Mom Blogs and Chiropractic

There are a number of Planet Chiropractic articles authored by moms. Topics range from leadership and office management to providing chiropractic care for more comfortable pregnancies and safer births. There is also an abundant amount of blogs in the blogosphere, with topics for moms authored by moms. I put together a brief list of mom related articles and authors found on Planet Chiropractic and discovered a spectacular resource for nearly every mom centered blog in existence.

The Autism Debate Rages On

News regarding autism and vaccination is back on the front pages of many websites today, as the autism vaccine debate rages on. According to various news sources, a Georgia family will issue a press release today regarding a US government “vaccine court” decision, with a finding that the family should be compensated from a federally funded vaccine injury fund, as a result of injuries occurred after their child received vaccinations.