Summit on Innate Intelligence

by ICA News

DCs and Students Invited to Attend Chiropractic’s First Summit on Innate Intelligence to be Held in Las Vegas this December.

The ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy invites all DCs and chiropractic students to attend Chiropractic’s first Summit on “Innate Intelligence and the Modern World” to be held Friday and Saturday, December 7th & 8th at the Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bally's Las VegasThe Summit is intended for doctors of chiropractic and students who are interested in understanding the depth and breadth of chiropractic and what chiropractic philosophy actually encompasses, from the scientific to the clinical. The program also includes presentations of several original papers on innate intelligence.

Attendees will hear from some great speakers including Dr. Guy Riekeman, president of Life University; Dr. Thom Gelardi, former president of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic; Dr. Rob Sinnott, chair of the ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy; Dr. Dave Browning, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Parker College; Dr. John Maher, instructor on the Philosophy Diplomate program; Dr. Skip George, well-known New Beginnings’ speaker; and Dr. Henson Barrett, Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards.

The authors of the eight peer-reviewed professional papers are chiropractic field practitioners and college faculty. These papers, with titles such ‘Chiropractic’s Basic Metaphysical Syllogism,’ ‘Innate ‘ Our Achilles Heel or Herculean Duty,’ along with the speakers’ lectures ranging from topics such as “Vitalism, One of Chiropractic’s Greatest Conversations,” to “Complicating Factors of Adaptation and Innate Intelligence,” promises to provide a stimulating weekend of information, discussion and debate.

“This Summit is an intellectual program designed to challenge doctors and students to open their minds and intellect to what chiropractic philosophy is and is not, and the interpretation(s) of innate intelligence. You will find this program is different from any other philosophy program you have ever attended,” said Dr. Rob Sinnott, ICA Philosophy Council Chair. “I have no doubt it will inspire and motivate, but more importantly, I believe it will make you think. I invite all chiropractors and chiropractic students to come to Las Vegas and join us in this unique program. I guarantee you will have an enlightening and interesting weekend.”

The Summit starts on Friday at 1:00 p.m. and ends on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. A welcome reception for attendees and vendors will be held on Friday evening after the last session and lunch will be provided on Saturday. Click here to register online or call 1-800-423-4690. Click here for the full program. Cut-off for hotel reservations is November 4th so everyone is urged to register now.

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