Drug Found Effective But Side Effects Include Death

Women are dying for a new treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, literally.

According to a report on ABC News, several women have reportedly died from taking a new drug called Lotronex, which is intended to be used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

The report states that the “drug helps, but has side effects” and some of those side effects include “a potentially life-threatening intestinal inflammation called ischemic colitis, and constipation so severe that some patients have needed surgery to unblock their intestines” according to reports.

A medical officer working for the drug company that sells the drug stated that “overall Lotronex is a safe and effective drug.” The drug manufacturer is currently negotiating with the FDA because they want to launch “a major consumer advertising campaign” to promote it’s sale, according to the report.

The FDA is reportedly concerned as to how the drug company will explain the side effects of this drug to the public.

ABC News: Irritable Bowel Drug Problem – FDA Investigating Why Five Women Died After Taking Pill

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