Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco

by Daria Belov

San Francisco: Massive crowds gathered today in San Francisco’s Union Square district in preperation for Sundays October 21st Nike Women’s Marathon. Thousands of women were getting registered, receiving foot massages, back rubs, pedicures, and getting treated to beverages such as Jamba Juice smoothies.

Union Square was transformed into registration central, with a pre-race Nike Expotique, as women from around the country arrived to register and enjoy the day before race events. One apparently excited male tourist was overheard exclaiming the area had become [edited] central as fit 30-something women were everywhere one turned. Throughout the day women got registered, shopped, received foot massages, spinal rubdowns and pedicures, listened to motivational talks, and enjoyed a spectacular day in the city of San Fransisco.

massage inside Nike tent (photo: Chair massage at Nike Women’s marathon provided by Kaiser Permanente as part of their Thrive promotion on wellness.) Niketown on Post Street was a sea of pink with long lines of shoppers purchasing the latest running fashions and stocking up on other fitness related gear. No doubt, staff at the megastore had their work cut out for them. Outside the store people gathered to pose for photographs as the store posted registered marathoner names along their windows.

It will be a weekend to remember for many as weather is expected to be beautiful for running, with many scenic views of the city and the bay area. There is an on-course chocolate mile, and one official finisher will receive a necklace by Tiffany & Co. There is even a pedi-care station for those that want to indulge themselves midway.

Registration for the marathon is sold out. Expected race time is Sunday at 7am.

A big shout out from Planet Chiropractic to chiropractors Carolyn Griffin, Steve Hansen, George Khoury, and Russell Kun for working to get women in their offices prepared chiropractically for Sundays event. @ 9:11 pm | Article ID: 1192939902