Month: April 2000

Children, Shots, and Autism

It’s almost as if the whole world has gotten into the discussion of vaccination and the question of it’s safety and efficacy. Although articles questioning vaccination did appear in the major press several years ago, they often included opportunistic commentary from pro-vaccine groups looking to paint a picture of lunacy and irrationality of those questioning vaccination. Times have changed.

In the past few weeks, we have seen article after article, in magazines, newspapers, on the web, and in medical journals regarding the issue of vaccination. What is interesting though, is the paradigm shift that is occurring.

We strongly suggest you read Wednesday’s article from the Los Angeles Times. The article title is: “Do Children’s Shots Invite Autism? – Vaccines: Chronic diseases have risen with increased vaccinations against acute diseases.”

A link to the L.A. Times site will be below. It is also suggested you save the article for offline reading since the L.A. Times updates their site rather frequently.

The “shift” is in the title. It states, “Vaccines: Chronic diseases have risen with increased vaccinations” not may have, could have, possibly have, etc…

We are only including one quote from the article, we prefer you read it in its entirety. Read the following quote. “Many thoughtful and informed people believe that medical over exuberance has resulted in an unintended trade-off: Vaccination against acute diseases such as measles and rubella has increased susceptibility to chronic disorders such as autism, asthma, arthritis and ADHD.”

Ask yourself a question. Children with symptoms of asthma, allergies, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, arthritis and Crohn’s disease, are showing up in who’s offices? Who is caring for and educating these individuals? Who is the public turning to? Who are the leaders in health care?

Article Source: Los Angeles Times: Do Children’s Shots Invite Autism? @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 956946176

Does E-Mail Enhance Doctor Patient Communication

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Keeping in touch with patients via email can be a great tool for the DC as well as a great benefit to the patient.

Today’s Reuters Health features an article regarding e-mail and doctor-patient communications.

According to the article, participants in a health panel discussion found the use of the internet and email has the potential to “enhance doctor-patient communication.”

The article discusses the concern some medical doctors have regarding the public having access to so much medical information. While some physicians are reportedly “uncomfortable”, others suggest embracing the internet. One individual stated, “An educated patient is a good patient.”

In the article, the chief medical officer of a healthcare website suggested that doctors endorse high quality web sites to their patients, helping patients “sort the wheat from the chaff.” It was also mentioned that according to consumer research, “patients really do want to know what sites their doctors think are best.”

Recommended in the article was the use of “e-mail as an effective way for physicians to deliver information to their patients.” For those that think this may result in email inbox floods, the article suggests that this is not the case.

Probably the most important thing stressed in the article was that, “physicians should educate patients about issues related to e-mail use, such as the potential lack of confidentiality and the inappropriateness of the system for emergency requests.”

This is paramount to maintaining a good relationship with your patients and practice members. (See below for some suggestions about this issue.)

A possible wake-up call for those that are still not online, the article stated that, “About one-third of patients who use the Internet indicate that they would change their physician if he or she ‘would not interact with them’ on-line.”

And again, we see the use of the term “backbone” this time referring to an “e-mail backbone” which is used “to send forms-based messaging back and forth” between doctors and their patients.

This is your normal complete cycle modernized with internet terminology. Ask your patients this: do you think the “backbone” is concerned with what the email says? Or, is the primary function of the backbone to allow the free flow of information back and forth? Read the above again. A “backbone” is a system designed to allow back and forth messaging. Do you want your messages distorted or would you like them to arrive just as they were sent? Have you ever gotten an email that you could not read? What use was it to you? Where did that information go?

Much of this is not new information to many of you, as many are already using email to enhance communications with your patients and practice members. Among the chiropractic emails we receive daily, DC-patient communication is a popular topic. While some would be happy to have you purchase their “email newsletter services”, many of you (both DCs and patients) have reported these generalized mailings to be less effective than the more personal approach sent by you.

Some important things to consider when communicating with patients via email:

1. Learn to use your email software appropriately. If your not sure, read the help files and ask your kids. (Seriously)

2. Respect their privacy. Be sure to use software that does not include everyone’s address in the mailing. Most software offers options for things such as “bcc” or blind carbon copy. If your using a service, be sure your patients are aware that the emails are not coming from you and that someone else is maintaining the “list.”

3. Keep your patient list separate from your friends/family list and especially your DC list. (We as a profession need some serious education in email etiquette. I include Planet Chiropractic in that statement as well. We really need to work together on this one doctors.)

4. Watch for our upcoming article on creating and maintaining a successful email relationship with your patients. @ 10:21 am | Article ID: 956856112

Doctors May Encourage Immunization and Other Hot Links

Some Website News Links For April 26th, 2000

Yahoo News: Friendly Doctors May Encourage Child Immunization

“Mothers who feel that a doctor is unsympathetic to their child’s pain during shots may be less likely to bring their child in for future vaccinations — or at least may choose another doctor, researchers suggest.”

Altered Ritalin for Altered States
ABC News: New Celgene License for Altered Ritalin

From the “No S**t” Category
Yahoo News: Healthy Eaters Live Longer

Ask yourself this: What percentage of my insurance is paying to reimburse me for my healthy eating habits? I’ll bet you could get a “free sample” of altered ritalin before you get a banana. Unless of course it is a genetically modified banana containing vaccines that bring less “pain.”

“Amazing Scoliosis Procedure”
ABC News: Suffering With Scoliosis

The newsfeed headlines read “Amazing Scoliosis Procedure” leading one to think something new was to be announced. Visiting the site we find the title reads: “Suffering With Scoliosis” which tells us something different.

Planet Chiropractic Quiz:
Metal rods, pins and hooks?

a. The latest teenage craze
b. A fishing tackle box
c. A sewing kit
d. Amazing Medical Science @ 10:01 am | Article ID: 956768503

Ziggy Goes To The Pharmacy

An amusing “Ziggy” comic was forwarded to me from a colleague yesterday and I wanted to share it with all of you. Since we could not post it to the sight, I decided to find out if “Ziggy” was available online.

Not surprising, Ziggy comics are available daily on comic strip related websites. What surprised my though was the link below which will display the comic I wanted you to see.

Ziggy Comic: Click Here For Image

As it turns out, Ziggy is quite the business person. If you have not yet clicked on the link, the comic is available for purchase on the web as an image suitable for framing. This may make a great item for someone’s chiropractic office.

And from Dr. Tim Merrick
“I’m glad to see so many examples of pharmaceutical bashing in the popular media. It means our message, the message of inside-out living, of working with natural law, of living in harmony with the earth and each other–whether this concept is championed by chiropractors or allowed to be stolen by some other profession–is going mainstream.”

Make sure your community knows where you stand! @ 7:25 am | Article ID: 956759110

Living From The Inside Out

By Dr. Jeff Ptak

Where do I go for the answers I seek? Do I look in books, ask people questions, and continue to look outside myself? When I feel fear, anxiety, sickness, or the need for courage, I know I have been looking outside myself and observing fearful possibilities that my human mind has conjured up. It is an indication to me that I need to turn within for all support, re-assurance and nurture – nothing outside myself can provide that permanently.

No longer do I frantically search outside myself for my answers. During my quiet times of meditation, everything I desire is revealed to me. These times may lead me to books and people as a gentle unfolding. As I honor my Sacred Space within, I remain peaceful and centered as my right action unfolds before me. I remain aware of the mystery that I AM — a purposeful expression of life, constantly evolving into greater pathway’s of the Great Spirit in my life.

I thank the Great Spirit for my divine connection that leads and guides me from the inside out! There is a sweet sweet Spirit within that is ever available, waiting for me to turn to it. My conscious mind remains poised in perfect peace as I trust this wisdom within.

I thank the Great Spirits of the North, South, East and West for allowing chiropractic to align my physical so that I may stay forever connected to the great Universal Mystic Law so that I may express my true potential as a human being.

Peace. @ 3:20 pm | Article ID: 956701241

All You Have To Do Is Ask

By Dr. Rick Wren

I have been talking to several struggling Chiropractors this week. The main topic with most of them is how do I get more new patients? There is only one thing that is directly proportional to the number of new patients you are going to get. Every thing else is indirectly proportional. Newspaper, TV, and Radio advertising are indirectly proportional. Yellow pages is indirectly proportional. Do I have you wondering what is directly proportional to the number of new patients you will receive? Well here it is, It is “How often you ask for new patients.”

When is the last time you asked every patient in a day for referrals? When is the last time you asked every day for a week for referrals? Most Chiropractors I ask this question will tell me they had not asked one patient in a whole month. The more you ask, the more new patients you will have. Now there are direct ways of asking and indirect ways of asking. Direct is “Get your family in here to be checked.” Indirect is “When you send any friend to us as a new patient we will give them a $25 referral credit.”

You can ask in the office and out of the office. Everywhere you go you can ask directly or indirectly for new patients. You have many opportunities each day to ask for new patients. You have to pay attention to when they happen and do not pass them up. Some of us just need more testosterone (In Texas we have another term.)

What is cheaper than asking? So start asking daily and hourly and watch your new patients go up. Hope to see you in Nashville and Minneapolis.

LLL, Rick

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Thank you Dr. Rick.

Hey everyone, please tell a friend about Planet Chiropractic today! @ 8:40 am | Article ID: 956677243

Michigan Chiropractic Council Comments On Chiropractic & Children Article

Dear Doctors,

Be prepared to get angry when you read the following article from Reuters. (Link to study available below) What really raised my ire was the fact that the basis for the title had nothing to do with dangerous outcomes from chiropractic care but because so many children are seeing chiropractors! The reality is that the effectiveness of chiropractic care was never studied. The basis for the concern is the fact that so many kids are now seeing chiropractors and because “Pediatric chiropractic care is often inconsistent with recommended medical guidelines.” Pray tell me what are the recommended medical guidelines for chiropractic care! – NONE!!

The article also notes that, according to the study (I use that term VERY LIGHTLY because the “study” involved a survey of 90 chiropractors in the Boston area) 7% of chiropractors recommend against vaccinations. As all of you know vaccinations are getting a whole lot more negative press than chiropractic. When will Reuters do a story on “Vaccine Program Raises Questions.”

The real danger of chiropractic care, according to the researcher, was “children frequently visit DCs for respiratory problems, ear, nose and throat problems, and general preventive care.” OH NO! NOT GENERAL PREVENTIVE CARE!! Why did the researcher not ask whether it was effective or not? Why not ask if it worked??

Here is the final paragraph of the article:

“These issues raise great concern as more and more children and families seek chiropractic care, particularly if the care is not coordinated with a pediatrician,” conclude the researchers in the April issue of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Potential concerns include complications due to spinal manipulation, delay of appropriate medical treatment when needed, and failure to promote childhood immunizations.”

I would like to see a similar article from a chiropractic viewpoint on medicine with the following final paragraph:

“Medical care of children raises great concern as more and more healthy children are forced to submit to mandatory vaccines, ritalin and prozac, particularly if the family has chosen to be drug free. Potential concerns include death, seizures, learning disabilities, neurological damage and long term disease along with delay of appropriate chiropractic adjustments and failure to promote childhood HEALTH!”

It is up to us to CHANGE THE PARADIGM!!

Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C., (Hon) F.I.C.A.
Michigan Chiropractic Council – Your Partner In Practice

Here are some useful links:

Planet Chiropractic – MD’s are concerned about chiropractors seeing children

Yahoo News Children’s chiropractic care raises questions

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2000 Chiropractic Care for Children @ 7:25 am | Article ID: 956672743

Pro Vaccination & Readers Digest Canada

The May issue of Readers Digest Canada features an article by Dr. Richard Goldbloom titled: Childhood Vaccinations: What Every Parent Should Know

From VRAN – Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)

The pro-vaccinators are worried by the growing loss of public confidence in vaccination agendas. Our efforts to educate the public about vaccine risks and the right to informed choice are seen as dangerous activities. A recent Canadian Press article (Apr. 13/00) entitled “Measles on its Last Legs in Americas Forum told….. but experts fear public suspicion could undermine immunization programs” quotes Elinor Caplan, parliamentary secretary to Health Minister Allan Rock. She told delegates at a recent conference on immunization that “Parents who have grown up in an era free of childhood diseases may become complacent, (and that) they are vulnerable to a new and utterly misguided anti-immunization lobby that is growing in influence here and in the United States.” She told the delegates at the conference that “it is, therefore incumbent on all of us in the field of public health to confront these challenges in an urgent and united manner.” The Reader’s Digest article is undoubtedly a prime example of the pro-vaccination propaganda machine gearing up to a major media campaign.

Best wishes to all,

Edda West
VRAN – Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)

For Readers Digest Canada and the article -> Childhood Vaccinations: What Every Parent Should Know @ 7:04 am | Article ID: 956671488

An Open Letter to Those Who Support Informed Consent to Vaccination

By Barbara Loe Fisher, April 22, 2000

I am writing this letter from my Capitol Hill home in Washington, D.C., stunned by the events of this morning when federal agents, with weapons drawn, entered a home in Miami in the middle of the night and forcibly removed a child whose mother gave her life to bring him to a country she thought was free and governed by just laws. Defying a court order, US government officials took this child at gunpoint from the arms of the fisherman, who rescued him from the ocean where his mother drowned trying to escape from the police state she risked their lives to leave.

Just as I will never forget waking up this morning to pictures of a helmeted government agent with a gun taking away a terrified child, I will never forget the beautiful spring day last weekend when I walked in the shadow of the Washington monument at a legal rally with my oldest son – who I carried in my arms the day he suffered a vaccine reaction 20 years ago and who is now nearly six feet tall – as we mingled with a peaceful crowd of young, well educated, middle class Americans holding differing political and philosophical views – and tried to hear speakers preaching non-violent civil disobedience in the tradition of Ghandi, while police helicopters buzzed overhead, and a sniper stood on the top of the White House facing us, and phalanxes of armed police on motorcycles gunned their engines and moved in formation along the bordering streets, and other officers on horseback and on foot ringed the perimeters of the grassy space where people had gathered to engage in some good old-fashioned free speech. Or just watch others exercise that freedom.

Today is a sad day for America. But it is also a wake-up call. Because the mentality that sends in armed government agents in the middle of the night to take a child from the only love and security he has known since his mother died trying to lead him to freedom, is the same mentality that motivates government officials to enter the homes of families in America, where parents have chosen not to give their children every government mandated vaccine, and issue charges of child neglect with threats to make the children wards of the state if complete vaccination does not take place. It is the mentality that persuades doctors to insist on vaccinating a sick child despite a parent’s objections or re-vaccinate a child, who has already experienced a serious vaccine reaction, in order to obediently adhere to the government policy.

It is a Statist mentality – the idea that the State and agents of the State know what is best for the individual and that government policy will be enforced no matter what the consequences. Although parental rights were invoked today by the federal government to justify its action, Elian could have been eventually reunited with his father in a humane, legally and ethically supportable way. It is not parental rights that were upheld by the Justice Department and INS action today, but the idea that the State owns a child and that agents of the State can do what they will with a child even, in this case, when there is a federal court ruling cautioning that due process of law must be followed in examining the child’s asylum and custodial rights.

In Cuba, the State owns children and the State, not parents, decides what is best for a child. This is true in communist China, was true in Fascist Germany during World War II, and is true in every totalitarian state where individual freedoms are abrogated for what those in control of the State have decided is in the best interest of the State.

There is no difference between what happened in America today and what happens in communist, Fascist or totalitarian states in the rest of the world.

The mentality, which fosters the belief that the State has the right to sacrifice civil liberties and human rights, individual inviolability and even individual lives for what those in control of the State have determined to be the greater good, is not the sole province of any one political party or segment of the population. It is part of the human impulse to control the freedom of others to think independently and determine their own destiny, the very freedom our nation’s founders fought and died for us to have and serve as a beacon of truth and light for the world.

Something changed this Easter and Passover weekend in America. In the words of an old 60’s song which I may or may not be quoting entirely accurately: “There is something happening out here. What it is, is not exactly clear.” I pray that what is happening is that Americans are waking up to the realization that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, as Thomas Jefferson said. And that we also remember the words of Martin Niemoeller:

“In Germany, they came first for the Communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Catholic. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

I am not a Cuban refugee living in Miami and what happened to Elian Gonzalez and his mother doesn’t have anything to do with me personally, but I know a police state in the making when I see one. And I know that the only way my children and grandchildren and your children and grandchildren will have any chance of living in true freedom tomorrow, is for us to speak up today.

With faith and hope,

Barbara Loe Fisher
Co-founder & President National Vaccine Information Center

Letter supplied by: PROVE(Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) @ 8:43 am | Article ID: 956591037

Does it pay to be healthy?

From MSNBC Health comes an article titled: “Medical savings accounts: a boon just for the healthy and wealthy?”

While I have heard discussion about medical savings accounts (MSAs) in chiropractic circles for several years now, I have heard very little from those outside the chiropractic profession.

I suggest you read the article on MSNBC to learn more about MSAs. What I would like to discuss are some interesting points that tell us something about the thinking some of our so-called leaders have about health.

MSAs are basically a government program which allow people to set aside money, tax free, to pay health care expenses.

The article states that MSAs “let people set aside money, tax free, to pay medical bills and the relatively low premiums for health insurance policies with high deductibles which they must have to protect themselves in case of expensive illnesses.”

An interesting statement made in the article was, “For people who don’t go to the doctor often, having MSAs can be cheaper than being in a health plan.”

Here are some types of individuals that I would think may benefit from the use of an MSA:

Self employed business persons with healthy children.
Healthy individuals with climbing health insurance premiums.
Individuals wanting more freedom to choose their own doctors.
Individuals that seldom use medical services.
Individuals interested in low-cost health coverage.

Does that sound like some chiropractic patients you may know? How about some chiropractors that you know?

The statement that, “Many Democrats and consumer groups say MSAs mostly benefit the healthy and wealthy” in the article, says something to me about the thinking of what ‘health care’ is.

Should one not receive benefits for being healthy? I would think that a healthy individual would be more capable of serving society and would be less likely a financial burden to industry, government, and society.

Read the article:

MSNBC: Medical savings accounts: a boon just for the healthy and wealthy? @ 8:06 am | Article ID: 956588784