Month: March 2004

Limitations Exist Only In Your Mind

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I heard Dr. Sigafoose tell a story that I heard him tell several times yet I heard him say it one more time and it finally sunk in. The story is about a young women who plays the violin. She is a true master. She is about to play at Carnegie Hall and they interviewed her on TV. They asked her if she is nervous about playing to the audience at Carnegie Hall and she basically said that she doesn’t play for the audience, she plays for herself because she knows that if she pleases herself she will certainly please the audience because she has higher standards for herself than they do. (Thanks again Sig)

Last night only two patients showed up to my New Patient Orientation. This hadn’t happened in quite a while (Thank God) and I was considering canceling it but I remembered Sig’s story. In the past if I had done the Orientation I probably would have cut some out and given the abbreviated version I have to admit. Not last night. I gave them all I had. I ordinarily feel great after I give an Orientation even though as I have confessed in the past, I am tired at the end of the day and I would rather go home to my family. I always feel better the minute it starts. Doing Orientation is like doing a half hour affirmation of who I am and what I stand for. I get more out of it than the patients do. Well last night as I said I gave it my all and afterwards I felt better than usual. Why would I hesitate and try to cancel out? Maybe human nature. Maybe trying to get away with working a little less. Excuses are just excuses. I can’t give up the opportunity to share this incredible message to anyone that would listen to it. Chiropractic changes lives. The quality of the people’s lives will be enhanced if we can only get through to them a little.

Sometimes I know that they really never get what I do or why I do it even though I think I’ve gotten pretty good at communicating it but more importantly they stay. The most important thing is that they stay. Initially without many exceptions, they stay because of their connection with you. If they didn’t understand a word you said they would stay around simply because they connect to you and to your commitment to them and their life. You can’t anchor to an unanchored mind. Anchor your mind and they will be attracted to you. The more you share the truth about the principle and share yourself with them the more people you are going to serve. That’s how it has works for me. The limitations exist only in your mind. There are a lot of subluxated people out there waiting. Serve. @ 7:12 am | Article ID: 1080745926

Chiropractic can change their lives for the better

By Super CA Jackie

In a follow-up to Super CA Lynne’s story, “Get Your New Patients Out of the Fog,” it’s so true how foggy a new patient may feel for the first time in a chiropractic office. CA’s definitely set the tone in the office for new patients. CA’s are there to help new patients understand how magical chiropractic is by allowing it into their lives.

Once it’s explained to new patients how chiropractic can change their lives for the better, it must then be shared with them. How is that? It is support from the Chiropractor, CA’s and even the person or persons who referred them to care.

When CA’s share their chiropractic healing story with new patients it encourages them how they will be helped too. Now they feel comfortable to confide in the CA with any questions and concerns they may have about chiropractic care. There are times patients share their feelings with the CA’s and not the Chiropractor. CA’s should always share their patient’s chiropractic stories with other patients. There is always something new for them to learn. After a while you start to feel like Walt Disney and you say to yourself, “Who’s story shall I tell today?”

It’s also reassuring for new patients to meet and speak with other patients who have a chiropractic story of their own, especially one who started care for the same reasons. It’s a bonus when patients write their chiropractic story so you can share it with everyone. They feel good knowing their story has helped someone else. Let new patients know you are looking forward in hearing and sharing their chiropractic story so that it may help others too.

I was speaking to my long time friend, Super CA Debbie the other day. I was telling her that I have learned not to ask, “How are you?” That’s an opening for a negative answer. Patients think you want to hear their health complaints when they are asked that question. You may be given a more positive response when you say to them, “Hey, what’s going on!”

It’s important to remind new patients, who are having a foggy moment that “healing takes time” and they did not get this way overnight. This will help to keep new patients out of the fog and in the office where the lights are always on.

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Editors Note: We train our staff to say “… hey, great to see you!” @ 11:27 am | Article ID: 1079983673

Chiropractic care and children with Asthma

By Super CA Jackie and Suzanne

My friend wanted to share her son’s Chiropractic story. She was one of my toughest challenges in convincing her to start Chiropractic care. She had a negative attitude about the effectiveness of Chiropractic “Wellness” Care. She challenged me and said, “This Chiropractic stuff has to be proven to me.” I told her, “Fine, you’ll see!”

My 7 year old son started Chiropractic care 3 years ago at Dr. Mike’s office. Chiropractic adjustments have allowed my son’s asthma to become a “symptom” of his past. This is his story.

His breathing problems began when he was 5 months old. He was wheezing and having great difficulty breathing. We promptly took him to the Pediatrician and this is when his asthma, nebulizer and steroid story began. He was immediately placed on steroids and nebulizer treatments 3 times daily for approximately 10 days. During his toddler years, medicating him was our only means to helping our son breathe. Our world changed when we started Chiropractic care.

Thanks to Dr. Mike and Dr. Bob, he hasn’t used the nebulizer or any steroids. Prior to this the nebulizer remained out on the counter and was in constant use. Today, it is a thing of the past safely tucked away in its box in the closet. If his “seasonal allergies”, now what I call them, kick in, they are easily taken care of with an extra adjustment or two. Sometimes when the seasons change he may develop croup, but with prompt Chiropractic care, a once week long problem doesn’t even last a full day.

His general health has improved as well. Last year in first grade, my son was absent only 2 days. That was great for being in a classroom full of strep throat and constant viruses. My son’s well care schedule consists of weekly adjustments. He also knows when he needs an adjustment. His classic line is, “My cells are low! My batteries need to be recharged! I have to go to Dr. Mike’s!”

I truly believe that without chiropractic adjustments my son would not be the healthy child that he has become today. I would still be living in fear of the possible long term effects of steroids. I must admit that I was a skeptic of the need for regular weekly adjustments for chiropractic wellness care for my family. Today, we could not imagine our lives without it.

– – – – – – – – – –
The “Dr. Mike” in this article is Michael O’Halleran, DC of Massapequa, NY. The office is located at 935 North Broadway and you can call them at: (516) 798-2332 @ 1:29 pm | Article ID: 1079558949

Es El Quiropractico Un Terapista? (En Espanol)

Por Dr. Edwin Cordero

Muchas personas piensan que el Quiropractico es un Terapista que solamente tiene una preparación limitada quizás de 6 meses de estudio o algo por lo parecido. Sin embargo este no es el caso ya que el doctor en Quiropractica tiene que estudiar 8 anos para obtener su doctorado en Quiropractica. Luego de graduarse de la escuela Quiropractica tienen que obtener sus exámenes escritos nacionales y por ultimo tienen que sentarse a tomar su revalida en el estado que van a ejercer su profesión.

Ahora el doctor en Quiropractica esta listo para comenzar su jornada como un profesional dentro de la medicina alternativa. El Quiropractico es el único doctor adiestrado en localizar y remover interferencias en la columna vertebral llamadas Subluxaciones Vertebrales. Estas Subluxaciones vertebrales son los que no permiten que el ser humano funcione a su capacidad optima con respecto a su salud.

La salud se define como un estado de armonía entre la parte espiritual, mental y la parte Fisica del ser humano. Cuando existen interferencias al sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral se crea un desbalance interno afectando la salud. Muchos acuden al medico de cabecera para tapar los síntomas que están sintiendo. Pero no se dan de cuenta que cuando se acaba los efectos de los químicos (medicamentos) el dolor y las molestias regresan. Tenemos que identificar que los medicamentos no curan, solamente tapan los síntomas y eventualmente agudizan el dolor.

Nuestros cuerpos tienen internamente la capacidad de funcionar al 100% cuando todos los sistemas se están comunicando libremente con el sistema nervioso. Este se logra fácilmente utilizando la Quiropractica como el vehículo primario para lograr una armonía interna permitiendo que cada persona se mantenga saludable y mantengan una paz mental, espiritual y Fisica. Es tiempo que usted tome prioridad de su salud y busque un doctor en Quiropractica para aumentar su potencial humano y comenzar a vivir una calidad de salud aumentada. No dejes para mañana lo que pueda hacer hoy. Llame a un doctor en Quiropractica hoy mismo para una cita con toda su familia. Preguntas o comentarios pueden ser enviadas a mi correo electrónico: [email protected] @ 1:13 pm | Article ID: 1079557986

Raising Funds For Life University

By Dr. Michael Dorausch

I was on the phone this morning with Dr. Selina Sigafoose, an alumni of Life College. She spoke to me of the need to raise funds for the school. I told her that I would do whatever I could to help raise the required funds and now I am asking you to help me.

You may or may not know the situation at Life but I can tell you they can sure use your help. I am not a graduate of Life but my life has been touched by many people that organized to create the school, many that graduated from the school, and many that are helping the school right now.

If you have benefited from the use of Planet Chiropractic, you have done so via the mentoring I have received from some Life graduates. You also may have read and used many articles in your practice written by Life graduates.

Please give back. Let me know you are committed financially to give $$$ to Life. You can reach me by email at [email protected]

– – – – – – – – – –
More info on details to come later this week. @ 9:16 am | Article ID: 1079457371

The Last Chiropractic Samurai

By Jay Handt, D.C., PhC

After seeing the movie, “The Last Samurai,” I felt this powerful churning in my stomach and couldn’t sleep that night. No, it wasn’t something I ate! What that uneasy feeling was, was how clearly the film portrayed what is happening in our Chiropractic world. But first, some history!

The Samurai were an ancient order charged with protecting the Empire of Japan at any cost. They had been protecting their world for over 900 years, bound by a code of honor for service, discipline and compassion, to preserve, protect and perpetuate their simple, yet very effective way of life. They were, in fact, the warriors responsible for protecting the Empire, keeping it safe and secure from any outside forces.

It was never about money, ego or power. It was always about serving a higher purpose, serving the people, protecting the people and protecting their home and their Emperor to the point that they would die before dishonoring what they stood for. Unfortunately, western civilization was beginning to infiltrate their peaceful world. The Emperor was slowly being corrupted from the outside by a few who sought wealth over honor. These advisors had the ear of a very immature and inexperienced Emperor who had inherited the throne. This Emperor was, unfortunately, easily influenced by those whose self-interests superseded the good of the empire. They slowly poisoned his mind, convincing him that the old way of his ancestors no longer served the people, and that the Samurai, whose goal was to perpetuate the teachings of the ancestors, needed to be destroyed for modern Japan to grow and flourish. These advisors felt that wealth could buy honor, supersede discipline and circumvent commitment to a higher purpose.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel like a Samurai Chiropractor, trying to hold back the onslaught of our profession that puts wealth before Chiropractic, holds the quick fix over discipline and who idolizes the material world over trust in the universe! There are those who are willing to sell their souls to become accepted by the medical community; those who would have Chiropractic reduced to back pain specialists, willing to give up all the Chiropractic miracles just to be accepted by the establishment and the insurance companies. I guess its’ easier to give in, to be accepted and to get a little more in your pocket than it is to stand up and fight like our ancestors did to inform the people of the power of Chiropractic; to help their bodies do the healing in every case! After all, D.D. Palmer didn’t say, “Harvey, when did you get that back pain? Maybe I can get rid of that pain in 800 visits!” B.J. didn’t spend millions of dollars researching back pain. He researched how the Chiropractic adjustment affected the body and promoted the healing process. Did you ever wonder why there are so few Chiropractic miracles today? Maybe it’s because “modern” Chiropractic lost its focus on caring for the body, connecting man the physical with man the spiritual. Instead, Chiropractors today focus on crumbs of the medical establishment. They seek out the safety of caring for low back patients and maybe even venture out to take care of a headache or two, but never insinuate that Chiropractic can help cancer patients, heart patients, diabetic patients, asthma patients, etc. They tend to leave that to those crazy Chiropractors, the Samurai Chiropractors! Those few who still have and hold the vision created by their ancestors. How right was B.J. when he said, “For you have in your possession a sacred trust. Guard it well.” Why is it that so few Chiropractors remember and honor these words.

It’s interesting how history repeats itself, even if in parallels. The Empress of our profession appears to be immature and ill trained in the ways of our Chiropractic ancestors and forefathers. She takes counsel by those who would sooner see all Chiropractic destroyed than in perpetuating the teachings of the Chiropractic philosophers. For whatever reason, they don’t realize that by destroying the tenets and philosophy that formed the foundation of Chiropractic, they are, in fact, killing the goose to get all the golden eggs at once! Short-term gratification always robs one of long-term satisfaction and wealth. In “The Last Samurai,” the Emperor comes to his senses, regains his pride and puts the honor in care of his people above all else, but only after he learns of the death of his old teacher, the leader of the Samurai. I can only hope that the powers that be in Chiropractic come to their senses long before all the Samurai Chiropractors are destroyed! It’s time for the silent Samurais to rise up and force the hand of Chiropractic in the right direction! We can honor our ancestors’ teachings while still taking Chiropractic into the future. It’s not about living in the past; it’s about learning from the past and improving on it.

In 1895, Chiropractic was ahead of its time, and its followers knew they had something special. Together, Chiropractors and patients were committed to do whatever it would take, from jail time, to marches on Washington, D.C., to get Chiropractic out to the masses. I ask you, are we destroying our future by denying the power of our ancestors? Isn’t it time that we rise up, join together and fight for the honor and dignity that Chiropractic deserves? It is far better to stand for something bigger than all of us than it is to follow false promises. All that glitters isn’t gold!

I call on you to stand up and be counted as a Chiropractic Samurai. The fight for philosophical Chiropractic won’t be over until the last Samurai Chiropractor dies! If you were the last principled Chiropractor alive, would Chiropractic, as we know it, be here for generations to come?

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Chiropractic Educational Institutions & Chiropractic School

By Dr. Bobby Braile, Chiropractor

I have a great idea. Let’s dream up a scenario that is totally illogical, totally impossible, and could never happen. And let’s make it a defining moment in chiropractic. So, where do we start?

Let’s start our fantasy by having the largest school in chiropractic have its accreditation yanked away by an agency made up of chiropractors. Let’s have almost 65% of the student body of that school be displaced, and their lives interrupted. Let’s have the founder of that school removed from the school and barred from coming on campus.

OK, now let’s take our oldest most recognized chiropractic school and let’s get the leader of that institution to resign after several years of unparalleled success. Let’s throw in more drama by having the students and Alumni of that school vote no-confidence in the school’s Board. And just for fun, why don’t we invite the media to both of these events so this all plays out in the public eye?

Are we having fun yet? Hey, just for kicks, let’s get the Florida State Legislature to vote to spend $9 million to open a school of “Chiropractic Medicine” at a Florida State University system. Since that would be a state school, how about we set the tuition at about one-third of what it would cost to go to our other college?.

Hmmm, what else? Oh. I know! Let’s increase the requirements to get into our schools so that it reduces the potential pool of possible students by over 25%, and increases the overall costs of a chiropractic education by about 20%. Now, because of this, let’s reduce student enrollment so severely that for the first time in decades, we have more chiropractors leaving practice and dying, than we have new students to replace them. So, from this we can actually shrink the number of chiropractors in our profession.

What else can we do? I got it! Let’s change the name of several schools so that they are not really chiropractic colleges. Let’s appoint several non-DCs presidents, and let’s make most of the faculty PhDs or MDs, and let’s open schools all over the world that are called chiropractic but do not teach any chiropractic in their curriculum.

Boy, I’m sure glad this is only my fantasy dream! If this were real it would be a nightmare!

Every one of the things I have mentioned above is true! Every one has happened and every one is real! The reports I have listed above tell us that we are at a crossroads in our profession. Now, more than any other time in our history, our profession stands on the brink of dissolution into oblivion and medical absorption.

In the scenarios I have reported on above, the one bright point has been that Dr. Guy Riekeman has been appointed to the presidency of Life University. This adds some hope that all is not lost for that school and that a strong principled voice remains in our chiropractic educational institutions.

So what can we do? BJ once said, “One man and Innate constitute a majority.” Each of us need to be a beacon of chiropractic principle, each of us need to be involved, each of us needs to refer students to chiropractic school, and each of us needs to care.

New Beginnings offers us a rally point to renew our chiropractic souls. We need to be a part of a movement and transformation within ourselves and our profession that turns the tide and moves us in the right direction. The truth shall prevail! This is something that can not be altered. So with this in mind, each of us needs to do what we can, to become involved, to spread the message, and to be an active part of the principled chiropractic movement.

We really have two choices, we can either sleep and dream, or we can awaken our spirits, and awaken the world to the truth and freedom that chiropractic offers the world. If we act, we are fulfilling an innate plan to spread the truth. If we fail to do anything, we leave the future of chiropractic to fate.

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Chiropractic: The Best Kept Healthcare Secret

By Dr. Stacy Larsen, Chiropractor

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. We were talking about her son and his battle with ear infections. He had been on numerous courses of antibiotics and they finally chose tubes because they didn’t want him on so many antibiotics any more. The sad part of this story was that the parents thought that when it came to ear infections, they only had two choices – antibiotics or tubes. As a chiropractor, I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed because she never considered chiropractic care as an option for her son.

Why do people go see a chiropractor? Because their back hurts or they have headaches, of course! That’s what chiropractors are for, they take care of stiff necks and hurt spines. Unless you have one of these conditions, you don’t need to see one. Chiropractors are the mechanics for your spine when it hurts.

Unfortunately, this is the role that chiropractors have pigeon holed themselves into. These are the easy and obvious things to talk about when someone asks what we do. And we are good at taking care of pain around the back. But what gets lost when we just talk about symptoms is the real benefit of being under chiropractic care. A healthier spine means a healthier nervous system, which means a healthier you.

Chiropractic was not founded to be a natural solution for back pain. It was started because a man developed a concept that if the spine wasn’t working, it would interfere with the nervous system and throw the whole body off. That interference could slow down healing, throw off digestion and mess up the immune response in the body. These principles have been proven time and time again on millions of patients who have received those benefits from being under chiropractic care. But by just talking about back pain to our patients, this message is lost. We are keeping quiet one of the most powerful things available to effect health and potential.

So going back to the conversation with my friend about her son, in the future I want the thought to come into her mind that chiropractic care is an option for her son. Not that chiropractic is a cure for ear infections or any other conditions. What it does is gives the body a fighting chance against whatever challenges might come its way. Chiropractic care provides everyone the opportunity to express their full potential on every level.

As a chiropractor, I pledge to let it be known what a powerful choice chiropractic care is. Let’s make it the worst kept healthcare secret.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Stacy Larsen
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Chiropractic Assistants: Get Your New Patients out of the Fog

By Super CA Lynne (Chiropractic Assistant)

My drive in this morning was terrible, pitch black, rain and fog! I can drive in anything but fog, it’s that unnerving feeling of not really knowing where you are even though you drive the same road everyday. There were a couple of times my heart was racing and I had to slow down to get my bearings. It made me think this is probably the way some of our new patients feel when they come into our offices, in a fog!

First of all, in a fog from the pain they are experiencing. Then, possibly in a fog from the meds some MD gave them 2 weeks ago when they told them it would go away. Their hearts may also be racing because they don’t really know where there are. They know they are in a Chiropractic office of course but they don’t know any of you.

How long they stay in that fog depends on you Super CA. With your welcoming, reassuring Super CA self at the front desk greeting them I bet it won’t be long. Lets say 50% of the new patients you receive have never experienced chiropractic before. Are they scared? Of course they are. How can you help them deal with that fear? Tell them your “Chiropractic story” and if you don’t have one tell them one of your patient’s life changing experiences. I know you all have them. Let them know that chiropractic is for everyone whether they are hours old or years old.

Tell them what to expect on their first visit, let them know that chiropractic is not a onetime thing. Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth, you will gain their trust right from the start. By the time they reach your office they have probably tried everything to relieve their pain. Let them know that something magical will happen to them now that they have chosen to come to your office. I have a sign on my office door, “enter here knowing your life is about to change.” Does it raise a few eyebrows, you bet it does. In my chiropractic report of findings I let them know that once they begin their care to expect some pretty amazing things to start to take place in their bodies. Things they never even expected a chiropractic adjustment to be able to facilitate. You will see when they leave your office after the first week of care the fog has lifted for them and they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just like the light I saw this morning when I finally got into town and out of the fog. @ 11:54 am | Article ID: 1078516465

Dr. Guy Riekeman now President at LIFE Chiropractic College

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received the call from Dr. Sharon Gorman just minutes ago, Dr. Guy Riekeman, former chancellor of Palmer Chiropractic University System, is now President at LIFE Chiropractic College.

Dr. Guy Riekeman was the president of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, and also served as the chancellor for the entire Palmer system.

Riekeman became the Palmers eighth president in the fall of 1998 after the death of then-president Virgil Strang shortly before his retirement. A motivational speaker and creator of several professional development seminar programs, Riekeman is a 1972 graduate of Palmer. He had been an X-ray instructor, dean of philosophy and vice president of Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, S.C.

An educator, administrator and philosopher, Dr. Guy Riekeman speaks with vision and purpose. His messages enable us to challenge ourselves to seek out and embrace our vision, and to work toward achieving our full potential. His belief in honesty and integrity is a critical factor in creating vision, passion and commitment and is the basis for his philosophy in establishing and maintaining positive personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Guy Riekeman has played an integral role in the foundation of many international organizations dedicated to helping others realize their personal and professional power through vision and commitment. He is among the pioneers in the world of chiropractic technology and has authored and produced a variety of chiropractic patient education videotapes, children’s programs, public service announcements, commercials and TV shows for use in the national media, and is a published writer.

Dr. Guy Riekeman is now the third president to be at the helm of the Life University System. @ 1:14 pm | Article ID: 1078434880