Local Chiropractors To Serve Top 2008 Companies

by Daria Belov

The 100 best companies to work for in 2008 have something in common people may not have recognized, great local chiropractors to provide natural health care to thousands of the nation’s most productive employees. They may not be employed by Starbucks or Goldman Sachs, but check a map for headquarters of many of the nation’s top companies, and you’ll find nearby chiropractors that are working out the kinks, and keeping folks healthy.

CNN Money recently released their 2008 list of best companies to work for. Among the winners of America’s top 100 employers were Google, Qualcomm, Edward Jones, Genentech, Methodist Hospital System, Cisco Systems, Wegmans Food Markets, Quicken Loans, and 92 others. The in-depth article features detailed company profiles, headquarters information, and a snippet on each company stating what makes it so great. I was viewing the best companies map when I noticed an El Segundo company that’s basically a neighbor of Planet Chiropractic. I was curious to see how many of these best companies had chiropractic offices near them, let’s take a look.

top companies US map local chiropractors(image: map screenshot of best companies in the US to work for, and the Local Chiropractors that serve them.)

I scanned through the 2008 best companies map and selected locations that featured chiropractors within minimal driving distance of company headquarters. The list is provided in no particular order, and if a company is not mentioned, it doesn’t mean there’s not a great local chiropractor in the area to serve their employees.

We’ll begin in Colorado with PCL Construction Enterprises who scored a best company to work for rank of 77. The Denver-based company has 3,558 employees, and their headquarters are located nearby Care Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Steve Visentin.

Also in Colorado is CH2M Hill, a full-service engineering, consulting, construction, and operations company that received a best company to work for rank of 54. They are headquartered in Englewood Colorado and have over 15,000 employees. Dr. Ken Szarka of Comprehensive Chiropractic is conveniently located in the same city and his office information can be viewed on the Colorado chiropractors page.

In beautiful Southern California we have Mattel with a best company rank of 70. The toy manufacturer employs 5,430 hard-working and motivated individuals who can get their spines realigned by a nearby El Segundo chiropractor, Dr. Michael Dorausch.

Heading out to Las Vegas, Nevada we discover that best company to work for, ranking in at number 33, is Station Casinos, which employs over 14,000 individuals. While there is more than one local Vegas chiropractor, Dr. Matt Mortensen does a great job of maintaining the health of many Las Vegas residents.

Back to Southern California and the San Diego area. Home of the San Diego Chargers is also home to Qualcomm, best Company to work for rank number 8 with 10,095 employees. Dr. John Michals of Michals Family Chiropractic is the chiropractor to see in San Diego, especially if you are located in the coastal Encinitas area.

Also in San Diego is Scripps Health, which has a hospital located in La Jolla California. Dr. David Klein is conveniently located within walking distance of the number 56 ranked best company to work for, he is happy to serve the over 9000 Scripps employees seeking chiropractic services.

Scoring with a best company to work for rank of 80 is Nashville, Tennessee based Healthways, a company constantly searching for new ways to inspire healthier habits. When it comes to developing healthy habits, regular chiropractic care is up there with exercise and proper nutrition and Power Family Chiropractic is the place to visit when seeking a chiropractor in Nashville.

The city of Spartanburg South Carolina is the home of Milliken, a textile and chemicals manufacturing company that ranked number 92 on the 2008 list of best companies to work for. Milliken, which employs over 8000, is located in the same city as Sherman College, one of the nation’s 18 chiropractic schools. One will find lots of chiropractors in the Spartanburg area that are eager to serve South Carolina residents.

While Erickson Retirement Communities, a best company that ranked at number 93, has locations in Naperville Illinois, Dearborn Michigan, Highlands Ranch Colorado, and a number of other cities, they are based in Catonsville Maryland, and the company headquarters are just miles from Catonsville chiropractor, Steven Silverston.

When your patients pay with coffee cards you know you’re in the office of Dr. Lawrence Clayman, a Seattle chiropractor that serves up fresh wellness based healthcare daily. Seattle is also the headquarters of #7 ranked best company, Starbucks, which has a whopping 134,013 employees.

KPMG of New York city may be ranked at 71 with its 21,000+ employees, but Dr. Jay Handt (at Central Park West and W. 69th St) owns New York Chiropractic. PricewaterhouseCoopers is another New York-based best company that made the list at number 90, and Dr. Jay and his chiropractor son Josh, are happy to serve that companies 29,818 employees. Jay Handt is active in the chiropractic community and he’s authored articles that have appeared here and here.

The East Coast and Derby Connecticut is headquarters for Griffin Hospital, best company to work for rank number 49. With over a thousand employees there are going to be employee visits to neighboring East Haven chiropractor, Dr. Adam Church, of Connecticut’s Atlas chiropractic.

While San Francisco-based Genentech is on a mission to develop drugs to address significant unmet medical needs, the 10,842 employees can get some of the best chiropractic care San Francisco has to offer in the office of Dr. Keith Fretty, owner of Ocean Chiropractic Center.

If you were a massage therapist hired to work for the 2008 #1 ranked best company to work for, you could have retired as a millionaire. Google in Mountain View California topped the list for the second year in a row as best company to work for. More than 8000 are employed by this northern California-based company and local chiropractors like Gavin Carr and Michael Gabrielson are available to keep those googlers nervous systems functioning at optimal performance.

What did the chiropractor say to Matt Cutts? “Looks like you’re having a problem with your back links.”

Whether you do or don’t work for one of the companies listed on this year’s 2008 list, you can still find a chiropractor that can help you keep feeling fantastic and living life to its fullest. Best of health to you!

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