Month: May 2005

Is that a gerbil in your pocket?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I saw a news headline today that read… “Experts Say Be Sensible With Pocket Pets”
I had to click on that one and get some more info. Turns out that folks all across the country are concerned about their furry little friends due to a recent increase in illness and deaths associated with some small animals.

When you read the article don’t forget the key point is NOT the animals, but the state of the individuals that died. According to health officials, it is ones weakened immune system that puts one at higher risk.

My thoughts…
Hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, etc… These are no pets to have. I mean what enjoyment can you get out of a pet hamster? I should know, I’ve had plenty of them. They either escape the habitrail and die somewhere in the house (that can get real stinky), or they get eaten my one of the other many family pets. I think I’ve even overfeed a few hamsters to death. Fat bastards, they loved those sunflower seeds. I had a rabbit too. Same thing, all it did was eat. No fun for me. If you ask me, all of these house pets, except for dogs, are virtually useless. A monkey could be cool though. Watch out for monkeypox, they talk about that in the article too.

Someone is probably in the works on a vaccine your kids can get so they can continue playing with household pets. That’s the plan isn’t it? Fill the parents with fear, then fill the kids with toxins, potions, lotions, poisons (not enough to kill them though, gotta keep them around so they can buy cigarettes), and monkeypus antiserums.

I’m for the George Carlin way of fighting off germs. Do you remember that skit? If not, you should check it out, he tells the TRUTH. George said you have to swim in raw sewage as a kid. Carlin grew up in New York and he swam in the Hudson river and was very healthy, germs did not stand a chance. I swam at Jones beach which did not have as much sewage but I make up for it now by going into the Santa Monica Bay. That will test your immune system, especially after the rains! Dip you kids in the ocean every once in a while, thats gotta be good for something. If your living inland you may want to expose yourself to some dirt a bit more often. Don’t be such a sanitizer.

Zoey and Jasmine

I like to think my dogs are also helping me stay healthy. I know they sniff poop and eat all kinds of 3 day old leftovers they find on neighborhood walks. After their walks, they come in the house, jump on the bed, give me a big lick on the face and plop down for their naps. Theres gotta be loads of bacteria and bugstuff floating around my place (and I can’t blame it all on the pooches either) but I don’t get sick. Why? One, because I get adjusted. Two, because I don’t live in a super sterile environment. Sure I wash my hands, but not one hundred times per day.

I did say I get adjusted. I’ve got news for you. If your not getting regular chiropractic care you are missing out on what I believe to be the number one benefit… a stronger immune system. Not an unstuck neck or non sore back, those things are nice, but a stronger, functioning as best as it can, healthy immune system is something everyone one thais planet should have access to. I don’t care if there is a gerbil in your pocket, you are better off with a chiropractic adjustment than without. And don’t think one visit is going to do it either, are you an idiot? Your body is fighting off things all day, 24 hours a day, 86400 seconds a day. You are telling me you are going to wait 2,592,000 seconds (one month) before your next adjustment. I don’t think so.

Hold on, I was talking about pets and gerbils…
People are bringing there pets to the office all the time. We had to start keeping treats for all the neighborhood dogs that stop by. Just the other day someone came in with their pet squirrel. I have a photo but it’s not on this PC so I can’t upload at this time. Those are my dogs above, they LOVE squirrels and opossums too.

If you are bringing a pet into the office (or any other chiropractic office) make sure we can see it. I don’t need any side posture gerbil moves going on. For you lay folk, a side posture is when we say… “lie on your side and face me.” I don’t think the critter would like that, in fact I’d think it would get squished. So no pocket squirrels, gerbils, mices, rats, or even anything that looks like a rodent. We’ve got enough to worry about with cell phones.

OK, enough of my take on this subject. Don’t forget… GET ADJUSTED!

Source: Newsday
Experts Say Be Sensible With Pocket Pets

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Chiropractic King of Media Stopped Watching Television

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m back.
Hey it’s my website, I get to write about anything I want.

Some of my thots, rants, raves, and mumbo jumbo of the day…

I stopped watching television about two years ago. The first six months were a struggle but now it’s no longer a concern of mine. Amazingly the universe has filled that void with lots of other activities (like writing). I do watch movies, plenty of them. I just don’t watch TV. Now, you may see me write about chiropractic on television (which I’ll be doing soon) but that does not mean I watch it. I like getting my information the internet way.

I was about to write that I don’t read chiropractic publications and I was trying to remember when I stopped doing that. I realize it’s been seven or more years since I have done so. What? Back in the 90’s when I started Planet Chiropractic I decided I would stop reading chiropractic publications so I would not be biased by them when writing articles. I still get a copy of DC mailed to my office, my team is instructed to shake it (in case there are insurance checks stuffed in the pages) and then throw it out.

Just the other day I happened to be in the front office when the mail came and I glanced at the front page. Some college president was suing some school. I tossed the paper immediately. Do I really need that information in my head? For me, it’s just useless stuff that serves my space no purpose. (just like this stuff may be for you) I realize these publications have to fill their pages with something but come on doctors, couldn’t you find something better to do with your time? And hey, you should NOT be reading this stuff during adjusting hours.

Now for your staff or team (I like team, in our office we are TEAM ADIO), I found this website can be a great tool. I have given my team members words to look up on planet chiropractic and asked them to put together articles for the office. This has worked great because they end up reading lots of stuff while gathering information on specific topics. Remember docs, you can use articles in the office (please read our terms) but you cannot reproduce our content, especially on the web without written permission.

So where have I been?
I’ve probably received a million penis enlargement emails (still no results) since I last posted articles on a daily basis, but I intend to get back into it at least weekly. Or maybe I won’t. I am working on something I learned from Dr. Stew Bittman about getting my thoughts, actions, feelings, and words to all be congruent (or at least remotely similar).

In order for my thoughts, words, actions and feelings to be remotely similar I am going to piss some people off. I am also going to be using some profanities (I’ll try and keep them in context) in my text so that we can all get the story straight when we need to.

I rarely ever curse but that was not so when I was a kid. There was a pre-teen period that I was a trash mouthed New York punk. I don’t want to force my ways on everyone else but sometimes I’ll be using words to tell the story as it happened. Like when I adjust someone (we have open rooms) and in the excitement they yell “holy fuck.” You may not think that is funny or is inappropriate or whatever, in our office we find it hysterical. I want to share some of those stories.

We hear some of the most unsuspected words come out of mouths after an adjustment. I don’t want to water it down with “golly gee” and “hey that was swell.” I just had a thought that when we are adjusted we have that brief moment when our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are one in the same. Lot’s of folks in my office yell “Jesus” to which I often reply, yes Jesus is here too.

OK, so much for that. There is too much to get into at this time. We’ll cover this stuff another day.

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Someone is telling the Chiropractic story

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When was the last time someone came to your office complaining of a subluxation or requesting subluxation correction?

I am expecting that in more offices across the planet this is occurring more frequently. I am also wondering which offices such people are entering and what is happening in offices that don’t correct subluxations.

Just this past Friday one of our new patients told me he had a subluxation in his neck. He told me he knew it had been there too long and he had not seen a chiropractor in several months because he had moved from another state and had made it a priority to seek someone out. This was the 2nd time in the same week that I had someone coming in basically in the same situation. What I found interesting was that both used the term subluxation and they both used it in proper context (although both related to associated symptoms).

I know the is no randomness in the universe and I know others are turning up in offices across the planet with similar situations. Where in the world did these people get ideas like these? I suppose from you.

In nearly every case I can think of in which someone has come to my office asking for subluxation correction, there is evidence of them either previously being under chiropractic care, having a chiropractic family member or close friend, or having a close friend or family member that is seeing a subluxation correcting DC somewhere on planet earth. I’d like to thank you wherever you are for making my day.

How can I thank you? I figure the best thing that I can possibly do is the same you have done for me. Can I take the time to educate my people about vertebral subluxation? Can I make the effort to tell them more about what it is that I do? Why do I make that adjustment?

I’d like to think that every new patient is going to be in my office regularly and will follow a recommended schedule of care but reality (at least in my office) has shown otherwise. There are some that I may never have the opportunity to see again. Where they are going and what are they taking with them is something I could be considering. Can I tell the story?

Not too long ago a psychotherapist that comes to my office for adjustments told me what she says to clients she works with. She said something to the nature of… “I may never have the opportunity to see you again so I am going to share this information with you today.” In her case she works with folks potentially going to prison so often times her statement rings true. I found that there was a greater sense of urgency when I heard her speak this way. I’ve since thought to myself, how can I be so lax and cozy in my surroundings and fail time after time to share the message with someone that I ASSUME is going to come in for their 2nd visit or report of findings because I am such a nice guy and did not upset their feelings.

I don’t think we can assume in any case. We get many new people coming in that have been to other offices but that does not mean they have got it. Nor does it mean that everyone in my practice has it. Perhaps it’s time to go over the fundamentals.

One of the other situations I have noticed more frequently is somewhat opposite. Situations where people are coming in having been to chiropractors “forever” with some of them just loving their former DC, but having no idea what it is that I do in my office. Their DC may be great but maybe we do things different. I can’t just assume that they have the whole story just because they have been to a chiropractic office before. (Especially when your hands are on their c-spine and they are expected some twenty minute relaxing soft tissue rub!)

This has been the typical flip side. New patient comes in and they are either a walk-in or referral from a friend. They may currently be going to a chiropractor (more on this) or had been going to a chiropractor for some time, having lots of experience about what chiropractors do (at least those that they have been to). Recently, I had someone come in that was seeing someone else for over ten years but was coming into my office do to “location and tying someone new.” Writing this I’m now thinking that it is more commonly similar to the patient that says they have NO health complaints, until you get them in the exam room and they unload a world of complaints on you.

So this particular one comes in and through some questioning I find some interesting information. You’ve been under care for 12+ years? Yes. When was your last visit? 4 months ago. How often did you typically get adjusted? 3 times per year. Now, before I go any further let me state that I have people in my practice that come in 3-4 times per year so I am NOT putting it on the doctor. I’ve got my own house to put in order first. My experience though is showing me it’s time to do something different. I explained how we do things in our office, different from the other office, and I did a very thorough subluxation centered – adjustment focused exam and assessment (about 8-12 minutes for those of you wondering) and then gave the person some information to think about. This particular person had never heard the word subluxation and while they came in for a symptom (of which they went in for 3 times per year for 12+ years) they walked out with some previously unknown information. Something has changed since this person continues to come in for adjustments.

As I was reading over this article (I realize it may be a bit jumbled) I was thinking of the many folks who have come in talking of listing cards. They don’t know them as listing cards but they remember their doctor giving a card to them with their subluxation listings. If you are still doing this in your office hats off to you. Typically the ones I have met are folks that went to chiropractors 20 or 30 years ago. Apparently there have been some great chiropractors in my area because we continue to get new ones from docs that have passed on or long since moved from the region.

How was it like 50 years ago? You’d think it would be better today but I’m finding there is a world of misinformation and differing information out there. I like the idea of listing cards or something similar. I don’t like the idea of DCs not telling people about chiropractic and subluxations. I’ll point the finger at you and the other three at me, we have work to do.

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Dr. Sharon Gormans Chiropractic Mission

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Here it is early Monday Morning and I’m sitting at my computer thinking about the day in front of me. I’m thinking about my office and what I will probably be doing as the day unfolds. As I start my daily ritual I am thinking about what might happen that would make this day a very successful day. I think about the numbers, the stats, I think about the idea that there wouldn’t be any major fires to put out, I think about the thought that the other players in my life will be in a relatively good mood and will participate in creating a healing space in my office and in the other areas in my life. Now I am thinking about myself and how I need to be to pull off this day. Now I am thinking about that something extra.

Sharon Gorman 2010

The thing that really comes to mind to me today is the thought of changing someone’s life with the Chiropractic message. Again, and again it becomes so evident to me how much regular Chiropractic care effects the quantity and quality of someone’s life. We have only one body and we have so many decisions made every day, every hour, that effect our lives today and way into the future. How can I more effectively get though to the people I serve today. How can I motivate them to refer so that more people can have the choices that we make available through chiropractic. How can I wake them up. How can I make them aware that they are responsible for their health and their health choices. How can I overcome the frustration of dealing with a public that are so brainwashed that their health and their body is not their own. How can I penetrate minds that are clouded by billions of dollars of pharmaceutical advertising. I am armed with a simple truth. Above, down, inside, out. Sometimes I want to dress it up to impress them yet the beauty is in the simplicity. I know they are not going to understand and change the way that I would want them to. The important part if it for me today is to realize the importance of keeping on. I can’t let rejection deter me. I need to keep sharing chiropractic in such a way that I can continue helping to change lives. I need to explain chiropractic to the people the way chiropractic was shared with me and no less. They deserve the option. The deserve to be able to make the choice that I made. This is my message. This is my day.

Gotta go – – Have a wonderful day too. Sharon @ 3:36 pm | Article ID: 1116704181

Chiropractic Products and Jim Sigafoose Talk

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Once upon a time there was nearly nothing available on CD in the world of Chiropractic Philosophy. As a chiropractic student of the early 1990s, most of what we listened to was on audio cassette tape and sometimes VHS video. In the mid 1990s I set out to change that by digitally recording a talk by Dr. James Sigafoose and making it available on CD and via mp3 download.

Let's Talk About ChiropracticI’ll have a link to the mp3 file here but the CD is no longer available for purchase, although it was a beautifully created product (for the time). In it’s making, I flew from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania to record a talk Dr. Sigafoose was giving for a group of patients (about 400 in attendance).

I remember purchasing a high end DAT digital recorder, digital video camera, and 2 expensive microphones. Looking back I could probably do the same today with far fewer expenses, but the experience provided great value to me personally.

It was quite an experience to see some 400 people in attendance to listen to a chiropractor speak on chiropractic, something Sigafoose had been doing for decades.

It was also an experience for a young chiropractor to spend quality one on one time with one of the greats. Discussions of chiropractic over a ham & eggs breakfast in a local Pennsylvania restaurant was a real treat.

Today it’s online video and digital downloads, and I’m cool with that too. Let’s just get the word out.