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Broomfield Chiropractor and Colorado Local

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Broomfield Colorado, it’s one of those cities that comes up instantly for a maps related search. Unlike many other towns and city locations I’ve addressed in the past, this Colorado city isn’t being confused with cities in other states. Oddly though, I had an e-mail from a chiropractor doing a practice for sale search in the Westminster and Broomfield areas, with results coming back from states other than Colorado. One more reason to remember going granular and not forgetting about the location when building out page information.

broomfield-chiropractorsThe chiropractor told me she was getting state of Washington results when searching for chiropractors and chiropractic practice information. I conducted some of my own research and noticed similar results.

In searching the city of Westminster, I located chiropractic offices like Dr. Joel Cherdack at 8741 Sheridan Blvd. in Westminster, Colorado. I also got results for several chiropractic offices in the Tacoma, Washington area. The only thing I could figure was common between the different states was the area of Lakewood, as there is a city with the same name in both Colorado and Washington. But why get Washington results when searching for Broomfield?

Some of the local chiropractic addresses that came back when performing searches included…

Discover Life Chiropractic
5015 Tacoma Mall Blvd.
Tacoma, WA 98409

Creekside Chiropractic & Massage
6210 75th St West
Tacoma, WA 98499

N8 Chiropractic And Wellness
3510 Galley Rd.,
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Summit Chiropractic Care Center
54 Garden Center
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

That is two Tacoma’s, one in Colorado Springs and one in Bloomfield. Now I was really confused. Using my @chiropractic Twitter profile, I did a few experiments, seeing if address data would appear in search results. I tweeted a Planet Chiropractic Colorado Springs and Chiropractic Tacoma/ Lakewood. Results I was looking for were not returned. Something else was going on.

Not quite sure if this is like the Morrisville Chiropractic post, that city can be found in numerous states across the U. S. I’m suspecting it’s the city of Lakewood that’s throwing off results, since a city with that name exists in California, Washington, Colorado, and other states. I’ll continue investigating.

On the topic of Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter it doesn’t appear to be worth the effort, although on finding lots of localized tweets taking place (not necessarily related to the field of chiropractic).

While I was organizing information for this post, I came across the Getting to Know Your Local DCs post about local chiropractors, featured in planetchiropractic news articles. I’d like to see more those for the 2009 summer season. I also came across a Colorado College of Chiropractic historical post (there is not currently a chiropractic school in the state of Colorado).

Confusing, yes. Impossible to understand, no. Continue going granular and watch out for those instances when cities in one state can be mistaken for cities in another. I’d always advise using ZIP code data or other Geo specific information in an effort to see that pages and advertising is displayed for the intended audience.

Don’t Forget the Location

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You never know when people are going somewhere you’ve already been. This post is a summary of localized topics using granular information. I’ve used the term granular numerous times in blog post and news articles, but I still think it’s something that often overlooked.

I mentioned granular data in a post regarding income opportunities in classified ads getting deleted (they still get deleted), talked about granular information for locations searches such as Chicagoland Chiropractors, Chiropractic Morrisville, Effective Chiropractic Ad Placements, going granular with classified advertising, and others.

One good example of why both granular information and localized information should be included in local search blog posts is the topic of West Valley Chiropractic. While the West Valley in Southern California is known in some circles as the porn capital of the world, it’s not surprising that there are a half-dozen plus West Valleys in the United States. If you’re in the West Valley, it would be a good idea to be very clear and specific as to which one.

Palm Trees Venice CaliforniaThese are Venice California palm trees, but they could be Venice Florida palm trees. They could easily be palm trees in Phoenix or Las Vegas. Are they date palms? Are they all weather palms? I really don’t know, but unless you localize and utilize descriptive text, you’re missing out on significant opportunity. The Green Parrots of Venice Beach love these palm trees (and they drive me crazy with their constant chatter).

Whether the topic be chiropractic, running marathons, attending key technology conferences, political rallies, or what ever, be descriptive and don’t forget to mention your location. Following are more than 20 examples.

The 2007 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, California. It was a simple news report that talked about location (Union Square district), descriptive granular information (foot massages, pedicures, backrubs, and Jamba Juice smoothies).

The 2007 WordCamp at the Swedish-American Hall in San Francisco included localized information, news about the world’s most popular blogging platform, and information about how it is being used by small businesses. That post is worth a reread.

Seems I’m in the Northern California area on these first posts, this one talks about traveling to San Francisco and Oakland and at first it didn’t look too granular to me. After reading it again I noticed that mentioned the name of the airlines I used, the name of the parking service I used, the specific name of the hotel I stayed at, the street name the hotel was located on, and lots of other specific information. It could have been even more granular, but at the time there was probably no reason to go overboard.

Something in Southern California from the world of politics, a San Diego Fluoridation Hearing Notice from June of 2008. I remember this post got picked up on an e-mail list and was sent to hundreds of people in the San Diego area. It was on topic, included detailed localized information, and was something people were actively interested in at the time it was posted.

A power outage in Los Angeles made the news when I shared information about in massive wave of power values taking place the Los Angeles area January of 2007. We didn’t take any x-rays on that day but fortunately it was sunny and business when on as usual. Lucky for me our office doesn’t rely on electricity to get the job done. Speaking of power outages, this brief San Francisco Power Outage post that highlighted some very popular websites going down in July 2007 was a top news story.

The fall of 2007 was a crazy time for politics in America and the Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona was in full swing. It wasn’t the most granular post, but it did include location information and mentioning of businesses like Hooters and The Library (in Tempe, this is not a place where you read books, it’s a place to drink a lot of beer and watch girls dancing on platforms in extremely skimpy schoolgirl clothing). The  Ron Paul experience was a good reminder to always travel with a digital camera.

This post on local chiropractors serving Top 2008 Companies was meant to be local and industry-specific. In the post, chiropractic schools were highlighted, chiropractic offices across the United States were highlighted, cities and businesses and big corporations were specifically tied to the chiropractors that serve those communities.

Phoenix hotels and the local Phoenix airport make for some of the best conference locations in the US. I’ve been to the Tempe area and the Scottsdale area in Phoenix more times than I can remember, and it’s one of the best locations for nearly any kind of conference. The post was intended particularly for chiropractic conferences but it was on the radar for car-rental companies and resort hotels, as we received numerous e-mails regarding offers to do conference business in the Phoenix area.

Looking back, we’ve posted dozens of articles related to marathons across America. One from a ways back is the 2006 Los Angeles Marathon and my thoughts as a chiropractor on preparing for that marathon (which took place in downtown Los Angeles). Viewing The post now I see it’s a good example of things not to do (or at least not the most optimal things to do). Too many wasted opportunities for internal and external linking on other local Los Angeles information.

The Phoenix, Arizona area has been talked about a lot (mostly due to the large number of conferences I’ve attended there) but this 2006 post regarding Chiropractor Fred Schofield is another example of one that could have been more granular, and included more localized information. Being as old as it is, it could’ve easily ranked in top results for searches like Phoenix Chiropractor. Instead, it’s not in the index.

Some better examples include chiropractor related posts like the one for Nick Baker of Modesto. Dr. Nick was interviewed in July of 2008 and his post includes a photograph, localized information, granular data that can be picked up by bots looking for map information, details about his chiropractic education, details about his style of chiropractic practice, and other specific data that helps the reader and search engines get a very good understanding as to what the post is all about.

Appears to be too much California focus in this post, it’s not intentional, I’m just performing searches and writing about the ones that appear at the top. Some very old news on California Autism Rates (from 2003) continues to attract Web traffic for localized California and autism searches. Reading the post, there is certainly not enough localized information related to the topic. Links and address information for California autism services would be perfect on that post.

Just to mix it up let’s get out of the state of California and take a look at the 2008 Philadelphia Marathon. That’s a pretty simple title, and its specific. Not only that, but it fits in a predictable pattern. It’s safe to say that the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon will be on a weekend in November, as will be the 2010 Philadelphia Marathon. Even though I authored the post, I am suggesting it’s an excellent example of predictive granular localized information, that provided timely details (and resulted in a significant amount of Web traffic).

A recent post that branched out off of chiropractic conference topics and into Las Vegas Trade Shows in general is another example of predictive granular information. There was a chiropractic conference held in Las Vegas in January, but there was also the Mega International CES event and the AVN adult entertainment Expo and Awards Show.

Very old post from 2001 simply titled Chiropractic Road Trip has potential to be local and granular but it pretty much misses the target. If I had the time to go back and rewrite posts, this is one that could seriously use an update. There are no links (either internally or externally), there is talk about chiropractic schools but a lack of information on those schools.

Are we done yet? Not quite, I did say I was going to cover 21 different posts so there are still a few more. Very similar to the Las Vegas post and the Phoenix post on hotels, is this December 2007 Hotels Hosting post which is a summary of conferences  taking place during 2008. Posts like this become dated since all the seminars have already taken place, but it’s a good template for writing about educational conferences in any niche. People are seeking business conference information, and you may as well take the time to provide details that are helpful.

This post, 7 Bad Name Choices For Your Chiropractic Office, should be highlighted on the homepage of Not because it’s granular or localized, but because I see chiropractors making bad choices when it comes to naming their business far too often. Folks, there are far too many Atlas Chiropractic offices in the United States. Not a big deal for those of you locally, but the competitions going to be rough when you get online.

The meet a chiropractor series have shown to be some of the best examples of localized granular information for individual chiropractor posts. Nicholas Campos of West Hollywood was featured on planet chiropractic in July of 2008, and the post appears prominently in search results when seeking information about his chiropractic office in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. The interview with Dr. Nick is great, and it’s a terrific example of local news specifically targeted for chiropractors.

Is that 23? I found dozens more but I think we’ve covered more than enough for you to get an idea.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I set out to perform an experiment this morning related to longtail keyphrases (in this case focused on local search). Using Twitter, the popular micro blogging service, I sent a tweet to followers, asking them to share information about their location, and local weather.

Weather Near You.

An investigation like this one works best when you have active followers. Fortunately I had replies within minutes, which makes an experiment like this much easier to blog about.

OK, the question asked was… Weather Near You. Tweet me City you’re in and Current Weather info. (experiment and blog post) Thnx!

And the replies were as followschiropractic VA Beach

From Virginia Beach Al Doss (abdoss on twitter) messaged it was 34 degrees and partly sunny. Pamela Lund (Pamela_Lund on twitter) messaged from San Diego with a report that it was 51° and skies were clear.

chiropractic San DiegoAudrey Seiberling (ShirleyTipsy on twitter) tweeted from Rancho Cucamonga (that’s in Southern California) that skies were clear and it was 56° out (almost same whether as San Diego).

chiropractic Rancho CucamongaThe coldest weather report came from Dan Perry in Chicago (danperry on twitter) with news that it was only 5° out. I guess that’s not too cold for Chicago, but not the kind of weather my Los Angeles blood could handle for long.

Chiropractic ChicagoI wasn’t expecting such a nice weather report from the Portland, Oregon area but Aaron Hockley (ahockley on twitter) tweeted that it was sunny and around 40° in the Portland, OR area.

Chiropractic PortlandSteven Crick (stevencrick on twitter) replied via TwitterFon saying that in Orlando, Florida it was just simply cold. Funny, I just realized I didn’t ask anyone to give me city/state information, but several did (still works for this experiment though). I wonder if Florida cold is like Venice Beach cold (not really cold but cooler than normal).

chiropractic orlandoThe tweet from Boston, Massachusetts I received from ljd on twitter did not include weather information, but he sent a second message saying it was clear and cold in the Waltham, MA 02451 area. The city state and zip code information is good enough for this experiment, so I included his tweet.

chiropractic walthamAnother tweet came from the Portland, Oregon area. They must love their twitter in the northern Western states. Emarketing Strategist Elge Premeau (elgepremeau on twitter) said the weather in the Portland area was Sunny and warm for a change. Woo hoo!

chiropractic Portland, OregonSo far, we had two localized responses from the Portland Oregon area and now we have two from San Diego. Michael Buonomo (SearchBuzz on twitter), SEO for, tweeted this message regarding weather in the coastal San Diego area… Sunny SD Baby — 67 degrees getting up to 74 today. (coastal)

chiropractic san diego costalI like that Michael had such a positive outlook on the days weather, not only giving us the current temperature, but what the afternoon coastal highs were expected to be. If this were a contest, it looks like Oregon would be the winner. Another tweet came from that state, this one from Todd Mintz (toddmintz on twitter) saying that the weather in Beaverton, Oregon was Sunny & 33 degrees.

chiropractic beavertonOK, so that’s 10 responses so far to my question about location and the weather. What does this all mean? It may not mean anything to you but here’s where I’m going with it. This next screenshot is a bit larger and shows the Twitter page title tag appearing at the top of an Internet Explorer browser.

chiropractic seattle washingtonIn the screenshot, John Andrews (johnandrews on twitter) tweet to me regarding the weather in Seattle (@chiropractic Seattle, WA steady cool breeze, overcast, 39 degrees) shows that the @ reply to my user profile @chiropractic followed by city and state information [Seattle, WA] creates a title tagged page with a high value keyword phrase (local search related to the chiropractic industry).

I noticed I missed somebody. Brian Chappell (brianchappell on twitter) tweeted that it was cold and sunny in Cary, NC (35-40 degrees) but I didn’t grab a screenshot. Next time Brian.

Now, this is SEO theory, and I’m not suggesting anything secret or making any claims, but for keyword phrases that are not too competitive, would someone theoretically be able to tweet @ a profile that included a keyword, and complete the phrase they were seeking to rank for? This may seem like a waste of time and possibly rightfully so for competitive phrases. I’m thinking about the long tail here, and also just sharing my thoughts on the experiment out loud.

Let’s say someone tweets the following information…

Chiropractic Monmouth, NJ

That’s a nice locally specific  keyword rich description snippet in less than 140 characters. There is even room for a short URL. Theoretically speaking, any chiropractor could create an account on twitter, ad a shortened URL, and tweet address information to @chiropractic. We know there are tons of bots tweeting local information (and all kinds of other keyword rich data) constantly, but in the cases I’ve shown above I’m thinking about the keyword specifically appearing in the title tag as a factor.

Questions I have include:

  • would the domain trust of twitter help to rank a long tail key phrase (versus the same information on a new site)?
  • would the retweeting of the initial tweet URL have any effect on rankings?
  • for noncompetitive keyphrases, how many links to the tweet URL would it take before a page 1 ranking took place?

The weather examples don’t necessarily apply but I figured it would be an easy way to get localized data to help me with this experiment. What if the data was keyword rich and specific to the keyword profile? My initial thinking is that with little effort pages could rank fairly well, although I don’t have any screenshot queries to show in examples (yet). That will come in another post.

Thanks to everyone that helped out, you guys are great!

Mission Trip to Costa Rica

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

And other folder of photos found. These are from a crew chiropractic trip to Costa Rica in October of 1999.


A chiropractor from South Lake Tahoe California provides chiropractic care to individuals in Costa Rica. This was taken inside of a civic gymnasium outside the city of San José. I believe there were about 18 to 25 chiropractors on this particular mission trip and an estimated 40,000 individuals were adjusted during a six-day period. Talk about getting your procedure down and simply focusing on the adjustment. There’s nothing like the intensity of providing chiropractic care while thousands of people stand in line waiting to be the next in the chair.


In this photograph you may notice the child sitting on the woman’s lap. She’s looking up to see what’s going on. It wasn’t uncommon that moms would hold their kids on their laps while receiving an adjustment. Depending on the chiropractor, the child was either checked first, or adjusted after the parent was adjusted. I think every chiropractor had a different system, but everyone that entered those gymnasiums was checked for nerve interference.


A child gets their spine and nervous system checked by a chiropractor while mom watches. Notice the head of the chiropractor just barely touches the head of the child. I noticed that as a fairly common technique when kids were being checked. It’s something I’ve seen over and over again when looking at photos from a decade plus of chiropractic missions. Doesn’t really matter who the chiropractor was, it’s not long before they begin leaning their heads in, and making a third contact with the individual being checked.

Directly connected, these photos bring back lots of memories for me.

Local Custom Chiropractic Upholstery

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Earlier this year I began the search for an upholstery service that could do custom work on the chiropractic tables in my office. I knew that companies existed doing work for chiropractors, but I was having a difficult time finding anybody serving the Los Angeles area. Proof that postcard marketing still works, I received this upholstery postcard from Roy’s Upholstery in North Hollywood California. I called him for an estimate.

Since it was the year-end I wanted to get all the tables in the office redone. We were fortunate that a lot of people were adjusted in the office during 2008 a new table upholstery was overdue.

Roy showed up at our office I believe on a Wednesday or Thursday. He had brought along hundreds of different color swatches and materials for covering tables. All the tables in the office were currently shades of navy blue but I was thinking of going silver and black for chiropractic 2009.

One of the adjusting tables was a Galaxy model adjusting bench that didn’t have any moving parts or raisable head piece. I wanted the foam customized so that there was more room for breathing when patients were lying face down. Nothing sucks like being uncomfortable when preparing for a chiropractic adjustment.

Roy’s custom upholstery was able to modify the head piece so there was more room for patients faces. So far we’ve had really good reports on using this table, and everyone’s commented on how good they look in black.

We also had a Lloyd Thompson drop table that had about seven different pieces that used foam and were covered with vinyl. When this table came back it looked brand new and I was real pleased with it. We also had a Hill adjusting table that was fully reupholstered as well. That one turned out to be quite a project since it has numerous parts and computerized components built in.

The work on all three tables was done over the weekend with some final finishing being done in the office on a Sunday evening. That worked out perfect for us since we see patients on Monday morning.

One of the first people getting adjusted that day was a local chiropractor who asked about the new tables. I gave him Roy’s information (818-272-9676 for those of you in the Los Angeles area) and I heard he later had all of his chiropractic tables reupholstered as well.

Talking to Roy, he told me he pretty much works locally in the Los Angeles County area. He does custom commercial and residential upholstery including antique and modern furniture, restaurant upholstery, orthopedic and physical therapy clinics, custom gym equipment, hair salon furniture, and miscellaneous items such as barbershop chairs. I was really happy with his prices and work ethic and would be happy to recommend him to anyone seeking custom upholstery work in the LA area.

Chiropractic Upholstery Near You – Well that is great for those of us in the Los Angeles area, but what if you’re needing custom upholstery services in other parts of the US? I did quite a bit of searching for companies and individuals that did custom upholstery work for chiropractic offices, and I didn’t find any organized list. If you have somebody to recommend in your local area, go ahead and post their information in the comments, and I’ll add them to a list of upholstery services for chiropractors.

Chiropractic Morrisville

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Morrisville chiropractors can be added to the list of mixed results when it comes to local search. There is an e-mail forwarded by chiropractors regularly when looking for referrals in different parts of the country. I noticed someone the other day was looking for a chiropractor in Morrisville and I wondered to myself “where is Morrisville?” (Mrs. chiropractic says Indiana)

Turns out finding a chiropractor in Morrisville is more difficult than searching for a Cleveland chiropractor (Cleveland school versus Cleveland location), since there are multiple locations. Take your pick, there’s Morrisville New York, Morrisville Pennsylvania, and Morrisville North Carolina, there may even be others.

According to Google, a straight search for Morrisville returns Morrisville State College in New York as the number one result. Listing number two is for the town of Morrisville in North Carolina. Further down the page our results for Morrisville government in Pennsylvania. The bottom of the search page has a Google map box, but only for Morrisville, NY. Not off to a good start in the local search department.

Chiropractic Morrisville – Even when we get specific with search terms the results aren’t so clear. Local business results for Chiropractic near Morrisville, NY are returned first with a map featuring three listings. Those offices include the following…

Catania Chiropractic Clinic – 36 E Main St., Morrisville, NY 13408 (315) 684-7866
Hamilton Chiropractic Health – 23 Broad St., Hamilton – (315) 824-2504
Swick Chiropractic – 132 Albany St., Cazenovia – (315) 655-8008

Only one of those locations is technically in Morrisville. Besides the 3 map listings, there were sponsored ad results for Chiropractic in Morrisville, North Carolina and Raleigh, NC. Following the sponsored listings and the map, there’s 4 organic search results for North Carolina locations.

Dr. Steven Avitabile
1000 Bearcat Way, Suite 101 – Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 532-1000

Integrative Chiropractic
4089 Davis Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 468-5622

Dr. Brian Avitabile
1000 Bear Cat Way, #101, Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 532-1000

Amethyst Chiropractic
148 Morrisville Sq. Way, Morrisville, NC 27560-5703 (919) 463-0021

If that’s not confusing enough, there’s also results for Pennsylvania. Wait a minute, scrolling down the page further, I see there’s a Morrisville, Vermont. Don’t want to leave chiropractors in the 05661 area out in the cold. I’ll list the PA results as I found them, followed by the results for Vermont.

Dr. Gina Genin – 316 W Trenton Ave., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 295-9013
Dr. Richard Berkowitz – 301 Oxford Valley Rd., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 369-0320
Morrisville Chiropractic – 632 Crown St., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 736-8089

Winters Chiropractic – 65 Portland, Morrisville, VT 05661 (802) 888-1060

Morrisville Chiropractic – Reversing the search strategy did not change things much, as I still got Morrisville, NY as the primary map results, followed with pretty much the same mixture of city address listings from above.

Morrisville Chiropractor and Chiropractor Morrisville also brought back a New York-based map. Kind of stinks for the chiropractors in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen four different states represented in local search results, West Valley Chiropractic continues to return results for Minnesota, Nevada, Washington, and four different parts of California.

So what’s a local chiropractor to do? Being listed in the map works on the local level, but it will do little to help one’s office be found when performing broad searches. My first advice would be to go granular and include more details on the pages of your chiropractor website. For example, Morrisville chiropractors in New York, would be wise to mention other nearby locations, such as Syracuse, Hamilton, Pine Woods, Oneida, and Cazenovia. I’d also mention that Route 20 runs through the town. The more granular ones information, the easier it’s going to be on the long tail search.

So for Morrisville, NC I’d mention close proximity to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the city of Raleigh, Cary, Macedonia, Durham, Apex, and others. Offices may even want to mention geographical landmarks like Lake Crabtree, William B. Umstead State Park, and North Carolina State University.

Get the picture? I suspect there’s an additional Morrisville somewhere in the US, that I’ve missed. Let me know if there’s a Morrisville near you.

Chiropractors Saying Nice Things about Their Colleagues

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was going through a stack of papers from some chiropractic seminars I had been attending and was about to throw them out when I found a few handwritten chiropractic testimonials written by fellow DCs.

Before I recycle the paper they are authored on I figured I’d post them here since they are really good. If someone had written testimonials like this about my chiropractic office I’d love to be seeing them online.

The first one comes from Dr. Laurie Mestdagh and it is written about Pleasanton chiropractor Dr. Michael Gabrielson.

Listen, don’t gamble with your health. If you need a chiropractor in California, use the best and call Dr. Mike Gabrielson. I would and I’ve been in practice for over 25 years.

The next testimonial is also for Dr. Michael Gabrielson and it’s authored by chiropractor Richard Rosenberg in Winnipeg Manitoba.

If you are looking for the best chiropractor in the Pleasanton area, call Dr. Michael Gabrielson. He is totally committed to your health, and he would love to help you. – Dr. Richard Rosenberg (a friend and colleague for more than 15 years)

The following testimonial comes from Dr. George Khoury in Livermore, California and it’s written about Dr. John Reardon in Huntington Beach.

I am often on the road lecturing on high-performance training in regards to health. I get many opportunities to meet many doctors, as well as patients, all over the United States.

I can truly say it’s a pleasure to work with wonderful doctors such as Dr. John Reardon. I find him to be warm and compassionate as well is exceptionally knowledgeable on the science art and philosophy of chiropractic. Patients should feel like they are in great hands when they choose Dr. John Reardon as their doctor.

Here is another chiropractor written testimonial for Dr. Reardon in Huntington Beach.

Referring a patient to another chiropractor is never easy. Knowing Dr. John since school I would trust him with my own family. He is an asset to the chiropractic profession and I know my patients would be in good hands. – Dr. Adam Church, Connecticut

I liked that last one by Dr. Church. It really is never easy finding a good chiropractor for one’s existing clients. Most people probably don’t realize what we go through when trying to find a suitable referral for someone we may have been providing chiropractic care to, that’s moving away, were traveling out of the area for a long period of time.

Chiropractors and potential patients are welcome to browse the local chiropractor listings for chiropractic resources in their area. If you know a good chiropractor in your part of town, I’d like to hear about them.

Beta Chiropractic Network Project

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

These past few weeks I’ve been actively overseeing work on a chiropractic network project (which is still very much in beta) that appears as it will serve as a directory of sorts.

There’s really not lots of information on the pages as of yet but I was told an estimated 10,000 chiropractic web sites were being added in the next 30 days.

Chiropractors that have been in practice for some time are usually incorporated into databases that populate directories such as this one. We’ve collected user web site, phone and address information for more than 10 years, and there’s oftentimes overlap or duplicate records.

It is the chiropractors that have just newly launched web sites, or those that have recently graduated from Chiropractic College, that don’t typically have their blog or web site URLs indexed, those are the ones I most frequently hear concern about.

I am making no promises but if you want to participate and add your chiropractic website or blog to the directory I’ll do my best to see that your information goes live and you get a link. Of course if you’re a spammer or have a crappy, low-quality web site, I’ll probably never even see it (since the admin will most definitely delete it).

Personally, I found it difficult to navigate through the many category pages, but like I said it’s in beta and I suspect the design and user interface will change significantly before a full public launch. It’s the accuracy of chiropractic website information I’m more interested in.

Getting to Know Your Local DCs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Whether you’re a consumer seeking your first chiropractor, a seasoned patient seeking a new place to get your adjustments, or a chiropractor that’s looking for someone to refer a practice member to, the latest Meet a Chiropractor series from Planet Chiropractic is proving to be a great resource for learning more about individual chiropractors and how they practice.

Back in May of this year I created a post simply titled… Chiropractors. The idea was to motivate some practitioners to help themselves by being able to participate in interviews (conducted via e-mail) about the chiropractic schooling, the local community they practiced in, and miscellaneous thoughts on them being providers of natural health care.

To date there has been more than 90 responses that resulted from the weekend idea, with more than two dozen graduates of schools throughout the United States and Canada completing interviews. Our office was a bit slow in getting the first interviews published but it appears they’re now coming along more regularly.

There’s been five interviews published since June 30 and it’s our intent to deliver at least one new interview weekly for as long as we have participants. Questions in the interviews are fairly basic, as chiropractors have been asked how they went about choosing a school, where they decided to practice, what their community is like, and how would they respond to reporters when asked what it is that they do?

I find the last question an important one (regarding the reporters) as its been my experience a top story can evolve, and someone may even have a camera, or video recorder. So it’s a good idea to be prepared for interviews, and I think in a way this series is helping chiropractors become more acquainted with the process.

So far we’ve featured chiropractors from Modesto, San Clemente, Winnipeg, West Hollywood, and San Francisco. There are interviews on deck featuring chiropractors from Santa Clarita, Denver, Cincinnati, and a dozen+ other cities and locations throughout Canada, United States, and South America.

There’s been no interviews conducted with chiropractors practicing in places like Spain or Japan, but I anticipate we’ll be featuring at least a few by mid-2009. Congratulations to those that have already had their interviews published, you’ve been doing a great job!

Chiropractic Road Trip up the California 5 Freeway

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I love road trips. With the rising prices of gasoline, I don’t know how much I’m going to love the cost of a road trip I am taking later this week. Living in Venice Beach California, I almost always just head along Lincoln Boulevard to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and fly somewhere fun. But summer is coming and the family and I have rooms booked at a hotel in Yosemite National Park (hey boo-boo). I was mapping out my route today and I plan on visiting some California chiropractic offices along the way during my 500 mile plus round-trip journey.

405 freeway in Los AngelesI’ll be starting off in Santa Monica and those chiropractors are out of luck since I’m getting on the 405 freeway ASAP and don’t plan on any local stops. Taking a look at the map my first stop will be in Santa Clarita, home of Dr. Carolyn Griffin’s office. I was initially considering the long way up along Highway 14 which would take us through Palmdale and Lancaster, and then Rosamond and Mojave where we’d head west on Highway 58. Gas being the price it is this week that could be an extra hundred bucks on my trip so I’ll have to think about possibly doing that on the return.

Staying on the five freeway route we will pass through Newhall, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Caswell, Gorman, Lebec, and Fort Tejon, before we split off the 99 and into Bakersfield. Lots of chiropractors to visit in the Bakersfield area but I won’t be there long. Will do a few walk ins to take some photographs, and stop in to see Dr. Jim Ryan.

Then it’s back on Highway 99 north towards Yosemite and passing through McFarland, Delano, Earlimart, Pixley, Tipton, Tulare, Visalia, Kingsburg, Selma, Fowler, and Fresno, where we plan to spend the day before continuing up Highway 41 and into Yosemite National Park.

I figure there’s gotta be at least a dozen chiropractors practicing in the Fresno area but I didn’t find a single result when searching through my digital Rolodex. Will have to pay somebody a visit and hope they are open on a Saturday for a convenient chiropractic walk in appointment.

Should be lots of great photos from this trip. Have a great summer everyone and drive safely!