What Will Really Matter

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I guess I’m starting to get a reflective this close to the end of the year. What is it that I learned this year? What decisions have I made that I am proud of? What have I stood for? What have I found out about myself that I didn’t know before? Knowing what I have found out, how would I want to change about how and when I make my decisions? What has become apparent that in the past seemed like such a mystery? How have I made this world a little richer?

Having four young, impressionable children I find that what comes increasingly important when I communicate with them is explaining to them how I have come up with the decisions that I have come up with. If it is possible to teach common sense then that is what I would like to teach them. A way of looking at things and a way of choosing the best choices in their lives.

When I think back to my relationship with associates over the year I also see that the thing I most was able to contribute to them was a very similar quality. How do you think like a Chiropractor? How do you think like a successful person? I found little sense in just giving them an answer to a question or situation without explaining the logic. What is Chiropractic logic consist of? How does a successful Chiropractor think? The easy answer is above-down-inside-out. You know, the old innate way. Listening to your gut, listening to that inner voice. Trusting your relationship with God. The Medical Philosophy is outside-in, the Chiropractic philosophy is inside-out. You are good enough. You had a perfect year. You learned the lessons that life taught you. Can’t go back and change a word of it. Accept it. Be complete. Feel grateful. Forgive your past errors. Clean your slate and enter the new year anew.

For the next week practice being grateful. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for each and every day. It takes discipline. Discipline is good. Discipline creates rituals and successful rituals create successful Chiropractors. Plan to succeed. It is that simple.

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