Connecticut Chiropractors Provide Care At Ground Zero

The Connecticut Chiropractic Council in cooperation with the New York Chiropractic Council has set up a temporary Chiropractic Clinic to provide adjustments to the rescue workers in New York.

Since the tragic attack on September 11th individual Chiropractors have forged their way through tight security to provide Chiropractic care.

Dr. Ellen Coyne, President of the New York Chiropractic Council, has been working round the clock to secure a permanent sanctioned location for the hundreds of rescue workers to come and have their “power turned on.”

Over 100 Chiropractors from Connecticut have signed up to work 8 hour shifts at the Chiropractic clinic located at St. Paul’s Church, just 2 blocks from ground zero.

Hundreds of rescue workers have been standing in line to receive Chiropractic adjustments. The response has been overwhelming. Super star and Chiropractic advocate John Travolta was on sight last Thursday to lift the spirits of the volunteers and as promised publicly acknowledged the Chiropractors the next night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Gary Burt of the Connecticut Chiropractic Council at (860) 298-8351. You can select an 8 hour shift on a day that is open and receive security clearance through the Council. @ 6:47 am | Article ID: 1002116820