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Herbert Ross Reaver, D.C. Passes Away

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Monday, February 7, 2000
Herbert Ross Reaver, D.C., a longtime chiropractic warrior and the profession’s “most jailed chiropractor” died this morning.

Dr. Reaver had been a chiropractor for more than 70 years and was still practicing chiropractic in Cincinnati, Ohio as recently as this past Friday. He was chiropractic, through and through. Dr. Reaver is survived by his wife Millie, they had been married nearly seventy years.

Dr. Reaver stood strong and faced so many battles so that we could be free to do what we do today. He spent many years at the side of B.J. Palmer, as he was the Vice President of the International Chiropractors Association. On chiropractic technique and philosophy, Dr. Reaver once had this to say: “The instrumentation of my brain and hands are all the instruments I need.”

We have included an audio message from Dr. Reaver for those of you that have the capability to listen. The audio includes a message about our past and future as chiropractors and includes a question asked many so many DCs.

Millie and Herbert Ross Reaver

Planet Chiropractic Audio
Herbert Ross Reaver, D.C.

This photo of Millie and Herbert was taken in February of 1997. Herbert Ross Reaver will be missed by many. These are important words to remember, “We shouldn’t forget our history.” — Reaver

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