October 2008 Month End ChiroNews Round Up

It’s Halloween 2008, time for scary movies, unhealthy candy, and even some last-minute Halloween costume ideas, for those of you that have waited up until this point to decide on your costume. After all the Halloween parades, parties and other festivities settle down, don’t forget there’s still a President to elect this coming Tuesday. Not only that, depending on where you live, it’s time to turn the clock back on November 2 (Sunday), for daylight savings time. We’re wrapping up the month here at planetchiropractic.com with a review of ChiroNews posted during the last 30 days. Wishing a thankful November to you all!

Chiropractors Knowing This Principle

And as chiropractors, knowing this principle, we have the amalgam that will bring all of the wellness world together. All of the exercise people, all of the nutrition people, all of the psychological people, all of the spiritually based people – when you apply the sciences of the world to a very simple principle that the body is a self-healing self-regulating organism, and that whatever your science is, when applied, should nurture that principle – we have a singleness of purpose. – Ian Grassam, Chiropractor

Mixed Valentine’s Day Messages

Start looking for love on this chiropractic website, and you’re bound to find many topics. Earlier last week, the staff, and I were going through Valentine’s Day posts from previous years, and doing some searches for topics related to a love for chiropractic, and/or love for life. Many heartwarming messages were discovered amongst the millions of 0s and 1s of data stashed away in our news archives. Here’s a brief collection of articles from years past that touch on these topics.