The Autism Debate Rages On

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News regarding autism and vaccination is back on the front pages of many websites today, as the autism vaccine debate rages on. According to various news sources, a Georgia family will issue a press release today regarding a US government “vaccine court” decision, with a finding that the family should be compensated from a federally funded vaccine injury fund, as a result of injuries occurred after their child received vaccinations.

vaccines The Vaccination-Autism debate will undoubtedly be fueled by today’s news, as traditional media channels, popular websites and blogs, and even political commentary sites, distribute their versions of the information.

The first resource I spotted for today’s vaccine news was Government Concedes Vaccine Injury Case, a well-written piece authored by Marilynn Marchione, and appearing in the Associated Press.

CBS news repurposed content from June of 2007 (it’s relevant to the federal case) along with an updated (posted by Christine Lagorio) Autism: Why The Debate Rages post from earlier today.

On Google News, you can perform a Vaccines+Autism search to get a list of related news articles.

Until reading the AP article, I wasn’t aware that Republican presidential candidate John McCain supports the idea that vaccines, and the chemicals found within them, may be somehow related to a rise in autism. Related articles can be viewed here.

Planet Chiropractic has followed and reported on autism and vaccination related articles since 1999. Some older archived resources include: Vaccine linked to autism? (from March of 2000), Children, Shots, and Autism (from April of 2000), Is there a connection between vaccines and autism? (also from April 2000).

Since 2000, the discussion as only continued to grow, with the topic receiving major media attention in June of 2007, and September of 2007, specifically with the Jenny McCarthy September appearance on the Oprah show.

With a presidential candidate making a public statement regarding the issue, this topic will undoubtedly be one that receives greater attention during the coming months. @ 1:35 pm | Article ID: 1204839324