Month: October 2001

Dentists Topple State Board

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I found this email from a group of dentists inspiring. This is the kind of thing chiropractors used to do. Maybe it is time to begin sending out some pink slips of our own.

Pink slips to the California Dental Board members for Dec. 31

Another Victory. The California Dental Board will be evacuated on Dec. 31 – Celebrate the end of the California Dental Board – Celebrate your own freedom to enjoy Mercury-free Dentistry -Help Consumers for Dental Choice win Round Two

Meet & Greet The Team That Made It Happen!

In the past two years, we changed dental regulation from being hostile to mercury-free dentistry to permitting it freely. And, on December 31st, to be replaced by an entirely new Board.

A dedicated team of grassroots activist, lawyers, public relations professionals, dentists, physicians, and other great folks made it happen. But Round Two is coming:
-The ADA, CDA & Dental Board are launching a campaign to promote mercury/amalgam
-Our new fight is to get Alternative dentists appointed to the new Board

Will we let them do it again? We are preparing immediately.

Guest Speakers: Charlie Brown, counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice. (This is his 18th trip to California in the past two years – to fight for us!) Anita Vazquez-Tibau, Consumer and Champion of the Cause. Come celebrate our victory!

Please help, we need your support. Contribute even if you can’t come!
Event hosted by George E. Schuchard III, DDS, Beverly Hills

Bravo to those activists in the dental world. We in chiropractic can learn from events such as these. @ 9:56 am | Article ID: 1003251404

The Chiropractic “Story”

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

What excites you about being a chiropractor? Is it the fact that we watch sick people get well? Is it the fact that we help people? Is it the fact that people’s bodies will function better under care and they will achieve a life healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually than if they lived their lives with subluxations that they did not know or care that they had? That last explanation sort of sums it up for me.

At least one time a week I need to stand up in front of my new patients and stake my claim. My new patient Orientation is sort of my affirmation of what I am doing in chiropractic and why I feel they should join me for a lifetime of chiropractic care. How would I expect them to know what I stand for and what I am creating in my practice if I didn’t stand up and repeat what that is. In my practice people come to me for many reasons but if I had to be honest most people would have never shown up in the first place if they weren’t in some kind of distress.

People are used to seeking care when they are hurting. I applaud them and am very thankful when they give me the chance to serve them. Shame on me if I didn’t take that opportunity to share with them the full benefits they could enjoy if they choose to include lifetime care in their life. I couldn’t sleep well at night if I didn’t think I gave it my best shot. Granted many people think that the whole concept is interesting and don’t follow through with it but then there are the others who will take the opportunity to CHOOSE Chiropractic. The people that don’t choose it are not of a huge amount of concern for me because I feel I did my job if I gave them the choice.

Yes, it is my obligation to be constantly improving on my ability to convey the message, yet the ultimate decision is theirs. I can live with their decision but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t give them the choice. Sometimes I would not want to do the orientation even when it was time to start it but by the time I got going for a few minutes I would really get into it and I would actually have trouble sleeping the night of the orientation because I would be so excited about chiropractic and so would my staff. I also developed my speaking abilities and am much more comfortable speaking outside of the office to civic groups and the like from my experience that I gained in my own waiting room.

I especially didn’t want to do orientation if I only had one or two people scheduled and would sometimes secretly wish they wouldn’t show up but I found that when I would cancel due to poor attendance and reschedule the one or two people that did show up I would often have them quit care before the next scheduled Orientation because they would be out of pain and not feel further care was necessary because they wouldn’t get the whole picture. Then I decided to do something a little weird. I committed myself to doing an orientation each week even if no one showed. I have done this several times over the years but I never had to do it two weeks in a row. After doing it one week I would be certain that I had at least a few people there the next week and this proved a great way to discipline myself to do the weekly talk.

A lot of people tell me they share chiropractic with people one at a time during the consultation or the x-ray report. I found this practice much less effective for two reasons. One reason is because I tended to leave things out when I was talking to only one person and told them a version that I thought they would like and possibly accept easier thereby taking away their opportunity to accept as much as they could and only as much as I cared to share. The second reason is because there is a positive psychological effect that occurs when they sit in a room with other people hearing the same message at the same time.

Let’s face it Chiropractic is not status quo. Most people don’t bring their kids to the chiropractor every week, YET, so when they see that other people are there and stepping out of the box it makes them feel more comfortable making the decision to include chiropractic in their families lives. And yet one more positive effect is that they get to hear how strongly you feel about what you do. I’ve heard it said “that you can’t anchor to an unanchored mind.” Let them hear where you stand. Let them also bond with you. Let them feel good about you being their chiropractor and good about being in relationship with you.

Now I want to share the selfish reason to do Orientations. Your practice will grow. You will get more people to bring in their families so you will have more new patients. The patients will also be more excited about you and chiropractic so they will refer more people to you. They will talk about you. That is the whole idea when you are trying to grow a practice. In addition your PVA (Patient Visit Average) will increase dramatically. That means that a patient will come to you longer. You will have a practice full of more patients that are coming to you for healthcare rather than simply for relief care. Now we are talking your bottom line. You will have a larger practice and make more money. Isn’t that what most of us are after. Now, what does it cost you? Just about nothing. Maybe a little extra in CA’s salaries because they are there with you. Maybe a couple of bucks for some refreshments if you want to get fancy. Not much at all for doing something that will have so many positive effects on your practice. Not only all that but you will feel good after you do it. You will feel proud to be a chiropractor and you will know that you are being more consistent with your objectives.

I need to be honest with you at this point and tell you that me sharing this with you is very selfish. Sure I want to see your practice grow as much or maybe even more than you do but as corny as it sounds I know that when you start telling the story every week and more chiropractors do the same it is going to make it easier for all of us. Let’s face it, only a small segment of the population utilize chiropractic care. I think the reason the rest of them don’t is mostly because of ignorance. Chiropractic makes so much sense. People just don’t know and I know the best way for people to know is to tell them the way I just described. My life is dedicated to shifting the consciousness of the people so that they include regular care in their lives. I’m always shocked when I speak somewhere and ask how many people do an Orientation every week and so few hands actually go up even though I know that the people that are sitting in front of me are the ones that actually take time out of their lives to do something that they feel will help their practice grow.

Put your money where your mouth is. Get out of your comfort zone. Let your actions match what you say you want your practice to look like. If you want your practice to look like what you say you want it to look like then share your vision with your people. It’s a lot of fun taking care of people that are coming in long term to stay well with their families and have chosen to take responsibility for their health. Those are the people I prefer to spend my days with and the Orientation is how I shared chiropractic with them so they could make that choice. @ 2:06 pm | Article ID: 1003180011

Antibiotic Overuse Creating a Serious Problem

A recently published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that, “antibiotics are vastly over-prescribed for sore throats caused by viral infections.” The study found that only one in ten cases of sore throat among adults resulted in an appropriate antibiotic prescription.

In other words, nearly nine out of ten times an antibiotic prescription is written for this condition, the drugs are not needed. Not only are they not needed, but antibiotic overuse poses grave risks to society.

According to an ABC News article, an infectious disease specialist explains that a mis-educated public demands antibiotics of their MDs and that MDs basically lack the backbone to tell the truth. First do no harm…

“From the perspective of the physician, it’s actually a lot easier to give antibiotics to someone with a viral infection than not, because a lot of times that’s what the patient expects. It takes a fair amount of time to explain to a patient the facts about a viral infection-what it is, the fact that antibiotics don’t work for viral infections, and that they will most likely get better anyway. Many busy physicians do not have the time to explain these things to patients.”

They (the patient) will most likely get better without the use of drugs. Is it better to tell the truth or give people what they expect?

And remember, antibiotics are not benign. Besides the increased risk of bacterial resistance there are other factors to be concerned about such as yeast infections, stomach upset, severe diarrhea, and allergic reactions that can be deadly.

The MD interviewed by ABC News feels that doctors don’t really understand the ramifications of prescribing these antibiotics and it’s, “our own fault for not educating ourselves and educating others.” He further stated, “that patients think that they are educated, and sometimes feel very strongly about their demands for treatment.”

Are we doing the same thing in chiropractic? Are we educating our patients as to what we do or are we providing care according to their expectations? Those that are merely being rub-a-dub-dubbed are likely dying from vertebral subluxation. That is a serious problem.

ABC News: Overusing Antibiotics: A Serious Problem @ 9:17 am | Article ID: 1003162623

Chiropractic Student Programs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I returned home on Monday from New Beginnings in New Jersey and I must once again commend them on their fantastic student program (and their entire weekend program). It is simply the best chiropractic student program I have seen yet and I would like to see others follow their successful model. (info on supporting the student fund is below)

It is important for DCs to encourage students to attend events and to help them in as many ways as we can. Dr. Sharon Gorman and myself recently created a Student Fund for our west coast Focus seminars to help pay for some of the costs students incur when attending events such as airfare, hotel rooms, etc… We will be bringing you more info about this event and the student fund during the next few months. Our next meeting is on March 23 and 24, 2002 in Newport Beach, California.

I received an email from Drs. Andrew & Andrea Scott and it warms my heart to know that DCs across the Northern Continent are committing themselves to better serving our students (and future of our profession). I felt it was important to include the information here.

Dear Doctors of Chiropractic with Passion,

We teach our patients about the importance of correcting subluxations at birth, if not sooner. And yet, I wonder… Is our profession Subluxated? Every year I invite dozens of students to visit our office, and I am amazed how confused, scared, frustrated and down-right mis-informed they are about our great profession. Am I alone in feeling this way? Do you ever wish you could do something to correct this subluxation in our profession?

My wife and I have attended many seminars and practice management programs, which have helped our personal and practice life tremendously. One of our personal favorite programs is the Chiropractic Masters. At the Masters we have the opportunity to hear “the best of the best” of our profession, right here in our own back-yard.

There is only one problem that I see with attending these programs. We have often come away saying to ourselves, “the rest of the profession needs to hear this message – especially the students.”

Hence the reason for this letter. We would like to initiate a, “Sponsor a Student” to the Chiropractic Masters. Wouldn’t it be great if every student at CMCC had the opportunity to attend the chiropractic masters in Toronto on November 10th & 11th. Just think of how that could change the “spirit” at the school and the future of our profession in this province. It’s time for us to not be complacent and correct the Subluxations in our profession, where they start… in their infancy.

We are asking every Doctor of Chiropractic in Ontario who recognizes the devastating effects of subluxations on human health to join us in “Sponsoring A Student to the Chiropractic Masters.” Here’s how it works…

– Call Bo-Laursen Enterprises Ltd. At (705) 745-9993
– As you register yourself & staff for the Masters, tell them you would also like to “sponsor a student.” (Doctors are asked to provide 75% of student seminar fee.)
– Feel good that you are doing something positive for our great profession

Let’s help students realize that they are a part of a vital, exciting and thriving profession which has the potential to make phenomenal changes in the lives of its patients. Don’t ignore this invitation, go make the call today!

Yours for a better world tomorrow,
Dr. Andrew & Andrea Scott @ 9:05 pm | Article ID: 1002859543

Merchants of Fear

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Have you read the emails yet? “Order Online, Antibiotics & Gas Masks!!!” Protect Your Family And Yourself From Bio-Chemical Warfare!!!

The email continues… “We have GAS MASKS certified by the Israeli Defense Authorities and the only ANTHRAX antibiotic available!” Visit our website below for more details!

I won’t give them the satisfaction.

And just in case all this fear is effecting your sex drive, the stress is making you over-eat, you can’t get a cigarette under your gas mask, sitting on the couch all day watching the news is affecting your arthritis, your gas mask gives you wrinkles, the antibiotics are resulting in hair loss, and you can’t breath as clearly with the mask on…

“ALSO available are Viagra, Xenical, Zyban, Celebrex, Renova, Propecia, and Claritin. Online Ordering is Convenient, Affordable and Confidential.”

Fitting that drug distributors would also be selling gas masks. The merchants of chaos and fear are hard at work hoping to capitalize on the worlds current events. It’s a time for healing and unity, not a time for separation and fear. God Bless America (and the rest of the world too). @ 7:40 am | Article ID: 1002811203

A Chiropractors Experience at Ground Zero

By Dr. Mark Guarino, Chiropractor

I left for New York on Monday night October 1, 2001, to attend a family funeral in New Jersey and a “New Beginnings” Chiropractic Seminar on Thursday. The tragedy at the World Trade Center hit very close to home. I grew up in NJ and knew people who had lost their lives because of this senseless act. I was hoping at some point during my trip, I would be able to pay my respects to the missing and now dead. After the funeral I was taken into NYC to spend the next few days. My brother lives in Gramercy Park. I would be a city boy for the next few days. That night I took a 3-block walk to the armory where all the families with missing persons gather to fill out questionnaires and to display pictures of their loved ones. This place on Park Avenue became another memorial with pictures, descriptions and phone numbers of people lost. Everywhere you turned whether it is a fire station or a trailer with the beautiful bronze statue of a fireman grieving, people continue to remember. Everyone in New York talks about this tragedy 24 hours a day.

While in the city, I contacted a chiropractor friend of mine, Dr. Jay C. Liss. The next thing I knew we were with the cast of Adia getting the entire Broadway scoop. A lot of the people I have taken care of in Richmond during “Broadway Under The Stars” have permanent jobs in NYC. They welcomed me with open arms and allowed me all access for the afternoon. This was a great experience but one that would pale as the night continued.

That evening Dr. Liss asked me if I wanted to go to Ground Zero and take care of the Police and Firemen. I do consider myself an expert in the caring for the Police and Firemen. Henrico County’s finest have been patients of mine for the last thirteen years. I have done Back Schools as part of in service training and have been on numerous committees with the department. I know how to relate to these guys. My relationship with Henrico County Police and Firemen in no way prepared me for what I was about to experience.

I was whisked below 14th street with the aid of a FEMA badge. I grew up 20 miles from the city, if anyone had told me that I would be in the only car going down to Battery Park with police barricades everywhere I would say they were crazy. We parked four blocks from ground zero and pulled the portable adjusting table out of the trunk. There were soldiers and police everywhere, checkpoint after checkpoint. Dr. Liss found soldiers that had been adjusted by the Chiropractors on the Red Cross Ship. We were driven, along with our Chiropractic table, in the back of a John Deer Gator. We then drove through every checkpoint without stopping and landed in Battery Park on the ship where people helping in the rescue went to become recharged. The place was full of food and drink. Rescuers were everywhere eating, talking, sleeping and getting chiropractic adjustments. We went up the stairs to the top deck where there were 5 chiropractic tables and 8 message tables. It was 1 o’clock in the morning and the chiropractors on duty were glad to see us. They have been coming down to ground zero since the beginning. They first started taking care of the rescue workers on the street in very difficult breathing conditions. I have friends who spent 36 hours straight caring for these workers. I was just happy to have known these Chiropractic men and women. One Doctor I met was seeing his patients during the day near Philadelphia and driving to ground zero and taking care of the workers all night. It was truly an amazing experience.

I spent the next six hours adjusting Police, Fire, Rescue, Red Cross, Electricians, and Steel workers. Each one had there own stories to share. At 3:00am a person’s guard comes down (even in NYC) and you really get them to open up. I met a Fireman who had to dive under a car to save his own life. The car was being hit with boulders from the building and he was having a hard time coming to grips with why he had lived. He thought he had become blinded during the incident because he could not see for about two minutes due to all the smoke, fuel and concrete dust. He told me that he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. That is how bad it was and to this day he can’t believe those buildings fell down. He talked about how it was a wake up call for him because he felt he had not done anything meaningful in his life. I don’t think he even knew what a hero he was and how much admiration the country had for him. I told him all this and he was shocked. You see the same guys helping on that tragic day are now helping night after night. He has seen his kids four days in the last three and one half weeks. He knows nothing now except death and destruction and is living in a daily hell where a good day is that you found a body part or uniform from a missing comrade. Twenty-four hour shifts are the standard with no time off …period. That night I gave him an adjustment and an ear. I am not sure what helped him more but they were both needed.

Throughout my all-nighter, the first one since Organic Chemistry at the University of Richmond, stories were being told caring was all around and no one was thinking of himself. If I was told once I was told 100 times how thankful everyone was that we were there to care for them. It was my honor to take care of these people. They were from every walk of life and were giving of themselves daily. I just did it for one night, with a lot of coffee, I might add. I learned in Chiropractic School that if a person had lasting purpose, they could achieve anything. Lasting purpose means that you give for the sake of giving, serve for the sake of serving and love for the sake of loving asking nothing in return. All the people I met that night had and shared that purpose and probably didn’t know it. I am a better person for meeting them.

As these days continue, please remember these men and women. They are giving of themselves in ways we can’t imagine. I saw a police officer come up for care not knowing what time it was or whether it was day or night. His body was there but his mind had checked out. This recovery will take a long time and the scars for some New Yorkers will last a lifetime. I may have been able to help many workers for one night but they taught me a lot about life. The irony: Doctor means teacher and I felt much more like a student that night. @ 10:05 am | Article ID: 1002733511

Is it any surprise?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Is it any surprise to you that some chiropractic offices have dropped their office visits by 50% or more since the events of September 11th? Is it at all surprising to you that some offices have had their busiest days ever since the events of September 11th?

On September 13th I called a DC in Florida and while we were talking I asked how his office had been affected since Tuesday. He said, “Mike, I don’t know what it is, but we had our busiest day in a long time yesterday. Everyone came in and we had a lot of new ones as well.” Has this happened in your office? I have spoken to several DCs since and I am hearing the same response; chiropractic offices that are grounded in service are busier than ever.

On Saturday, C. J. Mertz was speaking at New Beginnings in New Jersey and he echoed these same thoughts. Of the thousands of chiropractic practices he is involved with, those that are based in principle have been seeing more volume since September 11th. Unfortunately, several hundred offices are suffering and he mentioned that about 100 or so that he knows of would be closed by Christmas if they did not make changes.

What changes can you make? Are you serving God by serving Mankind through chiropractic or are you practicing to make a fee, to get a buck, to get a payment? As Ian Grassam would say, “what limitations we put on ourselves.” You have what the world needs, if your not delivering it now, it’s time you do so real soon.

I have noticed a significant difference in people since the 11th. They want to be touched, they want to be held, the want to be heard, and they want to be loved. Where can you get that other than in a chiropractic office or from the chiropractors who have put themselves on the front line to serve folks in NYC and Washington, D.C.? Are you providing those things in your office? Your office is a beacon of hope. Let your light shine brightly and don’t hold back. @ 9:31 am | Article ID: 1002645085

Is it time to Vaccinate?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I overheard the conversation of two chiropractors this past weekend and one had said his father-in-law has been asking him about the possibility of vaccinating his kids (the chiropractors kids) in light of the recent terrorist attacks and fears of germ warfare.

Apparently the father-in-law is a medic and he thought it may be time for his grand kids to be vaccinated just in case. He posed the question, “would you now consider vaccinating your children for small-pox when the vaccine comes available since there may be a greater risk?” The chiropractor asked the other what he thought about the situation since he himself had not given it much thought.

The 2nd DC pointed out that any strain of smallpox which may or may not have been developed is more than likely quite different from any strain that a vaccine is being produced to combat. There may be a number of mutations, alterations, etc… and are we to create vaccines for all of them?

I figure that this topic may have come up in your offices during the past few weeks so I wanted to address it. Don’t get caught up in outside-in thinking and fear. If you look at the question of the medic it you will notice it is based on both. In my opinion the appropriate response would have been, “if there is greater risk of unknown pathogens, aren’t you glad your grand kids have been provided with chiropractic care since birth so that their bodies would function to the best of their natural ability?”

You see, the nervous system controls all functions of the body, including the immune system. If our nerve system and immune system are functioning optimally would they not be better equipped to combat a number of outside-in pathogens regardless of their strain or mutation?

While much of the press continues to promulgate information about bio warfare, smallpox, anthrax, and various unknown bugs, we must all realize that staying subluxation free is just as important today as is was yesterday and will be just as important tomorrow as it is today.

Bring your families, get adjusted, and tell others.

MSNBC: Mass vaccinations unlikely Experts: Population-wide shots not solution to bioterrorism @ 5:52 am | Article ID: 1002631978

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Canada Observes Thanksgiving Today

As our Canadian Thanksgiving approaches I give thanks that we were chosen to be part of a profession dedicated to changing the quality of lives of all who enter our doors.

Lets us be thankful that we live in a Chiropractic world free of drugs or nerve interference.

Let us be thankful that we are able to get up each morning and go to bed each night knowing that today we saved someone’s life today.

Let us be thankful that those who came before us in this profession stood up for what they believed in so that we may practice today with certainty and power.

Let us be thankful for all the seminars, speakers and teachers who constantly strive to motivate and empower us to take Chiropractic to the next level.

Let us be thankful for each other, our families and friends.

Let us be thankful for the gift of life and the power of a Chiropractic adjustment.

Today I am thankful for each Chiropractor, Assistant and Chiropractic Student that are all helping take part in changing the world.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Chiropractic is Life!

Love and Hugs
Super CA Lynne @ 11:10 am | Article ID: 1002564656

Our American Heros

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Gary DiBenedetto, D.C. in front of flagChiropractors continue to adjust around the clock at ground zero and other locations in NYC and the Pentagon. The photo to the left is of Gary DiBenedetto, D.C., wearing his FEMA issued badge and standing in front of an American Flag. Gary is one of the many chiropractors who has been volunteering his time to serve those in need NYC.

Chiropractors here in the New York and New Jersey area have been doing a fantastic job. I spoke with Drs. Blaise Glodowski, Bob Crystal, and Gary DiBenedetto on Friday about the chiropractic efforts provided and they each shared their stories with me. We were all attending this past weekends “New Beginnings” chiropractic philosophy weekend in New Jersey yet at night they headed back to NYC to serve.

Chiropractors are practicing chiropractic at these locations and it is a blessing that the chiropractors participating are all so innately in tune. There are no x-rays, no exams, no paperwork, insurance, HMO acceptance, etc… just a lot of adjusting and a lot of love. ICA chiropractors, ACA chiropractors, straights, mixers, and the rest have all narrowed down their focus for a single purpose… move a bone and allow God to do the healing.

Many, many DCs told me that the care being provided was not about aches. pains, or strains. It was about connecting man the physical with man the spiritual. I asked several DCs if the care provided was similar to that in their offices. One said “no” and stated that he would be modifying procedures in his office since he learned a lesson at “ground zero” about truly connecting with people. Another DC very simply stated that the care he provided was just as it is in his office. Pure Chiropractic. @ 7:26 am | Article ID: 1002551214