Chiropractic Angel with a Blow Dryer

By Jackie Pepe-Tardalo

“I am a Chiropractic Angel with a blow dryer” …that’s how my friend Mary described me. I am a hairdresser for 23 years by trade, but I earned my wings leading people to Chiropractic care for the past 17 years.

When my Chiropractic healings started to occur, I asked my first healer, Doc Ed, “Why doesn’t the world know how Chiropractic gives the body the ability to heal itself?” I just kept saying to myself, “I wish someone would have told me about Chiropractic when I had my back accident.” I lived in agony for 6 years, and there was no one to tell me it would change my life. I asked my Mom to help me find a Chiropractor. It was the only thing left for me to try. As my healings continued, I decided to tell anybody and everybody who would listen to me. I started shouting from the mountain top and my haircutting chair.

My clients are trapped in my chair for 20-30 minutes as I do their hair. I found myself talking Chiropractic to them and they listened to me. I had such a surge of energy from being adjusted. I couldn’t wait for my next client to get in my chair so I could tell them too. During that time, I gave them the health talk, pulled out the spinal chart, gave them my own opinion how I believed it would help them, but most importantly, I told my story how Chiropractic changed my life. Some listened to me immediately and made their appointment that day. Then there were the others who challenged me. I preferred the challenge, and I usually won. It was only a matter of time before they would become a patient too. I would say, “Now, I don’t mean the Chiropractors who use machines, but a Straight one who only uses their hands! I spoke with authority saying, “You have to go to my Chiropractor. He will help you!”

When Doc Ed sold his practice and relocated, boy was I devastated. After he told me, I had an abandoned feeling with a pit in my stomach. How was I going to find another Straight Chiropractor like him? My friend Theresa debated with me a few years prior about who had the better Chiropractor. She claimed to have the best Chiropractor, but I insisted I did. Well they are both great! The little voice inside me said to go see this “Dr. Mike” who Theresa always bragged about. I made an appointment with him. He thought I was a “new” patient coming through his door. He had no clue how educated I was and what a good patient I am. I went there to interview him to see if he was good enough to get the job of becoming my family’s new Chiropractor. My first question to him was, “Are you a Straight Chiropractor? I just want to make sure you don’t use machines” He told me to lie down, that I needed to be adjusted! Well, I obviously hired him and I promised that “my” Chiropractic patients would be in his office shortly. He smiled at me and that was the beginning. I became Dr. Mike’s patient, friend, one of his Super CA’s, and his hairdresser!

One of my job descriptions is assisting patients to speak Chiropractic correctly to their skeptic friend or family member. I love coaching my team to help someone else. I enjoy having debates with toxic people who laugh at us because we believe in Chiropractic wellness care. These debates are with people I obviously don’t know. I have so many come back lines eventually they give up. Maybe they won’t start care, but they learned not to cross the line with me about my faith in Chiropractic. I presently have over 200 active Well Care patients whom I led to our office from my personal referrals and in house referrals. When patients start care, they’re already educated and plan to stay for well care. I create and visualize them as great wellness patients who love to be adjusted. I see patients healed and wanting to share their Chiropractic healing story with me. Need I say more? I have many awesome healing stories that are written from our patients. I like taking a story and sticking it in someone’s face when they are a “toxic terror know it all” who don’t know anything at all!

You can become a Chiropractic Angel too! All you have to do to get your wings is help someone you love seek Chiropractic care. I would like to say thank you to everyone who trusted me when I told you how Chiropractic will change your life if you let it. Seventeen years ago, I took an oath to always keep you motivated and educated about Chiropractic. I will continue to encourage you to keep at it and to help someone else. I am always happy to hear how it changed your life! Chiropractic is life, and it’s about changing one life at a time. I hope that this helps others out there to have my attitude and to keep charging! @ 3:09 pm | Article ID: 1071788956