a few I wanted to report on in Southern California, Las Vegas, and New Jersey. It’s a great time to get off your buttocks and fellowship with others.

changing of the guard(photo: taken at a DCS chiropractic meeting in Orange County California, 2006)

Steamrolling in on SoCal in Newport Beach, this Wednesday night features Philosophical Comedy with Drs Brian Porteous & Terry Rondberg at the DCS clubhouse on 20321 Birch Street, 92660. That’s Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

DCS events are a plenty in the Southern California area. While most of these events are attended by California Chiropractors, Mega events like the Dead Chiropractic Society California Jam of 2008 attract chiropractors from all over the nation. The local clubhouse weeknight events also feature a number of powerful speakers, such as Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. Sid Williams, which tend to draw sold-out crowds of chiropractors, staff, and students.

With April right around the corner, it’s time for Schofield Chiropractic Training 2008 in Las Vegas. The weekend long event is held at the Westin Casuarina, located just off the Vegas strip. Those attending don’t wanna miss out on the Roundtable Meeting taking place on Friday night.

There’s more SoCal goodness going on in San Diego, California, with a CCA sponsored license renewal seminar, taking place on March 29 and 30th, at the Holiday Inn by the Bay Hotel in San Diego. That’s just one of seven related seminars taking place in California. There’s also an unrelated Gonstead event taking place in Palm Springs, later this week.

New Jersey may not be as warm as Southern California but that won’t stop Dr. Jim Dubel & Co. from going forward with a New Beginnings for a New Future Weekend April 24th through 28th, 2008. This is the premier philosophical chiropractic event on the East Coast, with chiropractic fellowship at its finest.

As seminar months go by, we will continue to serve the latest information. Peeking into the calendar for May, I notice there’s a ChiroEurope Extravaganza set for May 1 through May 4, 2008.

If for some reason you’ve got a chiropractic event coming up, and it’s not listed in the Planet Chiropractic seminar database, you may be suffering a major Internet subluxation, cause we’re not going to have any way to spread the word. Register it, add it, and let’s promote it to the world.

Put a smile on your spine and a spring in your step, visit your local chiropractor today. @ 10:04 pm | Article ID: 1205816697

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2008 CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars schedule is now available on the chiropractic seminars pages. Events are taking place in March, April, May, June and August. Locations include San Diego, Ventura, San Rafael, Fresno, San Jose, Riverside and Redding.

California Chiropractic Association These CCA 12 hour relicensing seminars include continuing education in adjustive technique and radiology. The classes are flexible so that you can take the ones you need and interest you. Classes are presented by some of the top names in the profession. The CCA offers a great value with this program. Obtaining the highest quality chiropractic continuing education has rarely been more cost-effective for doctors of chiropractic.

Registration for members begins at $135 for the entire 12 our program (provided you choose the early bird rate). The organization has provided several convenient hotels locations from which to choose, saving chiropractors money on travel costs. All dates are on the weekend, which means no lost income from having to close ones practice during the week.

Instructors for these events include…

Radiology — Stephen Gould, DC, DACBR

Ethics and Professional Boundaries — Anna Allen, RN, MSN

Adjustive Technique — David Benevento, DC

Kinesio Taping — Jeffrey Lease, DC

Cervical Spine Adjusting & CVA Issues: Risk Avoidance — Gerald Clum, DC

Patient Education + Communication = Results — Dennis Buckley, DC

Adjustive Technique — Karen Chaney, DC

Radiology — Cliff Tao, DC, DACBR

Be a Champion Team Doctor — Kenneth Martin, DC

Adjustive Technique — Robert Walsh, DC

QME Re-Licensing — Wayne Whalen, DC

Check the links for details on each seminar.

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars San Diego — March 29-30, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars Ventura — April 5-6, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars San Rafael — April 12-13, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars Fresno — May 3-4, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars San Jose — May 17-18, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars Riverside — June 21-20, 2008

CCA Chiropractic License Renewal Seminars Redding — August 2-3, 2008

All of these events are organized by the California Chiropractic Association

Take the classes you need and interest you. Classes are presented by the top names in the profession! Obtaining the highest quality chiropractic continuing education has rarely been more cost-effective for doctors of chiropractic.