Great Chiropractic Influences Both Past and Present

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week I began receiving e-mails from people throughout the world regarding a question I had asked in a Planet Chiropractic newsletter. I wanted to know who were/are the most influential chiropractors in your life? I am putting together a top 100 list of the world’s greatest chiropractors of all time and the feedback I have received to this point has been good. Thought I would share some of the names with you to see just how many of these individuals have influenced your life.

The following is some feedback I received…

From Canada… My picks for the top chiro’s of all time are BJ Palmer, DD Palmer, Reggie Gold, Sid Williams, and myself (the “myself” being Dr. Brad Deaken).

The most important chiropractor in my life has been Dr. Joseph Flesia. I met Dr. Joe as a student at National College. No, not at the school but at a seminar. Ha Ha! Anyway, Dr. Joe spoke my language and it was like a breath of fresh air to have someone so passionate about pure chiropractic. Currently I would mention Dr. Kevin Pallis who now owns Renaissance. Dr. Kevin is a real blessing. He is the closest thing to Dr. Joe. Thanks! Dr. Robb Baker

Most influential chiropractors:

BJ Palmer, DD Palmer, Joe Flesia, Guy Riekemann, Reggie Gold, Pasquale Cerasole, Sid Williams, Tom Gelardi, Christopher Kent, Charlie Ward, Sean Powers, Jennifer Peet, Sharon Gorman

Hugs from Peter Kevorkian & Patti Giuliano
Westwood, Massachusetts

I’m a brand new subscriber to your newsletter, and already don’t think I can live without it as a student of this wonderful science, art & philosophy. I’m a second year Chiropractic student attending the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Regarding your “top 100 survey”, my vote would be that of Dr. J. DeMartini. We had a motivational talk from him not so long ago, and have been a fan of his books for quite a while, in fact, he is one of the reasons I chose chiropractic as a career in the first place.

If there is a chiropractor in the world that should be one of the best 100, Dr. Douglas John Inkol, D.C. ought to be the first. I say this in the name of hundreds of patients he left behind on the island of Malta. We all miss his chiropractic treatments and his knowledge. With Dr. Inkol the Maltese found other ways and means for better healing, without drugs and surgery, something we never knew that existed. So my vote goes to Dr. Douglas John Inkol — Thanks.

DD Palmer: need I explain?, BJ Palmer: ditto, Mabel Palmer: ditto, Carl Cleveland,, Sid Williams, Jim Parker, David Palmer, Guy Riekeman, Joe Flesia, Clay Thompson, Clarence Gonstead, Carol Billingsly (my first chiropractic mentor), Jim Sigafoose, Joe Strauss, Richard Santo, Tom Gelardi, Mike Shreeve (a current mentor of mine), Ian Grassam, Gerry Clum, and… the “everyday” chiropractor — making a fundamental, monumental difference to his/her community every day of the week!

Danita Thomas Heagy, DC
St. Augustine, Florida

As you may have noticed, we are beginning to see multiple names appearing from several sources. As we get more input from others some names will percolate to the top and others (while still influential) may move into position 101 on the list. If you’d like to submit an entry for the top 100, you can contact us by clicking on the envelope at the beginning of this article. @ 10:16 am | Article ID: 1154981785