by Andre Voskressensky, D.C.

You are chosen to heal the sick by the laying on of your hands.
Your purpose is to love God by loving and serving mankind.
Your purpose is to lift others burdens and to glorify God.
You are a beacon of hope, a light shining faith in God.
When deciding what to do You are the authority.
You call the shots. You are the umpire.
You are a prophet.
Don’t reason or question. Don’t think about what to do next.
Live innately to see God’s vision for your life.
Practice affirmation, visualization and realization.
Don’t ask why or where.
Don’t do “thinking work.”
See what you want to happen.
Act with confidence to make it happen.
Physical actions (palpation, leg checks, etc.) are your meditation
while you look inwardly to see and discover the will of God.
Be happy, zippy and enthusiastic.
Smile. Be calm and peaceful.
See what you want. Do what you see.
Talk with authority. Lead.
Act with faith and confidence by focusing and doing less.
Visualize, realize, and inspire.
Talk less and do less to accomplish more.
Act with full intent and authority to inspire others.
See the subluxation. See the adjustment.
See the patients whole and healing.
Manage the correction of the subluxation.
Save lives. Don’t judge results. God judges.
Expect nothing in return.
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