Month: October 2001

UK News on MMR Safety

A recent UK news article suggests that former safety tests for the MMR vaccine have been “flawed and invalid.” According to the Sunday Herald, a UK newspaper, a new study shows that children typically developed autism on average about 2 1/2 years after receiving doses of MMR vaccine.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions, doctors checked children for reactions to the vaccine only three to six weeks after vaccinations were given before approval was given to license the triple dose in the UK.

In the study an argument was made that children should be monitored for at least three years to properly determine MMR vaccine safety. According to one of the professors involved in the study, “virtually none of the cases would have been classified if followed for only six weeks after vaccination.” The key finding in the study is the delay between exposure of MMR and the emergence of autistic symptoms. According to those involved with the study, the length of time spent for follow-up (3-6 weeks) was grossly inappropriate.

‘Such studies have all been confined either to a follow-up period of several weeks, or have only followed up for longer those children with an immediate reaction. It is this failure to recognize the slowness of degeneration that is the key to understanding what has happened.’

The chairman of Action on Autism stated, “This scientific work acknowledges the evidence of parents that a child’s withdrawal into the autistic spectrum following MMR is a slow, gradual, insidious process. The time-scale of a child’s retreat can be months or even years, which makes a mockery of the safety trials which were carried out prior to licensing.”

UK health-care officials maintain that the MMR vaccine is safe.

Sunday Herald: MMR safety tests ‘Flawed and Invalid’ @ 8:22 am | Article ID: 1004458931

5 Tips for a Principled CA

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

1. Ask Yourself “The” Question
First and most important – decide if you are just looking for a job to make money and fill time or are you looking to live your purpose? Ask yourself the question… What do I stand for? If you believe in chiropractic and understand your purpose and what you want to accomplish in your career as a CA, then you will be unstoppable and the profession will be lucky to have you. If you are just looking for a job to pass time, then try something else. Being a CA means living with passion and purpose – we are on the front lines… the first one the patient sees, perhaps their first impression of chiropractic and we need to step up and tell the chiropractic story with excitement, certainty and unconditional compassion.

2. Make the Connection
Your relationship with your DC is vital to your success as a CA. Find a PRINCIPLED DC, someone with whom you can share your vision. This connection needs to be based on respect, love and very importantly TRUST. Your DC needs to stand back and let you do what you do best – avoid someone who won’t let go of the control, who stands over you and constantly asks for justifications. If Innate is alive and well in your office – the team will surrender the control and let Innate run the show. Remember that your office is just an extension of the Palmer vision. Search for where you are meant to be. If you have to make a change then JUST DO IT. Develop open communication right away with your DC – stand up and be heard. Voice your opinions, ideas and concerns. HAVE FUN!!! Nothing is more important than that – mistakes can be fixed. If love of people and love of chiropractic is evident in your office then you better add more adjusting tables because you are going to be rocking down the house with new patients! Wahoo!

3. Knowledge is Extreme Power
Learn all you can about chiropractic. Start with philosophy. Discover the Principle. Read. Attend seminars. Find a mentor and listen to what they have to say about their experience with chiropractic. Always leave yourself open to learn. If you are a new CA – once you become confident in your understanding of chiropractic – you can then tell the story with certainty. Opportunities to talk to people about chiropractic will present themselves to you and you will begin to hunt them down and spread the news. The knowledge about the amazing capabilities the body has will set you on fire!

4. Get Real!
Make sure that YOU are living what you do. Make sure you are healthy and happy. Eat right, sleep right. It is a contra-indication to health and wellness if we are smoking, drinking, burger-eating machines! Surround yourself with positive people and maintain healthy relationships. Keep yourself adjusted weekly. This will also keep you in tune with Innate and better able to connect with patients. Make sure you are using positive self- talk and nurturing yourself. We can better help others when we first help ourselves. Try treating yourself in one special way every week. It could be that you buy yourself a little treat, or go for a massage, or a facial. It could be a long relaxing bubble bath, or a walk alone to think and reflect. Make an appointment for you. This CA stuff is big business and the key to success is BALANCE.

5. Love
Live life with love in your heart. Chiropractic is about loving yourself enough to allow your body to heal and function as God created it to. Extend that love to your DC – tell him/her that they are making an impact, tell him/her you appreciate them. Have fun with them, don’t let them get too serious. Love him/her enough to disagree when needed. Love your patients. Love them enough to put everything you are doing on hold to listen to them. Love them enough to get up from the desk and hug them when they need it. Love them enough to keep them in your prayers. Love them enough to educate them the very best that you can. Love Chiropractic. Love it enough to stand out in a crowd and tell the TRUTH. Love it enough to lose your care for what others think. Love it enough to give up the power of your ego and let innate take over. Love it enough to live it outside of the office – to tell that person you meet with a sore back or headaches or depression – that there is an answer and that answer is within them.

Being a Chiropractic Assistant will have a profound impact on your entire life. It will reward you in amazing ways. It will inspire you, embrace you, captivate you and motivate you. If you have never sat back and considered your value as a CA, think of it like this……. you are actually an extension of the adjustment. Every smile, kind word, hug, recall, appointment you book, mess you clean, phone you answer…. literally everything you do… is part of the adjustment. It doesn’t get better than that. What a gift it is to be a Principled CA. @ 1:48 pm | Article ID: 1004042906

The Flu – Why Doesn’t Everyone Get It?

By Stacy Larsen, D.C.

That darn “flu bug” is going around again. It has been spotted driving north on the highway as well as through many local communities. Now, if we could just get the license plate of the car and apprehend that pesky varmint, we could stop him in his tracks.

This is a common perception about the flu virus. It’s “going around.” It’s flu season. There is some truth to the statement that the virus is more prevalent at some times than others but why doesn’t everyone get sick? Or at the same time? Or for the same length of time?

Let’s look at the factors that determine our strength in fighting off health challenges like the flu. First of all, viruses and bacteria are opportunists. This means that they do not attack you. It doesn’t catch you in some desperate race. It can only take advantage of you if your defenses are weak.

Our bodies weaken and breakdown when there is more stress than it can handle. The three types of stresses are physical, chemical and emotional. An example of physical stress would be poor posture or a slip on the sidewalk, chemical stress could be over-eating or too much caffeine and emotional stress could be caused by the recent world events or balancing your bank account. The key to being healthier is to constantly build our bodies so they are capable of dealing with these stressors effectively.

The most obvious ways of maintaining or improving your health are regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest and a positive outlook on life. Often overlooked is maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. A properly functioning spine and nervous system build a healthier you by maximizing the effects of frequent exercise, good nutrition, proper rest and a positive mental attitude.

By consistently working on your health, stress does not weaken your body as quickly or as much as it might have before. This helps explain why some people get the flu, why some don’t and some don’t get it as bad as others. If viruses and bacteria were the only cause, shouldn’t we all get it at the same time and with the same severity?

Start your “flu season” off by building your health today. Remember that a healthy, subluxation-free spine will improve the quality of the messages going through your nervous system, enabling you to do everything you do better. Get your spine checked today so that pesky flu bug has less of a chance of “catching” you! @ 11:53 am | Article ID: 1003949593

ChiropracTIC at Ground Zero

By Robert G. Berkowitz, D.C.

Dear Fellow Chiropractor and Friends of ChiropracTIC,

I, for some reason wanted to share in my experience of 9/21/2001. I volunteered my services as a Chiropractor to check spines at both the Javits Center and at Ground Zero. The Javits Center is a large coliseum where the boat show, auto show, etc. are held, but presently serves as headquarters for FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where you start the credentialing process. The Javits Center is about a mile from Ground Zero where the World Trade Center devastation took place.

They say that pictures do not justly serve the magnitude of the reality. They are RIGHT. To say it is a ‘war zone’ or ‘hell zone’ is correct.

The hoops one must go through to get credentialed is pure luck, which I defined as the meeting of preparation and opportunity. To get to Ground Zero is the same only 10 fold tougher. The difficulty is due to security and the constant upgrading of the protocols as things unfold to a more organized and structural format.

I spent the first half of the day checking spines at the Javits Center in a room set aside for the Acupuncturists, Message Therapists and the Chiropractors. I then decided to attempt to get to Ground Zero for both personal reasons of seeing it first hand, as well as serving Chiropractic.

I believe what I find most ironic is that all Chiropractic ‘schools of thought’, were there to check spines and NOT ONE case history longer than 30 seconds took place, NO consultation to explore their family history or their medical history, NO review of systems, orthopedic tests, neuro tests to determine a preliminary diagnosis in order to figure out which blood tests, urine tests, and x-rays should be ordered to determine if they were a Chiropractic case, as well as NO ONE was considering which other professional should be brought in on the case.

I did witness and take part in, the spending of a few minutes with a perfect stranger who chose to have their spine checked by this make shift chiropractic team. After a consultation consisting mostly of their name and where they were from (I must have checked people from 20 different states) I would simultaneously check their spine as we interacted OUR chiropractic story and applied the necessary forces to bring about a spinal adjustment. Perhaps the other Chiropractors asked about their symptoms and then proceeded to check their spine and make the necessary adjustments. I would estimate that each visit took less than 5 minutes

Perhaps the naysayers would harp on poor chiropractic care, negligent care, etc. All I know is that the masses were provided a service they chose to avail themselves at an affordable rate. In my office I strive to be reasonable, available and affordable so I viewed this as an outside office.

I believe that had CCE been there, not a fire fighter, police officer, search and rescue worker or anyone for that matter would have had their spine adjusted. Simply put, a lot of action would have taken place, but NO care rendered.

I wonder if the licensed Chiropractors on the CCE, COA, FCLB, ACA, NBCE, ETC, would have done differently than we were doing. I THINK NOT!

Overall it was an enriching and enlightening experience I can’t wait to do again and recommend it highly. @ 7:01 am | Article ID: 1003932110

Prescription Drugs Cause Death

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have been reading Planet Chiropractic news for any length of time you are probably getting tired (if not already tired) of the numerous “drugs cause death” articles we continue to publish day in and day out. You may be asking, “can’t we move on to something else?” Yes, when we stop seeing headlines such as these from todays news… “Deadly Drug Side Effects a Major Problem”.

Before we get into the article, please understand that many still do not know there are risks associated with taking drugs. On top of that, they don’t know that you are saving lives each and every day without involving drug use. Humor me, print this and share it with someone in your practice. I’ll bet they or someone they know will be getting this information for the first time.

A research study from Norway published in this weeks issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine has concluded that drug-related side effects may contribute to many hospital deaths.

The journal article opens with the following… “Drug therapy is associated with adverse effects, and fatal adverse drug events (ADEs) have become major hospital problems” which is a fancy way of saying drugs increase one’s risk of death.

The study involved 732 patients who died while in the hospital. Results from this study found that 18.9% involved died as a result of the drugs they took, either directly or indirectly. The study also found that a higher number of drugs administered was associated with a higher frequency of death. Basically, taking more drugs increases your risk of death.

In a Yahoo News article covering the same study, researchers had concluded that in many of the drug-related deaths, the drugs were prescribed correctly. The article also states, “Very few of the drug-related fatal effects were included in the patient’s medical chart or reported to hospital authorities.”

Imagine this if you will, you enter a hospital for the treatment of some condition. When all procedures are followed correctly and you receive the appropriate care in such a setting, there is a near 20% chance you will end up in the basement rather than walking out the front door.

I’m hoping you’ll find better odds elsewhere. Do something about your health today to minimize your risk tomorrow.

Arch Intern Med. 2001;161:2317-2323: Drug-Related Deaths in a Department of Internal Medicine
Yahoo News: Deadly Drug Side Effects a Major Problem @ 8:38 am | Article ID: 1003851491


by Andre Voskressensky, D.C.

You are chosen to heal the sick by the laying on of your hands.
Your purpose is to love God by loving and serving mankind.
Your purpose is to lift others burdens and to glorify God.
You are a beacon of hope, a light shining faith in God.
When deciding what to do You are the authority.
You call the shots. You are the umpire.
You are a prophet.
Don’t reason or question. Don’t think about what to do next.
Live innately to see God’s vision for your life.
Practice affirmation, visualization and realization.
Don’t ask why or where.
Don’t do “thinking work.”
See what you want to happen.
Act with confidence to make it happen.
Physical actions (palpation, leg checks, etc.) are your meditation
while you look inwardly to see and discover the will of God.
Be happy, zippy and enthusiastic.
Smile. Be calm and peaceful.
See what you want. Do what you see.
Talk with authority. Lead.
Act with faith and confidence by focusing and doing less.
Visualize, realize, and inspire.
Talk less and do less to accomplish more.
Act with full intent and authority to inspire others.
See the subluxation. See the adjustment.
See the patients whole and healing.
Manage the correction of the subluxation.
Save lives. Don’t judge results. God judges.
Expect nothing in return.
God is in control. @ 7:04 am | Article ID: 1003759487

The Not So Benign Antibiotic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Massive amounts of antibiotics have been purchased by Americans during the past few weeks as a result of fear. A fear of sickness or even death from agents such as anthrax has many Americans concerned and some have already began taking various drugs in hopes of “preventing” illness. How safe are these drugs and are there any risks involved in taking them?

According to an ABC News report one of the side effects of Cipro, one antibiotic in a class known as fluoroquinolones, is seizure. According to the report, these types of antibiotics, “can sometimes cause seizures in people who have epilepsy as well as in others who are at risk of seizures because of prior head trauma, stroke or tumor or a family history of seizures.”

Products that contain high levels of caffeine such as coffee and cola beverages have been shown to increase the odds of having a seizure and the article suggests Cipro use may raise these odds even further. Let’s not forget about stress as a cause as well as reports that non-steroidal pain relievers, such as aspirin, can increase ones risk of seizure when taken along with Cipro.

In another ABC News article, a doctor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine states that, “Taking an antibiotic is not benign.” He adds to that, “The chance of getting an adverse or allergic reaction to an antibiotic is much higher than the risk of getting anthrax.”

Another medical doctor states, “There are going to be a lot of people injured by taking Cipro” to which he further adds, “There is potential for harm that I don’t think the public understands.”

The risks involved in taking antibiotics do not just effect the person taking the drugs. Their entire family or even community may be affected by their actions. A third ABC News article suggests that when an individual takes an antibiotic, it has implications for other people. It has effects beyond the individual because the antibiotic resistant bacteria can be transmitted from person to person, causing potential life-threatening problems for the community.

Staying drug free is not only good for you, it is good for your family and community as well.

ABC News: Seizure Risk–Experts Warn of Increased Risk of Seizure with Cipro Use
ABC News: Terrorism Threats Boost Antibiotic Requests, Raising Medical Concerns
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The Gift of Me

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

I was born with this body
It is the only one I know
But if there is interference
My life-force cannot flow

My body will never fail me
If I just have a little faith
And do not invade it with chemicals
In desperation, pain or haste

It is easy to sometimes forget
That inside me there is this power
But I know that when God created me
He did so in his finest hour

And inside me is a warrior
Fighting strong for the right to rule
And when I resist to let it work
I rob it of its tools

When I have my spine adjusted
I can live my life truly free
And give back to this world
The unique gift of me! @ 11:11 am | Article ID: 1003515099

Everyone Tell The Story

By Rodney Sparks, D.C.

Recently I was invited on the local news to do a 5-minute health segment. I considered how and what I could talk about in that short of a time period, and I realized that all I needed to do was just tell the story! The first thing I told the news anchor is that I would shock and amaze the audience when I told them that chiropractic was not a treatment for stiff necks and sore backs. Now I know this already gives me away as a straight chiropractor, but I just had to tell the story. The anchor looked at me and said, “Yeah, that’s right. It’s about wellness, right?” I was stunned. I knew I had found a platform that I could educate the public about the wonderful benefits of staying unsubluxated.

When we went on the air, the news anchor introduced me and said I was here to clear up some of the misconceptions about chiropractic. I immediately began to explain how chiropractic was not a neck ache or back ache profession, that it was the only profession that sought to increase the health potential as well as the life potential of everybody including those who did not have any symptoms at all. I even got the chance to use the “S” word. That’s right, subluxations. I talked of how any activity, not just health, can be improved by keeping the nervous system free from nerve interference by chiropractic adjustments over a lifetime, and not just going to a chiropractor for your aches and pains but for enhancing all of your life functions.

After my fiery opening, the calls began to come in from the audience. You can only imagine that the first question was about back pain. After that beautiful discourse on subluxations and the raising of life potentials, how could my first encounter be about backaches? Well, I again reiterated how chiropractic looks to remove interference from the nervous system to allow the body to function at 100% of its god-given potential, and not at treating symptoms. I informed the caller to began chiropractic to first increase his health potential and allow his body to do the healing and then see if he needed some kind of back ache treatment. The anchor was thoroughly impressed, and concurred in my conclusion that everyone needs to be under care regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

Now to some of you the thought of telling people that chiropractic is not for backaches may be a little scary. The first time I heard it was during Reggie Gold’s “Chemistry of Life” lay lecture, and it felt so liberating. I ran around my office telling all of my patients what I had been thinking but could not say. In my own lay lecture I began to open with just those words, and then tell the story. This one concept has shifted patients away from symptoms and more toward wellness. By telling the story with clarity and purpose, and not watering it down to soothe a patients perceived needs, I have been able to increase my PVA’s, my cash to insurance ratio has totally reversed to where a very minimal amount of my collections come from insurance.

As for my television experiencing, it may not have changed my community if one fell swoop, but I have received calls from many chiropractors in my area thanking me for saying what they have always wanted to say. By putting this information out into the community, I know it will come back to me ten fold. It will also go a long way toward creating a community of wellness patients and wellness families who will now choose chiropractic as part of their lifestyle and not their ache and pain relief. It also shows that we have a long way to go to change the perception of chiropractic in the public’s eye. By telling the story, without fear or compromise, all chiropractors can stand on the rock of solid intent. Our confidence in portraying the message will be backed-up by thousands.

Now I am not expecting those who believe that chiropractic is a backache profession to align with this message. Nor am I expecting to change them in any way. I do believe that there are many chiropractors that feel just as I do and would be keen on disseminating the story to the public and those in their practice. To them I say “Tell The Story.” You will still have plenty of work ahead to create that shift in the new patients that enter your office, but in time your message will become so congruent that patients will actually call in for wellness. I know because it has already happened to me. @ 6:41 pm | Article ID: 1003282870