Our American Heros

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Gary DiBenedetto, D.C. in front of flagChiropractors continue to adjust around the clock at ground zero and other locations in NYC and the Pentagon. The photo to the left is of Gary DiBenedetto, D.C., wearing his FEMA issued badge and standing in front of an American Flag. Gary is one of the many chiropractors who has been volunteering his time to serve those in need NYC.

Chiropractors here in the New York and New Jersey area have been doing a fantastic job. I spoke with Drs. Blaise Glodowski, Bob Crystal, and Gary DiBenedetto on Friday about the chiropractic efforts provided and they each shared their stories with me. We were all attending this past weekends “New Beginnings” chiropractic philosophy weekend in New Jersey yet at night they headed back to NYC to serve.

Chiropractors are practicing chiropractic at these locations and it is a blessing that the chiropractors participating are all so innately in tune. There are no x-rays, no exams, no paperwork, insurance, HMO acceptance, etc… just a lot of adjusting and a lot of love. ICA chiropractors, ACA chiropractors, straights, mixers, and the rest have all narrowed down their focus for a single purpose… move a bone and allow God to do the healing.

Many, many DCs told me that the care being provided was not about aches. pains, or strains. It was about connecting man the physical with man the spiritual. I asked several DCs if the care provided was similar to that in their offices. One said “no” and stated that he would be modifying procedures in his office since he learned a lesson at “ground zero” about truly connecting with people. Another DC very simply stated that the care he provided was just as it is in his office. Pure Chiropractic.

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