Month: November 2000

Chiropractic and Children

By Paul Zell, D.C.

What can chiropractic do for your child? Why do millions of parents bring their children to Doctors of Chiropractic every year? Is it only for highly dramatic health conditions? Is it only for when my child is hurting? Not at all!

Chiropractic’s purpose is to remove interferences to the natural healing power running through the body. When that power is unleashed the healing that results may be profound.

Today we find more parents bringing their children to chiropractors for day-to-day health concerns we’re all familiar with: colds, sore throats, ear infections, fevers, colic, asthma, tonsillitis, allergies, bed-wetting, infections, pains, falls, stomach-aches, and the hundred and one little and big things children go through as they grow up.

Chiropractors Do Not Treat Disease

It’s most important to understand that chiropractic is not a treatment for disease. It’s purpose is to remove spinal nerve stress, a serious and often painless condition most children (and adults) have in their bodies. Spinal nerve stress interferes with the proper functioning of the nervous system, can weaken internal organs and organ systems, lower resistance, reduce healing potential and set the stage for sickness and disorders of all kinds.

When a chiropractor frees the nervous system from spinal stress, the healing power of the body is unleashed: the immune system functions more efficiently, resistance to disease increases, and your child’s body functions more efficiently. Your child can respond to internal and external environmental stresses such as germs, changes in temperature, humidity, toxins, pollen and all the other stresses he/she comes in contact with more efficiently.

So although children with diseases are often brought to the chiropractor, the chiropractor is not treating their diseases but is instead freeing them of spinal nerve stress, thus permitting their body’s natural healing potential to function at its best.

chiropractic-family-affair-ChristmasWhat Exactly Is Nerve Stress?
Spinal nerve stress (also referred to as vertebral subluxations, the subluxation complex, or “pinched nerves”) is a misalignment or distortion of the spinal column, skull, hips, and related tissues (the structural system) that irritate, stretch, impinge or otherwise interfere with the proper function of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves and outlying or peripheral nerves). Since the nervous system controls the function of the body, any interference to it can have wide-ranging effects.

How Is Spinal Stress Caused?
Spinal nerve stress can be caused by physical, chemical and/or emotional stress. Physical stress may start in the womb, with the baby lying in a distorted or twisted manner. Spinal nerve stress in newborns is more common than previously realized This may be caused by a traumatic or difficult birth which can introduce great stress to the infant’s skull, spinal column and pelvis. Throughout childhood, the normal childhood traumas every child experiences can be a source of spinal and cranial trauma. Most of the time, the pain from the initial injury “goes away” however the damage incurred continues to affect the future function of the child’s nerve system.

How Does the Chiropractor Correct Spinal Nerve Stress?
This is accomplished first by analyzing the spinal column and related structures for balance and proper function. Where the spinal column is found to be functioning improperly, the Doctor of Chiropractic performs precise corrective procedures called spinal adjustments.

Using his/her hands and/or specialized instruments to gently and specifically correct those abnormal areas, the spine and cranium regain their intended state of balance and the nerve system is freed from stress.

It’s All About Function!
Today’s parents are more concerned than ever about the adverse effects drugs have on their children. Parents are increasingly asking, when handed a prescription for a child’s recurrent problem, “Is this really all I can do for my child? Is there a safer alternative?”

Parents are hesitant to merely mask symptoms with drugs and are worried about side effects. Their desire to achieve a state of true health has led parents to seek health care options which support their children’s own natural ability to be healthy.

Chiropractic care is one such option. All children function better with 100% nerve function. All children deserve the right to express their fullest potential. Chiropractic care for children is safe, gentle and effective. It allows for the opportunity for maximum potential for well-being.

Medical Mistakes – Still a Major Killer?

It has been one year since we reported with the article “Thousands are dying yearly from medical errors” which was based on a U.S. Institute of Medicine report regarding the number of deaths and injuries due to medical error that occur in the U.S. each year.

Remember the news?
MSNBC Headlines read… “A prestigious medical group said America’s entire health care system needs ‘dramatic changes’ to cut the enormous number of deaths and injuries from medical errors.”

ABC News headlines simply read… “Medical mistakes kill anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 hospitalized Americans a year.”

The following two links are from 1999 and are still available:
MSNBC: Medical errors a major killer
MSNBC: Medical Errors Preventable

Are medical errors still a major killer?
Cox News Service: Medical Mistakes Still Kill Thousands @ 5:31 am | Article ID: 975504693

Deadly Drug Pulled From Market

According to several news sources, the makers of the drug “Lotronex” are pulling it from the market due to it’s deadly side effects.

According to ABC News, “Lotronex can cause severe side effects, including a life-threatening intestinal inflammation called ischemic colitis, and constipation so severe that some patients needed parts of their intestines surgically removed.”

The maker of the drug stated that Lotronex is “no more risky than some other big-selling medicines,” according to the reports. With an estimated 98,000 people dying each year in the U.S. from medical error, that should come as no surprise to anyone.

Lots of links…
ABC News: Lotronex Off Market – Company Will No Longer Sell Irritable Bowel Syndrome Drug
Nando Media: Irritable bowel syndrome drug Lotronex pulled
Yahoo News: Lotronex Pulled From Market
MSNBC: Glaxo pulls controversial bowel drug

Planet Chiropractic: Drug Found Effective But Side Effects Include Death @ 3:47 pm | Article ID: 975455256

Chiropractic Care Brings Greater Satisfaction to Military

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On Sunday, November 26, 2000, the Associated Press reported with a news wire that read “Law gives chiropractic care option to military.” The article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Killeen Daily Herald, a newspaper of central Texas.

According to the article, thanks to recent legislation passed by Congress, active-duty U.S. military members in Killeen, Texas, will soon no longer have to pay for chiropractic care out of pocket.

The article states that the passed legislation “mandates that chiropractic care be made available to all active-duty personnel in the United States armed forces” and was signed by President Bill Clinton, according to the article.

The bill was based on a mandated study conducted on various United States military installations, which according to the article, “showed higher levels of patient satisfaction with chiropractic care vs. traditional medical care.”

According to the article, the government study discovered “superior outcomes and fewer hospital stays for patients receiving chiropractic care vs. traditional medical care, both of which proved to enhance military readiness.”

According to the article, the full implementation of providing chiropractic care to the U.S. military will be “phased in” during the next 5 years. @ 7:26 am | Article ID: 975425217

Adults Stealing Ritalin To Get High

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A report from USA Today titled, “Stealing, dealing and Ritalin” suggests that an increased number of adults are stealing the methylphenidate drug ritalin in order to get high.

According to the article, a former elementary school principal has just begun a jail sentence for substituting sugar pills for ritalin, and drug thefts from school offices are reportedly increasing in frequency.

According to the article, the US Drug Enforcement Agency quota on production of ritalin (methylphenidate) has increased 650% since 1990, and recent studies have found that up to 20% of students in some US schools are being treated for ADHD with stimulants such as ritalin.

How many are taking it without a prescription? Is it a medication when it is taken as directed and a drug when used to get high? Either way, the results and the effects on the body are the same.

USA Today: Stealing, dealing and Ritalin

Methylphenidate (brand name Ritalin) was patented in 1954 by the Ciba pharmaceutical company and was initially prescribed as a treatment for ailments such as depression, chronic fatigue, and narcolepsy. Beginning in the 1960s, it was used to treat children with ADHD, known at the time as hyperactivity or minimal brain dysfunction (MBD). Today methylphenidate is the medication most commonly prescribed to treat ADHD around the world. According to most estimates, more than 75 percent of methylphenidate prescriptions are written for children, with boys being about four times as likely to be prescribed the drug as are girls. @ 7:54 am | Article ID: 975340460

A Passion For Living

It’s 2:00 am, your at 7200 feet above sea level. The temperature on your wristwatch reads 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s been nearly fourteen hours since you began this journey.

Your working your bike down the side of a mountain and the unexpected fallen snow has made the terrain just that much more difficult to navigate. You can’t feel your toes, your fingers are numb, the water in your pack has long frozen. Your tired, your hungry, your not alone.

Chriss Sigafoose is interviewed by CBS before the race

The team continues on. You’ll be at the next checkpoint soon. There by the moonlight, you’ll have a chance to re-group, plot the coordinates for your next discipline, and get rid of the now frozen hunk of metal you call a bike. But it’s not over yet.

After the next checkpoint, you still have some 15 miles to go before you reach the finish line. You leave on foot, with climbing gear in your pack. It’s an uphill climb, at least until you reach the near vertical 600 foot rock face that you’ll have to descend if you want to claim victory…

In 27 hours, Dr. Chriss Sigafoose, along with his teammates Pat O’Hara, Marie Volkhardt, and Tony McEachern, did what some only dream about. (and some only in nightmares) They took it to the edge, returning home victorious to Sarasota, Florida after competing in the United States Adventure Racing National Championship, which was held in the mountains and lakes of Kernville, California, taking 3rd place in their division.

The teams passion for living was expressed with such greatness and such intensity. For myself, it was an exhilarating experience, one that teaches many lessons and shatters some preconceived notions of what the human spirit is capable of achieving.

To the team I say thank you. Thank you for expressing your passion for life in such a unique and dramatic way. @ 9:54 am | Article ID: 974829283

Eating Genetically Engineered Foods

by a Concerned Mom

After mastering the art of juggling my little son, and typing at the same time; I completed my first article on genetically engineered foods. I had no idea I was eating this stuff, and you might not either. Please read, and share with others.

Genetically Engineered Foods
By December 1998, the U.S. government had approved the commercial sale of genetically engineered varieties of the following whole foods. No labeling or long-term safety tests were required. (According to The New York Times, about half of all soybeans and a third of all corn planted this year in the U.S. were genetically engineered.)

* Canola (oilseed rape)
* Chicory, red hearted (Radicchio)
* Corn
* Cotton
* Papaya
* Potato
* Soybean
* Squash
* Tomato

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

When you see a food product labeled as “ALL NATURAL” do you expect it to contain food that has been genetically modified by man? Unfortunately, genetically engineered (GE) foods have found their way in just about every processed food product available, and even some fresh produce. You may be aware that the use of antibiotics and hormones increase growth and milk production in our animals, but the food industry has taken it one step further. They are now genetically altering our fruits and vegetables.

But they must be safe, right? You decide. Despite the wariness of the scientists, the FDA allowed genetically modified foods to be sold commercially as early as 1994 without labels. In the US, all testing of genetically engineered foods is voluntary. The limited amount of test data available, has been performed by the companies that profit from selling the stuff. So, our health depends on the size of some major corporation’s pocketbook.

Let The Creations Begin!
The most common genetically engineered food on the shelves include corn, soybeans, tomatoes, potatoes, squash and rapeseed. Canada is the great producer of rapeseed, from which Canola oil is derived. Especially, since Europe refuses to allow the cultivation of GE foods. So far, rapeseed has been genetically modified to be resistant to the fungal disease Blackleg, and the herbicide Round-up.

The Flavr Savr tomato, which could be any one of those in your fridge, was developed by reversing the orientation of the gene that causes softening. A firmer yielding tomato is the result. The yellow crookneck squash ZW-20, has in effect received a vaccination through the gene splicing. It is resistant to viruses because the protein coats of those viruses have been inserted in its genetic makeup.

Because its genetic makeup has been infused with protein genes derived from bacteria, Bt corn produces its own pesticide, Bt toxin. The same has been done to the Russet potato. Those McDonald french fries don’t sound so good now, do they?

Similarly, Monsanto Round-up Ready soybeans produce their own herbicide. Though it originally was designed to reduce the amount of herbicides used on the beans, the crops are now requiring more herbicide than before. Monsanto has already applied this technique to the sweet beet, also.

It’s All About Money
Monsanto is a major contributor to the generation of genetically engineered foods. They are responsible for making various vegetables, including soybeans, resistant to the herbicide Round-up. Interestingly, they also are the producers of Round-up. Let’s see, Round-up resistant foods allow greater use of Round-up; which increases the amount of Roundup purchased. Do you see where this is heading?

Monsanto’s history isn’t without flaw, either. They are the great producers of the herbicide DDT, which was banned in 1968, and the infamous Agent Orange. They are also the creators of the Terminator seeds. These seeds produce a crop that yields no seeds for future planting, forcing the farmers to purchase new seeds every year.

Ecological Effects
Organic farmers adjacent or near fields of genetically engineered crop will not be able to guarantee the authenticity of their product. Pollen spread by bees can transfer genes between plants miles apart. The genetically altered crops could “weed” out the organic ones, making non-genetically engineered food obsolete.

Genetically engineered foods contribute to the growing resistance of infections to antibiotics. And similarly, will cause bugs to become resistant to pesticides. To ensure that the gene splicing occurs, the genes are marked with antibiotic resistant genes. Though this is most economical for the research labs, it passes this resistance to the mammal that digests the product. The use of Bt corn and potatoes will impact the ecological system by generating Bt toxin-resistant pests.

What’s A Person To Do?
First, go through your pantry. You may not eat corn or tofu, but start reading the labels on your pasta dishes, energy bars, cookies, soda or cake mix. Derivatives from the foods still contain the genetic blueprint. Some common ones are:

* Soy flour
* Soy oil
* Lecithin
* Soy protein isolates and concentrates
* Corn flour
* Corn starch
* Corn oil
* Corn sweeteners & syrups
* Cottonseed oil
* Canola oil

Second, avoid the foods that are known to be genetically engineered. Buy organic when possible. If not possible avoid the Russet potato, and stick with the Roma tomatoes. Only certain varieties have been altered thus far.

Third, sign the petitions at the web sites below. Send a letter to one of the major food companies expressing your refusal to buy GE foods. Become knowledgeable of the subject, and inform others.

Who are we to think that we can perfect that which God has created?
A plethora of news articles and information documents on the risks of genetically engineered foods. From Monsanto’s soybeans to the recent StarLink corn scare. This site has it all. Lists foods that contain Genetically Engineered products, those that do not and those that are phasing out. It also contains information on how to join the fight for genetically engineered food labels. Partial list of foods that have tested positive for genetically engineered products. An eye-opening interview with FDA’s Jim Maryanski. The campaign to label genetically engineered foods. Gives you the opportunity to send a personal postcard to the FDA, requesting that they begin labeling genetically engineered foods. Sign a petition to get those genetically engineered foods labeled! An excellent look at the manufacturer of the genetically engineered soy bean. Monsanto’s history of producing the most dangerous toxins goes way back. Another page you just have to visit. It contains lawsuit information, and how the FDA has approved the use of genetically engineered foods despite the scientists’ opposition. Hazards of genetically altered food and more. @ 6:41 am | Article ID: 974817682

7 Step Formula To Destroy Chiropractic

By Yannick Pauli (and forwarded to us by numbers of DC’s in Canada)

7 Step Formula To Destroy Chiropractic
or the secret of what ever happened to chiropractic at CMCC?

Hello everyone! Was just reading an interesting piece today. It is an article by Dr. Igor Steinman published in the September 2000 issue of JMPT. This article describes the Residency Programs at CMCC. I found it very explanatory of the situation I perceived while studying there and I thought I would share my mind.

Dr. Steinman explains how, in the early 80’s, a 6 months rotation for CMCC resident was instituted at the University of Saskatchewan under the “benediction” of Dr. W.H. Kirkaldy-Willis, an orthopedic surgeon. He describes how the “success” of the partnership resulted in more departments of the Royal University Hospital being available to Residents for observation and collaboration. Such departments include Rheumatology, Imaging, Neurology and Pain Clinics. Here we get to the “meat of the matter.” I quote (p. 504):

“The residents benefitted from the Saskatoon rotation in terms of increased knowledge, experience and perspective. I believe that the chiropractic profession (at least in Canada) benefitted from the rotation when the residents returned to CMCC. Considering that almost all the faculty members who instructed the students before the establishment of this residency rotation were chiropractors who had graduated from CMCC, IT WAS CRUCIAL TO INTRODUCE NEW IDEAS AND DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. At first, the consequent challenging of chiropractic concepts and practices by returning residents caused turmoil and introspection. FUNDAMENTAL TENETS SUCH AS THE EFFECTS OF SPINAL SUBLUXATIONS, the validity and reliability of spinal palpation, and the role of chiropractic in health care (primary care, primary contact, or musculoskeletal specialist) WERE QUESTIONED. HOWEVER, RATHER THAN ATTEMPTING TO REPEL THIS ATTACK ON THE STATUS QUO, CMCC ROSE TO THE CHALLENGE BY REVIEWING THE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM and by increasing the budget, infrastructure, and the number of personnel for research” [emphasis mine]

Later, in his conclusion, Dr. Steinman states: “Those who went on to obtain and maintain Fellowship (resident having completed the program) status in a chiropractic specialty college ARE MORE LIKELY TO CONTINUE TEACHING scholarly activities.”

Well, here you have it. Please allow me to contribute to the advancement of the human race by offering Yannick’s Seven Steps Formula For Destroying The Chiropractic Profession. (and please excuse my cynicism):

1. Form chiropractors, a small number of whom will not grasp the magnificence of our science, art and philosophy.
2. Allow that small group to compensate for their lack of understanding, certainty (and self-esteem?) by entering a residency program.
3. Send those few to learn more about “chiropractic” by sending them to study and collaborate with an orthopedic surgeon and other MDs and PhDs.

That will for sure strengthen their grasp of the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic! Important note: Make sure they are far away from their alma mater and not surrounded by too many chiropractors.

4. Have those people come back with their newly obtained different paradigm and let them challenge chiropractic (of which, remember, they know nothing about).

5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to repel the attack but RISE TO THE CHALLENGE BY CHANGING THE CURRICULUM, in THEIR FAVOR.

6. Optional point (in order to accelerate the process): increase the budget and infrastructure to produce more of those people.

7. MAKE SURE, these people will teach future generations. This will ensure that the upcoming generations will have LESS understanding of chiropractic, indirectly increasing the potential number of would-be residents.

Return to step 1 and continue the process until chiropractic is extinguished or amalgamated within medicine.

This piece is not intended as a personal attack on anyone. I hope that you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it. However, beyond the laugh, we need to see the seriousness of the situation. What will happen to the future of our profession if our educational system is forming people who know less and less about chiropractic? It is our duty to continue to advance our science, art and philosophy the way it was intended.

To conclude, let me quote once more Dr. Steinman: “Presently the residency programs serve an important role in chiropractic, reflecting the maturation of this health care discipline. However, the time has come to formally study the chiropractic profession’s and healthcare system’s requirements for residency programs and their graduates.”

I would agree. But the new requirements have to come from the inside. The requirements are to advance the principles of our profession, because of what those principles, when applied correctly, have to offer the health care system and the people. If we do not define those requirements ourselves, they will be defined for us, and not for the better. So let’s be bold in our vision and take action.

What if a 1000 chiropractors wrote to CMCC telling them it is a time to have a Chiropractic Residency Program where the focus of study would be the vertebral subluxation and its effects on health, wellness and quality of life, as well as the role of chiropractic care in the new emerging bio/psycho/social model?

Thanks for the opportunity of sharing, Have a fantastic day!

Yannick @ 7:49 am | Article ID: 974735395

Group calls ADHD a Hoax

A non-profit group known as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has released a free booklet titled, “Psychiatry: A Human Rights Abuse and Global Failure.”

A Yahoo press release regarding the booklet asks: “Why have more than five million American children been forced to take an addictive, psychiatric stimulant drug which is biochemically similar to cocaine?”

According to the release, there is certainly something wrong those that feel “compassionate caring for children equals heavy drugging from the earliest possible moment.”

The booklet charges that the profession of psychiatry has created an “international, multi-million dollar child drugging culture through the invention of such stigmatizing labels and fraudulent diagnoses as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, according to the release.

One doctor was quoted as saying that “Hyperactivity is not a disease. It’s a hoax perpetrated by doctors who have no idea what’s really wrong with these children.”

The release reminds us that “ADHD is the subject of major class-action lawsuits which allege that the American Psychiatric Association and a psychiatric advocacy group, conspired to create a market for the prescribed stimulant treatment drug, in order to expand its use and thereby sales.”

According to the release, the problems regarding ADHD and psychoactive drugs are more widespread than what is being reported.

Article Source
Yahoo Finance: Stigmatizing Children & Creating a Drug-Addicted Culture

For free copies of Psychiatry: A Human Rights Abuse and Global Failure, call CCHR at (800) 869-2247 or visit

Planet Chiropractic: America Says NO To Ritalin @ 7:11 am | Article ID: 974733115

A Phenomenal Chiropractic Adventure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Kernville, California — Discipline, it’s a term you’ll hear spoken by nearly every chiropractic warrior. Character, it’s the essence of who we are and it is defined by how we respond to the challenges we face in our daily lives.

We as individuals, express ourselves in so many unique and fabulous ways. As a profession, we are a team, an extreme team, living our lives with passion and taking it to the edge every day.

This weekend we’ll bring you a story of an extreme, hard-core chiropractic athlete. What kind of sport would suit such a chiropractor?

The USARA Championship
This weekend, the United States Adventure Racing Association is holding it’s national championship. The event consists of four person teams competing in a one day (that’s 24 hours) non-stop challenge of body, mind and spirit.

The event is separated into disciplines, and the disciplines in this event include mountain biking, trail running, flat water paddling in kayaks, rappelling down cliffs, night time navigation and a tyrolean traverse. Also included are “mystery events” or other special tests to challenge the event participants.

Representing a passion for life and dedication to chiropractic is Dr. Chriss Sigafoose, along with his team of 3 from Florida, Marie Volkhardt, Tony McEachern, and Pat O’Hara. After competing all year and qualifying for the nationals, Chriss and his team have arrived here in California and are prepared for this intense event.

Just as chiropractic is sweeping the nation (and the planet), so too is the sport of Adventure Racing. Although it is one of those few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory, the driving factor is the emphasis that is placed on teamwork. Rather than individual achievement, just as it is in our offices and with each other, we climb together and succeed as a team.

All the best to Dr. Chriss and his team this weekend, and all the best to you, a team of dedicated and disciplined chiropractors, staff, spouses, family, friends and folks.

It’s not just completing the race, it’s our team that makes us so great. @ 6:29 am | Article ID: 974384972