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Chiropractic Salaries added to this Blog

I have been receiving several emails per day regarding chiropractic salaries, jobs, practice methods, school requirements, and all sorts of related (and unrelated) stuff.

After a few months of e-mailing back and forth with people I’ve decided to create at least two sections in this blog area that will be dedicated to posing questions, answering questions, and hosting discussions related to the subject of chiropractic salaries and chiropractic schooling.

In some ways the two categories will be related but in many ways they are not. Someone in active practice really doesn’t care about school since they’ve already graduated, taken national and state boards, and have other things on their mind. The e-mails I get from people that have not entered school yet involve different subjects and questions from those that have been in the field for several years.

I will be selecting from the content from e-mails I receive and expand upon it here. If you have anything to offer or want to participate you can either register so that you can post comments to this blog or get in touch with me via e-mail.


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  1. 1. can a chiropractor charge 1 patient a set fee and the other a different fee when both individuals have the same insurance ex. medicare?
    2. can a chiropractor post charges for services rendered on one day and post the charges on different days when the individual did not receive services on a particular day?

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